Mesh Bodies Styling Challenge follow up

MW Styling Challenge - Mar12-15 Winner

On Thursday, March 12, Model’s Workshop held a Mesh Bodies Styling Challenge as a follow-up to the Mesh Bodies Workshop held on March 5th. Contestants were to style their best ‘Spring’ outfit using their mesh body and mesh body parts.

Four gorgeous ladies—Lorelei Maggs, Jaily Bailey, ChloeBenoir and Quinty Sirnah—took part in the challenge, which was judged by Daria (Lildaria Resident) of and yours truly. Each contestant showcased their look in a beautiful, theatrical manner as they posed and described their inspiration to the guests. The guests oohed and awed as they observed creativity at its best.

Pizzazz Logo 2014Congratulations to Lorelei Maggs, the winner of the challenge! Lorelei won bragging rights at Model’s Workshop for one month and some take home prizes courtesy of Lexa Zifer of Pizzazz Modern Couture.

Jaily Bailey came a close second and ChloeBenoir took 3rd place. Thank you to each contestant for the fabulous job at styling and for sharing their experiences with mesh bodies and mesh body parts. A special thank you to ChloeBenior and Tiszo Cioc for assisting with the event, and to Suki Rexen and Monica Balut for the warm, cozy decor.

Though there are still some technical challenges that are quickly getting ironed out by the mesh body creators, skin and clothing designers, it’s fun to play and experiment with the stunning works of art that is one of the most exciting trends in SL fashion.

Visit Daria’s blog for ALL you need to know about mesh bodies, and check out Jaily Bailey’s blog for more on the event.

Jena Adder
Model’s Workshop COO

Photos by Jena Adder


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