Prism delivers at Model’s Workshop

MW Fashion-5 presents PRISM

What an amazing time had by all on Sunday, November 23rd as Model’s Workshop Fashion-5 presented fall, winter and popular designs of PRISM. Three designers were featured under the Prism brand: Journey McLaglen, Jezzixa Cazalet and Lam Erin. Thank you to each for your generous support of Model’s Workshop, and a special thank you to Lynne Szuster (Evita Szuster) for your help with coordinating the outfits.

Our five gorgeous models presented and performed with grace and style. Thank you to AriannaJasmine, Kramer Snookums, Madeleine Paxson (mallairian), PetraLAlexander and Sanjaria Resident. You each styled amazingly and presented eloquently. You were all very professional and patient during the production process, and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

MW Fashion-5 - PRISM - Arianna1
AriannaJasmine wearing Prism Monique by Jezzixa Cazalet

MW Fashion-5 - PRISM - Madeleine2
Madeleine Paxson wearing Prism Kaia by Jezzixa Cazalet

MW Fashion-5 - PRISM - Petra3
PetraLAlexander wearing Prism Beatrice in Lotus Pond by Journey McLaglen

MW Fashion-5 - PRISM - Sanjaria1
Sanjaria wearing Prism Chloe in Cashew by  Journey McLaglen

Congratulations to Kramer Snookums who is our Model of the Show. Kramer quickly jumped in to replace another model, and his infectious enthusiasm and exceptional styling ability made the process less stressful for the whole team.

MW Fashion-5 - PRISM - Kramer2
Kramer Snookums wearing Leather Outfit in White by Lam Erin

The 60+ members of the audience were treated to great music by voice host and DJ Sofia Diage (thank you Sofia for always bringing the noise), and a surprise performance that was choreographed by yours truly and featured our five models. A sincere and special thank you to co-producer Katie Michelle Xevion (katiemichelle), set builder and CEO of Model’s Workshop Suki Rexan, scriptwriter and chat host AbbyJean Resident, and backstage assistant and backup model JadeWindsong. The show would not be a success without you. WHAT A GREAT TEAM! (smiles really big).

MW Fashion-5 - PRISM - Katiemichelle
Producer Katie Michelle Xevion

MW Fashion-5 - PRISM - AbbyJean
Chat Host & Scriptwriter AbbyJean

MW Fashion-5 - PRISM - Jade
Backstage Assistant & Backup Model JadeWindsong

View ALL PHOTOS here.

The MW Fashion-5 team will take a much needed break over the holidays and return in January for our final show in the series of five shows, so keep your eyes and ears open for casting and show details.

Jena Adder
MW COO & Fashion Show Committee Chair

Prism Team:
Designers: Journey McLaglen, Jezzixa Cazalet, Lam Erin
Store Manager: Lynne Szuster (evita szuster)
Prism Main Store  |  Prism Blog

MW FASHION-5 Models:
Kramer Snookums
Madeleine Paxson (mallairian)
Sanjaria Resident

Production Team:
Executive Producer & Director: Jena Adder
Producer & Stylist: Katie Michelle Xevion (katiemichelle)
Voice Host & DJ: Sofia Diage
Chat Host & Scriptwriter: AbbyJean Resident
Set Designer: Suki Rexen
Photography/Graphics/Marketing: Jena Adder
Backstage Assistant & Backup Model: JadeWindsong

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