Model Contests Workshop by Beatrice Serendipity

Model Contests presented by Beatrice Serendipity - Apr 13 at 11AM SLT

As we continue our series on pageants and contests in Second Life, Model’s Workshop is pleased to present a workshop to help models understand why contests are run and how they can succeed in them. Presented by Beatrice Serendipity – contest winner, designer, supermodel, photographer, stylist and blogger extraordinaire.

Date & Time: Monday, April 13 at 11AM SLT
Location: Model’s Workshop Auditorium

The workshop will be presented on voice, so please enable sound when you arrive.

Jena Adder
Model’s Workshop COO

Graphics by Jena Adder

Getting to know BOSL at Model’s Workshop

BOSL at Workshop

Model’s Workshop welcomed Reign Congrejo Jameson, Owner of BOSL & Co, Miss Virtual World Organization and Colour of Couture Top Model Competition on March 19th. Joining her was Jee Crazyboi, Editor in Chief of BOSL Magazine. I was honoured to be host of the event and got the chance to interview the pair, asking questions that so many of us have been curious about since Reign purchased BOSL & Co from previous owner, Frolic Mills…READ MORE

Mesh Bodies Styling Challenge follow up

MW Styling Challenge - Mar12-15 Winner

On Thursday, March 12, Model’s Workshop held a Mesh Bodies Styling Challenge as a follow-up to the Mesh Bodies Workshop held on March 5th. Contestants were to style their best ‘Spring’ outfit using their mesh body and mesh body parts.

Four gorgeous ladies—Lorelei Maggs, Jaily Bailey, ChloeBenoir and Quinty Sirnah—took part in the challenge, which was judged by Daria (Lildaria Resident) of and yours truly. Each contestant showcased their look in a beautiful, theatrical manner as they posed and described their inspiration to the guests. The guests oohed and awed as they observed creativity at its best…READ MORE

An evening with the Model’s Workshop

Jena Adder:

It was truly a pleasure having Daria at Models Workshop on March 5th to educate our members and guests on Mesh Bodies. She was very thorough covering many of the key issues those of us with mesh bodies have encountered, and answered many of the questions posed by the audience. We Thank Daria for sharing her knowledge on the subject, and hope to have her back again soon.

We will have a MESH BODIES STYLING CHALLENGE on Thursday, March 12th at 5PM SLT at Model’s Workshop, so put together your best SPRING STYLING using your mesh body, and come show us how creative you can be.

Read the summary of notes from Daria below.

Originally posted on Mesh Body Addicts:


Last night I had the pleasure of speaking with the group of lovely ladies and gentlemen who came along to hear me talk about Mesh Bodies. I’d like to thank Jena and everyone who attended, it was amazing to speak with you all and share experiences with mesh bodies, and I hope I was able to give you, if nothing else, at least a tip or two to take away with you!

I promised the group that I would post my notes for their reference, so I figured I may as well blog it, that way everyone can have the cliffnotes version of my ramblings :) So here goes!

The core of it – what are mesh bodies? 

So, to learn about Mesh Bodies it’s important that we start at the beginning – what is a mesh body?

A mesh body is technically an attachment. It doesn’t change the core…

View original 685 more words

Mesh Bodies Workshop

Join us for a candid discussion about mesh bodies

Thursday, March 5th at 5PM SLT

Model’s Workshop Auditorium

Presented by Daria (lildaria) of

——————————— • ———————————

If you own a mesh body, mesh head, hands or feet, wear them to the event and let’s talk.  Also, listen to the recent podcast on Mesh Bodies by Amity Sorbet, for which I was honoured to be one of her guests.

Jena Adder

Frolic Mills was FABULOUS at Model’s Workshop!

What a pleasure it was to have the legendary Frolic Mills at Model’s Workshop to present and review his book ‘FABULOUS!: A Must Read Book for All Fashion Models’. The event was a three-hour long recount of Frolic’s experiences, teachings, and advice to aspiring models in Second Life. The sessions were about an hour each and spanned over three days (Feb 13, 14 and 15). It was exciting to learn about Frolic’s beginnings in the industry, and hear how he transformed himself and the business to what it is today…READ MORE

Frolic Mills

Frolic Mills

PurpleMoon Creations Shines at Model’s Workshop

Model’s Workshop Fashion-5 completed the fifth show for the 2014/2015 season with a spectacular show on February 8th featuring amazing creations from PurpleMoon Creations by designer Poulet Koenkamp…READ MORE



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