Louise Roundel “Advanced Runway Techniques”

[17:08] Lulu Breuer: First of all I want everyone to know that Louise stayed up very very late for us to do this workshop, for her it is 3am!
[17:08] Cindy Gedenspire: Hi Lulu
[17:08] NICI (nicolai.bilavio): thank you Loiuse
[17:09] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): yay Louise
[17:09] Monica Balut: OMG 3 AM!!!!
[17:09] Lulu Breuer: Let me tell you a little about her, she was 1st runner up for this years MVW competition, she is a top model with all the best agencies in SL
[17:09] Canada Starbrook: Thank you!!
[17:09] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): oh! Well thank you Louise. That is huge! Really!
[17:09] Coquette Avedon: thanks Louise :))
[17:09] Lulu Breuer: so we are very lucky to have her here today to teach this class, so with out further ado let me turn it over to Louise
[17:09] Miss Lali aka COOKIE (lacosadivina.quintessa): Gracias Obrigado Louise
[17:09] Lusti Decosta: ty Louise
[17:09] Lulu Breuer: 🙂
[17:09] Lulu Breuer: ★(`’•.¸(`’•.¸ * ¸.•’´)¸.•’´)★
[17:09] Lulu Breuer: A*P*P*L*A*U*S*E !!!
[17:09] Lulu Breuer: ★(¸.•’´(¸.•’´ * `’•.¸)`’•.¸)★
[17:09] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): thank you so much Lulu
[17:10] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): thank you to Lulu and Sequoia from Model’s Workshop for even considering having me teach the little I have learned from my experience in this crazy modelling industry
[17:10] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I hope you all enjoy and learn something new from what I have to teach today, and if you have any questions, I would ask if you could just raise your hand or beep me so I can pay full attention to you
[17:11] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I would do an introduction about myself but all I could say was “Hi, my name is Louise and I will be here to teach you about posing, walking and lag fighting” lol
[17:11] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): <– shy
[17:11] ElaraGloriana (elaragloriana.scrabblebat) waves at the shy girl and smiles
[17:11] Lulu Breuer: awww
[17:11] Canada Starbrook: .<
[17:21] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): rule of posing #2
[17:21] yuki Nakim: ooops wc
[17:22] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): no texture twisting, stretching or breaking system skirt poses
[17:22] yuki Nakim: sorry every one ^^''
[17:22] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): for posing with system skirts you must find poses with the legs together, usually they are called Hobble poses
[17:22] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): check to see if your pose changes what you are wearing in any way, I dont mean the prims, I mean the jackets, shirts, pants
[17:23] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): rule #3 (and this one will be booooooh-ed)
[17:23] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): no animated poses, ever…UNLESS lol it is requested
[17:23] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): yay!
[17:23] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): double yay!
[17:23] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): really
[17:23] Canada Starbrook: lol
[17:23] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): 🙂
[17:23] Gabriella Mortensen: lol
[17:23] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): animated poses are good for store modelling, for runway it gets really confusing and messy
[17:23] Monica Balut: Boooo
[17:23] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): double really
[17:23] Cindy Gedenspire: woot.
[17:23] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): lol
[17:23] Gozii (ngozi.faith): lol
[17:23] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): rule #4
[17:23] ElaraGloriana (elaragloriana.scrabblebat): noted.
[17:23] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): No prims on you, no you on prims
[17:24] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): check, double check, triple check each pose to make sure your prims dont go through you
[17:24] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): the scepter stab
[17:24] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): hair, clothing prims and also…the most deadly fashion enemy…the prim nails!
[17:24] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): lol Elisabet!
[17:24] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if you wish to wear prim nails on the runway, make sure that your poses do not make them fly off your hands
[17:25] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): rule #5
[17:25] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): that is rule #5
[17:25] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): the nails
[17:25] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I apologise lol
[17:25] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): rule #6
[17:25] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): Never turn your back to the audience unless you have something to show on your back, otherwise it is pointless
[17:25] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): #7
[17:26] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): remember that where you move to draws people's eyes to it (this is the rule I learned from Frolic)
[17:26] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): so be careful with what you wear if you want to do a pose with arms spread to the side
[17:26] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): meaning
[17:26] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if you are wearing something fitted
[17:26] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): make sure your hands draw focus to what you are wearing and not away from it
[17:27] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): after your face, your hands are the second thing people stare at because they indicate movement
[17:27] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if you are wearing a nice ring, or nails you want to showcase, jewellery..then you bring your hands close to your face
[17:27] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): hands are extremely important, dont neglect them
[17:27] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): rule #8
[17:28] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): If you wear props like purses or clutches or bags of any sort, any prop, make sure you pick poses specifically for them, also a walk if possible
[17:28] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): #9 transitions transitions transitions
[17:28] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you have to make sure that the transition from one pose to another is very smooth, and that it makes sense
[17:28] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): last but not least
[17:28] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): #10
[17:29] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): your default stand and your walk have to be in accordance with each other
[17:29] Lulu Breuer: and that it does not make your hands or legs go thought your body
[17:29] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if you walk with your hands on your hips, well then, your default stand has to be with your hands on your hips also
[17:29] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): hands down walk? hands down pose
[17:29] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): be coherent at all times, use your common sense
[17:30] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): always think "would this happen if I was walking in RL?"
[17:30] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I know, this is SL, but we have to stick to logic too…sometimes lol
[17:30] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): any questions about the posing rules so far?
[17:30] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): no
[17:30] Chickie Ashbourne: no
[17:30] ElaraGloriana (elaragloriana.scrabblebat): nope
[17:30] Coquette Avedon: no thank you
[17:30] Finesmith Jewelry VIP group Server owned by yula Finesmith gave you 'Finesmith newness 'Giz' and Gift 1' ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/GULF%20COAST/238/126/260 ).
[17:30] yuki Nakim: nope
[17:31] Lusti Decosta: no
[17:31] Miss Lali aka COOKIE (lacosadivina.quintessa): will you have these in a nc for easy reference?
[17:31] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[17:31] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): good I will send you all a notecard
[17:31] Canada Starbrook: No thank you.
[17:31] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[17:31] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): yes
[17:31] Chickie Ashbourne: yay!
[17:31] Miss Lali aka COOKIE (lacosadivina.quintessa) smiles TY
[17:31] Chamonix Boudreaux: thank you
[17:31] Chickie Ashbourne: ty
[17:31] Saku (sakura.zimberman): yes
[17:31] Saku (sakura.zimberman): ty
[17:31] Lusti Decosta: ty
[17:31] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if you have to leave before I finish please IM me so I can send it to you ok?
[17:32] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): I'm staying. Gotta hear LAG and the dreaded triple circle runway trick
[17:32] Chickie Ashbourne: right
[17:32] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): lol
[17:32] Chickie Ashbourne: lol
[17:32] Gabriella Mortensen: lol oh yes
[17:32] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ok next up we have…
[17:32] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): our dearly *cough* beloved *cough* lag
[17:32] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): how many of you have fought battles against it?
[17:32] Gabriella Mortensen: lol
[17:33] Coquette Avedon: lag is my friend
[17:33] yuki Nakim: lol
[17:33] Canada Starbrook: omg me
[17:33] Miss Lali aka COOKIE (lacosadivina.quintessa): "Lag" rhymes with nag
[17:33] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): i always wonder how models walk so smoothly in these lag
[17:33] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): I am learning to love lag
[17:33] Gabriella Mortensen: meeeeeee
[17:33] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): lol
[17:33] Edna Wilkinson: isn't it the most faithful friend for models? 😛
[17:33] yuki Nakim: me
[17:33] yuki Nakim: lol
[17:33] Coquette Avedon: blame it on lag :))
[17:33] yuki Nakim: hehe
[17:33] Gabriella Mortensen: lol Coq
[17:33] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): embracing the lag is not an option anymore, I hope I teach you all my tricks and that it works so that you dont have to
[17:34] Edna Wilkinson is all ears
[17:34] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): again, I will be very practical, I have some former students here that know I'm extremely practical when teaching lol
[17:34] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I'll tell you what I do
[17:35] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): imagine you are preparing for the biggest show in your lives, one that has deadly lag
[17:35] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): for that you need to follow these tips, if it's not that laggy you wont need to do them all, I'll tell you which
[17:36] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): well the first thing you should do, if you are a windows user, is keep your computer running smoothly, no memory leaks, everything organised, and that can be achieved by doing a monthly disk defragmentation
[17:36] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): this process keeps everything in order and keeps your programmes from driving themselves insane trying to figure out what goes where, stealing all the ram lol
[17:37] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): computer trash folder empty if possible
[17:37] ElaraGloriana (elaragloriana.scrabblebat) loves her mackeeper program
[17:37] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): (me too lol)
[17:37] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): one hour before your show
[17:37] Amanda Hausner: mm louise
[17:37] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): empty your trash in SL
[17:37] Amanda Hausner: can you tell me how to do that ? just after this workshop lol
[17:37] Saku (sakura.zimberman): and for mac users?
[17:38] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): mac users are safe, no defrag \o/
[17:38] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): clear your cache by going in preferences and clear all the cache there,
[17:38] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I mean:
[17:38] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): network, browser and inventory
[17:38] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): even though inventory cache may be tricky if SL decides to give you issues
[17:39] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I'd recommend clearing inventory cache at least 3 hours before a show so you can make sure you get it back or can warn people in case you cant access it
[17:39] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): is that for phoenix or v2 users?
[17:39] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): the others you can clear
[17:39] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): for both Fifi
[17:39] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): nods on the three hours
[17:39] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): network, inventory, browser and group cache
[17:40] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): (group cache is in Advanced – Clear group cache)
[17:40] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): after you do these things
[17:40] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): well
[17:40] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): turn SL off
[17:40] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): restart your computer and your modem
[17:40] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): fresh connections are our friends
[17:40] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): and where i find the invenroty one?
[17:40] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): in the preferences menu
[17:40] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): anyone with an inventory over 25k will want to give themselves more than the hour for sure
[17:40] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ctrl+P
[17:41] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): yes definately, I avoid clearing inventory cache for instance, I'll only do it if SL is really giving me a hard time
[17:41] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I'd say I clear it once a month max
[17:41] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): it gets dusty lol
[17:41] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ok so
[17:41] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): and not on a weekend when lag is worse I think
[17:42] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): the servers are usually slower on the weekends it is more risky indeed
[17:42] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I'm also going to send you all a LM in case your inventories do not load, you just TP there and wait (that's what Linden Labs told me to do lol)
[17:42] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ok so after you've done that you come back in world
[17:42] Canada Starbrook: I hate when that happens. 😛
[17:43] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): the underwater protection place?
[17:43] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): do NOT run anything else apart from SL (or try to) so your RAM goes to SL and SL only
[17:43] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): to get your inventory going, type something in search
[17:43] TerrenceD: Lag is really a big deal with all these steps you have outlined.
[17:43] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): go in your advanced menu (you can find advanced by hitting hitting ctrl+alt+D in your menu)
[17:43] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): menu = keyboard sorry lol
[17:44] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): in Advanced you look for Debug settings
[17:44] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): find RenderUnloadedAvatar
[17:44] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): set that value to TRUE
[17:44] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you will stop seeing yourself as a cloud
[17:44] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): however, it doesnt mean other people won't see you as a cloud, but you will at least be able to tell if you are naked or not lol
[17:45] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): then we move on to preparing graphics
[17:45] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): lower graphics to minimum
[17:45] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): click "custom" and lower every slider there to minimum, I know things will look very strange and square lol
[17:45] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): lower draw distance to the minimum possible on the slider, which is 24
[17:45] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): any lower than 24 textures start flashing and you go really dizzy lol
[17:46] Elektro Frequency took a snapshot
[17:46] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): network tab under preferences
[17:46] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): restrict your bandwidth to a maximum of 1200 Kbs, no more than that
[17:46] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): the higher it is the laggier you will be because you will be doubling the information you can receive and send
[17:46] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): at this point you are ready to teleport backstage
[17:47] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): when you do that, no Huddles, no AOs, no Radars…nothing but your walk replacer/model hud AND communications system
[17:47] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): the rest all removed
[17:47] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): turning them off still keeps them there, the scripts are there, their textures are there…the more things you have to render on your screen the laggier it gets
[17:48] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): so you get backstage
[17:48] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): and I'm assuming everyone has their show outfits in a perfectly organised folder, your shoes with no heel click on, your jewellery without any bling
[17:48] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you get there and you start cycling through your outfits
[17:49] A group member named yula Finesmith owned by the group 'THE BEST OF SL Magazine Readers' gave you Finesmith newness 'Giz' and Gift.
[17:49] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): cycling is the most important thing you can do in order to make sure people dont see you in half a dress with jeans
[17:49] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): or just prims and the previous outfit
[17:49] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you right click your outfit and do "replace outfit"
[17:49] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): dont do ADD and remove
[17:50] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): please remember to keep a copy of your communications system in each folder
[17:50] ElaraGloriana (elaragloriana.scrabblebat): aww cool, ok, never heard that before 🙂
[17:50] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[17:50] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you put on a folder
[17:50] ElaraGloriana (elaragloriana.scrabblebat): "replace"
[17:50] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): then you rebake "ctrl+alt+R" like mad
[17:50] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): make sure you are rezzed
[17:50] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if you aren't certain, make sure someone sees you rezzed
[17:50] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): then the second folder
[17:50] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): replace
[17:50] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): rebake rebake rebake
[17:51] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if there is a third …third outfit
[17:51] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): please cycle through outfits at least twice
[17:51] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): this makes all your textures go in your viewer's cache and on the sim's cache too
[17:51] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): This brings them into cache properly?
[17:51] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[17:51] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): yes
[17:51] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): also to the sim's, which is very important
[17:52] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): there will always be someone who says you are ruthed because we dont rez at the same time for everyone
[17:52] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): so take a Ruth Poll?
[17:52] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): also, there are people who are soooo covered with super laggy things or super high arc, and those are usually the ones who kill us and the ones who can't see us lol
[17:52] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): a deruthing spike is your friend too
[17:52] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I'll get to that in a second:)
[17:52] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ok so you've cycled your outfits
[17:52] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): rocket ride woot!
[17:52] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): now is when things get weirder lol
[17:53] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you will start derendering things
[17:53] Gabriella Mortensen: lol
[17:53] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): under Advanced
[17:53] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): click Rendering
[17:53] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): Types
[17:53] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): remove EVERYTHING except:
[17:53] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): volume
[17:53] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): bump
[17:53] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): simple
[17:53] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): character
[17:53] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): and ground
[17:53] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): remember, the more information you have to rez, the laggier you will get
[17:53] ElaraGloriana (elaragloriana.scrabblebat): sorry i must afk, i will try to join you downstairs in a bit, sorry! ~:D pssst pass me notes too… ty
[17:53] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if you crash all those will return
[17:54] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): so you will have to derender them again
[17:54] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): next step
[17:54] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): go in your more active groups and disable aaaaaall the notices so you dont get spammed during the walk
[17:54] You decline Finesmith newness 'Giz' and Gift from A group member named yula Finesmith.
[17:54] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): also, disable Show Online Friend notifications under the communications tab in preferences
[17:54] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): it only gets in the way lol
[17:55] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): never have music on while walking, it lags you
[17:55] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): voice OFF, even though I've been in a show where I was asked to listen to voice..which only lagged everyone
[17:55] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if people suggest something other than communication systems to coordinate models, like group chat…be afraid! group chat lags and you miss your cue
[17:56] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): there is one more thing I do to get less information on my screen, but I am nuts and this is risky lol
[17:56] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): in preferences, under general, Disabling "show names"
[17:56] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): love that one
[17:56] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I can't stress it enough, the fewer information you have on your screen, the less lag you will have
[17:56] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): plus, if you are in a competition, names won't scare you as much lol
[17:57] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[17:57] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): now, what you do if you are ruthed or half baked (ppl love these lol)
[17:57] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): is there also disable facess?
[17:57] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): LL
[17:57] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): lol
[17:57] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): lol
[17:57] You decline LETS GET READY FOR THE WEEKEND!! from A group member named Velvetori Twine.
[17:57] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): so
[17:57] You decline LETS GET READY FOR THE WEEKEND!! from A group member named Velvetori Twine.
[17:57] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): "ohhh I see you ruthed"
[17:57] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): good friend deruthing spike
[17:57] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): but if people see you half baked…
[17:57] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): Never ever go in edit appearance
[17:58] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): edit appearance refreshes all the textures but not like clearing cache
[17:58] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): ohh
[17:58] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): it makes you go gray
[17:58] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): have you ever seen yourselves gray after going in edit appearance?
[17:58] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): normally i do that
[17:58] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): yep
[17:58] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): to ds gray myself
[17:58] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): i didnt knew this
[17:59] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): edit appearance is only ok if you have at least 20 minutes before your next walk
[17:59] Amanda Hausner: i have question !!!
[17:59] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): otherwise you risk people seeing you completely gray
[17:59] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): yes Amanda
[17:59] Amanda Hausner: what i have to do ? because i never can't change my outfits on show
[18:00] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): what do you mean dear?
[18:00] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): backstage?
[18:00] Amanda Hausner: yees when we all change to 2nd outfit
[18:00] Amanda Hausner: it don't want rezz for 2nd outfit
[18:00] Amanda Hausner: so everyone still seeing me on 1st outfit
[18:01] Lulu Breuer: bake_fail
[18:01] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if you do the cycling backstage you will be safe
[18:01] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): just make sure you do the "replace outfit" on each folder before the show
[18:01] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): at least 3 times
[18:01] Amanda Hausner: i have but i still same 🙂
[18:01] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): as soon as the sim picks up on your textures you are safe
[18:01] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ok I was getting to that
[18:01] Amanda Hausner: yeaaah i do all tips but not work
[18:01] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): so I said "do not go in edit appearance"
[18:02] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): next thing is
[18:02] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you grab something called "INVISIBLE AVATAR"
[18:02] Amanda Hausner: yeees i don['t do edit appereance
[18:02] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): invisible avatar will make you go completely transparent
[18:02] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): it will clear your avatar of any textures
[18:02] Amanda Hausner: aaw what is that ?
[18:02] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): it's like clear cache
[18:02] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): visual cache
[18:02] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I will send you one
[18:02] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): remember one thing
[18:03] Amanda Hausner: aaaw okee okee ethank youu dear 😀
[18:03] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if you have to wear Iinvisible avatar you will need to put on the alpha textures for feet you were wearing before
[18:03] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:03] Amanda Hausner: yees yees ?
[18:03] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if you still can't rez
[18:03] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): and there is time
[18:03] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): TP home
[18:03] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): change there
[18:03] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): or somewhere non-laggy
[18:03] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): change
[18:03] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): rebake rebake rebake
[18:03] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): and go backstage again
[18:03] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): very VERY important
[18:03] Amanda Hausner: aaw okee okeee got it 😀 thank youuu dear 😀
[18:03] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if you crash in the middle of the runway for some reason
[18:04] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): never do login from "My Last Location"
[18:04] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): alway login from "Home"
[18:04] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): then teleport backstage
[18:04] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): any questions?
[18:04] Chickie Ashbourne: no
[18:04] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): no
[18:04] Saku (sakura.zimberman): no
[18:04] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): No. Got it!
[18:04] ღ Լιί ::. (liilee.elton): ㋡ ✿
[18:04] ღ Լιί ::. (liilee.elton): No
[18:04] Canada Starbrook: Got it! 🙂
[18:04] Chickie Ashbourne: I crashed so i dont really know what i missed
[18:04] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:04] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): dont move for one second I'm sending you all the folders then we move downstairs to walk
[18:04] Gozii (ngozi.faith): I have one question 😛
[18:04] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:04] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): Chickie I'm sending you notecards
[18:04] Chickie Ashbourne: about being ruthed
[18:04] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ask please
[18:04] Chamonix Boudreaux: two..please
[18:05] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): there will be a transcript on the MW blog
[18:05] Amanda Hausner: oki oki
[18:05] Chickie Ashbourne: ok
[18:05] Chickie Ashbourne: ok
[18:05] Gozii (ngozi.faith): What if you're in a show and crash then relog and the sim is full?
[18:05] You silently accept For MW participants – from Louise from Louise McWinnie.
[18:05] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): ty Louise
[18:05] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if the sim is full, you have to ask someone to kick someone off the sim for you lol
[18:05] Gozii (ngozi.faith): hehe
[18:05] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): Like the show/backstage director
[18:05] Canada Starbrook: XD
[18:05] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): They can do it
[18:05] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): hopefully a person who is there has to have that power
[18:05] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): it's the only option
[18:06] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): what was the other question please?:)
[18:06] Chamonix Boudreaux: thanks Louise, great info
[18:06] Canada Starbrook: Thank you Louise
[18:06] Min Jee Park (minjeepark): Thank you so much Louise!
[18:06] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): i didnt get nc
[18:06] Chamonix Boudreaux: why do you say do not edit apprerance, or add to outfit
[18:06] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): just sending everyone folders right now:)
[18:06] Chamonix Boudreaux: why are you saying replace outfit instead?
[18:07] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): thank youuu
[18:07] Tonya (tonya.swords): ty
[18:07] Cindy Gedenspire: Thank you Louise
[18:07] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): Thank you!
[18:07] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you are all welcome
[18:07] Miss Lali aka COOKIE (lacosadivina.quintessa): Obrigado Louise
[18:07] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): did you all receive the folder?
[18:07] Chickie Ashbourne: Thank you. Got it.
[18:07] ღ Լιί ::. (liilee.elton): ㋡ ✿
[18:07] ღ Լιί ::. (liilee.elton): Thank you so much Louise!
[18:07] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): de nada Lali:)
[18:07] Gozii (ngozi.faith): Thanks Louise ^ ^
[18:07] Elektro Frequency: thank
[18:07] TerrenceD: Thank you for the folder.
[18:07] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): thank you!
[18:07] Edna Wilkinson: ty 🙂
[18:08] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:08] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ok now we can move on to the torture room
[18:08] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:08] Lo[18:09] Louise McWinnie shouts: come closer everyone:)
[18:09] Louise McWinnie: I try
[18:09] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ok so
[18:10] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): as soon as everyone is down here
[18:10] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I'll tell you about my walk and turning tricks
[18:10] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): then we'll put them all to the test
[18:10] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): and not on the runway…on something much worse
[18:10] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): the beams
[18:10] Roselle Amorosi: Hi Nicki
[18:10] Ms. Nicki Vervain (nicki.vervain): hiii
[18:10] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): can everyone read me?
[18:10] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): y
[18:11] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): yes
[18:11] TerrenceD: yes
[18:11] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): y
[18:11] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): yes
[18:11] ღ Լιί ::. (liilee.elton): yes
[18:11] Gozii (ngozi.faith): yes
[18:11] Chickie Ashbourne: yes
[18:11] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): Yes
[18:11] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): Lali, mais perto:) consegues ouvir-me dai?
[18:11] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) shouts: Lali, mais perto:) consegues ouvir-me dai?uise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): follow me please
[18:11] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ok so
[18:11] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I'm giving you all my tricks lol
[18:11] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): to walk a perfect straight line
[18:11] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): We really appreciate this

[18:12:09] Miss Lali aka COOKIE (lacosadivina.quintessa): sim
[18:12:18] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): the first thing you should do by the way, to make sure there are no invisible walls you are hitting is press CTRL+ALT+T
[18:12:28] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if your path is clear, then you can move safely
[18:12:46] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): then what you do is use your camera expertise to move
[18:13:05] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you use the ALT key and a click of the mouse, like you do to lock your eyes on a prim or a person
[18:13:17] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you alt click the exact spot where you want to stop
[18:13:20] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): or if you cant
[18:13:26] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): use that direction
[18:13:39] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): does it make any sense?
[18:13:45] Chickie Ashbourne: yes
[18:13:50] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lill
[18:45] Lulu Breuer: iehook): Yes
[18:13:56] Tonya (tonya.swords): yes
[18:13:56] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) rubs her hands and breaks out the beams
[18:13:57] ღ Լιί ::. (liilee.elton): yes
[18:13:59] TerrenceD: oh cool. I just tried it.
[18:14:00] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): let's put that to the test then
[18:14:04] Canada Starbrook: eep!
[18:14:08] Cindy Gedenspire: ack
[18:14:10] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): aagh the eeebil beams
[18:14:20] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): be careful my friends behind me a beam will rez there
[18:15] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ok I will rez 3
[18:15] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ok could you all form lines on this side of the beams please?
[18:15] Monica Balut: Folks remember that at MW we have a gym with all sorts of things like this to practice on.
[18:15] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): yes
[18:15] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) shouts: I just want you all to alt click the end of the beam
[18:16] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) shouts: then cam all the way around your avatar until you see your face and alt click THIS side of the beam
[18:16] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) shouts: no rotating
[18:16] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) shouts: just use the up keyboard arrow to walk smoothly
[18:16] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ok first three vict…..volunteers
[18:16] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): lol
[18:16] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): remember to stop at the end of the beam
[18:16] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) shouts: perfect
[18:17] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): omg its scary
[18:17] Edna Wilkinson: lol
[18:17] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) shouts: now alt click the side you came from and just walk back, no turning just walk
[18:17] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) shouts: ready?
[18:17] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) shouts: go
[18:17] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): * CLAP CLAP CLAP *
[18:17] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): *:-.,_,.-:*'“'*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'“'*
[18:17] Edna Wilkinson: 🙂
[18:17] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): perfect!
[18:17] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): omg how they did that
[18:17] Miss Lali aka COOKIE (lacosadivina.quintessa): cool
[18:17] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:17] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): next three
[18:17] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): that's how you walk a perfect line:)
[18:17] TerrenceD: nice
[18:17] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): use camera, always
[18:17] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): aim where you want to go and up
[18:18] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): and that was a very smooth transition
[18:18] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:18] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): go ladies
[18:18] Monica Balut: Feel free to practice this at the MW gym the next floor up from the meeting rooms
[18:18] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) shouts: perfect
[18:18] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) shouts: now walk back without turning
[18:18] Edna Wilkinson: I usually click and hold on my avie and then press arrow key to make straight walk 😛 but this is cool as well
[18:18] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): you walk bck by lcikt wit hthe cam?
[18:18] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): aaah Blossoms you fell off
[18:18] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): *giggles*
[18:18] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): hehe das funny
[18:18] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): yes
[18:18] Amanda Hausner: oke i die lag now lol
[18:18] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): sorry
[18:19] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if you lock the camera your avatar will move exactly where you aim
[18:19] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): yes
[18:19] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if you hit the other arrows while moving you will unlock camera
[18:19] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:19] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): more volunteers?
[18:19] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): i wanna try
[18:20] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): dont laugh tho
[18:20] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:20] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): practice at your will
[18:20] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): perfect Blossoms!
[18:20] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): *:-.,_,.-:*'“'*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'“'*
[18:20] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): see how easy it is after you've got camera under control?
[18:20] Canada Starbrook: \o/
[18:20] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ok now, we'll try the same thing…but even more difficult
[18:20] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): Lou remind me Seq's class XD
[18:21] Amanda Hausner: I have to gonow 😀 Than you s much Louise fr today 😀
[18:21] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): to see if you're really locking camera OR cheating with the side arrows
[18:21] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): thank you for coming Amanda:)
[18:21] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): how you do it?
[18:21] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): have you all tried this beam?
[18:21] Canada Starbrook: Yes
[18:21] TerrenceD: yes
[18:21] Tonya (tonya.swords): no
[18:21] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:21] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): Tonya my dear, go on
[18:22] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): don't be shy:)
[18:22] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I've sent all of you copies of these beams so you can practice anywhere you wish
[18:22] Tonya (tonya.swords): i was stuck
[18:22] Canada Starbrook: Thankyou!
[18:22] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:22] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): and they're copy transfer so you can share with friends
[18:22] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you are quite welcome
[18:23] Seanchai Library owned by Shandon Loring gave you 'END OF THE WORLD? Stories Tonight at 7pm' ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/Imagination%20Island/39/198/29 ).
[18:23] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:23] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you can go again dear
[18:23] You decline VERO MODERO is Hiring In-Shop Models from A group member named Fuzz Lennie.
[18:23] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): just line up n front of the beam and give it a go
[18:23] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): aaah you're not using alt click!
[18:23] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): hihiihhi
[18:24] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): what is fun is seeing how quickly you can walk abck and forth 10 times without falling off
[18:24] Tonya (tonya.swords): lol
[18:24] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): lol
[18:24] TerrenceD: Is that a challenge?
[18:24] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): is like games shows is a take home challenge
[18:24] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): lol
[18:25] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ok let me try the second beam
[18:25] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) hides
[18:25] Lusti Decosta: lol
[18:25] TerrenceD: ok. I will practice later
[18:25] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): oops soryyy!
[18:25] Chamonix Boudreaux: models witih stage fright!
[18:25] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): lol
[18:25] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): Just beam fear
[18:25] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): i ghout i did that
[18:25] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): thought8
[18:25] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): *
[18:25] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): i was like
[18:25] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): omg!
[18:25] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): xDDD
[18:26] Chamonix Boudreaux: well if you cant fall in front of your freinds, who can you fall in front of later?
[18:26] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) shouts: with these you either are alt clicking or you will fall off!
[18:26] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): well we do tp in hear so hearing beam me up is not strange
[18:26] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): ah SKINNY beams
[18:26] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): oy
[18:26] Miss Lali aka COOKIE (lacosadivina.quintessa): tricky
[18:26] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook) looks around for Mister Scott to beam her up
[18:26] Chamonix Boudreaux: ooh she upped the challenge now
[18:26] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): give it a go:)
[18:27] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): hm idk when it will stop XD
[18:27] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): do i stop myself?
[18:27] Miss Lali aka COOKIE (lacosadivina.quintessa): next
[18:28] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): lol
[18:28] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you dare devils!
[18:28] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): louise, do it stop it self?
[18:28] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): or do you make yourself stop
[18:28] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I should have put fire under the beams
[18:28] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): Go ahead Terence
[18:28] Roselle Amorosi: lol
[18:28] Canada Starbrook: Thank you Monica!
[18:28] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): at the end of the runway Aza?
[18:28] Edna Wilkinson: ty Monica
[18:28] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): yes
[18:28] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): next is the cannon challenge
[18:28] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): i do the alt click
[18:28] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): and it not stop me
[18:29] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): do i stop myself?
[18:29] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): it won't stop you from walking off dear
[18:29] Monica Balut: I just sent you a lm to our gym. If I missed anyone let me know
[18:29] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): ok
[18:29] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): xD
[18:29] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): yes:)
[18:29] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): jw 😛
[18:29] TerrenceD: ty Monica for the link to the gym
[18:29] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you have to stop yourself hihihi
[18:29] Chickie Ashbourne: I DIDN'T GET ONE
[18:29] Cindy Gedenspire: ty Monica
[18:29] Gozii (ngozi.faith): Thanks Monica ^ ^
[18:29] Min Jee Park (minjeepark): May I have one please?
[18:29] TerrenceD: are all runways straight?
[18:30] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): this basic walk and turn is what you do when you dont have to pose again
[18:30] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): no Terrence
[18:30] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): grrr
[18:30] Chickie Ashbourne: Thank you. Got it.
[18:30] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): it not work on back XD
[18:30] Min Jee Park (minjeepark): Thank you
[18:30] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): just last week we did a show at Maritima with a runway that was absolutely insane lol
[18:30] Chickie Ashbourne: go there now?
[18:30] Roselle Amorosi: yes =p
[18:30] TerrenceD: so walking turns is more advanced
[18:30] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:30] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I will teach you the other walks
[18:30] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): Roselle remembers!
[18:31] Roselle Amorosi: Haha there were about 4 turns
[18:31] Edna Wilkinson: one of the best shows I've ever been ^^
[18:31] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): this is for a basic runway walk
[18:31] Miss Lali aka COOKIE (lacosadivina.quintessa): Thank You Louise, Nice meeting everyone, I must go now
[18:31] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): Edna too!
[18:31] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:31] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): Lali thank you for coming
[18:31] Roselle Amorosi: Yes was so much fun 🙂
[18:31] TerrenceD: cool
[18:31] Lulu Breuer: bye Lali
[18:31] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ok, has everyone walked these beams?
[18:31] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): I have
[18:31] Chickie Ashbourne: YES
[18:31] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): i haves
[18:31] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): nop
[18:31] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): have*
[18:31] ElaraGloriana (elaragloriana.scrabblebat): no, i just got back… hehe
[18:31] Min Jee Park (minjeepark): Yes
[18:31] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:31] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): Elara give it a go
[18:31] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): Fifi try
[18:32] ElaraGloriana (elaragloriana.scrabblebat): hmmm i'm stuck
[18:33] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): that was great Elara!
[18:33] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ok for this round
[18:33] ElaraGloriana (elaragloriana.scrabblebat): that was wierd i froze there at the end
[18:33] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): Fifi, give it a go dear, you will do it
[18:33] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:33] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you'll see
[18:33] Monica Balut: Looks like we need to have a gym workshop
[18:33] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): lol Monica:)
[18:33] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): sigh. I always need a gym workshop
[18:33] Lulu Breuer: I agree Monica
[18:33] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): practice practice practice
[18:33] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) shouts: perfect
[18:34] Monica Balut: We did that a few times at MW. Haqven't done it in a while
[18:34] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): do you hav to let alt go?
[18:34] Chickie Ashbourne: yes, yes, yes
[18:34] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): Louise may i add something?
[18:34] Monica Balut: The ones at our gym are more challenging
[18:34] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): oh wait I'm not done yet lol!
[18:34] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): there are 4 more beams to go
[18:34] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): and I wont rez the monster beam lol!
[18:34] Lulu Breuer: hehe
[18:34] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): yes of course Sequoia
[18:34] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:34] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): next beam
[18:35] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): to practice turning
[18:35] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): getting back to walking in general and dealing with lag
[18:35] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): you all know how to walk into the winfd
[18:35] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): wind*
[18:35] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): holding down one's skirt?
[18:35] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): it is instict to be able to adjust
[18:35] Saku (sakura.zimberman): sorrry monica
[18:35] Roselle Amorosi: lol
[18:35] Lulu Breuer: space bar?
[18:36] ElaraGloriana (elaragloriana.scrabblebat): shift plus direction
[18:36] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): so if you make your walking in sl instinct and you know how you move how long your stride is you wiull be able to walk in lag
[18:36] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): you will feel lag and adjust to it
[18:37] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): feathering the walk:)
[18:38] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): (are we crashing?)
[18:38] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): I hope not
[18:38] Lulu Breuer: lol no
[18:38] TerrenceD: may I try?
[18:38] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ooh
[18:38] Chickie Ashbourne: i started taking off some of things
[18:38] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): thank you Sequoia!
[18:38] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ok so
[18:38] Chickie Ashbourne: so we arent so laggy
[18:38] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): this beam
[18:38] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you walk center
[18:38] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:38] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ways of turning
[18:39] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): a) you cam around yourself till you see the side you want to turn to and CLICK your avatar
[18:39] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): b) you cam there but then you use the corresponding keyboard arrow, just a tap!
[18:40] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): no rotating like you were drinking lol
[18:40] TerrenceD: This is like band camp
[18:40] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): Want us to try now?
[18:40] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): c) you rotate camera again and you hit the escape key TWICE to regain control of your camera. If you are on viewer2.0 it wont work and be careful because you will lose local chat, so if yo utry to talk it will make you jump
[18:40] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): yes please
[18:40] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:40] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): find a beam and give it a whirl
[18:41] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): without the mosquitos
[18:41] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): is this also i nthe nc? these stpes?
[18:41] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): steps
[18:41] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): lol Sequoia
[18:42] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): i didnt put them in notecards :S I apologise
[18:42] Roselle Amorosi: wb Blos
[18:42] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): thanks Rose 😀
[18:42] Chickie Ashbourne: i didn't see what you said about the escape key
[18:42] Roselle Amorosi: 🙂
[18:42] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): welcome back Blossoms:)
[18:42] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): well
[18:42] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): well the escape key
[18:42] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): ty :))
[18:42] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): blah
[18:43] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you can around yourself, and aim exactly where you want to turn
[18:43] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): I think I ran into someone at the junction
[18:43] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if you hit the escape key twice your avatar rotates perfectly without the dizzy rotation
[18:43] Chickie Ashbourne: oh ok
[18:43] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): also same trick if you lose camera
[18:43] Chickie Ashbourne: ahhh
[18:43] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): especially in places with megaprims or invisible prims
[18:43] Chickie Ashbourne: gotcha
[18:43] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): double escape, tadaah
[18:43] Chickie Ashbourne: ty
[18:43] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[18:43] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you're welcome:)
[18:44] Min Jee Park (minjeepark): Sorry Elisabet I couldnt
[18:45] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I see you are all professionals already!
[18:45] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): great job:)
[18:45] TerrenceD: I did the x2 Esc.trick. Pretty cool.
[18:45] TerrenceD: I'm watching. You can go Ngozi if you like.
[18:46] Gozii (ngozi.faith): ok 🙂
[18:46] Tonya (tonya.swords): i keep walking off the end where you turn
[18:47] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): how do you turn?
[18:47] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): carefully
[18:47] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): Fifi, you use the same alt click technique
[18:47] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): sorry..couldn't resist
[18:47] TerrenceD: alt click the destination, then hit ESC key twice
[18:47] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): then you either click your avatar, or tap the side arrow, or ESC key twice
[18:47] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): ok
[18:47] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): wiating til tonya comes bck
[18:48] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): oeps
[18:48] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) shouts: how is everyone doing ? anyone tired?
[18:49] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) shouts: do you want more beams?
[18:49] ElaraGloriana (elaragloriana.scrabblebat): ㋡
[18:49] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): yes wanna practice turning
[18:49] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): let's try this
[18:50] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): the people who want to try turning will stay on the T beam
[18:50] A group member named Carley Benazzi owned by an unknown group gave you MEI FINAL WALK FOR JUDGES -MAY 22 @12 Noon.
[18:50] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): ok
[18:50] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): all those who want to try something else will be on..my next torture beam
[18:50] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I have to kill all beams and rez anew
[18:50] Lulu Breuer: yay
[18:50] Lulu Breuer: lol
[18:50] Lulu Breuer: can't wait so see these
[18:50] Cindy Gedenspire: almost made it
[18:50] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): Louise? I have an engagement in 10 mins. Will you be sending out notes on your torture beams?
[18:50] Elisabet.Lilliehook (elisabet.lilliehook): I could sorely use them
[18:50] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): again, poor Aza
[18:50] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): soorryyyy
[18:51] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu) shouts: XD
[18:51] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): its oki :3
[18:51] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ok now
[18:51] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): hehe
[18:51] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): practicing what Sequoia said:) feathering the walk
[18:51] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ready?
[18:51] Lulu Breuer: we will have a session introducing eveyone to the gym at MW soon
[18:51] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): omg the evil 88
[18:51] TerrenceD: oh wow
[18:51] Lulu Breuer: yay figure 8 🙂
[18:51] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): OMGAWD D:Character
[18:54] Canada Starbrook: I have to run… Thank you Louise!!! Render > Axes
[18:58] Lulu Breuer: *it is
[18:58] TerrenceD: I look in the inside some to know when to turn
[18:59] Roselle Amorosi: I have to run, have a great time everyone
[18:59] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): is everyone ready to try the last beam?
[18:59] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): this has been absolutely wonderful Louise tysm!
[18:59] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): Roselle :)<3
[18:59] Lulu Breuer: bye Roselle 🙂
[18:59] Roselle Amorosi: Bye all ❤
[18:59] Min Jee Park (minjeepark): byee Roselle!
[18:59] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): thank you for coming:)
[19:00] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if you notice on your folder there is one more beam, that beam is to practice alt clicking more extensively than the regular beam
[19:00] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): bye rose!
[19:00] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I apologise for the build, I made it myself and I'm horrible at it lol
[19:00] ElaraGloriana (elaragloriana.scrabblebat): haha very cool TY
[19:00] Monica Balut: LMAO
[19:00] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): o_o
[19:01] Gozii (ngozi.faith): ooo
[19:01] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): oh my
[19:01] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): that is the last one
[19:01] ElaraGloriana (elaragloriana.scrabblebat): WOW or rather WWW
[19:01] Cindy Gedenspire: lol
[19:01] Lulu Breuer: oh wow
[19:01] Tonya (tonya.swords): o my
[19:01] TerrenceD: the EKG beam
[19:01] Monica Balut: There's no walking that without stopping LOL
[19:01] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): oooh try doing this without stopping
[19:01] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): yes !
[19:01] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): exactly
[19:01] Lulu Breuer: so is the idea to walk without stopping?
[19:01] ElaraGloriana (elaragloriana.scrabblebat): beep beep beep beeeeeeeeeep crash lol
[19:01] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): alt click alt click
[19:01] TerrenceD: lol
[19:01] ღ Լιί ::. (liilee.elton): lol
[19:01] Lulu Breuer: cool
[19:01] Lulu Breuer: this one is hard
[19:01] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): you all have to stop
[19:01] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): but alt click turn
[19:01] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): alt click turn
[19:01] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): alt click turn
[19:02] TerrenceD: this is great. I imagine people pay for these lessons. So nice of you Louise to share your knowledge with us.
[19:02] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ㋡
[19:02] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): then just exit on the other side and you’re free
[19:02] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I love teaching Terrence:) it is a pleasure really
[19:02] Lulu Breuer: tricky
[19:02] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): yes very tricky
[19:03] Monica Balut: Slide it over a bit Louise. it’s too close to that column on the floor
[19:03] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): i sorry
[19:03] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): mine to i always wanted to go to one!
[19:03] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): oops sorry
[19:03] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): am so excited now
[19:03] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): grr
[19:03] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): lololo
[19:03] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): lol
[19:03] Lulu Breuer: wow that is hard lol
[19:03] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): ahh this may appear free on the blog but NOTHING is as good as personal training , go to school
[19:03] Min Jee Park (minjeepark): traffic jam!
[19:03] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): grerrr
[19:03] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): OMGAWD D:<
[19:04] TerrenceD: yeah. I am still researching schools.
[19:04] Chickie Ashbourne: aarrrg
[19:05] Monica Balut: The key to all these is practice, practice, PRACTICE
[19:05] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): `*~*`WooT WooT`*~*`
[19:05] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): finished it 8D
[19:05] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): yes:)
[19:05] TerrenceD: if I am on the runway and stop from lag, do I stay put and pose or keep going?
[19:05] ღ Լιί ::. (liilee.elton): stay Put !
[19:06] TerrenceD: ok
[19:06] You decline Lush Model Academy, Maritima (196, 206, 501) from A group member named Lulu Breuer.
[19:06] You decline What you need to Model's Workshop Seminar with Louise from A group member named Lulu Breuer.
[19:06] A group member named Lulu Breuer gave you What you need to Model's Workshop Seminar with Louise.
[19:07] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): i dun think i'll ever get that circle down cause my hand eye coordination is really bad lol
[19:07] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): hhhihi
[19:07] Chamonix Boudreaux: sorry laides that back wall was in my view
[19:07] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if you stop before the mark
[19:07] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): for instance
[19:07] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) shouts: if you stop toooo far from the stop mark you should move
[19:08] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) shouts: if you stop relatively close, never correct the position
[19:08] Monica Balut: I love runway practice
[19:08] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): so do I
[19:08] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie) shouts: it's very important to not look like you're nervous on the runway by moving around trying to stop at the exact spot
[19:08] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): gah she does it so fast
[19:09] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): so perfect
[19:09] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): lol
[19:09] Monica Balut: Nice Edna
[19:09] ღ Լιί ::. (liilee.elton): Thank you Louise ,., This was so much fun ,., I'm at work in RL & i need to get back to work . hugs to alll have fun xxx Bye bye xx
[19:09] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): thank you:)
[19:09] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): this was really an honour
[19:09] Edna Wilkinson: I wanted to do without stopping but I can't 😦
[19:10] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I was nervous at first but now I'm much calmer lol
[19:10] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): \o/
[19:10] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): it's veeery difficult Edna
[19:10] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): when will be next courses?
[19:10] ღ Լιί ::. (liilee.elton): Hugss xx Take care all xx
[19:10] Edna Wilkinson: hehe yes 😛
[19:10] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): I was building and making it harder and harder, adjusting prims lol
[19:10] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): thank you Chickie and ty for coming:)
[19:11] Lulu Breuer: thank you Louise 🙂
[19:11] Lulu Breuer: thank you feo saying up so late
[19:11] Lulu Breuer: I love this WWW runway
[19:11] Lulu Breuer: very cool
[19:11] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): is the class demiss?
[19:11] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): thank you for inviting me
[19:11] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): it was a real pleasure
[19:11] Monica Balut: TY for taking the time to do this Louise
[19:11] Lulu Breuer: ★(`'·.¸(`'·.¸ * ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)★
[19:11] Lulu Breuer: A*P*P*L*A*U*S*E !!!
[19:11] Lulu Breuer: ★(¸.·'´(¸.·'´ * `'·.¸)`'·.¸)★
[19:11] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): my pleasure really I love teaching runway
[19:11] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): it's very fun lesson 🙂
[19:11] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): if anyone has any questions feel free to friend me and ask away at any time:)
[19:11] Edna Wilkinson: thank you for sharing ur precious tricks 🙂
[19:12] Min Jee Park (minjeepark): Thank you Louise! I enjoyed the class this evening
[19:12] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): YAY!
[19:12] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): ty 8D
[19:12] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ty Aza:)
[19:12] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): ::D
[19:12] Sequoia (sequoia.nightfire): APPLAUSE!!!!
[19:12] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): and ty!
[19:12] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): and yw 8D
[19:12] Gozii (ngozi.faith): ☆☆☆ APPLAUSE ☆☆☆
[19:12] Blossoms – 櫻花 (blossoms.sweetwater): ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[19:12] Gozii (ngozi.faith): thanks for teaching us ^ ^
[19:12] aza (azaliatsutsuji.bosatsu): ********APPPLLLAAAUUUSSSEEE********
[19:12] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): ty FiFi:)
[19:12] Gozii (ngozi.faith): i got a lot of homework lol.
[19:12] Louise Roundel (louise.mcwinnie): thank you all so much for granting me your ears and your time
[19:12] Lulu Breuer: ★(`'·.¸(`'·.¸ * ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)★
[19:12] Lulu Breuer: A*P*P*L*A*U*S*E !!!
[19:12] Lulu Breuer: ★(¸.·'´(¸.·'´ * `'·.¸)`'·.¸)★
[19:12] – Miss FiFi – (lieffiie.ruby): thank youu for teachhinngg uss!!!


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