Solidea Folies Show & Challenge Results

SolideaFolies Models - Miso2

Model’s Workshop Fashion-5 presented Solidea Folies Couture on September 4th, and showcased owner and designer Mila Tatham‘s creations throughout the years. The show was produced and directed by yours truly, and featured eight gorgeous models: Amity Sorbet, Bai Nightfire, Paris Evermore (Dollchild), Memole Giha, Misoindite Romano, Payton Heron, Quinty Sirnah, Ruby Ornamental. Our DJ and MC Paradox Messmer and chat host and script writer AbbyJean kept the audience engaged as each model entered the runway in Mila’s stunning works of art…READ MORE about the Fashion Show and see the winners of the Photo Styling Challenge

Androgyny Styling Challenge review


The month of September was full of many wonderful events at Model’s Workshop, including the monthly styling challenge. September’s theme was Androgyny. Participants were challenged to style their best look that harmonized masculine and feminine characteristics. They dressed in menswear and unisex items to demonstrate the concept of gender fluidity, testing the limits of our often binary fashion culture.

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Uniforms Styling Challenge review

uniforms-ruby-winnerphoto This month, Model’s Workshop held their August Styling Challenge on the 26th with the theme of uniforms. Participants were asked to create their look using this type of clothing, and its structural elements, as their inspiration. The theme proved popular as we had many participants; Mahnola, Cameron, Ruby Ornamental, Arion Vella, Paris Evermore, Dakota Lavarock, Slim Nootan, Genesis Moralez, Destiny Catwalker and a special guest, Jena Adder. The turn out was great and all participants put forth quite an effort on their styling. The scores were very high overall.

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Firestorm 4.7.3: are you ready to rock?!


pay attention to changes that could change your SL

Originally posted on Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World:

firestorm-logoTuesday, August 18th saw the release of Firestorm This release comes a little later than had been planned, thanks largely to a series of last-minute blockers caused be assorted external influences (such as win 10 driver issues for Intel).

This is once again a major release, packing a huge amount into it, and which brings Firestorm pretty much to parity with the Lab’s code base. It also sees the return of the Linux 64-bit build to the fold.

Given the sheer number of updates in the release, I do not intend to cover everything here, but rather offer an overview of some of the more major / interesting changes, updates and  fixes to be found in the release.   for full details of all changes, and all due credits to contributors, etc., please refer to the official release notes.

The Usual Before We Begin Notes

For best results…

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Deconstructed Fashion Style Challenge wrap-up

lirasavira-winnerModel’s Workshop held their most recent style challenge on July 22nd, the theme for which was “deconstructed,” as suggested by Eleseren Brianna, Miss Virtual World 2015. This was an innovative theme that required participants to have a strong knowledge of haute couture and high degree of imagination. Three ladies participated; Kitty Dark Rage, Lira Savira and Lopez Fairlady. They put a great deal of thought and creativity into each look.

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Post-Apocalyptic Style Challenge wrap-up

ian-winnerOn Wednesday, June 24th, participants gathered at Model’s Workshop to showcase their best post-apocalyptic fashion looks, inspired by the most recent “Mad Max” movie. The challenge concept was suggested by Softie Vollmar of the Styling Challenges Committee.

There were seven participants – Ahn Avion, Alex Avion, Bai Nightfire, Catalina Staheli, Persephone Vlodovic, Ian Hazley (eeean) and Resmay Bloodstorm. The models put a great deal of thought into the items they chose and all of them wrote captivating stories to tell the audience. The challenge was judged by Ava Jhamin, Owner and CEO of L’Amour Productions, L’Amour Nexus University and Mr. and Miss Model International; Suki Rexen, CEO of Model’s Workshop and Owner of Dallas Modeling Company and the Dallas Modeling Academy and Charmer,  Miss V♛ Morocco 2015.

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SCALA team visits Model’s Workshop

(l-r) Seashell, Wicca Merlin, PetraLAlexander

Model’s Workshop began its series “Meet the Modeling Businesses of SL“ with SCALA™ Models Agency and Academy on July 16. Seashell Dench, Co-Founder of SCALA, presented her organization’s vision, goals and services offered. Joining her were members of her team Co-Founder and Academy Director Ms. Kryptonia Paperdoll, Instructors Wicca Merlin and Linda Reddevil, Producers Danity Mynx and PetraLAlexander and staff member Prisilla S. Avro (Silly Avro)…READ MORE


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