Jessica Lyon talks Server Side Appearance

Jessica Lyon
Jessica Lyon

Model’s Workshop was honoured to have Project Manager and Founder of the Phoenix Firestorm Project, Jessica Lyon, on our stage on August 29th to talk about Server Side Baking or Server Side Appearance (SSA). Linden Labs rolled out phase one of SSA on August 20th. All residents were encouraged to upgrade to the latest viewers to take advantage of this new method of rendering avatars.

SSA moves the baking (rendering) of your avatar to the Region Server you are standing in, eliminating delays in passing rendered information to those viewing your avatar. “SSA deals specifically with your avatar skin and clothing layer textures only.” states Jessica, “It does not address rendering of objects, sculpts or mesh.”

What this means for models is that there is no longer a need to REBAKE if others cannot see you correctly. Jessica suggests using the “Texture Refresh” option if avatars appear blurry—in Firestorm, right-click on yourself (or others), select “More” + “More” + “Tex Refresh”.

Speeding up the rendering process of avatars is key at runway shows, so this is a huge plus for models and event organizers. Jessica states that if avatars appear grey, it is probably because they have not upgraded to the newest viewers that support the SSA improvements, otherwise most will see a definite improvement in texture rendering.

The workshop was jam-packed with essential information about SSA and useful appearance tips for models. A sincere thank you to Jessica Lyon for taking the time out of her busy schedule to share with our audience some helpful tips and clarify some myths about Server Side Appearance. Model’s Workshop provided a rare opportunity for its audience to ask Jessica questions in a fun, interactive learning session that went way beyond its allotted time.

Jessica addresses audience at MW
Jessica addresses audience at MW

We feel that these improvements to avatar rendering is a step in the right direction by Linden Labs in their efforts to make everyone’s SL experience a bit more enjoyable, not just tolerable.

One of the best ways to learn the Firestorm viewer and its many enhancements is to attend the in-world classes hosted by the Phoenix Firestorm Support Team. Click here to view the Firestorm Class Schedule.

If you are currently a Phoenix Firestorm user or wish to get more information about this amazing third-party viewer, visit You’ll find detailed information about the latest enhancements and releases, as well as regularly-updated Wiki and Support pages.

To learn more about Server Side Appearance, visit the Second Life “Project Sunshine – Server Side Appearance” Wiki page.

Jena Adder
Model’s Workshop COO

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