Post-Apocalyptic Style Challenge wrap-up

ian-winnerOn Wednesday, June 24th, participants gathered at Model’s Workshop to showcase their best post-apocalyptic fashion looks, inspired by the most recent “Mad Max” movie. The challenge concept was suggested by Softie Vollmar of the Styling Challenges Committee.

There were seven participants – Ahn Avion, Alex Avion, Bai Nightfire, Catalina Staheli, Persephone Vlodovic, Ian Hazley (eeean) and Resmay Bloodstorm. The models put a great deal of thought into the items they chose and all of them wrote captivating stories to tell the audience. The challenge was judged by Ava Jhamin, Owner and CEO of L’Amour Productions, L’Amour Nexus University and Mr. and Miss Model International; Suki Rexen, CEO of Model’s Workshop and Owner of Dallas Modeling Company and the Dallas Modeling Academy and Charmer,  Miss V♛ Morocco 2015.

Congratulations to the winner, Ian Hazley! He won a Lybra giftcard and the possibility of appearing in several magazines. Ahn Avion was our 1st runner-up and Bai Nightfire rounded out the top 3 as the 2nd runner-up.

The Styling Challenge Committee of Softie, Amity, Eleseren, Tersa and Charmer were instrumental in putting together the logistics of the challenge. The group greatly benefited from the guidance provided by Jena Adder and the gorgeous set creation from Suki Rexen.

Amity Sorbet
Model’s Workshop Styling Challenges Committee Chair