Glam Dreams travel through time at MW

MW Fashion5 - Glam Dreams Invite

Model’s Workshop FASHION-5 hosted its third fashion show featuring designs by sandytpr Lysette of Glam Dreams. We were thrilled to see more than 70 avatars packed into the sim to support Model’s Workshop and Glam Dreams, and to take in a great show.

MW Fashion-5 Glam Dreams AudienceFive beautiful models, some experiencing their first runway show of their career, showcased stunning creations by Sandy. A sincere thank you to Sandy for her endless support of Model’s Workshop. We were honoured to wear her fabulous creations and present it to the SL fashion world in a fun, educational, entertaining way that took us all on a journey through time. Also thank you to Sandy’s team, Precise Frimon and Akito Zuta, for their assistance during the process.

Producer/Director of the show AbbyJean Resident delivered a very professional, entertaining show covering fashion throughout the ages, from 70BC,17th/18th century, 1920s and 40s/50s, to modern times and beyond. Thank you to Abby for her tireless efforts, not only producing and directing the show, but writing a fantastic script and keeping everyone on track. It was a pleasure going through this journey with her.

MW Fashion-5 - Glam Dreams - Abby
(Producer/Director AbbyJean wearing Glam Dreams Falling Into You gown in green)

In addition to building and decorating the set for the show, our very own MW CEO Suki Rexen joined the team of FASHION-5 models, which also included, AriannaJasmine, Jaily Bailey, Jazmine Lacy and PetraLAlexander. It humbled me to see how well each developed as models. They did an amazing job styling and presenting their outfits.

MW Fashion-5 - Glam Dreams - Suki1
(show above is model Suki Rexen wearing Glam Dreams Cleopatra gown)

MW Fashion-5 - Glam Dreams - Jaily1
(shown above is model Jaily Bailey wearing Glam Dreams Gatsby White and Black Lace Gown)

MW Fashion-5 - Glam Dreams - Jazmine3
(shown above is model Jazmine Lacy wearing Glam Dreams Gabanna dress in red)

MW Fashion-5 - Glam Dreams - Petra3
(shown above is model PetraLAlexander wearing Glam Dreams D&G Flowered Coat)

MW Fashion-5 - Glam Dreams - Arianna4-future
(shown above is model AriannaJasmine wearing Glam Dreams Tribute  ensemble)

View ALL the fabulous designs here

It was very difficult to choose one model as our Model of the Month because every one of them displayed professionalism, dedication and grace in their own way, and there was a true sense of camaraderie by showtime that clearly had a lot to do with the success of the show. Therefore, they are all crowned Model of the Month for October 2014 at Model’s Workshop. Congratulations!

Thank you to our backstage assistant and backup model, Chloebenoir, who filled in when needed and assisted in whatever capacity she can to ensure a smooth, flawless show.

MW Fashion-5 - Glam Dreams - Chloe
(Backstage Assistant and backup model Chloebenoir wearing Glam Dreams 1 Shoulder Abstract in black and nude)

The show concluded with a fast-paced, entertaining dance routine, choreographed and performed by Babypea von Phoenix and featured the MW FASHION-5 models. Babypea’s partner in crime Gunner von Phoenix generously offered to film the show. Many thanks to Babypea and Gunner for lending us their talents and donating their time to the show. A special thank you to Lexa Zifer of Pizzazz who provided the shoes worn in the routine. Watch the video!

MW Fashion-5 - Dance Routine(shown above, performing a dance routine to Elvis Presley, wearing Glam Dreams Andanza dress are [l-r] Jaily, Petra, Suki, Babypea, Arianna, Jazmine)

Thank you to our DJ and voice host, Sofia Diage, who never disappoints, and captivated the audience with tunes that reflected the times. Thank you also to our chat host and greeter, Lorac Love. The show would not be a success without them both.

Thank you to the entire MW FASHION-5 team for making this show possible. Please check out the review from our official MW FASHION-5 Blogger, Paris Evermore.

Our next show will take place in November, so keep an eye out for show and casting details.

Jena Adder
MW COO / Fashion Show Committee Chair


Glam Dreams Team:
sandytpr Lysette – Owner and Designer
Precise Frimon and Akito Zuta – Assistants
Glam Dreams Main Store  |  Glam Dreams Blog

MW FASHION-5 Models:
Jaily Bailey
Jazmine Lacy
Suki Rexen

Production Team:
AbbyJean – Producer / Director / Scriptwriter
Jena Adder – Executive Producer / Stylist / Photography / Marketing
Chloebenoir – Backstage Assistant / Backup Model
Sofia Diage – Voice Host/ DJ
Lorac Love – Chat Host / Greeter
Suki Rexen – Set Designer
Babypea von Phoenix (Babypeavonphoenix Bikergrrl) – Dance Choreographer
Gunner von Phoenix (masterperry) – Videographer, GTA Video Productions
Paris Evermore – Blogger
WillowWho Flowers – Glam Dreams Model
Lexa Zifer – Shoe Designer – Pizzazz

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