Advanced Posing with Louise McWinnie Roundel

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May 19, 2011 at 5pm, we were privileged to have a hands on workshop focusing on advanced runway walking/posing/lag fighting lead by one of SL top models: Louise Roundel. Please click on the link to go to the transcript…. Louise Roundel “Advanced Runway Techniques”

1st Scandinavian Meeting April 18th, 2011

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Madeleine Dollinger hosted the first Scandinavian Meeting at Models Workshop on April 18, 2011 12pm slt. In attendance were Fashion designer and photographer, Aleida Rhode, and several models including Wipster Baxter, Laura18 Streeter, Brigid Meriman, Bety Dudek and Enshe. For a full transcript go to
Scandinavian Meet April 18, 2001

MW Offering Opportunities

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I am still looking for models who want to add to their resumes by taking on roles outside of their current comfort zone.

Last night at the Model’s Workshop presentation BlackBarbie Braven presented several options for making additional money outside of modeling. Taking on a role to support the production of our April 30th show could allow you to test the waters and try one of the options presented.

Due to the huge success of our March 5th fashion show, MW would like to offer our next opportunity for you to participate in another fashion show production.

On April 30, 2011 we will have another MW Fashion Show. Leena Bianco has volunteered to take on the role of Director/Producer. We need to now establish a team to support this production.

✓ We have our clothing sponsor
✓ We have our hair sponsor
✓ We have our theme
✓ We have our place for the show

THANKS to all who have volunteered so far. I still have need needs for other volunteers and would love to have your assistance in ANY of the following areas:

1. assistant coach
2. wardrobe coordinator
3. script writer

Remember I am looking for both men and women. This is a hands-on learning experience so each of us will be taking on a new challenge.

Please Please fill out the information below and return the notecard to Leena Bianco.

MW Fashion Show – April 30th 2010 (noon)

Position of Interest:

Please remember this requires a commitment. Thanks so much…..LeenaB

First Styling Challenge

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Wed. 2/1/11 @ 5 PM, Model’s Workshop held it’s first styling challenge which we plan to continue weekly at the same time.

This is a small in-house contest where members take up the challenge to style an outfit according to a pre-announced theme.  Those present critique each other and give helpful suggestion.  At the end, those present, contestants and audience, vote for whom they thought was the best stylist that week.  It’s a great way to practice and improve upon your styling skills and to learn more about fashion styles in general in a supportive environment.

This week, the theme was winter fashion.  Six people came to display their attempt to style something wintry.  We were all impressed at the variety of interpretations that were generated by such a simple theme.

First MW Styling Challenge Contestants

The winner of this week’s challenge was Sabine Mortenwold who is second from right in the above photo.  The prize was bragging rights LOL

Join us next week for our second Challenge which is “Formal with a Twist”.  Put together a formal outfit whose styling makes you different than the usual formal.  Hope you can join us (Wed at 5 PM).

Take the Model Attitude Quiz

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On the June 17th Model Workshop I, Herradura Baar, introduced a quiz I put together about SL Modeling and attitude.  This quiz was styled after the type of quizzes you might find if your read Cosmo – ones where you’d figure out “What kind of Lover are you” or “What Swimsuit type best fits your personality”.

This is the complete SL Model Attitude Quiz.  The quiz is for fun and there really is no right answer although how you answer them will determine your attitude in the modeling world.  Nobody is perfect and I can absolutely tell you I’m definitely not!  But over the years, the models I have seen who do well are the ones that learn to avoid drama, set differences aside and show they are a true professional.

I hope you enjoy this quiz as much fun as I had building it.  Thank you to Topaz Joubert who helped inspire me to write the quiz and Monica Balut, my partner in crime here at the Model Workshop who added several questions herself (MB will be after those questions).



1)   You read the results of an audition you attended and see that a model with less experience was selected over you.  Your reaction is:

  • a)   “There is always more audition – hopefully I’ll have better luck next audition.”
  • b)   Rant to your best friend about the audition, You know he/she will agree with you and a few minutes to blow off steam helps keep you sane.
  • c)   Drop a few comments to a group of random friends about the quality of models used by the organization that hosted the audition.  Clearly that organization doesn’t really want the best models walking the runway.
  • d)   Make an anonymous post on a SL Modeling website about how that model slept with a judge to get the job.

2)   A designer, whose clothes you love, is looking for a model to pose for an outfit and specifically requests a model with skin from a certain skin designer; skins you do not own.  The job will pay $300L.  What would you do?:

  • a)   Skip over this one.  There will be other.
  • b)   Try anyways.  Mention you don’t have the skin line in question but you do have other top quality skins that might match.
  • c)   Try anyways.  If you get picked you’ll just run over to that skin designer store and pay $1000L for the skin.
  • d)   Try anyways.  You know of a friend of a friend of a friend who sells copybot versions of that skin-line and who will know the difference anyways?

3)   Your agency has put out a request for models to do a runway show on the day that you committed to a RL family event.  You really like the designers who will be featured in this show – what do you do?

  • a)   Skip this event.  You made RL commitments and you will stick with them.
  • b)   Submit your name to the event.  You are sure your family will understand if you are 2 hours late for this RL event.
  • c)   “Hey this is my SL Modeling career – my family will always be around and always have other events.  I’ll just skip the RL event.”
  • d)   Submit your name for the event and then the night before the event you’ll come up with some life threatening illness to the agency owner as to why you can’t be in the show.  Hopefully the clothes are no transfer!

4)   You noticed lately been you haven’t been getting a lot of job offers in the modeling industry but your best friend has been.  What do you do?

  • a)   Ask your best friend if he/she would help review your look & style.  If she can’t help perhaps she can refer me to someone who can.  Perhaps just a bit of tweaking can get you to the next level.
  • b)   Drop another $30,000L into another round of classes, new skins, hairs and clothes.  Money is no object for being the next top SL model.
  • c)   Drop another $1000L to some person you met hanging outside of a top skin designer store who can give you a box filled with the best Skin & Hairs in SL.
  • d)   Clearly your best friend is probably sucking up big time to those agency owners & designers, time for a new best friend.

5)   You notice lately that you have been getting a lot of great job opportunities but your best friend hasn’t been as lucky.  What would you do?

  • a)   We joined modeling together and it’s just not as fun without him/her.  Perhaps just a bit of tweaking can get him/her to the next level and doing shows with me!
  • b)   “I told him/her that you have to spend big bucks if you want to be a success!  Time to shop for new classes, skins & hair and clothes”
  • c)   “Hey, I’ll help him/her out but let’s face it; he/she has to pull up his/her own bootstraps if he/she wants to be a success.”
  • d)   Perhaps it’s time find new best friend.  Why hang out with this wannabe model when you can hang out with SL’s Supertop Ultra Models!

6)   Someone approached you about a brand new agency that guarantees you will be a super model but after you paid $10k in lindens to that person, the person seems to have disappeared from SL.  What would you do?

  • a)   “It’s embarrassing that I got scammed but perhaps if I tell others my story I can save others from such heartache.”
  • b)   “It’s embarrassing that I got scammed and I do not want others to know what happened to me but I should warn folks.  Perhaps I can post an anonymous tip somewhere that will get out the message.”
  • c)   “Hey, I’m not the SL modeling police here.  Let others figure it out for themselves.”
  • d)   “Wow, what a great way to earn some money.  I could probably earn that lost $10k back and then some with just a few suckers of my own!”

7)   After getting rejected for an agency audition you approached the owner and ask why they didn’t pick you.  That person said you have potential but your pose choices weren’t very good for the clothes you wore.  What would you do?

  • a)   Thank that person for their valuable feedback.  Perhaps with a bit of practice and some new poses you can audition again in a month and really show them you would be a valuable part of the agency.
  • b)   Thank that person for their valuable feedback.  Perhaps if you just wore something a bit simpler your poses would work fine – you’ll try again in a month.
  • c)   “What does that person know?  I’ll just try a few other agencies- I’m sure they’ll just love my look and hire me to work for them!”
  • d)   “What a b*tch – doesn’t he/she know a top model when they see one.  I’m going to post an anonymous rant somewhere and warn people what a horrible person he/she is!”

8)   You enter a contest with a top notch agency.  You spend thousands of lindens and time preparing for it.  On the day of the contest, the contest directors jack up the max avatar count so high that the SIM is totally unstable.  Some contestants can execute their walk perfectly fine.  Yours is totally trashed by lag.  You are furious at them for this arbitrary unfairness.  What do you do? (question by MB)

  • a)   “Oh well, there’ll be another contest”.
  • b)   You politely try to point out the problem to the directors; perhaps they can do a quick SIM reboot and lower the count a bit.
  • c)   You blow your top and angrily tell the show directors they created an unfair contest.
  • d)   You trash the contest on Agency Report, anonymously of course.

9)   You start with a new agency.  The show directory is totally disorganized, working out the routine on the fly and otherwise wasting your time with useless chatter and /or constant changes to the routine / show.  How do you handle this?  (question by MB)

  • a)   Suck it up and deal with it, it’s the end results that count the most isn’t it?
  • b)   Talk to the show director privately later about your frustrations, perhaps there is an opportunity for you to help or even get into a new career with show designing.
  • c)   Vent your frustrations publicly in front of all the other models hoping to get support and make a point to the director
  • d)   Trash the agency / director on Agency Report, anonymously of course.

10)       The show that you are walking in has given you an outfit that has jeans so low you can practically see your privates.  You aren’t very comfortable wearing this outfit.  What would you do?

  • a)   It’s just Pixels.  I was hired to wear an outfit and this is what I am going to do.
  • b)   Discuss with the show coordinator your concerns.  Suggest if you could style the outfit with either a g-string or pastie underneath.
  • c)   Whine to some of the models in show about what a trashy outfit you have to wear.  Perhaps one of them would be happy to switch you – better their naughty bits are showing than yours.
  • d)   IM the designer and complain about how he/she made the outfit all wrong.  Seriously, you aren’t some stripper working the poles here.

11)        You read about a contest where the winner is decided by a ‘pay-per-votes’ system and it seems the money goes only to the contest creator. The prizes look really great, what would you do?

  • a)   “Prizes might be great but hassling my friends for ‘pay-for-votes’ just isn’t my style.”
  • b)   “The contest is good practice for real contests, it doesn’t cost to enter, who knows maybe I’ll get enough votes without pushing my friends.”
  • c)   “I have the Lindens, I’ll just bug my friends to vote for me and give them the Lindens to pay for it.”
  • d)   “Ok I can’t vote for myself but that doesn’t mean I can’t create 20 alts to do it for me.”

12)       You just graduated from your modeling academy.  You felt the experience was a good experience, your teachers were excellent and you graduated with flying colors.  However the teacher has told the class that graduates are welcome to join their placement group that helps graduates find jobs but can only join the agency when they have their twice a year audition – and yes you have to audition.  How do you react?

  • a)   Check the dates for the next casting so you know you are ready.  In the mean time work the classified, follow up on the notices and find some work as a model.  Plenty of opportunity if you just keep at it.
  • b)   Check the dates for the next casting so you know you are ready.  In the mean time you can always hang out with your friends and have fun.
  • c)   Check the dates for the next casting so you know you are ready.  In the mean time you join another modeling academy, maybe they hire at the end of training.
  • d)   Trash the agency / director on Agency Report, anonymously of course.

13)       A new designer has asked you to model his/her clothes for their store vendors and print ads.  After previewing a few of the designer’s outfits you realize these clothes are just awful.  How do you react?

  • a)   You take the job.  It’s still good exposure plus all good designers had to start somewhere.
  • b)   Suggest you’ll just do 1-2 store ads just to be nice.  A job is a job and just a few photos won’t make a difference in your career.  Perhaps if you get to know the designer you can give a few subtle suggestions for improvement.
  • c)   Tell the designer you are booked but suggest the name of some new models.  Those noobs will take any job they can get and better their reputation being sullied than yours.
  • d)   Tell the designer that perhaps they need to take some basic clothing design classes because the clothes aren’t even worthy of a cheap $50L escort on free-sex island.

14)       While waiting in line for a casting event you start inspecting hairstyles and find that one model is using copybot hairstyles.  The model is only a few months old and seems to not have much experience, what would you do?

  • a)   You’d talk to the model about his/her hairstyle and about how copybot hair is content theft and should not be used in modeling.   Perhaps the model doesn’t have much of a budget and know a few top hair designers that have great sales going on now that this new model could get good quality hair.
  • b)   You mention to the people doing the casting that you’ve seen a lot of copybot hairstyle on some of the new models.  They might want to check that out.
  • c)   You say nothing, not your problem if models are using it or those casting the event do nothing about those that wear it.
  • d)   You ask the model who his/her source was for the product, that’s good quality stuff he/she is wearing.

15)       A random person IM’s and says “I want to be an SL Model, can you help me” what would you do.

  • a)   You think what a wonderful opportunity to take a new model under your wings and help groom them for the success you have had.
  • b)   You suggest a few key groups to join that help with new models.
  • c)   You tell them you’re busy right now but you’ll send them something, and then totally forget to do it.
  • d)   MUTE!

16)       Your best friend just got a killer management job in the agency where you would like to work one day.  What do you do?

  • a)   Wish your friends good luck and ask him/her to let her know right away when the next casting event will be.
  • b)   Wish your friend good luck and ask him/her to see if he/she can pull a few strings to get you an audition as soon as possible.
  • c)   Wish your friend good luck and then bug him/her everyday whether or not the special audition was setup.
  • d)   If your friend isn’t going to help you then *#@& him/her, you’ll contact the agency owner yourself and let her know you are that person’s best friend and we do everything together.

17)       Due to RL issues beyond your control you arrive 15 minutes late to a fashion show you are hired to walk in.  What do you do?

  • a)   Apologize profusely and get backstage ASAP.  You’ve prestyled every outfit so you are ready to go.  If one outfit doesn’t get modeled then perhaps you can offer to forgo your salary or return the outfit.
  • b)   Apologize profusely and get backstage ASAP.  You’ve prestyled every outfit so you are ready to go.  Then keep your mouth shut, get the job done and let the chips fall where they may when it comes to your tardiness.
  • c)   Get backstage as soon as possible, you have the clothes and will get something tossed together for the runway on the fly.
  • d)   You’re already 15 minutes late, might as well be a no-show and just blame it on a ‘dead grandmother.

18)       Another Model, you know by name but not personally, has said some disparaging comments about you.  How do you react?

  • a)   Reach out in private IM to that other model and find out why the comments.  Perhaps there was a misunderstanding that just needs to be cleared and talking about it might solve the issue.
  • b)   Say nothing, you can’t be stooped that low to bad-mouth another person, but you might rant some to your best friend.
  • c)   Oh yeah, well you have enough dirt on that model to make your own disparaging comments.  You walk right up to them and give them a piece of your mind.
  • d)   “Nobody puts Baby in the Corner!”  You wage an all-out war against this model including comments to some of his/her key employers about so-called horrible things this model has done.  Perhaps they are true….or not, let them sort it out.

When scoring remember this – there are no right answers, even the author of this quiz will admit to that!  But there are things that you can do to show that you are committed to being a top SL model with a healthy balance between RL & SL and being a spoiled sport that is “Me only!” attitude.  Some of these answers seem farfetched but trust me, after 2 years in this industry you start to see everything!


EDITOR NOTE: I removed the Saint.  Even though it was borderline one.  Remember be really honest how you do this quiz.  It’s ok to have other letters, no one is perfect and you’re not any less of a model for blowing off a bit of steam from time to time ** hugz**

Mostly #A

You are a true professional.  I highly doubt that anyone would ever say an unkind word about you and you would help anyone who comes to you for advice or questions.  Just watch out for those who see your do-good ways as a weakness and make sure they don’t take advantage of your good nature.  Your positive experience makes it a joy for others to work with you but a target for those trying to get ahead – make sure you can identify those that try to bring you down.

Mostly #B:

You are pretty much the norm for SL modeling.  You have a great attitude about the job for the most part and are someone that any Designer or Agency owner would want to hire.  Just make sure when you do need to blow off a bit of steam and rant that the person listening to you is trustworthy!

Mostly #C:

Shortcuts to the top is something you excel at, that’s ok but make sure you don’t trample over too many others to get to your goal.  You may be fiercely loyal to your dearest friends but you do hear the sounds of knives sharpening and whispers in the background – those left in your wake don’t forget too easily.

Mostly #D:

Why are you an SL Model?  Seriously – ask yourself that question.  I mean I would write something snarky & fun here but obviously you take SL modeling too seriously to the point that it’s all about you and everyone else needs to get the #)$% out of your way.   Maybe this attitude has done well for you but are you really enjoying it and do you have any real friends?  Why not take a deep breath, relax and just enjoy your time else perhaps you were just meant to do something else in SL – have you thought about stripping?

Welcome to the Model’s Workshop of Secondlife

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Hi.  I’m Monica Balut, a SecondLife model and founder of the Model’s Workshop.  I love modeling in SL and have been at it since April 2008.  Having absolutely no RL modeling experience, this has been one of the hardest things I have attempted in SL.  First there’s so much to learn.  Then once you become competent, you have to convince potential employers to hire you over the hundreds of other models applying for the same job.  It seems like every girl and her aunt wants to be a SL model.  But despite many let downs, I persist and continue to love it as much as the first day.

I firmly believe that life is not worth living unless I can learn something new each day.  But, after graduating from three SL modeling academies, I felt I had been schooled out.  I felt that there was still so much to learn but regular schools had little more to offer me.  I got my share of experience and certainly learned my own tricks the hard way.  But I found that often just sharing ideas with friends gave me information and tips that were invaluable.  Then it occurred to me one day, why not formalize that concept into a group of friends all sharing their information.  Individually we all have limited knowledge, but collectively we have a wealth of information.  After toying with the idea and mentioning it to a few friends, I decided to get it going after the holidays.

After a conversation with Leslie Trebuchet about a month ago, I formed the SL group Model’s Workshop with the following charter: The Model’s Workshop is a group of professional SL models dedicated to helping each other be the best they can be.  It’s goal is to provide an atmosphere where group members are encouraged to share their knowledge, information and skills to help each other grow as models.  Projects may include regular workshops, development of a resource library, holding mock shows.

We held our first workshop led by my friend Melissa Jensen on February 5th.  It was dedicated to hair.  Fourteen people attended.  We shared landmarks of our favorite hair stores and compared our favorite styles.  The enthusiasm was incredible.  Melissa didn’t have to do much leading.  You could barely get a word in edgewise.  Can you imagine getting 14 women together to talk about hair?

At the end of the first meeting, the group decided to talk about skins next.  Herradura Baar who had attended the first meeting agreed to host this workshop which was held on February 12th.  This time there were 27 people in attendance and we even managed to crash the sim at the end!  The format was similar with similar enthusiasm.  By the end of the day, group membership had risen to 38.

The enthusiasm for these workshops is beyond my wildest dreams!  It shows the passion that people have for this work and how much more we all want to learn.  I continue to be impressed with the wealth of truly talented people in SL.

Where are we going to go from here?  Our third workshop will be on February 19th on shapes, again led by Herradura Baar.  I have ideas for other workshops including:
Animations: Various types, where to buy, factors to consider.
Runway tricks
Jewelry: stores that feature copy jewely as well as no copy
Most fashionable clothing stores
Shapes – Making your own
Tips for getting selected in a casting
Resumes and portfolios

I would like to see the group develop and manage lists of resources that would be available to members of the group.  We could hold a runway diva competition where participants judge and vote on the most skilled routine.  We could organize and put on a real show.  Someone suggested creating a blog where people could share ideas (and hence this).  Someone suggested operating a job tip system.  The ideas are limitless.  I’m sure the group will come up with many more.

If this group is to succeed, it will be as a group effort.  This is not about Monica Balut.  It’s about the collective wisdom and power of a group of passionate people.  Even after two weeks of operation, I’m quickly seeing that there is far more to do than I can possibly manage alone.  I’m going to need some help if this is to succeed.

Very soon I will be holding an organizational meeting of those interested in taking more responsibility for moving this project along.  I’m hoping to be able to work with a solid core group who help guide the direction of the group and who are willing to take responsibility for various projects and tasks.

In the meantime, tell your friends about this and encourage them to join the group.  Happy modeling.  Monica Balut.