Kaan Kuhn “Photography and Business in RL and SL”

[12:05] Madeleine Dollinger: My name is Madeleine Dollinger and I will be your host here tonight!
[12:05] Suki Rexen: ☆Applause☆
[12:05] Sequoia Nightfire: *✯*♪♫♥ Applause ♥♫♪*✯*
[12:05] Sequoia Nightfire: ✯*✯*✯* APPLAUSE *✯*✯*✯
[12:05] Monerda Skute: applause
[12:05] Madeleine Dollinger: We will have an informal discussion about this topic and especially talk about photography and business deals that cross over the boarders of our virtual world and the real world!
[12:05] Wipster Baxter: >>> Applause !!! <<<>> Applause !!! <<<>> Applause !!! <<<<
[13:15] Candylicious Forster: have good day everyone
[13:15] Madeleine Dollinger: :))
[13:15] Monerda Skute: APPLAUSE !
[13:15] Madeleine Dollinger: Good Night/ Day everyone:))
[13:15] Monerda Skute: bye everyone and take care
[13:15] Miranda Braumley: Bye bye
[13:15] AuroraNicole: Take care all!
[13:16] Madeleine Dollinger: Bye Bye!!:))
[13:21] Senzo Voom: Bye for all 🙂
[13:21] Sequoia Nightfire: bye all ty for coming again


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