Group Policy



Model’s Workshop is a group dedicated to the ongoing professional development of SL fashion models. Part of its mission is to provide an atmosphere where members can exchange information and advice. Generally, members are free to use GROUP CHAT for that purpose.

Exchange of information sent by our group leaders via group notice or chat should generally conform to the Model’s Workshop Mission Statement.


  1. Keep discussions FASHION/MODELING related.
  2. Discussions in chat asking for advice about where to get a particular type of item is allowed.
  3. General discussions that support models networking together is allowed and encouraged.
  4. DO NOT Promote any particular person, shop or agency that stands to profit from the posted information. This includes announcing special sales or activities of a particular agency.
  5. We WILL NOT tolerate bullying, defaming or criticism of another person, group, agency/academy, designer or shop.
  6. DO NOT SPAM group chat with multiple announcements.
  7. DO NOT POST LINKS that may be UNSAFE. There are many phishing scams, viruses, and links that go to unsafe websites. Please be mindful of this, and if you must post a link, please provide details of the link as well.


Acceptable Notices

The following are the types of notices typically sent out by Model’s Workshop and fall within the scope of our mission:

  1. All events put on by Model’s Workshop.
  2. Free educational events or seminars.
  3. Fashion shows and events, including those for charity.
  4. Free items that could be of use to models.
  5. Known scams or questionable practices that should be highlighted for the protection of models.
  6. Open castings that provide job opportunities for models.

Unaccepted Notices

The following are examples of notices that will not be promoted by Model’s Workshop in its Group:

  1. Voting contests.
  2. Contests in which a purchase, or several, have to be made in order to enter.
  3. Any notice that would likely be of more benefit to the designer/agency than the models receiving the notice (i.e. “There is a cool new store…” versus “There’s a pose store having a 1L sale.” Yes the pose store will benefit but models need the poses).
  4. Casting notices with just a landmark and little or no details.
  5. Notices from modeling schools detailing their fees and curriculum. If models ask us for recommendations we direct them to Second Life Modeling Resource. This is the fashion modeling community’s resource on schools and agencies, so please ensure your school is listed there with up-to-date information.

It is sometimes difficult to decide whether or not a particular announcement fits into the Model’s Workshop Mission Statement. When in doubt, ask management or one of the Committee Chairs.

Note: Only Model’s Workshop staff are allowed to post notices.

MW Management