Drag Challenge Winners

Drag Winners-AvaJhamin

Drag Winners-jerrywhizzer

Congratulations Ava Jhamin and JW (jerrywhizzer), co-winners of the Drag Styling Challenge on June 22 at Model’s Workshop. Ava and JW tied for first place and did a great job with their styling.

The other participants did a wonderful job showcasing their look. They are Ahn Avion (Skintrader Greyskin), Alex Avion and Abby (Aibyou Nakamura). See their photos here.

Many thanks to judges Hobbit Zenfold, Linda Reddevil, Payton Heron. Thank you to Suki Rexen for the fabulous set, and a sincere thanks to all who came out to support and help celebrate LGBTQ Month.

Jena Adder
MW COO & Co-Owner