yula Finesmith “All About Accessorizing”

March 3, 2011

[19:09] NyuNyu Kimono shouts: good evening everyone!
[19:09] NyuNyu Kimono shouts: welcome to the models workshop for today
[19:09] yula Finesmith: pishpesh
[19:09] Xenobia Foxclaw: Hello, Matteo
[19:09] yula Finesmith: hey matt
[19:09] NyuNyu Kimono shouts: with our guest speaker, miss yula Finesmith!
[19:09] Matteo Bettencourt: Hey everyone and sorry the enter 😉
[19:09] Xenobia Foxclaw: \o/APPLAUSE\o/
[19:09] Lulu Breuer: ???APPLAUSE???
[19:09] RalphHivemind Resident claps politely
[19:09] WildMTOutdoors Firehawk: ?Applause?
[19:09] BlackBarbie Bravin: Applauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[19:10] Hanley Macarthur: yayyyyyy
[19:10] Jena Adder: ?????
[19:10] NyuNyu Kimono shouts: Today, we shall discuss about the “whats, whys, whens and hows” of accessorizing oneself.
[19:10] yula Finesmith: hello everyone and welcome:) thank you for having me
[19:10] NyuNyu Kimono shouts: And when it comes to accessorizing, it’s a great honor to have the creator of Finesmith Designs here with us today
[19:11] NyuNyu Kimono shouts: So let’s put our hands together and welcome Miss Yula Finesmith!
[19:11] Xenobia Foxclaw: \o/APPLAUSE\o/
[19:11] Eliza Antorian: ?Applause?
[19:11] Nickle Sparrowtree: is this on voice chat?
[19:11] WildMTOutdoors Firehawk: ?Applause?
[19:11] Storm Munforth: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[19:11] Annie Zorric: Applause!
[19:11] BlackBarbie Bravin: Applauseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[19:11] Amalfia Hanly applauds
[19:11] RalphHivemind Resident: hooray!
[19:11] synsera Myanamotu: ****Applause****!!!
[19:11] Suga Leakey: *******APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE*******
[19:11] yula Finesmith: my pleasure:)
[19:11] Arion Vella applauds
[19:11] NyuNyu Kimono: ?Applause?
[19:11] Hanley Macarthur: Applauseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[19:11] yula Finesmith: 1.when i was asked by NyuNyu to do this meeting with you all i was thrilled because its a chance to give you lesson in Design.
[19:11] yula Finesmith: stylist is a designer/artist, just as much as designer decide where to locate shapes, how to measure size and color and as much as artist think of composition.

good stylist will not leave home without items that tweak his show up.
[19:12] yula Finesmith: right we all have lovely clothes and sometimes we feel like its enough but in order to create unique look you will not settle with outfit only.
accessorize allow you to express your personality, when you wear full outfit made by one creator you wear the creator personality and interests.
to bring something else- whats called WOW effect. or show something new ,you will add item/s that create attraction,decorate your outfit, and make you different then others- your own finger print .
[19:12] yula Finesmith: question: what are accessories in sl?
you can answer- and all your answers will be correct. it start with skin…layers tattoos makeup, hair, bags, JEWELRY, nails shoes and go on and on.
[19:13] yula Finesmith: but the point is that we dont mean usually shirt, skirt, pants. accessories are the layers that above.
we don’t have to have them but then we will probably look boring- and this is word that in fashion business you don’t want ppl to say about you.
its true that there are many outfits that are very interesting on their own but your ideas, your touch is what difference you from others who will wear the same outfits
[19:14] yula Finesmith: accessories have “life” of their own they almost never get fed up with because of the fact you will almost never see them in the same combination with clothing.
its actually quite interesting expeiriment if we give exacly the same item do different people and ask them to style with it i doubt that we see the same outfits. its actually impossible.
[19:15] yula Finesmith: how do we choose the right accessory is the big question-

you have to think like an artist when you work on your look.
your heart must be there. pressure is not good for artist so light a candle , grab a glass of wine …lol im joking but deffinetly dont do it with stress you need to enjoy it.
[19:15] Xenobia Foxclaw: LOL
[19:15] yula Finesmith: **————————————————-
ALWAYS TELL A STORY- you are a character
[19:15] BlackBarbie Bravin: smiles
[19:15] yula Finesmith: before you start working on your look define who you are- since even the begining of time people had atriubutes that define them- kings wear crown and the simple people wore a rope as a belt.
[19:16] yula Finesmith: when you need to be someone you need to adopt the definition- cop will have a whistle? gun? cap? here is your accessories. you can make it more modern, old fashion, matching to a time period, or a theme. you can create your own new cop. do your research learn about art, history, observe images , trying to pay more attention to details actualy develop your space concept.
[19:17] yula Finesmith: there are 2 ways to style outfit if your starting point is item –
adding accessories to an outfit
or adding an outfit to accessories
[19:17] yula Finesmith: usualy you will not start from the accesory unless you are asked to do so- if you attending jewelry contest for example.
[19:18] yula Finesmith: so you are left with the common thing of adding accessories to outfit-
i will try giving some design tips on how to find the right items-
alot of times is really trying and trying.
but being a designer, thinking like designer you will find that there alot of ways to look at something and just knowing the right answer or at least be in the right direction.
[19:19] yula Finesmith: my offer is always after you are ready take a snapshot of yourself and review it- step outside of yourself and think what is right and what is wrong , and do i need to add or remove items.
knowing how to measure is the most important tool you have. self critics is good for practice.
[19:20] Xenobia Foxclaw: I never thought about taking a photo of myself for that purpose. I like the idea
[19:21] yula Finesmith: in the photo i see colors and shapes in a flat way it helps me see if i need to make changes
[19:21] yula Finesmith: look at your outfit in proportion to your shape. edit yourself- if there are too many bare parts its time to accessorize, examples: short hair requires earrings, bare neck requires necklace, scarf. hands need nails.
[19:22] yula Finesmith: like me now lol but i have so much going on under my chest and above my neck that it required stoping there to not look over loaded
[19:24] yula Finesmith: examen the composition of colors- learning about colors can be very helpful.
always be aware of colors of the season. adding splash of color or touch of color with jewelry, hat or shoes, can light your look. even colored- red/green nails or flower ornament on flat black outfit is good example
[19:25] yula Finesmith: look out fot the shapes that create your outfit, it can hint you about the right hair and the right jewelry.
ask yourself what times your outfit belong to or what genere.
[19:26] yula Finesmith: Materials- some materials will not sound like they can match but there is no reason not to try them together.
consider with materials the saying “opposites atract” ** leather and lace rough agains soft and fragile.
[19:26] Xenobia Foxclaw: I like that idea.
[19:27] yula Finesmith: very inteersting to see new material beeing made by combining several of fabrics and textures. imagine how interesting could be layer of feather skirt under the skirt i wear…didnt think about it untile now
[19:27] Xenobia Foxclaw: wow
[19:27] Xenobia Foxclaw: great idea
[19:28] yula Finesmith: wood, metals, gems, plastic, fabrics from soft to stiff. never setteling with just what you are given and adopting an inventive approach will bring your innerself up on the surface. be a scientist and explore
[19:28] yula Finesmith: hehe xenobia:) i love you
[19:28] Xenobia Foxclaw: LOL
[19:29] Xenobia Foxclaw: I lov eyou too, Yula
[19:29] yula Finesmith: are you brave? do you dare enough?
[19:29] Xenobia Foxclaw: LOL – no
[19:29] yula Finesmith: do you expose yourself? your thoughts ? your feelings?
[19:30] WildMTOutdoors Firehawk: me neither – but here to learn
[19:30] yula Finesmith: well maybe its about time!
[19:30] Xenobia Foxclaw: yes! the time is now!
[19:30] WildMTOutdoors Firehawk: yes it is!
[19:31] yula Finesmith: yes you learn thru trying , getting ideas from seeing others, seeing nature, architecture….you can be anything you want. and you want:)
[19:31] yula Finesmith: attachments- learn your attachments well and use them to create new item- brooch can be a ring can be an earring can be a bracelet can be hair accessory.

be brave and try.
[19:32] Xenobia Foxclaw: Like Chiaku
[19:32] yula Finesmith: play with sizes if you are given modified item. play with menu as well you never know what you can come up with unless you try make a change.
[19:33] Perla Rae: I experiment too much and then look crazy..lol
[19:33] Xenobia Foxclaw: LOL
[19:33] yula Finesmith: your esthetics- can be personal thing too but avoiding a mess and overloading is most important in accessorizing – simply dont force items on yourself if it dont match take it off.
[19:33] yula Finesmith: well thats measuring
[19:33] yula Finesmith: you look crazy few times or 2 years
[19:33] yula Finesmith: then you nail it
[19:33] Perla Rae: few times
[19:33] BlackBarbie Bravin: right 🙂
[19:34] yula Finesmith: and when you do it grows and become part of you
[19:34] Perla Rae: i like to step out of the boxsometimes..
[19:34] Perla Rae: like today..i wouldnot wear this green makeup with this dress..but i did..
[19:34] yula Finesmith: i mean there are days you are just blocked as creator i can say its not always comingso easy
[19:35] Camille Bellecoeur: it’s about finding yourself and when the accessories are right, you just feel it
[19:35] yula Finesmith: but when you need to get serious you should think of the tools i am talking about because they can be very helpful
[19:35] Perla Rae: i see what u mean about looking at pic of yourself..now i see my green makeup and have ideas of things i can do
[19:36] yula Finesmith: another thing-
[19:36] Perla Rae: i imagine
[19:36] yula Finesmith: ccessorizing to show or special event- the place you are going to also have its nature. someone designed a stage, ballroom…. . smart styling can be also matching the enviroment- go see the runway you are about to walk on , always make sure you dont merge in the floors and walls. add and accessory that bolds out. shoes, hat. if you want to match item to the decoration jewelry will be the answer for you- find jewelry that speak the same language of the setup.
[19:36] Xenobia Foxclaw: Great idea
[19:36] yula Finesmith: and last thing:) change our outfit everyday!
[19:37] yula Finesmith: hehe seriouisly
[19:37] Xenobia Foxclaw: yikes
[19:37] yula Finesmith: you represent yourself only. and the way you look can help you as model in sl . accessories power your look. use them wisely.
[19:37] yula Finesmith: we have so much to explore here and we should do it
[19:38] yula Finesmith: he most important thing is to know what you love
dont try to be someone else just because someone say its the trend, there are trends that match everyone if you must. in different themes. you can always find the way to really express yourself, your starte of mind, your feelings and add that something special to your look that will be diiferent, interesting, exciting- it will be YOU.
[19:39] Sequoia Nightfire: agrees with Yula
[19:39] Xenobia Foxclaw: yes
[19:39] WildMTOutdoors Firehawk: very good point
[19:39] yula Finesmith: thank you all for listning i appriciate your presence.

we have abit more time. you may ask questions 🙂
[19:39] Eliza Antorian: one of the things I love is those moments of clarity, when you see an outfit and just know straight away what accessories to use and how to wear the whole design… so much fun
[19:39] BlackBarbie Bravin: Applauseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[19:40] Arion Vella: mixing gold and silver has always been a taboo but that doesn’t seem to be true any more.
[19:40] Yxizm Exonar: ******* ^APPPLLLAAAUUUSSSEEE^ *******
[19:40] Eliza Antorian: ?Applause?
[19:40] Amalfia Hanly: *applause*
[19:40] RalphHivemind Resident claps
[19:40] WildMTOutdoors Firehawk: ?Applause?
[19:40] Sami Bracken: ? ? ?
[19:40] Sami Bracken: ? ? APPLAUSE !!!
[19:40] Sami Bracken: ? .·*¨)
[19:40] Sami Bracken: (¸.·´ (¸.·`¤
[19:40] Xenobia Foxclaw: \o/APPLAUSE\o/
[19:40] rissa Friller: \o/ \o/ \o/ * APPLAUSE *
[19:40] rissa Friller: || || || * APPLAUSE *
[19:40] rissa Friller: / \ / \ / \ * APPLAUSE *
[19:40] Annie Zorric: TY yula! *Applause*
[19:40] vanity Philly: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[19:40] Matteo Bettencourt: ??? APPLAUSE ???
[19:40] Matteo Bettencourt: ??? APPLAUSE ???
[19:40] Matteo Bettencourt: ??? APPLAUSE ???
[19:40] Matteo Bettencourt: ??? APPLAUSE ???
[19:40] Matteo Bettencourt: ??? APPLAUSE ???
[19:40] Valeria Endrizzi: ****APPLAUSSEEEE***
[19:40] Indigo Solo: Good comment Arion
[19:40] BlackBarbie Bravin: Applauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[19:40] Lulu Breuer: Thank you Yula that was amazing!
[19:41] Lulu Breuer: and thank you NyuNyu for organizing this weeks workshop.
[19:41] Hanley Macarthur: thank you
[19:41] Xenobia Foxclaw: Inspiring
[19:41] yula Finesmith: sorry it was bit short:)
[19:41] Lulu Breuer: Join just next week to hear Luralie Bailey speak about finding your style
[19:41] Xenobia Foxclaw: \o/APPLAUSE\o/
[19:41] Lulu Breuer: Also don’t forget, on Monday at 5pm our Model Chats with Sequoia Nightfire


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