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“Christmas Around the World” Highlights

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MWSC Winner - Jay Jay - Dec18-13

Congratulations Jay Jay (jj26 Ragu), winner of the December 2013 “Christmas Around the World” Styling Challenge at Model’s Workshop. Jay Jay’s look was inspired by the original American toy soldier commonly seen in The Nutcracker ballet. The feminine touches of the blue skirt with suspenders, frilly jacket bottom and high wintry white boots complement the classic military jacket, hat and gloves. She kept it playful with red candy swirls on her cheeks and keyed necklace hanging from her mouth…READ MORE


Graffiti Couture Styling Challenge Highlights

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MWSC Graffiti Couture Winner - JewelOfDeNiel Resident

Congratulations JewelOfDeNiel, winner of the Model’s Workshop Graffiti Couture Styling Challenge on November 13. Jewel’s stylish interpretation featured a colorful dress and fur jacket. She added colorful jewelry, hot thigh-high boots and hair that emphasized the defiant look, while the glasses, lipstick and the artistry props added the finishing touches to her ensemble…READ MORE

Japanese Couture Styling Challenge – Highlights

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MWSC - Oct 2013 - Winner - Mz Eva Firethorn (empress1959)

Congratulations Mz Eva Firethorn (empress1959), winner of the Model’s Workshop Japanese Couture Styling Challenge that took place on October 16th. Mz Eva’s stunning geisha ensemble and entertaining presentation charmed us all and became the overwhelming winner of the challenge… READ MORE

ModeLS Magazine – Model Feature

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Check out the model feature by Chloe Electra in ModeLS Magazine—a prize won by the Model’s Workshop monthly Styling Challenge winners.

FLORA RAVEN (Floraniana)
Model’s Workshop Styling Challenge
View the ModeLS Magazine article – Issue 6 – Page 33
Read the Styling Challenge highlights

Model’s Workshop Styling Challenge
View the ModeLS Magazine article – Issue 5 – Page 13
Read the Styling Challenge highlights

Thank you Chloe Electra and BonieFacio Boucher of ModeLS Magazine.

Learn how you can take part in our next challenge.

Model’s Workshop Styling Challenge Committee:
Jena Adder, Chief Operating Officer
Chloe Electra (chloeelectra), Committee Staff
Hellishly Gothly, Committee Staff

Winter Ball Styling Challenge Highlights

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MWSC Sep25 - Winner - Flora Raven (floraniana)Congratulations to Flora Raven (Floraniana) on winning Model’s Workshop WINTER BALL Styling Challenge on September 25th. Flora says she created this mix and match of white and blue to represent both aspects of life, which can mean different things depending on the person watching. For Flora this look symbolizes a lady who, like winter, can be both soft and hard at the same time…READ MORE

Jessica Lyon talks Server Side Appearance

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Jessica Lyon

Model’s Workshop was honoured to have Project Manager and Founder of the Phoenix Firestorm Project, Jessica Lyon, on our stage to talk about Server Side Baking or Server Side Appearance (SSA). Linden Labs rolled out phase one of SSA on August 20th. All residents were encouraged to upgrade to the latest viewers to take advantage of this new method of rendering avatars.

SSA moves the baking (rendering) of your avatar to the Region Server you are standing in, eliminating delays in passing rendered information to those viewing your avatar. “SSA deals specifically with your avatar skin and clothing layer textures only.” states Jessica, “It does not address rendering of objects, sculpts or mesh.” …READ MORE

Bollywood Wedding Styling Challenge – Highlights

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MWSC Aug14 - Winner - Hellishly Gothly

Congratulations Hellishly Gothly, winner of the Bollywood Wedding Styling Challenge on August 14th. Helli wowed us with her traditional red and gold wedding dress paired with  a mix of gold, red, blue and pink jewelry throughout. Her beautiful dark long hair is perfectly decorated with gold and red ornaments, and we loved her sparkling pink and blue eye makeup, pink nails and lipstick which added a nice contrast to the red in the dress. Her presentation was flawless as each pose highlighted every angle of her outfit. Well done, Helli…READ MORE

Q&A with the VMM – Highlights

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Anthony AudranQ&A with the Virtual Male Model took place on July 25 and highlighted some of the issues faced by male models in Second Life.

Suki Rexen, MW CEO, introduced Anthony Aubran, Chair of the newly formed Virtual Male Model Committee, who led the interactive session with advice on the best places to find the things necessary to create a look that is picture-esq yet unique enough to stand out from the crowd… read more

Fashion Genres Workshop…educational and fun

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Those in attendance  at the “Fashion Terminologies” workshop on June 20th joined in a fun discussion about the various fashion genres… read more

Modeling Scams & Scammers – Workshop Highlights

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Suki Rexen, Model’s Workshop CEO, hosted a very important workshop on May 23 entitled Modeling Scams & Scammers. This discussion focused on how crucial it is for models to recognize scams, how to avoid them and what we can do if we become victims of them.

As an SL model one of our goals is to get our name known and our face recognized in the SL fashion world. We attend numerous castings calls, get accreditation from multiple modeling schools and take part in contests and pageants, sometimes forgetting that some of those are simply scams to get our money or exploit our avatar for their own gain and entertainment… read more