Fashion Calendars

Second Life Fashion Events Calendar

Second Life Events Calendar

Body Proportions

Getting Good Body Proportions in Second Life

Color Trends

Fashion Trend Setters

Fashion Dictionary

DEFINING Fashion is not always intuitive, let alone trying to describe a style/look:

Fashion Dictionary: Words Gone Wild!

Pinterest displays a great Fashion Term interactive list to the left of the page.

Fashion Glossary

This selection of Fashion Glossaries may provide a hint & tip or two for you on your journey to designs and styles:

Collage of describing people and clothes

Fashion Glossary: A Cheat Sheet for Mastering the Industry’s Most Perplexing Terms

Leather Glossary

Fashion Magazines

BOSL Magazine

Eclipse Magazine

Envy Magazine

Dope Magazine

Fashion Teller House

Ferosh SL

Fusion Magazine


Kultivate Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Homme Magazine

ModeLS Magazine

MORE Magazine

RezSl Magazine

SL Photography

Style Kingdom Magazine

Versus SL

Virtual Diva Magazine

Fashion Styles

Genre-Understanding the different categories of styles is a skill that demands up-to-date knowledge and motivation.

—–> Look at Graphical Examples to Genres/ Styles/Themes(suggestions are recommended and welcome)

Fashion Styles List  (attribution to genres)

(Fashion, Textile & Costume Librarians Special Interest Group of the Art Libraries-of North America. 2011 – 2014)

Fashion Terminology

Need to describe an outfit?

Fashion Terminology Glossary

Fashion Tips

Future on Clothing (NEW)

Contribution of Monica Balut: Nalates Urriah has an interesting blog on the directions that rigged mesh clothes may be taking the the future. She also gives a nice summary and insight into it’s history. If you want to stay informed about this important topic for models, check out:

Matching Eyebrows

Suki Rexen made a post in the DMC blog about matching eyebrows to hair bases color tones.  This is not a sale promo but prompting a discussion about an apparent trend in RL, where RL models are sporting dramatically darker and thicker eyebrows….  According to an article I read, recently, matching eyebrows to hair color can take “years” off of someone, making them look younger and smoother. Not too many models have to worry about that, but could it work in reverse in SL?  Meaning, adding age and “maturity” to an avatar’s face? What’s your opinion?  Suki will be holding a discussion, presentation, on this topic in the next couple of weeks at Models Workshop. Just in time to put your new “photography” skills in practice that you have been learning in Monica Blaunt’s photography presentation in June! Originally a repost on: My Reflections

Mesh – Avatar Enhancements

Information helpful to models who are using mesh parts for the first time and need pointers on how to make them work are listed:

Mesh Hints & Tips Blogs:

Guide to Mesh Lips – Xanthe
Mesh Heads – Juicybomb
My Phat Azz – Strawberry Singh
SLink Hands & Feet – SLINK Website

Mesh Vendor Page

Model Attitude Quiz

 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) A complete-SL Model Attitude Quiz, created by Herradura Baar.

The quiz is for fun and there is no right answer although how you answer them will determine your attitude in the modeling world. Take the quiz now.

Modeling Wisdom Gems

The Modeling Scale: From Newbie To Fabulous!

Organizing a Fashion Show

Hints & Tips

Photoshoot – Tips n Tricks

Windlight Settings by Annan Adorned: (NEW) Hello Friends, After I made my last Art Photos, people asked me about which windlight I used on skies, so click here to have 4 windlights that I made recently and used in some of my artistic pics. Hope you like them =)

Windlight Presets to Give You the BEST LOOK!

Photoshoot Preparation for Models

10 Tips for a Great Acting Headshot

Photo Sims (Free Use)

Picturesque Sims:

Da Vinci Gardens

Calas Galadhon – Park Sims

Misty Mountains

Peace Nation on Creations Park

Photo Studios (Free Use)

Photo Studios:

Image Essentials Free to Use Photo Studios

We Blog

Resources for Bloggers from Beatrice Serendipity

Member’s Blog Listings

What is … ?

SPAM Links

What is an Open Call?

I’ve been signed by a modeling agency! Now what?

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