Art & Fashion Workshop

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Art & Fashion

When: Tuesday, October 25 at 5PM/SLT
Where: Model’s Workshop Auditorium

Join us as we welcome John and Eleseren Brianna, the dynamic duo at Kultivate Magazine, The Edge and Windlight Art Gallery, to speak about Art & Fashion.


The talk will focus on art and how this important form of expression brings life, passion and provocative statements to our style, on and off the runway.

As we all know, art and fashion go hand in hand. Fashion designers, being artists, create from their imagination and put on a digital canvas what they envision as artistic and fashionable. John and Eles together represent both worlds and offer a space for budding artists and designers to showcase their work.


Eles, who is COO and Fashion Editor at Kultivate Magazine, Editor and Curator at The Edge and the winner of Miss Virtual World 2015, is well known for her styling excellence and is one of the most recognized models in fashion. Her partner John (johannes1977), is the Owner of Kultivate Magazine (formerly Windlight Magazine) and Windlight Art Gallery. Both are involved in numerous fashion shows, charity events and art exhibits that showcase the incredible talents of artists in Second Life.

See you there!

Model’s Workshop Styling Challenge October 19th, 2016 5pm SLT

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Día de Muertos is recognized by UNESCO in its Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In English known as Day of the Dead, it is a cultural celebration spanning October 31 through November 2.

This month’s Model’s Workshop Styling Challenge asks that you style yourself for the Día de Muertos celebration. These Model’s Workshop challenges offer a unique opportunity to show your styling abilities to a group of your peers and get direct feedback.

There will be a panel of judges who will give contest style ranking as well as audience participants with vast modeling experience giving positive critiques. Newer models gain insight into the contest procedure as well as the experience of the judging and critique process. Veteran models get a forum in which to continue to refine their styling skills. The winner will be interviewed and have their pictures and  interview featured in ENVY magazine! Their photos will be featured in Diversity and ModeLS Magazines also.

You need not spend a fortune on this challenge. Use your inventory in unique, outside the box ways.

Contact Aorist Chunes or AriannaJasmine Resident for an entry notecard. All entries must be in by October 15, 2016 @ 5 pm/slt. The challenge will be held on October 19, 2016 @ 5 pm/slt. For more information please click here.

Come celebrate and enjoy!

Come style yourself for Día de Muertos


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Congratulations to Peter Carter, Winner of the Fall Trends 2016 Styling Challenge and Aorist Chunes, 1st runner up. The challenge took place on Sep 21st and both Peter and Aorist did a  fantastic job styling their interpretation of the fall trends for 2016.


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FashionDish: Shopping Events vs Runway Shows

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Model's Workshop Fashiondish

Shopping Events vs Runway Shows
Monday, October 3rd at 10AM and 5PM (slt)

Model’s Workshop (teleport)

October’s FashionDish topic is on the Changing Trends in modelling. Shopping Events and Blogging have taken over as the go-to source for designers to get their latest designs out to the masses. Runway seems to lag behind (pun intended) and more and more designers have turned their backs on this traditional method of selling. What does that mean for modeling in SL. Let’s talk, debate, share.

Working with models who have RL disabilities

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Models with RL disabilities (rev)

Some of us in the fashion business in SL face mental and physical challenges in real life that sometimes affect our ability to perform. Join us for a talk on how to recognize the obstacles others face in RL and what we can do to show sensitivity, learn to work with them, and help them succeed.

When: Sept 29 at 5PM (slt)  -AND-  Sept 30 at 10AM (slt) – new time
Speaker: Suki Rexen
Where: Model’s Workshop (teleport)

Workshop is on VOICE. Please enable sound when you arrive.

Model’s Workshop Monthly Styling Challenge – September 2016

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Please join us for the Model’s Workshop Monthly Styling Challenge!

DATE: September 21st


THEME:  Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Trends

Fashion Week is upon us!  New York, London, Milan and Paris! Style a design based on a  FASHION TREND FROM THE FALL/WINTER 2016 SEASON. Whether it be the trench coat, metallics, fur, one-shoulder looks, etc.  Do your research and use your imagination! We can’t wait to see your  Fall/Winter 2016 look!

Click here for details on HOW TO ENTER

Hope to see you there!


Styling Challenge Committee Chair\

FashionDish – Fashion Show Scripts

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MW Fashion Show Scripts Poster

Join us on Monday, September 12 at 10AM & 5PM (slt) for a discussion on Fashion Show Scripts. Model’s Workshop (click to teleport)

Scripts are a narrative of what is shown on the runway, but are they effective? Do people really read them or are they distracting? Who is responsible for writing a fashion show script? What is the average pay for script writers? Should models be writing their own descriptions for a script? Text vs. Voice – What is most effective?

Share your opinion and your experience. Sabine Mortenwold hosts what will be an interesting debate amongst fashion professionals.

See you there.