Japanese Couture Styling Challenge – Highlights

MWSC - Oct 2013 - Winner - Mz Eva Firethorn (empress1959)

Congratulations Mz Eva Firethorn (empress1959), winner of the Model’s Workshop Japanese Couture Styling Challenge that took place on October 16th. Mz Eva’s stunning geisha ensemble and entertaining presentation charmed us all and became the overwhelming winner of the challenge.

Mz Eva explains, “A Geisha possesses talents in a wide variety of arts, playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, traditional tea ceremonies, flower arranging, poetry and literature. Not to forget various games including the art of conversation…isn’t that the biggest game of all?” she giggles, “and the Kimono, which literally means a ‘thing to wear’ (ki “wear” and mono “thing”), are my inspiration for this look—a beautiful performer with something beautiful to wear. Just like in the movies I used to watch when I was younger. Timeless, traditional, couture.” Great job Mz Eva. Watch for Mz Eva’s model feature by Chloe Electra in an upcoming issue of ModeLS Magazine.

Shown below are the top three models selected by the audience and fellow contestants of the challenge: (l-r) Mz Eva Firethorn (empress1959), JewelOfDeNiel and Tivi Spiritor (tiviyah).

Great job by all the models who took part in the challenge. You were all beautiful in your own interpretation of Japanese Couture. Next month’s theme will be announced soon.

Styling challenges are a great way to practice your styling techniques in a specific theme, while getting feedback from your peers. Learn more about Styling Challenges and how you can take part in the next challenge at Model’s Workshop

Brought to you by the Model’s Workshop Styling Challenge Committee:
Jena Adder – MW COO
Chloe Electra – Committee Staff
Hellishly Gothly – Committee Staff & Set Builder

Photos by Jena Adder


2 thoughts on “Japanese Couture Styling Challenge – Highlights

    […] Japanese Couture Styling Challenge – Highlights […]


    Genevieve Kamala said:
    October 23, 2013 at 3:41 am

    Awesome winner!


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