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The MW and Kultivate Styling Challenge “Fashion in Art” held June 21st, 2017 at 1ppm SLT was a huge success! With many contestants who did a fine job it wasn’t easy to choose those that stood out. The judges certainly had a challenge themselves! There were, however, those that did stand out and we have the winner in her Mondrian inspired outfit, Saori440 pictured below:

Winner Photo Jun 2017 - Saori

We also have our winner with those that placed 2nd, tied for 3rd and 4th pictured below (from right to left): Saori440, Jaily Bailey, Sheila Style and Cassianmorigi, and Catsmeow17. Our 1st place winner was our lovely Tiszo Cioc, who unfortunately had to step away quickly after the challenge so we missed her for our photo. Congrats to all our winners and thanks to everyone that entered!

Winner, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place for Fashion in Art Styling Challenge June 2017

Special thanks to John and Eles Brianna for their generous donation of prizes and for all the work and effort they did, including the sleek and very artsy runway build,  to make this challenge a success. Happy 2nd Anniversary Kultivate!

Stay tuned for our next MW Styling Challenge coming on Wednesday, July 26th, 2017!


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Join us for the next installment of our workshop series on Bento Mesh Heads. We will be discussing the Lelutka Bento Mesh Head and it’s HUD and appliers. The class will be via voice using screen share technology. Look forward to seeing you there!


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MW FashionDish Invite June 2017

FashionDish this month was on the topic of “Tips and Tricks for Managing HUDS”. We paid special attention to the new HUDS for the mesh bodies and Bento mesh heads. There was discussion on best ways to save tattoos to mesh bodies and some tips on dealing with changing quickly for fashion shows ensuring the HUDS have your saved information for each outfit. The topic tied in perfectly with the upcoming workshop we are having on June 29th on the Lelutka Bento Mesh Head, where we will discuss and learn how to apply make up to layers, etc.  Be sure not to miss the next FashionDish on July 10th, Monday at 5pm SLT, when the topic of discussion will be “How to Choose A Good Modeling School”.  We will be discussing ways to evaluate schools and how to choose the best one for you. Hope to see you all there!



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Kultivate Magazine is celebrating their 2nd anniversary by teaming up with Model’s Workshop to cohost the month of June’s styling challenge.  Kultivate Magazine and Model’s Workshop invite you to join in “ Fashion in Art,” where each person will wear their best expression of this bold styling! Choose your favorite artist and style an outfit that reflects his or her work, technique and overall mood. Participating in this exciting styling challenge gains you valuable feedback and you can win wonderful prizes! As always the sky’s the limit.

Kultivate & MW Fashion in Art Challenge Poster-Final

Prizes will include:

-1st Place Winner: Image featured in Kultivate Magazine’s July 2017 Issue and on all social media websites, 2000L’s and three gift cards; Your photo will appear on the Model’s Workshop website and at MW HQ  in-world
-2nd Place Winner: Image featured in Kultivate Magazine’s July 2017 Issue and on all social media websites, 1500L’s and two gift cards
-3rd Place Winner: Image featured in Kultivate Magazine’s July 2017 Issue and on all social media websites, 1000L’s and one gift card
-4th Place Winner: Image featured in Kultivate Magazine’s July 2017 Issue and on all social media websites, 500L’s and one gift card

Winners may also be asked to judge in future styling challenges. Gain great exposure for your modeling and styling career!

For more information including how to participate and application please visit the Model’s Workshop HQ and click on the poster in the lobby.

Here is your taxi: MW HQ

Don’t miss this very special styling challenge! See you there!


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This month Model’s Workshop held a clinic on May 25th, Thursday at 5pm SLT. The subject was “Bento Mesh Heads for Beginners”.  Models new to Bento Mesh Heads were able to ask questions and receive help in a beginner friendly setting. Topics covered included the difference between regular mesh and Bento mesh, selecting a mesh head, opening your mesh head for the first time, Omega appliers and installing them, etc.


This workshop will help prepare new models for the series of Bento Mesh Head workshops we will be having starting in June.  The first will be on “Lelutka Bento Mesh Heads”.  Please join us! See you then!


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This month’s MW Styling Challenge, “Steampunk” was a great success! Held on Wednesday, May 24th at 5pm SLT many members participated dressing in imaginative ways to express this fun genre! Everyone did a fantastic job, so fabulous that our judges had a very hard time deciding. In light of this we had two winners, “Catalysis and Saori440”.  Both ladies received prizes with their winning photo being displayed in our Hall of Fame at the Model’s Workshop HQ.

Contestants for Steampunk with Suki and AJ

Winner Photo May 2017 - Catalysis and Saori440

If you missed this challenge join us in June when we will be partnering up with Kultivate Magazine to celebrate their 2nd anniversary. Stay tuned for upcoming details.

See you soon!


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FashionDish May 2017

The subject of this month’s FashionDish was “Bento Acceptance”.  The group met to discuss that although Bento Mesh is now out and being sold by many designers in the way of Bento Heads and Bento Hands, models are being advised not to use them on the runway or at many schools. There was talk of how models are supposed to stay up to date on the newest items and technology  in order to remain current. The challenge being that many models recounted being told not to use that new technology on the runway or in classes. Everyone discussed various reasons why this might be including the fact that many still haven’t updated their viewers to be able to see Bento technology. Reasons were cited as to why some haven’t updated including individual’s computer graphics. There was talk of how it is expensive to maintain items for both system and Bento heads. The group decided it would be best to perhaps mention this to agency or school owners but of course the final decision would always be theirs. Models have to continue to abide by what the expectations are of individual agencies or schools if they wish to continue to work with them. Most everyone agreed that they hoped they would be able to use their Bento Mesh all the time, everywhere, as soon as possible.  If you missed this fabulous chat, please join us next time for FashionDish. Date and time to be announced soon, stay tuned!


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Bento Acceptance Invite pp

Model’s Workshop invites you to join us for FashionDish.

Our subject this month will be “Bento Acceptance”.  Do you find as a model that although you are keeping up with the current SL technology that are you not able to use your Bento Head on the runway or in your school? Do you find that designers are focusing on appliers and yet you must style using system head layers? How long will the wait be for everyone to be on a Bento supported viewer?

Join us for a great discussion! Come share your insight and experiences with us!


May 8th, 2017

10AM & 5PM SLT

See you there!

MW April 2017 “Singing in the Rain” Styling Challenge Winner!

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Congratulations to Rockinman1, Winner of the “Singing in the Rain” Styling Challenge for April 2017.  Rockin impressed the judges with his supreme styling skills by wearing a very dapper three piece suit, eye-catching wingtip shoes, and a jaunty fedora.  The set was done by Suki Rexen and was an amazing display! It looked as though the contestants were walking in the park in the middle of a wonderful April shower.   The challenge took place on April 26th and all the contestants involved did  a fantastic job styling a rain proof look.

MW April Styling Challenge Winner 2017

April Styling Challenge photos
From Left to Right – Charlotte-Marie de Villancourt,  Rockinman1, and Sunday Whitewood
April Styling Challenge photos 3
From Left to Right – Arianna Jasmine, COO of MW, Suki Rexen, CEO of MW, Charlotte-Marie de Villancourt,  Rockinman1, and Sunday Whitewood

Special thanks to judges  Rienna Thorne and Rhiannon Colclough.  Thanks also to  all who came out to support the April MW Styling Challenge. It was a great time for all! Please join us for our next styling challenge on May 24th. Details to follow soon so stay tuned.