Thank you Ava for hosting tonight’s workshop!!  Here is what she had to say about the workshop!!

Ava Jhamin: Hi honey it went great Vich was excellent and we had [the attendees] come up do some poses and got a lot of feedback after that they love [it]. We had about hmmm maybe 15 people [or so] maybe a few more.
[20:28] Ava Jhamin: You would [have] been proud

This is fantastic…. thank you Vich! Thank you Ava!!  If you are sorry that you missed this presentation, guess what??? She is doing an encore presentation on THURSDAY July 21 at 11am!!(slt)  So don’t miss it!!!


MW Pose Workshop with Vich.png

FashionDish Chat: Gender in Modeling

Model's Workshop Fashiondish

TOPIC: Gender in Modeling – Are the blurred lines fair game
HOST: Sabine Mortenwold
LOCATION: Model’s Workshop

With so much talk these days about Trans-gender, what are your thoughts on men competing as women and women competing as men in various contest and modeling events in SL. There was a time when people had to speak in voice to confirm their identity. What are your thoughts? JOIN THE CONVERSATION!


MW Styling Challenge – Drag Winners

Congratulations Ava Jhamin and JW (jerrywhizzer), co-winners of the Drag Styling Challenge on June 22 at Model’s Workshop. Ava and JW tied for first place and did a great job with their styling. READ MORE


Putting a price on perfection. Featured event: Model’s Workshop FashionDish Chat Session – Model Pay

Here’s a fantastic follow up to the FashionDish Chat session on June 6&7 on Model Pay discussion by K.T. Burnett (kayt). Please take a moment to read, comment and share. Thank you Kayt.

The Digitized

When: 2016/06/06 5PM & 2016/06/07 1PM PDT (SLT)

Destination: Model’s Workshop @ Second Life

We’re attending: FashionDish Chat Session – Model Pay

More information: Model’s Workshop in-world group (click the link while logged on in Second Life to open the group profile), Model’s Workshop website

20160606 Model's Workshop HQ Welcome to the Model’s Workshop in-world HQ.

NB: Yours truly is not, and has never been, involved in any way in a fashion industry, and this article has been written from the position of an outsider. As such, involuntary errors regarding the field itself may have taken place, and in case the reader has spotted those, please let me know either in-world (look for K.T. Burnett (KayT)) or here in the comments, this will be highly appreciated!

We observe their daintiness and perfection up on the catwalk, on the model stand of our favourite clothes store, in the clothes ads. They are the first to…

View original post 1,955 more words

Winners of the Mesh Body Assets photo styling challenge

Thank you to everyone who entered the Mesh Body Assets challenge. ALL of the photos were wonderful and many of the scores were very close. Our judges for the contest were Jena Adder (COO and Co-Owner of Model’s Workshop), Wicca Merlin (Designer, model, producer and director) and Marcus LeFevre (Owner of Miss SL Organization). This challenge also would not have been possible without our sponsors; Wicca’s Wardrobe, Snowpaws, Posesion, Dallas Modeling Academy, L’Amour Diversity Magazine/L’Amour Productions, Miss SL Organization & DC Midtown Designs.

First place: syataha featuring dhruvs and pletox


1960s Mod Styling Challenge recap

Our March styling challenge continued with the theme for the month: COLOR. It was all about 1960s Mod fashion, taking place on the incredible streets of London runway at Model’s Workshop. Participants were asked to take inspiration from the mod trends of the 1960s, but bring it into 2016. The aim was to make it colorful, patterned and fun. We were yet again lucky enough to have Dahriel of Posesion Poses provide prizes.


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