Speak No Evil (sl)

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Speak No Evil - MGB

Model’s Workshop is proud to support the Speak No Evil Anti-bullying Initiative by Models Giving Back. Read below for details and join the fight.

Speak No Evil – Anti bullying Campaign

February 7 – February 28, 2017


Cyberbullying is a relatively new phenomenon. Kids have been bullying other kids for generations. However, with the introduction of technology to expand their horizons, the latest generation have been able to bully others through the use of these technologies.

Cyberbullying itself is defined as the “willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.”

And, unfortunately, those of us in Second Life are not immune.  With the rise of anonymous blogs and other forums where one can make comments under protection of anonymity, it seems that bullying has become more and more prevalent.  These comments are defaming, hurtful and have ruined reputations, businesses and forced some to leave SL entirely.

In a platform where we have the opportunity to learn about other cultures and the tolerance that goes along with it, this type of behavior should not be allowed to happen, but it does.  We as a fashion community in Second Life have decided it’s time to raise awareness of this issue and let those who are committing the bullying know that we see what they are doing, and will no longer stand and let them have the upper hand.

So Models Giving Back has decided to start the “Speak No Evil”  initiative.  This initiative is a collaborative effort of several modeling agencies here in Second Life and will run the month of February, the month of Love.   We ask that all members of the SL Fashion community join us as we take a stand against cyberbullying.

This month-long event will have two parts to it. Learn more at speaknoevilsl.wordpress.com

Model’s Workshop Styling Challenge January 18, 5pm SLT

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IMPORTANT DATE CHANGE: Time Traveler Styling Challenge originally scheduled for December 21st has been moved to:

January 18th, 2017 @ 5 pm SLT
MW’s HQ (teleport).

Contact Rienna Rieko or AriannaJasmine Resident for an entry notecard.
All entries must be in by January 16th.

• • • • •

You are cordially invited to travel through time and bring your favorite period to life at the Model’s Workshop Styling Challenge.

Model’s Workshop wants you to hop into your time machine and create your favorite look based on your favorite time! It can be a look from the past, present or future!  Style your look as your imagination and research for that period dictates. As always the sky is the limit!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

These Model’s Workshop challenges offer a unique opportunity to show your styling abilities to a group of your peers and get direct feedback. Remember to use appropriate poses and walks to present and sell your styling but don’t forget the basics! Check prims carefully and try to mix and match when possible.

There will be a panel of judges who will give contest style ranking as well as audience participants with vast modeling experience giving positive critiques. Newer models gain insight into the contest procedure as well as the experience of the judging and critique process. Veteran models get a forum in which to continue to refine their styling skills. The winner will have their photo in ModeLS Magazine and Diversity Magazines. They will also have an interview with photos published in E N V Y Magazine! Their photo will be featured on the Model’s Workshop Blog as well as inworld at the Model’s Workshop HQ.

You need not spend a fortune on this challenge. Use your inventory in unique, outside the box ways.

For more information on MW’s Styling Challenges, please click here.

MW FashionDish – Model Size

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–   R   E   S   C   H   E   D   U   L   E   –
January 10 at 10AM (slt)
Model’s Workshop (teleport)

Does size matter?

Why are models in Second Life so tall and thin?
Can a short or curvy model also succeed in SL fashion?

Join us for another Model’s Workshop FASHIONDISH Monday to chat about a widely debated topic in RL and SL fashion: MODEL SIZE.

We’ve seen a movement in real life to include curvier models on the runway, print and television ads. Underweight, unhealthy images of models are banned in some countries. Model Ashley Graham has proven that a curvy model can have a successful modeling career. But what’s the trend in SL? It’s not just about runway modeling anymore … so let’s chat, debate, share!

3rd Annual MW Holiday Party Recap

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A great time was had by all at the 3rd Annual Model’s Workshop Holiday Party on December 11, 2016 held at the gorgeous Swan Garden, Angel Manor Estate. Many MW Group members, supporters, friends and family came out to celebrate the holidays with us. The wintry scene with snow that blanketed the entire sim featured a large frozen lake for ice skating during and after the party. Read the rest of this entry »

Holiday Greetings fr Model’s Workshop

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Christmas Card fr Model's Workshop


If it were possible I would take the time to write a personal note to each of you, thanking you for your undying support of Model’s Workshop. So try not to let this notice detract from the heartfelt thanks I feel toward each one of you. With your help we have accomplished a great deal in this past year: 14 Workshops, 12 Styling Challenges, and 10 FashionDish Chat Sessions all equaling 36 events! Truly a successful year for Model’s Workshop!

Can you believe that it is almost 2017??! I can’t even believe this past Holiday Party was our 3rd annual celebration together!! Monica Balut, our founder, is surely to be overwhelmed with gratitude that something she started seven years ago is still thriving and growing today. And, we are looking forward to another year of workshops, challenges, and opportunities!!

I’m sure you can imagine how much effort It takes to have a successful year in an organization like ours. It takes incredible leadership from our Committee Chairs: AriannaJasmine Styling Challenge Chair and Sabine Mortenwold FashionDish Chair; along with the dedication from our talented volunteer committee staff: Aorist Chunes, Ava Jhamin, Bai Nightfire, Lira Savira, Nesca Fey (Feyonce), Rienna Thorne (Rienna Rieko), Rhiannon Colclough, Tiszo Cioc and Vanessadelrio Underwood. We are all looking foreword to your input in our 2017 event plans, so get your thinking caps on, and be ready to rock another year with Model’s Workshop!

As this year comes to a close, I want to thank all of you for your contributions—large or small, ongoing or onetime—and your attendance at our events be it with constant energy or a burst…it all matters!! I want to thank the various designers, magazine publishers and other contributors from the fashion industry.

Most especially in this holiday time when our thoughts turn to family and friends, I want to express my gratitude for the team spirit among our members (now over 1,230). Your genuine caring for each other’s well-being and your willingness to be supportive in times of spiritual, emotional, and even physical need as evidenced by your use of the MW chat. Obviously, we all care about the collective us, for without that care we could not have reached the height and breath we hold in this virtual environment.

From the time I accepted the responsibility of being the owner and CEO of this magnificent group, I have been humbled by the task of continuing its existence in SL. I could never have done this without the help of the very talented and highly esteemed, Jena Adder. We both believe that working with a group full of seasoned professionals to the newest beginners is a responsibility we do not take lightly. In fact, It is our deepest honor to be your COO and CEO.

With that said, Jena and I wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

~♥Suki Rexen

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” —Helen Keller

In the photo (l-r): Nesca Fey (Feyonce), Arianna Jasmine, Suki Rexen, Lira Savira and Jena Adder.

Mesh for Males Workshop with Caesar Langer

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Mesh for Males with Caesar Langer

Mesh for Males Workshop with Caesar Langer

Wednesday, December 14 at 4PM (SLT)
Model’s Workshop Auditorium (Teleport)

Hey guys…this one is for you! If you’re thinking about finally bringing your avatar into the mesh evolution, join us for a workshop to help you do just that. Caesar Langer, Mr. Virtual World 2015, model, blogger and photographer, will offer tips on finding the best mesh clothing and accessories for male avatars. Don’t miss it!

Model’s Workshop Holiday Party – Dec 11

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MW Holiday Party 2016

You are invited to

Model’s Workshop Holiday Party 2016

Sunday, December 11 at 10AM – 1PM (slt)
Swan Garden, Angel Manor Estate (Teleport)

Please join us and dance to the music of DJ Balhem Soulstar, lace your skates for some ice skating, look out for the mistletoe, enter one of our contests and so much more!

At 10:30AM (slt) don’t miss the special performance of Model’s Workshop owners and hostesses, Suki Rexen and Jena Adder, and joined by some of the MW staff.

So whether you are on the naughty or nice list, come on out for the fun!