Androgyny Styling Challenge review


The month of September was full of many wonderful events at Model’s Workshop, including the monthly styling challenge. September’s theme was Androgyny. Participants were challenged to style their best look that harmonized masculine and feminine characteristics. They dressed in menswear and unisex items to demonstrate the concept of gender fluidity, testing the limits of our often binary fashion culture.

There were five participants for this challenge: Alex Avion, Ahn Avion, Destiny Catwalker, Dakota Lavarock and Trinana Peach. We had another great turn-out with a majority of audience benches full. The audience got into the theme by dressing for the occassion. Our participants all put in an incredible amount of effort and scores were high across the board. There was much judge and audience praise for how well they styled.

The judges for the challenge were World Undercroft, Mr. Virtual ♛orld 2012; Shazzy Valentine, Miss V♛ Aruba 2016, model, stylist, blogger and Model’s Workshop mentor; Ian Kogami, model and winner of Model’s Workshop’s June styling challenge and Ruby Ornamental, model, candidate for Miss Kelini and the winner of Model’s Workshop’s August styling challenge. Our winner was Dakota Lavarock, a veteran of our styling challenges. This is her first top 3 placement. She won a gift card to Finesmith and will be a judge at our October styling challenge. Our 2nd place winner was Trinana Peach and 3rd place was Ahn Avion, both of whom also won gift cards.

For this challenge, there are many people to thank: Ruby Ornamental for suggesting the challenge theme; Jena Adder and Lira Savira for providing photos; Suki Rexen for yet another amazing stage design; Charmer (a committee member) for providing the winner’s gift card and Vann Underwood for assisting with advertising the challenge.