BlackBarbie Bravin “Funding Modeling Career”

2011 03 17

Lulu Breuer: Welcome everyone πŸ™‚
Lulu Breuer: Please note after our main presentation we will have a couple of announcements
Lulu Breuer: Today we have one of the most elegant and smart women in SL joining us to talk about how models can generate lindens to fund their modeling careers: BlackBarbie Bravin
Lulu Breuer: Her accomplishments are many; among other things she is a supermodel, CNN iReporter, COO of Monaco Yacht Project, Manager for THE BEST OF SL Magazine, Hotel Manager for Casablanca Suites & Resort, Manager of the BOSL Malls
Lulu Breuer: In addition to all of this, BlackBarbie is probably the nicest person you will meet in SL
Lulu Breuer: So when trying to figure out who would be the right person to tackle tonight topic her name popped into my head immediately,
Lulu Breuer: Ever gracious and generous with her time and knowledge she immediately agreed to teach tonight workshop, so please join me in welcoming BlackBarbie Bravin
(applause removed)
BlackBarbie Bravin: Thank you so much for that intro! ❀
BlackBarbie Bravin shouts: Thank you for joining me this evening. It is an honor to be here in front of you.
BlackBarbie Bravin shouts: Today I will speak about opportunities and careers that can be pursued from skills gained as a fashion model.
BlackBarbie Bravin shouts: There are several opportunities that SL Fashion models can pursue, however there is only enough time to go over 10 today.
BlackBarbie Bravin shouts: Please feel free to add comments as we go. πŸ™‚
BlackBarbie Bravin shouts: At the closing, I will ask for two career options not mentioned here. The first two individuals to answer immediately after the question is asked correctly will get $500l each.
BlackBarbie Bravin shouts: Are you all ready?
BlackBarbie Bravin shouts: Here we go πŸ™‚
BlackBarbie Bravin shouts: 1. CMO, CEO’s & COO’s
BlackBarbie Bravin shouts: In a world where being beautiful is easy, and dressing in a stunning manner is obtainable, you’ll find that just as in RL, to stand out you have to have be able to market yourself.
BlackBarbie Bravin shouts: Many started out modeling in-world with no idea where to begin, but over time mastered the art and have expanded into marketing roles.
BlackBarbie Bravin shouts: Some of the skills one would have to focus on in include having empathy for others, the ability to be persuasive, the ability to quickly change direction, and a creative imagination.
BlackBarbie Bravin: ability to quickly change direction, and a creative imagination. You will find that secret to becoming a supermodel and growing as an individual, is to help others grow. This takes one much further than hiding sources.
BlackBarbie Bravin: Those who do that eventually will become invisible as well.
BlackBarbie Bravin: If you have not already, you will find yourself in situations that require you to quickly change direction to complete tasks. While at first it may seem difficult, eventually, last minute walk changes, a designer requesting clothing changes, or even venue changes due to some SL glitch, are no longer a big deal.
BlackBarbie Bravin: We learn to go with the flow and keep the focus on displaying the designer’s creations in the most exquisite way possible.
BlackBarbie Bravin: You become a master of marketing yourself and the designs of others.
BlackBarbie Bravin: If you master the art of marketing yourself, you can market anything.
BlackBarbie Bravin: That is why CMO, CEO’s & COO’s are on the list.
BlackBarbie Bravin: 2. Production Script Writer
BlackBarbie Bravin: Once you have been in several shows, you start to get an idea of a script program and how they should sound.
BlackBarbie Bravin: If you find yourself listening to scripts and thinking of what you could have or would have said in place of the one shows, this may be a career choice as well.
BlackBarbie Bravin: Script writers usually deliver scripts that include the opening, designer bio, walk descriptions, and the closing. They typically charge $50L to $100L a walk. This varies according to the script total, or the amount of time allotted before a show.
BlackBarbie Bravin: As a script writer you have to be able to work well under pressure since you may not always get the information on time, be flexible – as details change often, have a creative writing style, and the ability to change writing styles to match the various shows.
BlackBarbie Bravin: Moving on to the next on the list πŸ™‚
BlackBarbie Bravin: 3. Stage Manager
BlackBarbie Bravin: As a model in shows you get first hand experience as far as how the shows function.
BlackBarbie Bravin: A stage manager has to have strong multitasking abilities. Not only will they have to know what is happening on stage, but they have to know what is happening backstage, who is crashing, who has not rezzed, who is ruthed, and be able to effectively communicate this information to the announcer in the heat of it all.
BlackBarbie Bravin: The stage manager is also the backup announcer in the instance the stage announcer crashes.
BlackBarbie Bravin: If you are the kind of model who tells the stage manager what is happening before they even figure it out, IM’s models to let them know a strand of hair is out of place, they are a ghost or keep an eye on others backstage, then this may be a career choice for you!
ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat: ;D
BlackBarbie Bravin: I am sure everyone does this anyway πŸ™‚
Sasha Diglione: smiles
BlackBarbie Bravin: Moving on to the number 4
BlackBarbie Bravin: 4. Model Management
BlackBarbie Bravin: To be a model manager, you have to be able to be understanding and sympathetic to the RL circumstances of others (models and designers). In addition you have to have a strong network of designers, and models.
BlackBarbie Bravin: Having a roster with top models in SL alone will not bring designers your way.
BlackBarbie Bravin: A large network or special niche is a necessity to be successful
BlackBarbie Bravin: I am sure you can think of models who are involved in #5
BlackBarbie Bravin: 5. ClothingΒ Designer
BlackBarbie Bravin: I am also sure you can think of 101 reasons why a strong model could make a great clothing designer. Skills learned as a styling expert could really pay forward in this respect.
BlackBarbie Bravin: As well many designers are willing to bring on and provide training for models that have a desire to learn and the talent to contribute to their current clothing lines.
BlackBarbie Bravin: #6 Hair Stylist
BlackBarbie Bravin: There are so many models who have gone on to become successful hair stylist.
BlackBarbie Bravin: We all start out learning how to edit our hair to ensure it doesn’t cut into our clothing or shoulders.
BlackBarbie Bravin: Some take it the next level and add accents to enhance their looks. Others still, wanting more, build and create hair styles they cannot find in world.
BlackBarbie Bravin: It’s easy to see show this could grow into a career.
BlackBarbie Bravin: The next is the most popular career for models. πŸ™‚
BlackBarbie Bravin: 7. Photographer
BlackBarbie Bravin: Be it out of necessity or passion, many models are taking their own portfolio and contest photos.
BlackBarbie Bravin: Those who excel at this art find themselves in such great demand that they hang their own shingle.
BlackBarbie Bravin: From there it can expand to commercial photography, owning a texture store, graphic design, art galleries, and more.
BlackBarbie Bravin: We are heading into the stretch πŸ™‚
BlackBarbie Bravin: It’s almost time to give away money πŸ™‚ For those who arrived after.
BlackBarbie Bravin: At the end…I will ask for two career choices not mentioned today…
BlackBarbie Bravin: and the first two answers get $500L
BlackBarbie Bravin: correct answers..let me clarify πŸ™‚
BlackBarbie Bravin: so moving on πŸ™‚
BlackBarbie Bravin: 8. Builder
BlackBarbie Bravin: Sometimes adjusting prim on clothes, or helping with stage shows isn’t enough.
BlackBarbie Bravin: Some models seek to expand on that skill set by creating stage props for their outfits as you saw in Stying Forward.
BlackBarbie Bravin: This in turn can build into ownership of a store filled with their goods over time.
BlackBarbie Bravin: These goods can range from furniture and cars to homes.
BlackBarbie Bravin: For the techie models out names (Monica Balut)
BlackBarbie Bravin: 9. Scripter
BlackBarbie Bravin: As a model we used many scripted items to do our job. Items such as hair, vpc’s, clothing, many invites, and special effects have scripts.
BlackBarbie Bravin: It is not unusual for models to modify the scripts to achieve their desired impact.
BlackBarbie Bravin: In doing so some have mastered the trade and come to the point where they build and sell their own scripts.
BlackBarbie Bravin: For #10 which I think is the second most popular following photography…..
BlackBarbie Bravin: A Posemaker
BlackBarbie Bravin: How many times have you searched for the perfect pose for so long?
Diana Balhaus: every day
Sasha Diglione: nods
BlackBarbie Bravin: Right πŸ™‚
BlackBarbie Bravin: Either out of necessity or passion, models are learning how to create poses.
Monica Balut: and spent a small fortune
BlackBarbie Bravin: oh yes!
Bea (beatrice.serendipity): hear hear Monica
BlackBarbie Bravin: If you have the passion and patience to pursue this craft, it could also be rewarding.
BlackBarbie Bravin: Each career possibility can be obtained with practice and passion.
BlackBarbie Bravin: Frolic always says that the most successful never do it for money. They work for the fun of it! I couldn’t agree more.
BlackBarbie Bravin: They do it because they love to.
Monica Balut: I think the essential thing is to find something you’re good at and you have a passion for
BlackBarbie Bravin: Exactly
BlackBarbie Bravin: So now the big challenge
BlackBarbie Bravin: – First two winners- Name two careers that can result from modeling and how in local chat- Win $500 lindenArion Vella: Shape Consultant
Leena Bianco: Public Relations
Rusalka (rusalka.callisto): Fashion Blogger/Writer
Amalfia (amalfia.hanly): Announcer, skin creator
Mezzo Silverweb: Make-up Artist
Camille Bellecoeur-Zarco (camille.bellecoeur): journalist
Bea (beatrice.serendipity): shape designer?
Terri (terrilynn.carami): Magazine ad sales! πŸ™‚
SD Damiano: Trainers/teaching
Heydon Milter: Modeling Academy Instructor and Shape/Skin Desiner.
Lulu Breuer: personal assistant to designer or other fashion mogul
NyuNyu Kimono: store modeling
Lori Saxondale: agency, teacher
Rusalka (rusalka.callisto): Public Relations/Promotion
Monica Balut: maker of counterfeit Lindens?
Lipstick Melodie: Blogger and/or Writer, Stylist
Arion Vella: Styling Consultant
BlackBarbie Bravin: You all are on fire!!
Jena Adder: marketing and pr
NyuNyu Kimono: hahahahaha
Leena Bianco: πŸ˜€
NyuNyu Kimono: we want the money!
Nox Deigan: lol. Journalist. I like that one.
SD Damiano: lol
Lulu Breuer: rofl Monica πŸ™‚
BlackBarbie Bravin: lets look back up
ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat: haha monica! πŸ˜€ print me some Lindens!
BlackBarbie Bravin: Arion and Leena! Congratulations!!!!
Lipstick Melodie: who pushed the enter button fastest
Leena Bianco: yay!!
Rob Starfall: DJing
Amalfia (amalfia.hanly): congratulations
NyuNyu Kimono: aww! bye bye 500L!
Sasha Diglione: lol
NyuNyu Kimono: congratulations! hehehehehehe
Rusalka (rusalka.callisto): Gratzi!
Leena Bianco: love shopping πŸ™‚
Leena Bianco: thank you
NyuNyu Kimono: LOL monica…
Arion Vella: Oh wow.. fast fingers, TY
Mezzo Silverweb: congrats ladies
BlackBarbie Bravin: Does anyone have any questions or comments to add?
Rob Starfall: I had chat lg
Monica Balut: Many of the other suggestions have merit too
NyuNyu Kimono: oh oh, event bloggers or blogging in general?
NyuNyu Kimono: i think that can earn a bit of side income too maybe…
BlackBarbie Bravin: Oh Yes! excellent choices that compliment modeling well
Arion Vella: I’ve tried about half the things you mentioned but my lack of tech skills keeps me from some
Rusalka (rusalka.callisto) sighs because she was going to pinch Frolic until she noticed the green tint on his sunglasses.
Arion Vella: like scripting
BlackBarbie Bravin: awe..practice, love it, practice, love it, you’ll get it πŸ™‚
Amalfia (amalfia.hanly): Does that mean that to make good money, a model has to diversify?
SD Damiano: i ahve been intrested in phsotography very much but ahve noticed noone really teaches it in sl as a career choice
Leena Bianco: Can you say some of the best ways to get noticed once you have found your passion and are really good at what you do?
BlackBarbie Bravin: great question Arion
Rusalka (rusalka.callisto): Modeling is an expensive job, lol.
Mezzo Silverweb: Google is your friend.
BlackBarbie Bravin: If you diversify and love what you do, you’ll do well.
Rusalka (rusalka.callisto): Diversity is what it’s all about!
Mezzo Silverweb: You can find lots of stuff on the net about things in SL
Bea (beatrice.serendipity): Team Photolife is a really great group for photographers – they do some classes on running a photography business
Arion Vella: I’ve made more in 3 months writing for a style magazine than i made in 3 years as a model πŸ™‚
Rusalka (rusalka.callisto) nods at Arion.
Monica Balut: Remember we are doing a series at MW on photography
SD Damiano: tyvm bea will look it up pelase come to em hwen i ahve become a photographer
BlackBarbie Bravin: Some of the best ways to get noticed is to see who you can help with your chosen trade and find ways to do. Once you do, you’ll grow.
Mezzo Silverweb: Thank you Bea
Nox Deigan: Hey BDoll.. Can you briefly go over the different experiences in the fields you’ve tried personally for people thinking of tossing the hat in.. as a personal experience? You’ve done quite a bit. What was one of the toughest situations you faced in growing outward into these fields?
BlackBarbie Bravin: However, there is not get rich plan πŸ™‚
BlackBarbie Bravin: You have to work hard and again as long as you love what you do, end the in, you win.
ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat: wow, ty Ms. Bravin, and ty organizers, another great chat πŸ˜‰ I really enjoy the workshops πŸ˜‰ thank you all of you for your insights πŸ˜‰
Diana Balhaus: yes enjoyment is the pay off
Leena Bianco: no just want to have fun πŸ™‚ TY, this was great insight.
BlackBarbie Bravin: I sure can! I love to try different things πŸ™‚ For example
Monica Balut: I thnik of learning as fun
BlackBarbie Bravin: I have owned a furniture store, and that came from creating props for contests over time. πŸ™‚ Also
BlackBarbie Bravin: I write scripts (quietly) for several agencies when I get in the zone πŸ™‚
Heydon Milter: Are there any models who just do strictly modeling and support themselves with just that? I find it ironic that on the one hand we are all models, and yet we have to do side jobs to support our addiction to fashion.
BlackBarbie Bravin: No. πŸ™‚
BlackBarbie Bravin: No one models for money πŸ™‚
BlackBarbie Bravin: If you do..runnnn
NyuNyu Kimono: hehehehe
Diana Balhaus: lol
Lulu Breuer: hehe
Annie Zorric Naxos (annie.zorric): smiles*
BlackBarbie Bravin: Most models spend more on a show than they will ever make. They do it because they love it.
Diana Balhaus: yes
Lulu Breuer nods
ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat nods
Monica Balut: that’s for sure
SD Damiano: tyvm BlackBarbie thatw as very insightful
Annie Zorric Naxos (annie.zorric): love of art!
Rob Starfall: I work a a phoographr
SD Damiano: tyvm LULU great workshop as always
BlackBarbie Bravin: thank you very much for being here…checking back for mroe questions
BlackBarbie Bravin: more*
Amalfia (amalfia.hanly): thank you for an excelllent presentation πŸ™‚
(applause removed)
Lulu Breuer: Just a few announcements before you all leave
Lulu Breuer: first thanks to Terrilynn Carami we have a survey, we would really love everyone to fill it out here is the


Lulu Breuer: Please join us Monday at noon for our first multilingual workshop, this week German with Leandra Breen
Monica Balut: Yes we’d like your feedback
Lulu Breuer: Tuesday at 4pm our Photograph group meets
Lulu Breuer: Later on Monday at 5 pm we have our Model Chats with Sequoia Nightfire
Lulu Breuer: and on Wednesday at 5pm we have our weekly styling challenge, this weeks theme is Sic Fi
Lulu Breuer: we have another announcement for our lovely Leena Bianco, Leena…
Leena Bianco: Hi everyone
Monica Balut: Yay
LeenaLeena Bianco: Just wanted to put a quick plug in for our April 30th fashion show. As with the show produced by Model’s Worshop on March 5th, we will be pulling together another exciting show at the end of April.
Leena Bianco: Next week I plan to send out a notice about our model casting and the schedule for rehearsals, but right now I am still in need of a few helping hands.
I sent out a message earlier to the group and I want to say thanks to all that have volunteered so far. I still have several positions that need filling. The available positions are: Assistant Model coach, a script writer and if there is anyone with photography or video skills to record our event, that would be fantastic.
Leena Bianco: Please look for my note and respond if you are interested in helping with this event. We have a fantastic designer “Trill Zapatero”, who has agreed to support us. And men, do not be shy. Trill has a selection of men’s clothing as well and I would love to have some male models participate this time.
Thanks so much…..
Lulu Breuer: thank you everyone for coming πŸ™‚


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