MW Photo Styling Challenge – Mesh Assets

MW Photo Styling Challenge

Model’s Workshop Photo Styling Challenge

M E S H   A S S E T S   –   G R O U P S


— MAY 1 – 31, 2016 —

For many, Second Life is all about building relationships and hanging out with the people you love and call friends and family. This Photo Styling Challenge is all about friendship and, of course, fashion.

At Model’s Workshop we’ve teamed up with some of OUR friends and business colleagues to bring you a fun, interactive Challenge. Not only do we want to see you with some of your besties, we also want to see you wearing mesh clothing, mesh bodies, mesh accessories etc., while showcasing your styling and photography talents to achieve a common goal: a cohesive final result in whatever theme you choose.

As with previous MW Photo Styling Challenges, you’ll be judged on styling, creativity and photo composition. We want you to have fun with your friends and work as a team, and if you don’t have interesting group poses of your own, we’ve set up three areas at Model’s Workshop (Click to teleport) with poses and props for you to use (as shown in the custom pose created by Poses With Attitude in our poster image).􀀃 IMPORTANT: You MUST WEAR YOUR MW TAG to use the photography tools at MW.

C O N T E S T    I N F O


  • You MUST be wearing 1 OR MORE of the following mesh items:
    • mesh body
    • mesh head
    • mesh body parts (hands, hair, ears)
    • mesh clothing -OR-
    • mesh accessories.
  • You can mix your mesh items with classic layers, prims and sculpted objects.
  • Pick your own theme but everyone in your group must be wearing mesh and styled in your chosen theme. Be creative!


  • Take a GROUP photo with your friends in 1024 pixels or higher, FULL-PERM
    (doesn’t have to be square).
  • JOIN the MODEL’S WORKSHOP GROUP IN WORLD for ongoing news and announcements about the Challenge:
  • JOIN and ADD your photo to the Model’s Workshop FLICKR GROUP:
  • Submit 1 (ONE) GROUP PHOTO.
    • Your photo TITLE must say “#MW MESH ASSETS – YOUR SL NAME”.
    • Your photo DESCRIPTION must include details about YOUR THEME, STYLE CARD and SL NAMES of everyone in your group.


  • Photo must be a GROUP OF TWO OR MORE friends.
  • Open to ADULT MALE and FEMALE avatars of Second Life.
  • Photos should be of good quality (professional/edited photos welcomed but not mandatory).
  • No depictions of abuse, gratuitous violence, pornography, children or animal play.
  • Failure to follow these instructions and comply to the rules will result in an automatic disqualification.

Your photo will be judged on styling, creativity, photo composition, overall presentation and cohesiveness.

PRIZES: (Over 10,000L in cash and prizes – updated May 5)

    – $3,000L Cash
    – $2,000L Snowpaws Gift Card (sponsored by Carrie Snowpaw)
    – $1,000L Wicca’s Wardrobe Gift Card (sponsored by Wicca Merlin)
    – $500L Posesion Poses Gift Card (sponsored by Dahriel)
    – Dallas Modeling Academy Scholarship (sponsored by Suki Rexen of DMA)
    – Your photo featured in L’Amour Diversity Magazine (sponsored by Ava Jhamin)
    – Bragging rights and your photo at Model’s Workshop (incl. Blog, Facebook and ads)
    – $1,000L Cash
    – $1,000L Snowpaws Gift Card (sponsored by Carrie Snowpaw)
    – $500L Wicca’s Wardrobe Gift Card (sponsored by Wicca Merlin)
    – $200L Posesion Poses Gift Card (sponsored by Dahriel)
    – $500L Cash
    – $500L Snowpaws Gift Card (sponsored by Carrie Snowpaw)
    – $250L Wicca’s Wardrobe Gift Card (sponsored by Wicca Merlin)
    – $200L Posesion Poses Gift Card (sponsored by Dahriel)
  • Monogrammed matching robes with slippers to each winner courtesy of DC Midtown Designs.

Note: Winners will be selected the week following the Submission Deadline. Prizes will be sent to the person submitting the photo.

DISCLAIMER: By submitting your photo to Model’s Workshop, you give us full rights to promote and display your photo at our premises, blog, in publications and on social media for this and future contests.


Sponsors: Posesion, Snowpaws, Wicca’s Wardrobe, L’Amour Diversity Magazine, DC Midtown Designs, Dallas Modeling Academy. Media Partners: Miss SL Organization, L’Amour Productions.

Amity Sorbet, Styling Challenges Committee Chair

1960s Mod Styling Challenge recap

Our March styling challenge continued with the theme for the month: COLOR. It was all about 1960s Mod fashion, taking place on the incredible streets of London runway at Model’s Workshop. Participants were asked to take inspiration from the mod trends of the 1960s, but bring it into 2016. The aim was to make it colorful, patterned and fun. We were yet again lucky enough to have Dahriel of Posesion Poses provide prizes.

Workshop: Alpha Layers with Suki Rexen

MW Workshop - Alphas

Creating & Modifying


Presented by MW CEO Suki Rexen

Two Dates (repeated):

Tuesday, April 12 at 11AM (slt)

Thursday, April 14 at 5PM (slt)

Model’s Workshop Auditorium

Ever wanted to learn how to create and modify alpha layers? Suki Rexen will lead a comprehensive session on what to do when alpha layers don’t fit and how to create your own.

Requirements: ability to hear voice and photo editing software such as Gimp or Photoshop.


Styling with Bea Serendipity

Beatrice Serendipity

Bea Serendipity, model, stylist, blogger and fashion designer at Ghee, visited Model’s Workshop on February 11th for a much needed talk on styling. She continued our month-long series on Styling with a fun concept called “Pimp the Black Dress” where models styled one black dress in many different ways…READ MORE

Aliens Styling Challenge recap


The January styling challenge was a great success with six participants and at least twenty supporters in attendance. Model’s Workshop was transported through hyperspace to a distance galaxy. Participants were asked to style in the sci-fi genre, specifically focusing on portraying fashion-forward aliens. We were lucky enough to have Dahriel of PosESioN Poses to sponsor the challenge and provide prizes to those who placed in the top 3.


Mesh Bodies & Mesh Heads follow up

Thank you Daria for the Workshop, follow-up and FAQ. This topic is always very popular and it’s nice to have your wealth of knowledge to guide us. Read Daria’s follow-up FAQ from the Mesh Bodies & Mesh Heads Workshop on January 19th.


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