Deconstructed Fashion Style Challenge wrap-up

lirasavira-winnerModel’s Workshop held their most recent style challenge on July 22nd, the theme for which was “deconstructed,” as suggested by Eleseren Brianna, Miss Virtual World 2015. This was an innovative theme that required participants to have a strong knowledge of haute couture and high degree of imagination. Three ladies participated; Kitty Dark Rage, Lira Savira and Lopez Fairlady. They put a great deal of thought and creativity into each look.

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Post-Apocalyptic Style Challenge wrap-up

ian-winnerOn Wednesday, June 24th, participants gathered at Model’s Workshop to showcase their best post-apocalyptic fashion looks, inspired by the most recent “Mad Max” movie. The challenge concept was suggested by Softie Vollmar of the Styling Challenges Committee.

There were seven participants – Ahn Avion, Alex Avion, Bai Nightfire, Catalina Staheli, Persephone Vlodovic, Ian Hazley (eeean) and Resmay Bloodstorm. The models put a great deal of thought into the items they chose and all of them wrote captivating stories to tell the audience. The challenge was judged by Ava Jhamin, Owner and CEO of L’Amour Productions, L’Amour Nexus University and Mr. and Miss Model International; Suki Rexen, CEO of Model’s Workshop and Owner of Dallas Modeling Company and the Dallas Modeling Academy and Charmer,  Miss V♛ Morocco 2015.

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SCALA team visits Model’s Workshop

(l-r) Seashell, Wicca Merlin, PetraLAlexander

Model’s Workshop began its series “Meet the Modeling Businesses of SL“ with SCALA™ Models Agency and Academy on July 16. Seashell Dench, Co-Founder of SCALA, presented her organization’s vision, goals and services offered. Joining her were members of her team Co-Founder and Academy Director Ms. Kryptonia Paperdoll, Instructors Wicca Merlin and Linda Reddevil, Producers Danity Mynx and PetraLAlexander and staff member Prisilla S. Avro (Silly Avro)…READ MORE

July Style Challenge: Deconstructed Fashion!

De-constructed Style Challenge InviteJuly 22nd at 4pm SLT

The next style challenge for Model’s Workshop is almost here! Our theme is daring and supremely imaginative. It’s time to flex those fashion muscles.

Participants will be reviewed by a small panel of Judges with experience in the SL Modeling and Fashion industry, who will give live constructive feedback, and who will decide the Winner. The winner will receive several great prizes, including possible features in several magazines, and on the Model’s Workshop website.

This challenge is for new models, those thinking about entering the modeling world or current models who wywear your styling and a dvc. Bring a styling card (info for creating one is here) and prepare three poses to compliment your look.

For more inspiration, you can find more images here.

On the 22nd, take your taxi to the runway here!

Boniefacio brings ModeLS Magazine to MW

ModeLS Magazine

On Thursday, May 7th we had the pleasure of having Boniefacio Boucher, owner and Editor in Chief of ModeLS Magazine, at Model’s Workshop to tell us a bit about his magazine and offer advice to newer models on what they can do to increase their chances of being featured in a magazine…READ MORE

Miss SL clears the air at Model’s Workshop

Mis SL Team

We’ve had a world wind of activity at Model’s Workshop with our Contests & Pageants series of workshops. We started with Reign Congrejo Jameson of Mr. and Miss Virtual World and the BOSL organization on March 19th, followed by Beatrice Serendipity’s informative workshop on Modeling Contests on April 13th. Ava Jhamin brought her team to talk about Mr. and Miss Model International and the L’Amour organization on April 20th and 23rd.

On May 4th Marcus Lefevre, Owner of the Miss SL Organization, and his team—Ponchituti Boucher, CEO Miss SL Organization, and Boniefacio Boucher and Shinya Tandino executives at Miss SL—visited Model’s workshop to update us on the Miss SL pageant and other areas of the organization…READ MORE

Ava Jhamin, MMI and the L’Amour family at Model’s Workshop

Ava and her team Ava Jhamin, Owner & CEO of L’Amour, visited Model’s Workshop on April 20th and 23rd to share plans for the Mr. and Miss Model International (MMI), as well as inform us of some exciting initiatives at L’Amour. Joining Ava on stage were members of her team, Hezabel Blackheart – COO of L’Amour Productions and Director of Students for L’Amour Nexus University of Fashion, Cacilia McMasters – COO Mr. & Miss Model International, Solde Rothmanay – Editor in Cheif L’Amour Diversity and Director Pazzo Style Challenge, and Lady Falina Katz – Miss Model International…READ MORE


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