Deconstructed Fashion Style Challenge wrap-up

lirasavira-winnerModel’s Workshop held their most recent style challenge on July 22nd, the theme for which was “deconstructed,” as suggested by Eleseren Brianna, Miss Virtual World 2015. This was an innovative theme that required participants to have a strong knowledge of haute couture and high degree of imagination. Three ladies participated; Kitty Dark Rage, Lira Savira and Lopez Fairlady. They put a great deal of thought and creativity into each look.

The challenge was well-attended and a majority of chairs were filled by audience members. Selena Moonlight-Wayne, Editor-in-Chief of TEOM Magazine and Lady Falina Katz-Elmer, Miss SL Face 2015 and Miss Model International 2015 were the judges. Both were impressed with the detail each model added into her styling.

Lira Savira was given the highest points and became our winner for the challenge. Kitty won 2nd place and Lopez won 3rd. Lira received a gift card from D2T Designs. Lira will also be featured in the fall issue of TEOM Magazine and will be a judge for the next styling challenge.

Special thank yous not only to the judges, but also to Suki Rexen for her support of the challenge and providing one of the prizes, as well as Jena Adder for her guidance and photographs.