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Mesh for Males Workshop with Caesar Langer

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Mesh for Males with Caesar Langer

Mesh for Males Workshop with Caesar Langer

Wednesday, December 14 at 4PM (SLT)
Model’s Workshop Auditorium (Teleport)

Hey guys…this one is for you! If you’re thinking about finally bringing your avatar into the mesh evolution, join us for a workshop to help you do just that. Caesar Langer, Mr. Virtual World 2015, model, blogger and photographer, will offer tips on finding the best mesh clothing and accessories for male avatars. Don’t miss it!

FashionDish: Project Bento

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FashionDish: Project Bento

Join us for a conversation about


Monday, December 5 at 10AM and 5PM (slt)

at Model’s Workshop (teleport)

Last year Linden Lab introduced Project Bento, the addition of new bones to the Second Life avatar skeleton that gives creators the power to build more sophisticated avatars than ever before. Though still in its testing phase, the Project Bento Viewer has been available for users to test for themselves, and Bento hands, heads and AO have already hit the market.

So we want to hear from those who have tried Bento. What do you like or dislike about it? What elements have you tested? What do you recommend? How can we as models take advantage of the new Bento features?

We have lots of questions and we know you will too.

MMI 2017 Info Session Recap

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MMI 2017 - Panel
(l-r) AriannaJasmine, Cyberdawg Foxclaw, Ava Jhamin

It was an exciting day on December 1, 2016 at Model’s Workshop. We had two incredible information sessions with Ava Jhamin, CEO of L’Amour Productions, Cyberdawg Foxclaw, COO of Mr. & Miss Model International and AriannaJasmine, the reigning Miss Model International. Ava and her team came by to tell us what is in store for MMI in 2017, and to offer advice and provide all of the necessary information to those who want to participate in the Competition.

Mr. & Miss Model International is in its third season, and like previous years, it promises to deliver fun and unique challenges, fair judging, incredible prizes and most importantly a fabulous educational experience for participants. Ava stressed that her organization doesn’t care who you are behind the screen.“We want you to represent who you want to be on SL. You be you!” She added, “We don’t voice verify. We look solely at how well you can style and represent yourself in the Competition, and how well you can represent MMI as the winner.” Read the rest of this entry »

MMI 2017 Info Session

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MMI 2017 Info Session

MMI 2017 Information Session

Thursday, December 1 at 10AM & 4PM (slt)
Model’s Workshop Auditorium (Teleport)

Model’s Workshop welcomes Ava Jhamin and the MMI team for a one-hour info session on one of SL’s top Styling Competitions, Mr. & Miss Model International. If you’re undecided and have questions about MMI, come meet the team and get answers. Hear from past contestants, learn what it takes to be a winner, and get all of the information you need to enter this exciting Competition.

(Conducted on voice. Enable sound upon arrival.)

L’Amour Launches MMI at Model’s Workshop

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Ava Jhamin

Ava Jhamin and her team at L’Amour Productions launched the second season of Mr. & Miss Model International (MMI) at Model’s Workshop on November 10th. This may be one of the newer styling and modelling competitions in SL, but it has proven to be one of the most exciting. It’s one that celebrates each contestant’s creativity in styling, while also recognizing their individuality and personality behind the screen. Ava stressed that MMI is open to everyone on SL and doesn’t voice verify. She says, “We celebrate who you want to be on SL regardless of who you are in RL”. It’s all about your creativity and style… READ MORE

Glam Dreams travel through time at MW

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MW Fashion-5 Glam Dreams - Jena Adder

Model’s Workshop FASHION-5 hosted its third fashion show featuring designs by sandytpr Lysette of Glam Dreams. We were thrilled to see more than 70 avatars packed into the sim to support Model’s Workshop and Glam Dreams, and to take in a great show.

Five beautiful models, some experiencing their first runway show of their career, showcased stunning creations by Sandy. A sincere thank you to Sandy for her endless support of Model’s Workshop. We were honoured to wear her fabulous creations and present it to the SL fashion world in a fun, educational, entertaining way that took us all on a journey through time…READ MORE

ghee Sparkles at Model’s Workshop

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Shani (mscherie) wearing ghee's 'Vivid Garden Gown'
Shani (mscherie) wearing ghee’s ‘Vivid Garden Gown’

The first show of the Model’s Workshop Fashion-5! series of shows happened on Sunday, July 20 and featured ghee fashion by Warm Clarity and Beatrice Serendipity. The show was produced by Jena Adder and MC’ed by Sofia Diage and text hosted by Madeleine Paxson (malarian)READ MORE


Blogging Expectations & Protecting Your Image – Workshop Highlights

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Lybra and NatzukaTo quote a famous pop star “Oops! ((We)) did it again!” Yet another workshop that ticked all the boxes on the educational spectrum and brought some fun and excitement along with it.

Lybra Rage, owner and designer of Lybra fashion, and SL partner Natzuka Miliandrovic, Miss Virtual World 2013, shared some very helpful tips and insight regarding blogging expectations and protecting your image on the Internet…READ MORE