Virtual Fur styling challenge recap


For this month of November, the styling challenge was moved to a week earlier. The theme was virtual fur. Given the theme, participants were asked to style a look using fur as the predominate element. We can assure that no animals were harmed in the organizing of the event. The 21 guests were welcomed to the venue by a winter wonderland, created by none other than our CEO Suki Rexen.


Victorian Horror styling challenge recap


Model’s Workshop hosted a fantastic styling challenge this month with the theme of Victorian Horror. Participants were asked to style a modern and high fashion look inspired by the Victorian era and elements of the horror genre; words given as inspiration included edgy, macabre and Gothic.


L’Amour Launches MMI at Model’s Workshop

Ava Jhamin

Ava Jhamin and her team at L’Amour Productions launched the second season of Mr. & Miss Model International (MMI) at Model’s Workshop on November 10th. This may be one of the newer styling and modelling competitions in SL, but it has proven to be one of the most exciting. It’s one that celebrates each contestant’s creativity in styling, while also recognizing their individuality and personality behind the screen. Ava stressed that MMI is open to everyone on SL and doesn’t voice verify. She says, “We celebrate who you want to be on SL regardless of who you are in RL”. It’s all about your creativity and style… READ MORE

MWF5 Snowpaws Lookbook

Model’s Workshop is pleased release the MWF5 Snowpaws Lookbook as a follow-up to the fashion show on October 25. Check it out and please share you comments.

MWF5 Snowpaws Lookbook

Solidea Folies Show & Challenge Results

SolideaFolies Models - Miso2

Model’s Workshop Fashion-5 presented Solidea Folies Couture on September 4th, and showcased owner and designer Mila Tatham‘s creations throughout the years. The show was produced and directed by yours truly, and featured eight gorgeous models: Amity Sorbet, Bai Nightfire, Paris Evermore (Dollchild), Memole Giha, Misoindite Romano, Payton Heron, Quinty Sirnah, Ruby Ornamental. Our DJ and MC Paradox Messmer and chat host and script writer AbbyJean kept the audience engaged as each model entered the runway in Mila’s stunning works of art…READ MORE about the Fashion Show and see the winners of the Photo Styling Challenge

Androgyny Styling Challenge review


The month of September was full of many wonderful events at Model’s Workshop, including the monthly styling challenge. September’s theme was Androgyny. Participants were challenged to style their best look that harmonized masculine and feminine characteristics. They dressed in menswear and unisex items to demonstrate the concept of gender fluidity, testing the limits of our often binary fashion culture.

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Uniforms Styling Challenge review

uniforms-ruby-winnerphoto This month, Model’s Workshop held their August Styling Challenge on the 26th with the theme of uniforms. Participants were asked to create their look using this type of clothing, and its structural elements, as their inspiration. The theme proved popular as we had many participants; Mahnola, Cameron, Ruby Ornamental, Arion Vella, Paris Evermore, Dakota Lavarock, Slim Nootan, Genesis Moralez, Destiny Catwalker and a special guest, Jena Adder. The turn out was great and all participants put forth quite an effort on their styling. The scores were very high overall.

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