Real Life Modeling Skills taught to inspire self-esteem

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Thank-you  Abby (aibyou.nakamura) for letting us know about this cool story you were reading about related to modeling on ABC 7.  This is a very nice follow-piece to my workshop on Self-Esteem building skills, and the importance RL self-esteem has on your SL virtual modeling skills.


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Strut It Hud Invite PNG

April 13th at 3pm SLT, Model’s Workshop hosted the very charming CEO of New York Modeling Agency, Martin Glom. Mr. Glom held a very informative workshop perfect for beginning models learning the Strut It HUD tool. The session was held in Skype so that Mr. Glom was able to share his screen and explain exactly what he was doing with each step. Learning about this tool is invaluable for new models so hopefully you didn’t miss it. If you did miss the workshop and you are interested in attending another, please contact AriannaJasmine Resident, COO of Model’s Workshop. If we have enough further interest we will be glad to bring Mr. Glom back for an additional session. We want to take the opportunity to thank Mr. Glom for the very informative and successful  presentation. Stay tuned for additional workshops on a variety of topics coming  soon!

Strut It HUD Workshop in Progress


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FashionDish this past Monday was a rousing success as we discussed the fitting of mesh garments and the decline of quality seen lately in the fit. Some points of concern brought up were the difficulty of layering pieces, the use of the same templates over and over, HUDS not working properly and more. Suki Rexen suggested we complete a survey to identify the issues we are most concerned with so that it can be passed along to the designers. There was a very enthusiastic positive response from the group and now Suki is in the process of collecting everyone’s questions. It’s Model’s Workshop at it’s finest, working to bring awareness, education and an increased level of satisfaction to our industry within SL. Be sure to join us for our new FashionDish in May. Details will be forthcoming.


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MW FashionDish Invite April 2017

Join us for a discussion on the quality and fit of mesh. Do you feel it’s changed? Do you have issues when buying items with alphas not covering all or covering too much and mesh body versions not fitting the bodies they are made for? Can designers shed light on why this may be happening? Come share your insight and experiences with us!


April 10th, 2017

10AM & 5PM SLT

See you there!


MW Self Esteem Workshop

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Self Esteem Workshop Invite

On March 23rd, 2017, Suki Rexen, Owner and CEO of Model’s Workshop presented a workshop on self esteem. As a RL counseling psychologist  she is well versed on the subject and her knowledge was invaluable as she lectured to the very interested group that attended.

Self Esteem Workshop 1

Attendees were asked to examine geometric representations of self esteem and choose the one they best identified with. Suki then revealed the meanings behind each and talked about ego and how we use self preservation tactics to protect ourselves. All in all it was a fascinating discussion. The models agreed building self esteem and confidence can only help further modeling careers in SL .

See more photos of the event on the MW Flickr.


MW Welcomes MMI 2017!

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Frolic Mills Advanced Modeling Academy Invite Texture a

March 16th at 10AM  &  5PM(slt)
Model’s Workshop (teleport)

Mr. & Miss Model 2017 has come to an end, now it’s time to meet the winners!

Join us for a Model’s Workshop Presentation to chat about this year’s MMI competition.

Meet the contestants and those behind this popular pageant such as Ava Jhamin, CEO and Cyberdawg Foxclaw COO of MMI. Learn firsthand about the contestant’s experiences, find out about the feedback process,  learn more about competitive modeling and this extra special competition! .

See you there!


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MW March Styling Challenge Invite 2017

March 15th, 2017 @ 5 pm SLT
MW’s HQ (teleport).

Contact  AriannaJasmine Resident for an entry notecard.
All entries must be in by  March 14th.

• • • • •

Model’s Workshop invites you to join in  “Walking the Red Carpet”.  This challenge is open as always to women and men. It’s going to be a fun one as you all don your finest garb and compete to get the most paparazzi!  Prizes include: $1000L , $600L Posesion Gift Card, as well as magazine coverage. (see details below)  Don’t miss it!

(RSVP and Style Card to Arianna Jasmine by March 14th )

These Model’s Workshop challenges offer a unique opportunity to show your styling abilities to a group of your peers and get direct feedback. Remember to use appropriate poses and walks to present and sell your styling but don’t forget the basics! Check prims carefully and try to mix and match when possible.

There will be a panel of judges who will give contest style ranking as well as audience participants with vast modeling experience giving positive critiques. Newer models gain insight into the contest procedure as well as the experience of the judging and critique process. Veteran models get a forum in which to continue to refine their styling skills. The winner will have their photo in ModeLS Magazine and Diversity Magazines. They will also have an interview with photos published in E N V Y Magazine! Their photo will be featured on the Model’s Workshop Blog as well as inworld at the Model’s Workshop HQ.

You need not spend a fortune on this challenge. Use your inventory in unique, outside the box ways.

For more information on MW’s Styling Challenges, please click here.