Fire & Ice Styling Challenge recap


Model’s Workshop just held our December styling challenge on the 16th with the theme of Fire & Ice. The models wowed us with their inventive looks. Participants were asked to choose one of those elements or given the option of styling a look that featured both. Guests and models were treated to a dual fire and ice stage, leaving everyone in awe.

Monica Balut, the illustrious founder of Model’s Workshop and the November styling challenge winner, Tanya Green, were our two judges. The two of them provided a great deal of constructive criticism and praise to each participant. In addition, the audience included their useful feedback. It was a great learning opportunity for all involved.

There were nine people participating in the challenge; Ahn Avion (skintrader greyskin), Bai Nightfire, Catalysis, Dakota Lavarock, Destiny Rose Catwalker (destinyrose33), Kitty Dark Rage (catsmeow17), Slim Griffiths (Slim Nootan) and Wildfire Catwalker (wildflower331). Many in the audience remarked how difficult the theme was to style for. Every single participant put forward a valiant effort. The winner of the challenge was Kitty Dark Rage, who received a gift card and has the option of being a judge for the January styling challenge. Dakota Lavarock placed 2nd and Bai Nightfire placed 3rd.

We were lucky to have our CEO Suki Rexen create the dualistic fire and ice stage for us. Everyone was blown away by the creativity she exhibited in the build. Many thanks to her for continuing to support the challenges with her building talent. Also thank you to Jena Adder for the guidance she provided. A special thank you to AnnaEVida, a committee member, for suggesting the theme. And finally, a big thank you to our official photographer Lira Savira, who took the photos shown in this entry.