“Christmas Around the World” Highlights

MWSC Winner - Jay Jay - Dec18-13

Congratulations Jay Jay (jj26 Ragu), winner of the December 2013 “Christmas Around the World” Styling Challenge at Model’s Workshop. Jay Jay’s look was inspired by the original American toy soldier commonly seen in The Nutcracker ballet. The feminine touches of the blue skirt with suspenders, frilly jacket bottom and high wintry white boots complement the classic military jacket, hat and gloves. She kept it playful with red candy swirls on her cheeks and keyed necklace hanging from her mouth. Many of the pieces are from different designers. Jay Jay delivered a flawless presentation as she brought her toy soldier to life with a fun soldier’s march on stage. Very well done Jay Jay.

Watch for Jay Jay’s feature by Chloe Electra in an upcoming issue of ModeLS Magazine. Check out last month’s winner, JewelOfDeNeil, on Page 95-96 of the December 2013 issue.

Second place went to JewelOfDeNeil (top left) and third place tie to Occasus Jayaram (top middle) and Winter Ravenheart (top right). Others (below) did not compete but presented their look simply for the learning aspect of the Styling Challenge. It was definitely fun and festive, and yet another great learning experience on the Model’s Workshop Runway on December 18th.

Styling challenges are an excellent way to practice your styling techniques in a specific theme, while getting feedback from your peers. Keep an eye out for more exciting challenges to come in the New Year.

Brought to you by the Model’s Workshop Styling Challenge Committee:
Jena Adder – MW COO
Chloe Electra – Committee Staff
Hellishly Gothly – Committee Staff
Ava Jhamin – Committee Staff

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