The daily operations of Model’s Workshop is shared by a group of industry professionals in Second Life. They include models, designers, fashion show producers/directors, agency owners and teachers alike. They all work to achieve the same goal—to assist in the ongoing professional development of Second Life models and provide a free, open forum for that to happen.

There are committees in place with specific tasks at Model’s Workshop. Each committee is led by a Committee Chair who overseas the activities of their respective committee. Each committee is assigned staff members to assist with coordinating and hosting events.

Current Committees include:

  • Workshop Committee
    Workshops cover all things pertaining to models and fashion in Second Life and led by a different guest speaker each time.
  • Styling Challenges Committee
    Styling Challenges are monthly events that give SL models the chance to practice their styling skills and get feedback from their peers.
  • Fashion Shows Committee
    The aim of this Committee is to give relatively inexperienced models a chance to gain experience in a live fashion show. They also give other members the experience of being part of a fashion show production team.
  • FashionDish/Social Committee
    FashionDish Chat Sessions are monthly, informal discussions about happenings, issues and changes in the modelling and fashion industry.

At Model Workshop we are fortunate to have staff who believe strongly in the mission of the organization. These generous volunteers willingly share their knowledge and participate in activities to help us all grow in the business.

If you would like to volunteer as a member in one of our Committees, please contact a Committee Chair.

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