A Fantasy World at Model’s Workshop

MW Styling Challenge Winner Eleseren Brianna

Congratulations to Eleseren Brianna whose glowing and regal Sun goddess outfit won the Summer Fantasy Styling Challenge on July 17th. Eles’ interpretation of Summer Fantasy was flawless, mixing elements from different designers, and delighting us with her perfect poses and majestic display of elegance. We loved the blending of different shades of gold throughout the outfit, and her attention to detail in the placement of accessories. Excellent styling. Excellent presentation. Well done, Eles.

A very close second was Precise Frimon, who was inspired by the hot summers of Puerto Rico—gold representing the sun and marine green representing the sea. An amazing burst of sunlight flooded the stage as she began her presentation, and as you looked down you encountered the calm movements of fish swimming in the enclosed base of her skirt. A Stunning display of summer fantasy. Great job, Precise.

Third place went to Tasmein for her sweet summer garden fantasy outfit, which included flowers, vines, butterflies and even the sun’s rays shining down upon her. We loved her cute fairy-like appearance, almost mesmerizing as she entered the stage. As she daintily tiptoed from one end of the stage to the next you could hear the audience  melt in awe of her cuteness. This, coupled with her darling poses, made her summer fantasy a reality that you just could not miss.

Thank you and congratulations to the winners!

A heart felt thank you to the other participants whose display of summer fantasy made the event an exciting learning experience. You were all beautiful and did a fabulous job with your styling! Each of us walked away with tips that will no doubt help in our modeling career.

Styling Challenge AudienceThank you to our guests who came out to support Model’s Workshop and the participants. We hope to see you all at next month’s challenge, so watch for details soon.

Styling challenges are a great way to practice your styling techniques in a specific theme, while getting feedback from your peers. Learn more about Styling Challenges and how you can take part in the next challenge at Model’s Workshop.

Jena Adder
Model’s Workshop COO

Photos by Jena Adder and Suki Rexen

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    […] A Fantasy World at Model’s Workshop […]


    […] A Fantasy World at Model’s Workshop […]


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