Jessica Lyons “How to Deal with Lag”

Instructions given by Jessica Lyons (Phoenix, Emerald Guru) at Models Workshop, 2/10/11

To Reduce Lag

1. Sim owners and builders, use smaller textures in builds. For small prims use small textures.

2. To help with render lag, mute High ARC Users (If you do this go to Local Chat window and check Show Muted Text so you will be able to communicate with the ones your muted.) Can mute the whole audience if you want by going to Phoenix > Avatar List. Shift click more than one then right click and select Moderation > Mute. By muting them they will turn gray and your viewer will no longer render them, so you will not be affected by their high arc. Make sure to enable “Show Muted Text” if you need to still be able to see what others are saying. Note this may be a Phonix only feature.

3. Sim owner can help models by creating separate parcels for audience and models and then disable scripts on the audience parcel.

4.Turn these things off in Adv > Types
4.) what to turn off for runway

5. Reduce draw distance as little as 10 meters by using DD 10. Say this in local chat. Set your draw distance just enough to see the runway, not more . Be careful to set if far enough to keep track of other models on the runway. Monic a set it too low and lost the Model in front of her, and because of lag she did not rezz again as she walked back.

6. CLEARING CACHE DOES NOT HELP!!!! It slows you down actually. It actually contributes to server lag by causing the sim to have to send you all the textures again and slows down your computer as well whichas to resave all that.)
The only time you should clear cache is if you have texture failure (see funny colors) or crash when tping into a sim.

7. Keep your Network bandwidth in Network Preferences between 500-1500.

To Prevent Falling Off Runway

1. Advanced > Recorder
The top part of these commands are broken. Can record your walks and play back for all to see if the sim owner turns off flying.
2. Double Click Auto Pilot
Can use Double Click Auto Pilot for Double Walks. Can find this in Preferences > Phoenix > Page 1 > Double-click Autopilot.
This works by first camming then double click to go there.
Note you will stop where you click, so it may be harder to use it to go backstage, but Jessica encouraged us to play with both features and see if we can use them while modeling.

If You Get Ruthed…

Go to Advanced > Rendering > Render Tests and choose male of female. This test determines your avie’s gender. So if you are male and choose female test, later you may see you have boobs that jingle. Best thing to do is to select the test of your normal gender. Don’t go trans, lol.

If your posing HUD fails to respond when you click on it, do not click again. Doing so only adds another event to the script queu and actually slows down responsiveness. The script has not lost the event, it will just be slow in being executed.

Modeling HUD’s are scripted objects and therefore subject to sim lag. Playing an animation manually is handled by the viewer with minimum impact on the sim. It is more reliable in very laggy situations.

Failure of attached objects to attach is because the sim an asset servers cannot keep up with the demands and may also lose the connection with each other. The only way to prevent lock up is to have the model pace the rezzing of new outfits so only a few are rezzing at once. In the statistics bar under Simulator you can check Pending Dowloads and Uploads to see if there are any problems with fetching inventory from the asset server. For more information on the Statistics bar go here:

Nothing can be done about rubber banding. It is caused by avatars tping entering the sim and the mono script bug. LL is working on a fix.

The best measure of the affect of ARC is the FPS value in the statistics ba(r.Ctrl-Sft-1)

The size of your inventory does not affect lag, but you cannot attach an object or outfit until it loads, and the larger your inventory the longer it takes to load. Go to a water sim to reload your inventory and type a long search in your inventory search.

See for more info about the causes of being ruthed and ways to fix it.


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