Windlight Presets to Give You the BEST LOOK!

All skin and shape pictures for these numbers were done by Kira Paderborn using the *REDGRAVE* preset settings for Windlight.

To get the same look with your skin and shape, it is recommended that you either use the settings contained here, or use the free facelight that comes with your skin/shape.

This is a simple method to optimize your avatar look 😀

1) Open World — > Environment Settings —- > Environment Editor and click on Advanced Sky, then click on “New” and save under a filename you remember, for example avatar 1

2) go to the Atmosphere Tab and change the settings as follow:
Blue Horizon:     R: 0.12,        G: 0.12,         B: 0.16,         I: 0.16
Haze Horizon:    0.09

Blue Density:     R: 0.32,        G: 0.59,         B: 1.00,         I: 1:00
Haze Density:   0.65

Density Multiplier:     0.18
Distance Multiplier:   2.0
Max Altitude:              188

3) go to the Lighting Tab and change the settings as follow:
Sun/Moon Color: R, G, B and I at       0.86
Sun/Moon Position:      0.000

Ambient:     R:0.67,        G:0.64,        B:0.63,        I:0.67
or   R: 0.70,        G: 0.67,       B: 0.66,      I: 0.70 (second setting is brighter)
East Angle: 0.16

Sun Glow: Focus: 0.10       Size 1.75
Scene Gamma:     1.08-1.15
Star Brightness:  0.00

4) go to the Clouds Tab and change the settings as follow:
Cloud Coverage:    0.13

5) if you are satisfied with the your custom preset click the “Save” button

As always, you can fine-tune these settings to suit your particular best look.
A face lamp is no more needed in case of present optimising 😀

If you relog, you can anytime choose your saved present in the Environment editor.

This instructions with some screen shoots you will also find here:

Content provided by:

Emilia Redgrave

Kira Rinkitink



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