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Who Wore It Best – Seeing Red Styling Challenge Recap

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Congratulations to Bai Nightfire, Winner of the “Seeing Red” Who Wore It Best February  2017 Styling Challenge! Bai impressed the judges with her styling skills by layering a flirty little skirt over red chino pants, one of the items available for use in the challenge, and adding some very daring designs on top. She looked astonishingly sexy and ready for her Valentine’s Day date.  Honorable Mentions include Ava Jhamin and Amy Morgan, who did a great job styling.  The set was done by Suki Rexen and as usual she did a fabulous job!   The challenge took place on Feb 15th and all the contestants did an impressive job styling a look with one of the items sent to them.




See more photos of the event on the MW Flickr.

Special thanks to judges  Aorist Chunes, Rienna Thorne,  and  Saori Kido Rey, Winner of last month’s challenge. Thanks also to Jena Adder for the marvelous photos and thanks to all who came out to support the February MW Styling Challenge. It was a great time for all, with thanks to Suki Rexen for providing the audience members some great Valentine’s Day gifts!  Please join us for our next styling challenge on March 15th. Details to follow soon so stay tuned.

MMI 2017 Info Session Recap

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MMI 2017 - Panel
(l-r) AriannaJasmine, Cyberdawg Foxclaw, Ava Jhamin

It was an exciting day on December 1, 2016 at Model’s Workshop. We had two incredible information sessions with Ava Jhamin, CEO of L’Amour Productions, Cyberdawg Foxclaw, COO of Mr. & Miss Model International and AriannaJasmine, the reigning Miss Model International. Ava and her team came by to tell us what is in store for MMI in 2017, and to offer advice and provide all of the necessary information to those who want to participate in the Competition.

Mr. & Miss Model International is in its third season, and like previous years, it promises to deliver fun and unique challenges, fair judging, incredible prizes and most importantly a fabulous educational experience for participants. Ava stressed that her organization doesn’t care who you are behind the screen.“We want you to represent who you want to be on SL. You be you!” She added, “We don’t voice verify. We look solely at how well you can style and represent yourself in the Competition, and how well you can represent MMI as the winner.” Read the rest of this entry »

MMI 2017 Info Session

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MMI 2017 Info Session

MMI 2017 Information Session

Thursday, December 1 at 10AM & 4PM (slt)
Model’s Workshop Auditorium (Teleport)

Model’s Workshop welcomes Ava Jhamin and the MMI team for a one-hour info session on one of SL’s top Styling Competitions, Mr. & Miss Model International. If you’re undecided and have questions about MMI, come meet the team and get answers. Hear from past contestants, learn what it takes to be a winner, and get all of the information you need to enter this exciting Competition.

(Conducted on voice. Enable sound upon arrival.)

L’Amour Launches MMI at Model’s Workshop

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Ava Jhamin

Ava Jhamin and her team at L’Amour Productions launched the second season of Mr. & Miss Model International (MMI) at Model’s Workshop on November 10th. This may be one of the newer styling and modelling competitions in SL, but it has proven to be one of the most exciting. It’s one that celebrates each contestant’s creativity in styling, while also recognizing their individuality and personality behind the screen. Ava stressed that MMI is open to everyone on SL and doesn’t voice verify. She says, “We celebrate who you want to be on SL regardless of who you are in RL”. It’s all about your creativity and style… READ MORE

Ava Jhamin, MMI and the L’Amour family at Model’s Workshop

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Ava and her team Ava Jhamin, Owner & CEO of L’Amour, visited Model’s Workshop on April 20th and 23rd to share plans for the Mr. and Miss Model International (MMI), as well as inform us of some exciting initiatives at L’Amour. Joining Ava on stage were members of her team, Hezabel Blackheart – COO of L’Amour Productions and Director of Students for L’Amour Nexus University of Fashion, Cacilia McMasters – COO Mr. & Miss Model International, Solde Rothmanay – Editor in Cheif L’Amour Diversity and Director Pazzo Style Challenge, and Lady Falina Katz – Miss Model International…READ MORE

“Christmas Around the World” Highlights

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MWSC Winner - Jay Jay - Dec18-13

Congratulations Jay Jay (jj26 Ragu), winner of the December 2013 “Christmas Around the World” Styling Challenge at Model’s Workshop. Jay Jay’s look was inspired by the original American toy soldier commonly seen in The Nutcracker ballet. The feminine touches of the blue skirt with suspenders, frilly jacket bottom and high wintry white boots complement the classic military jacket, hat and gloves. She kept it playful with red candy swirls on her cheeks and keyed necklace hanging from her mouth…READ MORE


Graffiti Couture Styling Challenge Highlights

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MWSC Graffiti Couture Winner - JewelOfDeNiel Resident

Congratulations JewelOfDeNiel, winner of the Model’s Workshop Graffiti Couture Styling Challenge on November 13. Jewel’s stylish interpretation featured a colorful dress and fur jacket. She added colorful jewelry, hot thigh-high boots and hair that emphasized the defiant look, while the glasses, lipstick and the artistry props added the finishing touches to her ensemble…READ MORE

Japanese Couture Styling Challenge – Highlights

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MWSC - Oct 2013 - Winner - Mz Eva Firethorn (empress1959)

Congratulations Mz Eva Firethorn (empress1959), winner of the Model’s Workshop Japanese Couture Styling Challenge that took place on October 16th. Mz Eva’s stunning geisha ensemble and entertaining presentation charmed us all and became the overwhelming winner of the challenge… READ MORE

Bollywood Wedding Styling Challenge – Highlights

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MWSC Aug14 - Winner - Hellishly Gothly

Congratulations Hellishly Gothly, winner of the Bollywood Wedding Styling Challenge on August 14th. Helli wowed us with her traditional red and gold wedding dress paired with  a mix of gold, red, blue and pink jewelry throughout. Her beautiful dark long hair is perfectly decorated with gold and red ornaments, and we loved her sparkling pink and blue eye makeup, pink nails and lipstick which added a nice contrast to the red in the dress. Her presentation was flawless as each pose highlighted every angle of her outfit. Well done, Helli…READ MORE