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MW FashionDish – Model Size

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–   R   E   S   C   H   E   D   U   L   E   –
January 10 at 10AM (slt)
Model’s Workshop (teleport)

Does size matter?

Why are models in Second Life so tall and thin?
Can a short or curvy model also succeed in SL fashion?

Join us for another Model’s Workshop FASHIONDISH Monday to chat about a widely debated topic in RL and SL fashion: MODEL SIZE.

We’ve seen a movement in real life to include curvier models on the runway, print and television ads. Underweight, unhealthy images of models are banned in some countries. Model Ashley Graham has proven that a curvy model can have a successful modeling career. But what’s the trend in SL? It’s not just about runway modeling anymore … so let’s chat, debate, share!

Mesh for Males Workshop with Caesar Langer

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Mesh for Males with Caesar Langer

Mesh for Males Workshop with Caesar Langer

Wednesday, December 14 at 4PM (SLT)
Model’s Workshop Auditorium (Teleport)

Hey guys…this one is for you! If you’re thinking about finally bringing your avatar into the mesh evolution, join us for a workshop to help you do just that. Caesar Langer, Mr. Virtual World 2015, model, blogger and photographer, will offer tips on finding the best mesh clothing and accessories for male avatars. Don’t miss it!

MMI 2017 Info Session Recap

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MMI 2017 - Panel
(l-r) AriannaJasmine, Cyberdawg Foxclaw, Ava Jhamin

It was an exciting day on December 1, 2016 at Model’s Workshop. We had two incredible information sessions with Ava Jhamin, CEO of L’Amour Productions, Cyberdawg Foxclaw, COO of Mr. & Miss Model International and AriannaJasmine, the reigning Miss Model International. Ava and her team came by to tell us what is in store for MMI in 2017, and to offer advice and provide all of the necessary information to those who want to participate in the Competition.

Mr. & Miss Model International is in its third season, and like previous years, it promises to deliver fun and unique challenges, fair judging, incredible prizes and most importantly a fabulous educational experience for participants. Ava stressed that her organization doesn’t care who you are behind the screen.“We want you to represent who you want to be on SL. You be you!” She added, “We don’t voice verify. We look solely at how well you can style and represent yourself in the Competition, and how well you can represent MMI as the winner.” Read the rest of this entry »

Frolic Mills Returns With a New School

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Trinity Graves and Frolic Mills
Trinity Graves and Frolic Mills

We had the pleasure of welcoming Frolic Mills back to the SL fashion world with a one-hour introduction to his new school, Advanced Modeling Academy, at Model’s Workshop on November 10, 2016. Joining him on stage was a member of his team, Trinity Graves, who started the session with a brief description of what the school has to offer, such as basic runway, advanced styling, photography, blogging, public relations and Frolic’s famous color matching techniques. Read the rest of this entry »

FashionDish: Model/Agency Loyalty

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MW FashionDish: Model/Agency Loyalty

November 7 at 10am and 5pm (slt)
Model’s Workshop (teleport)

Come join the discussion on Model/Agency Loyalty. What are the expectations of an agency to their models and vice versa? Should a model be loyal to one agency or more? Why do some agencies cast the same models from one show to the next? Let’s talk, debate, share.

Model’s Workshop Styling Challenge November 16th 5pm SLT

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Literary Characters Styling Challenge

You are cordially invited to channel your favorite LITERARY CHARACTER at the Model’s Workshop Styling Challenge on November 16th, 2016 @ 5 pm/slt, MW’s HQ (teleport).

Make that special persona from your most beloved book come to life! Style them as they appear in the book or give it a twist and show them in a different setting. For example, perhaps your favorite is Anastasia Steele from 50 Shades of Grey, bring her to life as in the book or maybe have her dress for an exotic masked ball. Is your favorite Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series? Dress her for a day at Hogwarts or do a twist and put Hermione in Harry Potter Haute Couture! Do you enjoy mysteries, love stories, the classics? No book or character is out of the realm of possibilities! Use your imagination and your inventory to come up with your best literary character look! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

These Model’s Workshop challenges offer a unique opportunity to show your styling abilities to a group of your peers and get direct feedback.

There will be a panel of judges who will give contest style ranking as well as audience participants with vast modeling experience giving positive critiques. Newer models gain insight into the contest procedure as well as the experience of the judging and critique process. Veteran models get a forum in which to continue to refine their styling skills. The winner will have their photo in ModeLS and Diversity Magazines. They will also have an interview with photos published in E N V Y Magazine! Their photo will be featured on the Model’s Workshop Blog as well as inworld at the Model’s Workshop HQ.

You need not spend a fortune on this challenge. Use your inventory in unique, outside the box ways.

Contact Rhiannon Colclough or AriannaJasmine Resident for an entry notecard. All entries must be in by November 13th, 2016 @ 5 pm/slt.

For more information on MW’s Styling Challenges, please click here.

Come bring your favorite literary character to life!

Art & Fashion Workshop

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Art & Fashion

When: Tuesday, October 25 at 5PM/SLT
Where: Model’s Workshop Auditorium

Join us as we welcome John and Eleseren Brianna, the dynamic duo at Kultivate Magazine, The Edge and Windlight Art Gallery, to speak about Art & Fashion in SL.


The talk will focus on art and how this important form of expression brings life, passion and provocative statements to our style, on and off the runway.

As we all know, art and fashion go hand in hand. Fashion designers, being artists, create from their imagination and put on a digital canvas what they envision as artistic and fashionable. John and Eles together represent both worlds and offer a space for budding artists and designers to showcase their work.

After the presentation Eles and John will be giving away some very cool prizes for both guys and girls, so stick around for the draw at the end.


Eles, who is COO and Fashion Editor at Kultivate Magazine, Editor and Curator at The Edge and the winner of Miss Virtual World 2015, is well known for her styling excellence and is one of the most recognized models in fashion. Her partner John (johannes1977), is the Owner of Kultivate Magazine (formerly Windlight Magazine) and Windlight Art Gallery. Both are involved in numerous fashion shows, charity events and art exhibits that showcase the incredible talents of artists in Second Life.

See you there!

Working with models who have RL disabilities

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Models with RL disabilities (rev)

Some of us in the fashion business in SL face mental and physical challenges in real life that sometimes affect our ability to perform. Join us for a talk on how to recognize the obstacles others face in RL and what we can do to show sensitivity, learn to work with them, and help them succeed.

When: Sept 29 at 5PM (slt)  -AND-  Sept 30 at 10AM (slt) – new time
Speaker: Suki Rexen
Where: Model’s Workshop (teleport)

Workshop is on VOICE. Please enable sound when you arrive.

FashionDish – Fashion Show Scripts

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MW Fashion Show Scripts Poster

Join us on Monday, September 12 at 10AM & 5PM (slt) for a discussion on Fashion Show Scripts. Model’s Workshop (click to teleport)

Scripts are a narrative of what is shown on the runway, but are they effective? Do people really read them or are they distracting? Who is responsible for writing a fashion show script? What is the average pay for script writers? Should models be writing their own descriptions for a script? Text vs. Voice – What is most effective?

Share your opinion and your experience. Sabine Mortenwold hosts what will be an interesting debate amongst fashion professionals.

See you there.

Model’s Workshop Newsletter

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We’ve been busy the past few months at Model’s Workshop bringing on board some new staff and planning events and workshops for the remainder of the year. The following is a quick summary of what we’ve been up to:

AriannaJasmine has stepped into her new role as Chair of Styling Challenges and has kept the ball rolling with two challenges thus far and plans for some cool themes and collaborations in the coming months. If you see Arianna walking the halls of Model’s Workshop, or occasionally poking into MW Group Chat, please say hello.

Juliette Gown by HHC_002

Arianna is the reigning Miss Model International at L’Amour and brings years of runway, print and blogging experience to our team. She is the Executive Fashion Editor at Envy Magazine, and has written scripts, taken part in many charity events, and has volunteered as a model at Model’s Workshop for the past two years. She brings a wealth of fashion knowledge to the MW team and we are thrilled to have her on board in this leadership role. Check out Arianna’s blog at

Congratulations to Peter Carter – July’s winner and rockinman1 – August winner. Details re September’s challenge will be posted soon. Read more about Styling Challenges here.

Last week we held a Staff meeting to welcome the new members of our team, reconnect with some of our existing staff and brainstorm MW event ideas for the future. A sincere thank you to the models who have generously volunteered their time and expertise at MW. You truly are the key to our success:

Suki Rexen, CEO / Co-Owner / Workshops Chair
Jena Adder, COO / Co-Owner / Fashion Shows Chair

AJ (AriannaJasmine), Styling Challenges Chair
Sabine Mortenwold, FashionDish/Social Chair

Aorist Chunes
Ava Jhamin
Bai Nightfire
Nesca Fey (Feyonce)
Rhiannon Colclough
Tiszo Cioc
Vanessadelrio Underwood

Lira Savira – Staff Photographer

We’re looking for male models to join the team, so if you’re interested please contact Jena or Suki.

A reminder that the Monthly FashionDish Chat session will take place on Monday, September 12 at 5PM (slt). Topic is Fashion Show Scripts: Are they really effective? Are they distracting? Are they necessary? Style Cards vs Descriptions – are models responsible for either? What is the standard pay for script writers? Mark your calendar for this one!

Some cool workshops are in the plans and include:
— Mesh Heads (continuing series on mesh bodies and body parts)
— Genres throughout the ages (continuing series on Styling)
— Jelly Dolls and how it impacts models
— The economics of modelling (know and stick to your budget)
— Who’s Who in fashion (meet and ask questions of various fashion professionals)…and more

Ok all I will say is that there’s one planned for this year and I’ll be sending a casting notice soon. It won’t be your typical fashion show because if you’ve worked with me in past shows you know I’m not typical. I will be looking for models to add to our roster so watch for details soon.

Jena Adder
MW COO& Co-Owner

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” —Helen Keller