Vintage Great Gatsby-inspired Highlights

The first styling challenge of 2014 was held on Feb 19th and 23rd. Congratulations to the winners: JewelOfDeNiel (left – Feb 19th Winner) and Chloe Panthar (right – Feb 23rd Winner). Both models did a fabulous job showcasing their Vintage Great Gatsby-inspired outfits on our new runway, built by Monica Balut. We introduced some new elements to the Challenge this year, adding a judges score and an extra date to welcome those in different timezones around the world.

Thank you to all who participated and those who came to spectate. A special thank you to our judges Locuala Madruga and Linda Reddevil.

Audience & Models

Styling challenges are an excellent way to practice your styling techniques in a specific theme while getting feedback from your peers. Learn more about Styling Challenges and how you can take part in the next challenge at Model’s Workshop.

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    […] Vintage Great Gatsby-inspired Highlights […]


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