Aliens Styling Challenge recap


The January styling challenge was a great success with six participants and at least twenty supporters in attendance. Model’s Workshop was transported through hyperspace to a distance galaxy. Participants were asked to style in the sci-fi genre, specifically focusing on portraying fashion-forward aliens. We were lucky enough to have Dahriel of Posesion Poses to sponsor the challenge and provide prizes to those who placed in the top 3.

We had three great judges for this challenge and they included some newcomers:
Anderian Sugarplum; photographer for SL Fierce, Eclipse, THEMA and slGoth Magazines
Alex Avion; photographer, Manager of MENstuff/WOMENstuff/HOMEstuff and a veteran of our styling challenges
Nasir Teladis; Mr. Virtual UAE and first runner-up for Mr. Virtual World 2015

There were six participants for the challenge, a mix of those who were new to the challenges or veterans. The participants were Brandy Benazzi, Cyle Parx, Morgan Mickalobe, Paradox Messmer, Toasty Lewinter and Zaria Zenfold. Each of them made a stellar effort on their stylings and really stood out. The race for third place was particularly close. Based on points, the overall first place winner was Toasty Lewinter, the second place winner was Paradox Messmer and third place was awarded to Zaria Zenfold.

The amazing mothership stage was created by our talented CEO Suki Rexen who pulled out all the stops. COO Jena Adder was on hand to provide much needed advertising and back stage support, assisting the models and ensuring the challenge moved smoothly behind the scenes. Our official photographer Lira Savira was on hand to take the photos for us.