Bollywood Wedding Styling Challenge – Highlights

MWSC Aug14 - Winner - Hellishly Gothly

Congratulations Hellishly Gothly, winner of the Bollywood Wedding Styling Challenge on August 14th. Helli wowed us with her traditional red and gold wedding dress paired with  a mix of gold, red, blue and pink jewelry throughout. Her beautiful dark long hair is perfectly decorated with gold and red ornaments, and we loved her sparkling pink and blue eye makeup, pink nails and lipstick which added a nice contrast to the red in the dress. Her presentation was flawless as each pose highlighted every angle of her outfit. Well done, Helli.

As the winner of this month’s styling challenge, Helli will appear in our next promotional ad, be interviewed by our very own Chloe Electra for an upcoming feature in ModeLS Magazine, and of course have bragging rights for a month at Model’s Workshop. Thank you Chloe and BonieFacio Boucher of ModeLS Magazine for the generous prize!

Second place went to Flora Raven (floraniana) (left) who dawned a more daring interpretation of Bollywood Wedding. Flora’s look is a traditional Indian ghagra with very delicate Indian jardozi work. The detail on the border of her dress is a speciality in indian weddings. Flora used traditional Indian jewelery like nathini (nose ring), haath phool (hand jewelery), a payal (the feet jewelery), choodiya (bangles on both hands), bindi on her forehead and also a traditional Indian temporary tattoo made by plants mehndi on my hands. A beautiful Bollywood bride and very nice presentation. Great job, Flora.

Third place went to Precise Frimon (right) who was inspired by the sensuality that emanates the hindu woman style, but at the same time remaining demure and mysterious.  “He sought harmony between clothing and giving it a mysterious face in the eyes of the maid, who looks forward to her wedding.” explains, Precise. “The crown representing royal head gives a touch of the bride in all its glory, and the full skirt and a blouse covers the charms that await my future husband.” Lovely story, Precise, and wonderful presentation of your interpretation of Bollywood Wedding. Nice work.

Thank you to the other participants who all did a marvellous job at styling and presenting their look on the runway. 

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Once again, thank you to our guests who came out to support Model’s Workshop and the models. Check back soon for details about next month’s Styling Challenge.

Learn more about Styling Challenges and how you can take part in the next challenge at Model’s Workshop.

Bollywood Wedding was brought to you by the Model’s Workshop Styling Challenge Committee:
Jena Adder – MW COO
Chloe Electra – Staff & Runway Director
Hellishly Gothly – Staff & Set Builder

Photos by Jena Adder

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4 thoughts on “Bollywood Wedding Styling Challenge – Highlights

    […] Bollywood Wedding Styling Challenge – Highlights […]


    Olyvia DeCuir said:
    August 16, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    I had a fun time with this challenge, however, I think that if the staff of the Workshop is going to set themselves up as mentors for new models, it would be more helpful to the student models for the mentors to be more honest about styles that clearly did not fall within the purview of the challenge. I was taught that models must learn to take honest critiques of their work as part of the job, so telling new models who have failed the challenge that their styling is good does not teach them anything, and in fact, does them harm because they will think that showing up with half their inventory piled on will get them cast in a show.

    I felt like the judges were sending mixed messages to the models who clearly needed counseling on researching the style requested, and presenting a smooth, coherant style that represents the spirit of the challenge. Its one thing to think outside the box, and I understand that the mentors don’t want to break the spirits of these fledgling models, but if they are such delcate flowers that they cannot take any critisizm or if the mentors are incapable of making such a critique, then the challenges are merely an exercise in vanity and perhaps runway practice.


    Jena Adder responded:
    August 16, 2013 at 5:46 pm

    Hi Olyvia. Thank you for your comments. Point taken and at Model’s Workshop we encourage those in attendance, specifically the experienced models, to make educated constructive criticism about a participants styling to help them improve. Each model brought their own creative flair to the theme, and their own interpretation of Bollywood Wedding. Everyone who voted was a judge, including the participants themselves.

    We encourage models to enrol in modeling schools for specific help with their modeling and styling skills. We’re happy to be an outlet for all models to come and express themselves, improve their skills and hopefully pass their knowledge on to others in need.


    ModeLS Magazine – Model Feature | Model's Workshop said:
    October 19, 2013 at 7:32 am

    […] Bollywood Wedding Styling Challenge – Highlights […]


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