Mesh – Avatar Enhancements

Mesh – Avatar Enhancements (NEW)

ஐ Avatar Enhancements (mesh) – from Models Workshop by Jena Adder – May 8th, 2014 @ 12 Noon

Information helpful to models who are using mesh parts for the first time and need pointers on how to make them work are listed:

ஐ Mesh Hints & Tips Blogs:

Guide to Mesh Lips – Xanthe
Mesh Heads – Juicybomb
My Phat Azz – Strawberry Singh
SLink Hands & Feet – SLINK Website

ஐ Mesh Vendor list:

Mesh Breasts LM


Lush Breasts (Marketplace-Adult)

Mesh Butts LM

Phat/Cute Azz – Luck inc. (SIM down for remodeling)(TBA)

Mesh Ears LM


Mesh Eyelashes LM

Gaeline Creations

Maxi Gossamer Accessories

Mesh Eyes LM




Mesh Feet LM

GOS Feet

N-Core Feet

Slink Feet

Mesh Hands / Nails

Mesh Heads LM

LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh

Slink Mainstore

The Shop

Mesh Lips & Teeth LM

Loud Mouth Mainstore


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