Ghee Autumn Hunt Styling Challenge

Model's Workshop Styling Challenge - Ghee Autumn Hunt - Dec 1, 2014

Congratulations Amity Sorbet, winner of the Model’s Workshop Ghee Autumn Hunt Styling Challenge that happened on December 1, 2014. The challenge was a partnering with Warm Clarity-Jupiter and Bea Serendipity of Ghee in celebration of Autumn and Ghee’s Autumn Leaves Hunt. Participants were to find three or more items in the hunt and use those items to put together their best fall styling, which they presented at Model’s Workshop.

It was great to see some very cool styling on stage, including Second place winner Paris Evermore. As the winner Amity received $500L gift card to Ghee PLUS the opportunity to model for a vendor display of one of Ghee’s new releases.

Thank you Warm and Bea for sponsoring the event and for your ongoing support of Model’s Workshop.

Jena Adder

Photo by Amity Sorbet


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