Monica Balut “(AO’s) Animation Overriders”


[17:03] Monica Balut: This week I thought we would focus on Animation Over riders (AO’s).
[17:03] Jamie Kessler: hi Miaa
[17:03] Monica Balut: Before we start, buy ($0) a copy of the basic ZHOA on the runway. We will be using it later.
[17:03] Miaa Rebane: Hi Jamie πŸ™‚ Hi everyone πŸ™‚
[17:03] Harlee Lane: hi Miaa
[17:03] Kandi Lauria: Hi Miaa
[17:04] Monica Balut: You all get the ZHAO behind me?
[17:04] Kandi Lauria: I did
[17:04] Kat Msarko: yes πŸ˜‰
[17:04] StellaRae Luminos: thanks Monica
[17:04] Lizzie Ulysses: me too
[17:04] Melinda Jensen: yes ty
[17:04] Monica Balut: Good
[17:04] Litya Barbosa: yes
[17:04] Monica Balut: It doesn’t take us very long after first joining SL to notice that most of the other avatars do not walk like a duck like we do, and seem to have much more realistic ways of standing and moving.
[17:04] Kat Msarko: hehehe
[17:04] Kandi Lauria laughs
[17:05] Litya Barbosa: yea
[17:05] Jayd Ceriano: πŸ™‚
[17:05] Monica Balut: We quickly realize that everyone else is using an AO. I’m sure we all have one here. Some new models also use AO’s for their runway work.
[17:05] Monica Balut: Since how we move is so fundamental to who we are and how we present ourselves in SL, I thought we could spend some time examining AO’s a little closer, compare notes on the ones we all use, and learn a little bit about how to set one up from scratch.
[17:05] Monica Balut: Let’s look briefly at how animations work in SL.
[17:06] Monica Balut: At any time, the AV is in a certain animation state. Some examples of animation states are sitting, standing, walking, flying, hovering, ground sitting, turning left, turning right, running, crouching, and many others.
[17:06] Monica Balut: There is at least one SL default animation associated with each animation state. Some states like standing have several that get played randomly.
[17:07] Monica Balut: It’s also possible for several animations for a given state to be playing at the same time. For example, several standing animations could be active at one time. Or, they could be playing at the same time a walk animation is playing.
[17:07] Monica Balut: Each animation in SL is assigned a priority ranging from 0 to 4. Most default SL animations are fairly low priority.
[17:07] Balut Runway HUD Update Server: Melinda Emms’s Runway HUD has been updated to Balut Runway HUD v 1.03 (Boxed)
[17:07] Monica Balut: The priority is assigned by the created when s/he uploads it to SL
[17:08] Monica Balut: It can’t be changed after that
[17:08] Monica Balut: Generally, animations of higher priority over ride those of lower priority. So if you have two standing animations playing at once and one is priority 2 and the other is priority 4, only the priority 4 animation will appear to be playing.
[17:08] Monica Balut: If two animations of the same priority are playing, the latest one to be started will over ride the earlier one.
[17:09] Monica Balut: How can you tell what the priority of an animation is?
[17:09] Monica Balut: Can anyone explain that?
[17:09] Kandi Lauria: it usually says in the animation itself
[17:09] StellaRae Luminos: I wish vendors would always post it!
[17:09] Miaa Rebane: Properties?
[17:09] Monica Balut: but not always
[17:09] Kandi Lauria: at least some of them do
[17:09] Kandi Lauria: true
[17:09] Jamie Kessler: advanced
[17:10] Monica Balut: Jamie’s getting warm
[17:10] Monica Balut: Click on Advanced -> Character -> Animation Information.
[17:10] Litya Barbosa: ok
[17:10] Monica Balut: That will show a list of all the animations you (and everyone around you) are playing.
[17:10] Meisha Verstandig: monica you are doing in text not voice?
[17:10] Monica Balut: yes text
[17:10] Kat Msarko: aahhhh..good to know that..great info!
[17:10] Meisha Verstandig: ty
[17:11] Monica Balut: Do you all have that list up?
[17:11] Kat Msarko: yes
[17:11] Lizzie Ulysses: wow I never knew that
[17:11] Kandi Lauria: yes
[17:11] Litya Barbosa: what list?
[17:11] Litya Barbosa: i got confused
[17:11] StellaRae Luminos: wow thats so cool
[17:11] Lina Landau: i have eye rot
[17:11] Kat Msarko: wow..lots of info here lol
[17:11] Monica Balut: it’s best to move away from other pple when you do that
[17:11] Kat Msarko: lmao
[17:11] Kandi Lauria: I have head rot lol
[17:11] Jamie Kessler: lol
[17:11] Jamie Kessler: yes
[17:11] Miaa Rebane: so cool! ^^
[17:11] Jayd Ceriano: yes
[17:11] Kat Msarko: oh my goodness…lol
[17:11] Monica Balut: bc you see everyone’s anmis
[17:11] StellaRae Luminos: lol me too Kandi
[17:11] Litya Barbosa: ok
[17:11] Jamie Kessler: hard to read with this many people here
[17:11] Kandi Lauria: always knew there was something wrong lol
[17:11] Kat Msarko: lol
[17:12] StellaRae Luminos: lol
[17:12] Monica Balut: See all the anims you are playing now?
[17:12] Kat Msarko: yes
[17:12] Litya Barbosa: no what is it again?
[17:12] Jayd Ceriano: yes
[17:12] Monica Balut: Most of them are default SL anims
[17:12] Second Life: Your object ‘ZHAO II Basic’ has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by MVD Inc from parcel ‘MVD Inc. (Beam-Me Teleporters)’ at Sekmet 160, 238 due to parcel auto return.
[17:12] Monica Balut: the ones’s with the names are SL default
[17:12] Monica Balut: the ones with UUID’s (keys) are ones you bought
[17:13] Kat Msarko: aahhh…
[17:13] Monica Balut: The latest ones to start will be at the top of the list.
[17:13] Litya Barbosa: wow
[17:13] Monica Balut: The number at the end of each line is the priority for that pose.
[17:13] Litya Barbosa: you see everyone’s
[17:13] Monica Balut: That’s the only true way to know the priority
[17:13] Monica Balut: you have to play it
[17:13] Monica Balut: and look at that list
[17:13] Monica Balut: If you want, let’s take a few minutes to experiment with that as you are wearing your AO and moving around.
[17:14] Monica Balut: Try walking around and see how it changes
[17:14] Litya Barbosa: i can’t do my zhao
[17:14] Litya Barbosa: i have a lot of zhao’s
[17:14] Litya Barbosa: haha
[17:14] Kat Msarko: wow lol
[17:14] Monica Balut: we’ll get to that Litya
[17:15] Monica Balut shouts: This is good to use when you are buying poses
[17:15] Lina Landau: rotation
[17:15] Monica Balut shouts: Get on the pose stand and check out the priorites of the poses you are buying
[17:15] Lina Landau: the geeks love it
[17:15] Kat Msarko: good to know!
[17:15] Kandi Lauria: great idea monica
[17:15] Lina Landau: At least I don’t have butt rot
[17:16] Kandi Lauria: hehehe
[17:16] Litya Barbosa: haha
[17:16] Monica Balut: Hahaha
[17:16] Jamie Kessler: lol
[17:16] StellaRae Luminos: lol
[17:16] Jayd Ceriano: lol
[17:16] Litya Barbosa: that would sound even funnier
[17:16] Kandi Lauria: breathe rot is almost as bad tho lol
[17:16] Jamie Kessler: I seem to have breathe rot
[17:16] Monica Balut: Just about everything else moves tho
[17:16] Kat Msarko: lol..I had breathe rot *seaches her pockets for some altoids*
[17:16] Lina Landau: and try this when you are on the pose balls in bed. Even more fun
[17:16] Jamie Kessler: lol
[17:16] Meisha Verstandig: lol
[17:16] Litya Barbosa: me too
[17:16] Litya Barbosa: haha
[17:16] Kandi Lauria: hahaha
[17:16] Kat Msarko: lol
[17:16] Litya Barbosa gets some mentos
[17:16] Litya Barbosa: haha
[17:16] Monica Balut shouts: Ok let’s go on
[17:16] Jayd Ceriano: lol
[17:16] Kat Msarko: lmao
[17:17] Kandi Lauria: can you imagine what it smells like in here with all of the breath rot?
[17:17] Monica Balut: You may want to turn that off to not drive yourself nuts here
[17:17] Kat Msarko: roflol
[17:17] Kandi Lauria: haha
[17:17] Jamie Kessler: yes, I just did
[17:17] Kat Msarko: whew..
[17:17] Litya Barbosa: how do you turn it off now?
[17:17] Monica Balut: exhausting
[17:17] Monica Balut: So just what is an AO?
[17:18] Lina Landau: by the way if you select slow motion animations you can then take pics of yourself with the wind blowing your flexi hair
[17:18] Kandi Lauria: go back to the animations and remove the check mark
[17:18] Lina Landau: sorry Monica
[17:18] Litya Barbosa: nvm
[17:18] Litya Barbosa: i got it
[17:18] Melinda Jensen: animation overrider
[17:18] Monica Balut: Essentially it’s an object, generally worn as a HUD, that contains a script. The script continuously monitors the animation state of the AV and substitutes a different animation for that state instead of the default SL one.
[17:18] Litya Barbosa: cool
[17:18] Litya Barbosa: i didn’t know that
[17:18] Melinda Jensen: it overides the sl default animations
[17:18] Kandi Lauria: me either
[17:18] Monica Balut: Since the new animation usually is of higher priority and is started later than the default SL animation, it over rides it (therein the name Animation Over rider).
[17:18] Lizzie Ulysses: me neither….lol
[17:19] Monica Balut: Most AO’s on the market are based on the ZHAO script (now in version II) written by Zizzy Puff. This itself was based on the Franimator script written by Francis Chung.
[17:19] Monica Balut: They allow several standing animations to be cycled through every so often and allow the user to pick default walks, sits, stands and ground sits from a number of them loaded in the HUD.
[17:19] Litya Barbosa gets out her handy dandy notebook to write notes
[17:19] Litya Barbosa: hehe
[17:19] Kat Msarko: πŸ˜‰
[17:19] Monica Balut: For the geeks among you, I have included the ZHAO script in the folder you bought from the box on the runway. As you can see, it’s a pretty complex script.
[17:19] Kat Msarko: lol
[17:19] Litya Barbosa: yea
[17:20] Monica Balut: There are many commercially available AO’s and many that come preloaded with proprietary animations.
[17:20] Monica Balut: I personally use the Huddles EZ Animator Deluxe as my β€œwalk around” AO. You can get it at the Huddles Headquarters at
[17:20] Monica Balut: It is more than just an AO
[17:20] Litya Barbosa: i have one of those too
[17:20] Monica Balut: It is a pose player too
[17:21] Litya Barbosa: i stll don’t know how you sync the huddles to do poses automatic
[17:21] Monica Balut: E.g. I’m sitting now going thru various sitting animations
[17:21] Kandi Lauria: how do you mean Monica?
[17:21] Kandi Lauria: as apposed to the zhao?
[17:21] Kandi Lauria: opposed*
[17:21] Monica Balut: the ZHAO and most AO’s allow only one sit at a time
[17:21] Litya Barbosa: which one would you prefer though when it comes to AO’s?
[17:22] Monica Balut: if you sit on an object that will be the sit that gets playes
[17:22] Monica Balut: you can select a diff one
[17:22] Monica Balut: but only one at a time
[17:22] Kat Msarko: manually or can you load them into a folder to use?
[17:22] Litya Barbosa: k
[17:22] Kat Msarko: to switch back and forth?
[17:22] Monica Balut: The EZ anaimator has a second script in it that allow you to go from one sit to another
[17:22] Kat Msarko: ok
[17:22] Monica Balut: I have it set to play them randomly
[17:23] Kat Msarko: like choosing manual poses
[17:23] Monica Balut: you have to set up a notecard in it to do that
[17:23] Kat Msarko: aahhh ok
[17:23] Litya Barbosa: what is the difference between a hud, ao, & zhao?
[17:23] Monica Balut: The ZHAO is a general purpoose AO
[17:24] Monica Balut: it over rides all the animation states
[17:24] Monica Balut: a pose player or runway HUD is more limited
[17:24] Monica Balut: it just over rides a limited set like walking and standing
[17:24] Monica Balut: so you could consider them to be limeted AO’s\
[17:24] Monica Balut: Is that clear?
[17:25] Kat Msarko: yes γ‹‘
[17:25] Kandi Lauria: yes
[17:25] Jayd Ceriano: yes
[17:25] Jamie Kessler: a HUD is a Head Up Display, meaning that the info is displayed on your screen and you don’t have to search for it
[17:25] Litya Barbosa: yes
[17:25] Lizzie Ulysses: yes thanks
[17:25] Miaa Rebane: yes
[17:25] Monica Balut: Vista makes several nice preloaded AO’s. Go to
[17:25] Litya Barbosa: so hud is short for huddles right?
[17:25] Monica Balut: SE Motion also sells several AO’s geared to the modeling community. Go to
[17:25] Litya Barbosa: or are they different?
[17:25] Jamie Kessler: nooo
[17:25] Kat Msarko: β™₯ Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! β™₯
[17:25] Kat Msarko: Monica ;0
[17:25] Monica Balut: HUD is short for “heads up display”
[17:25] Litya Barbosa: oh
[17:25] Jamie Kessler: HUD is an acronym for Head Up Display
[17:25] Kandi Lauria: Huddles is the brand name
[17:26] Litya Barbosa: k
[17:26] Monica Balut: anything that you wear on the screen is a HUID
[17:26] Monica Balut: The grand daddy of AO’s is ZHAO, now in version II. It’s free. Get it at You can buy ($0) it from the box on the stage.
[17:26] Monica Balut: What other AO’s do people here use? Can you share that with the group and possibly a SLURL of where to buy it?
[17:26] Jamie Kessler: I often use the $5000 one from Vista
[17:27] Kat Msarko: I use Abranmations
[17:27] Litya Barbosa: i have too many ao’s
[17:27] Jayd Ceriano: I use Vista Perfect Lady
[17:27] Jamie Kessler: but I have on a much cheaper one
[17:27] Kandi Lauria: I use Jhao for the ease of turning it off
[17:27] Lizzie Ulysses: I use Perfect Lady too
[17:27] Kandi Lauria: Zhao
[17:27] Kat Msarko: ..and others depending on the situation
[17:27] Miaa Rebane: Vista, Koryamata, and ur HUD for runway
[17:27] Litya Barbosa: what’s perfect lady?
[17:27] Jamie Kessler: I like being a bit different… the thing is, they don’t let you make a LM
[17:27] Monica Balut: I have bought several of those just for the animations inside them
[17:27] Meisha Verstandig: i use perfect lady, divine, bad girl lol zhao depending on what im doing
[17:28] Litya Barbosa: meisha where did yo uge those first 3?
[17:28] Monica Balut: many of those are models of a brand like Vista
[17:28] Harlee Lane: torrid here
[17:28] Litya Barbosa: k
[17:28] Jayd Ceriano: An AO Litya…i also use Vista Bad Girl extended
[17:28] Lizzie Ulysses: I have the SEmotions too
[17:28] Litya Barbosa: k
[17:28] Kat Msarko: HUDDLES is a nice one for runway..less complicated Ive found for some
[17:28] Kandi Lauria: their Quickpose is great too Kat
[17:28] Monica Balut: Many of the better walks that we use come from AO’s
[17:28] StellaRae Luminos: Im on zhao and huddles usually
[17:28] Kandi Lauria: easiest I have ever used
[17:28] Harlee Lane: but i removed all the torrid stands and walks and added the ones i liked from several different places
[17:28] Litya Barbosa: yea i have about 2 or 3 f huddles
[17:29] Litya Barbosa: different ones though
[17:29] Kat Msarko: as do I γ‹‘
[17:29] Monica Balut: Yeah me too Harlee
[17:29] Monica Balut: I take out the anims from AO’s and load them into my EZ animatior
[17:29] Monica Balut: Regardless of whether you bought a preloaded AO or an empty one, you may want to add your own animations to it at some time. I’ve seen a lot of people walking around SL with AO’s that have not been set up properly. So, let’s talk about how to do that.
[17:29] Harlee Lane: i’ve looked at the EZ animator..
[17:30] Harlee Lane: it intimidated me lol
[17:30] Kat Msarko: it can be overwhelming Harlee…:)
[17:30] Litya Barbosa: good becuase i have some empty ones & haven’t got a clue how to set them up
[17:30] Harlee Lane: oh yes
[17:30] Monica Balut: WEll that’s what I want to help with tonight
[17:30] Monica Balut: It’s not that hard to do
[17:30] Monica Balut: There are two main steps to setting up an AO. This also applies to many pose player HUD’s.
[17:30] Monica Balut: 1- Load animations. This cannot be done while the AO is worn as a HUD. You must rez it on the ground first. Once rezzed, open the object’s inventory (Right click on the object β†’ Edit β†’ Content tab). Drag and drop all your animations from your personal inventory to that of the object’s inventory.
[17:31] Kat Msarko: yes..thats what threw me at first..understanding the two main steps..
[17:31] Monica Balut: You all know how to do that?
[17:31] Litya Barbosa: yea
[17:31] Kat Msarko: yes
[17:31] Kandi Lauria: yes
[17:31] Monica Balut: Any Q’s on that part?
[17:31] Melinda Jensen: yes
[17:31] Kandi Lauria: no
[17:31] Kat Msarko: nope γ‹‘
[17:31] StellaRae Luminos: don’t lose it, lol
[17:31] Kat Msarko: lol
[17:31] Litya Barbosa: so the same with the other hud’s/ ao’s i’ve set up you rezz them to the ground including empty ones?
[17:31] Monica Balut: good point Stella
[17:31] Kat Msarko: dont wear..when you rezz…most important lol
[17:32] Monica Balut: SL has been know to eat objects
[17:32] Kat Msarko: yep
[17:32] Kandi Lauria: yea bit appetite!
[17:32] Kandi Lauria: *big
[17:32] Kat Msarko: πŸ˜‰
[17:32] Jayd Ceriano: yes
[17:32] Monica Balut: I once lost my whole AO filled with no copy dances
[17:32] Litya Barbosa: i know that very well of second life eating objects it ate a pose & 2 shapes i had luckly they were freebies but i modified them to what i like
[17:32] Monica Balut: Was I mad that night!!!
[17:32] Kat Msarko: I bet!
[17:32] Kandi Lauria: I bet!
[17:33] Kat Msarko: grrrrrrrrr
[17:33] Kandi Lauria: lol
[17:33] Monica Balut: Part 2- Configure the notecard. The notecard can be edited in the AO while you are wearing it or from your personal inventory and dragged into the AO later.
[17:33] StellaRae Luminos: Oh NO!
[17:33] Litya Barbosa: what stella?
[17:33] Kat Msarko: the nc was always tricky for to get it perfect..or it wont accept it
[17:33] Kandi Lauria: oh yea
[17:34] StellaRae Luminos: she lost her hud once Litys
[17:34] Monica Balut: Before we talk abouit how to configure the notecards, let’s talk about animations
[17:34] Litya Barbosa: yea that part is tricky for me too one time i messed up & it over lapped the poses
[17:34] Kat Msarko: yep
[17:34] Monica Balut: The animations that are loaded in an AO are usually quite different from what you would use on the runway.
[17:34] Monica Balut: AO standing animations are usually of lower priority and allow the typing animation to play through.
[17:34] Monica Balut: Jamie is demonstating that now
[17:34] Monica Balut: notice how she moves
[17:34] Monica Balut: and keeps moving
[17:35] Jamie Kessler: well maybe we should all just turn off the typing animation for good
[17:35] Kat Msarko: uhu
[17:35] Kandi Lauria: I did πŸ™‚
[17:35] Kat Msarko: Ive always had mine off..get its the way
[17:35] Monica Balut: You would not likely use that for a runway pose
[17:35] Litya Barbosa: yea how do you one like that?
[17:35] Monica Balut: They also usually are more complex animations with several poses.
[17:35] Monica Balut: Runway stands tend to be high priority (4) and single static poses.
[17:36] Monica Balut: You all knwo what I mean by that hud?
[17:36] Kat Msarko: yes
[17:36] Kandi Lauria: yes
[17:36] Jayd Ceriano: yes
[17:36] Litya Barbosa: is it possible to have 1 pose with more than 1 pose in it?
[17:36] Monica Balut: Also on the runway too, you are usually just concerned with walks and stands and not the other animation states.
[17:36] Lizzie Ulysses: yes
[17:36] Kandi Lauria: yes
[17:36] Litya Barbosa: k
[17:36] Monica Balut: Since most AO’s just cycle through stands, you don’t have good control over what animation you want to play. So for the runway, most models use a pose player HUD.
[17:36] Kandi Lauria: Maitreys has some very nice ones
[17:36] Monica Balut: For general walking around, most people use an AO.
[17:36] Miaa Rebane: Maitreya ones r overused πŸ™‚ ^^
[17:37] Litya Barbosa: what are pose player hud’s? kinda like a huddle right?
[17:37] Jamie Kessler: well, like Monica’s HUD, that she makes herself
[17:37] Monica Balut: BTW does anyone want my list of pose vendors?
[17:37] Kandi Lauria: yes please!
[17:37] Kat Msarko: yes!
[17:37] Miaa Rebane: yes
[17:37] Kat Msarko: pls!!!
[17:37] Lizzie Ulysses: yes please
[17:37] TraLove Pinazzo raises my hand
[17:37] Harlee Lane: of course
[17:37] StellaRae Luminos: Totally!
[17:37] Litya Barbosa: yes just in case it’s buried far in my inventory
[17:37] Jayd Ceriano: yes
[17:37] Litya Barbosa: haha
[17:38] Melinda Jensen: yes
[17:38] Meisha Verstandig: yes please
[17:39] StellaRae Luminos: oops sry if i took your spot TraLove
[17:39] Monica Balut: ok you should be able to buy it from that box
[17:39] Jayd Ceriano: Thx
[17:39] Lizzie Ulysses: ty Monica
[17:39] TraLove Pinazzo: you are good, i am standing today
[17:39] Litya Barbosa: i always wondered how some people get their avatar to talk
[17:39] Miaa Rebane: thank u!
[17:39] Litya Barbosa: like i’ve seen some people with avatars that lips could move
[17:39] Kandi Lauria: thanks Monica πŸ™‚
[17:39] Monica Balut: that work ok?
[17:40] Litya Barbosa: i didn’t get one
[17:40] Kat Msarko: humm
[17:40] Harlee Lane: advanced > character > enable lip sync
[17:40] Monica Balut: Let’s take a look at how to set up the ZHAO II. Most other AO’s built upon the ZHAO script (Like Vista & SEMotions & Huddles EZ Animator) use the same format for the configuration notecard. Others may vary slightly but the principle is the same.
[17:40] Litya Barbosa: ok
[17:40] Meisha Verstandig: id like the list please
[17:40] Monica Balut: If you haven’t done so already, buy ($0) a copy of the basic ZHOA from the box on the runway.
[17:40] Kat Msarko: Ive bought mine already γ‹‘
[17:40] Monica Balut: buy the vendor list from the box Meisha
[17:41] Monica Balut: In the folder you received, you should have gotten two notecards called Default and Default – Sample. Open them both up.
[17:41] Litya Barbosa: don’t they have shoe hud’s & ao’s too?
[17:41] Monica Balut: Anyone having probs opening those two notecards?
[17:41] Lizzie Ulysses: no
[17:41] Kat Msarko: yes
[17:41] Litya Barbosa: i didn’t get a notecard
[17:42] TraLove Pinazzo: i have them up
[17:42] Monica Balut: They should be in the ZHAO folder
[17:42] TraLove Pinazzo raises my hand for a question
[17:42] Lizzie Ulysses: me too
[17:42] Litya Barbosa: ok
[17:42] Monica Balut: Yes Tralove
[17:42] TraLove Pinazzo: have you found that there is a limit to the number od poses or walks you can add?
[17:42] TraLove Pinazzo: of*
[17:42] Monica Balut: Nope
[17:43] TraLove Pinazzo: okies…it must be me then…lol
[17:43] Kat Msarko: insuffiecnt permission to open nc
[17:43] Kat Msarko: trying again
[17:43] Monica Balut: I have over 650 animations loaded in my Runway HUD
[17:43] TraLove Pinazzo: woooa
[17:43] Litya Barbosa: wow
[17:43] StellaRae Luminos: oh wow!
[17:43] Lizzie Ulysses: wow!!
[17:43] Kandi Lauria: good grief!
[17:43] Litya Barbosa: i only have like 5
[17:43] Melinda Jensen: lol
[17:43] Litya Barbosa: 😦
[17:43] Litya Barbosa: haha
[17:43] Kandi Lauria: which one do you use Monica?
[17:43] Litya Barbosa: i haven’t gotten that good on how to add poses yet
[17:43] TraLove Pinazzo: does that work well in lag Monica?
[17:43] StellaRae Luminos: how do you keep it organized Monica?
[17:43] Monica Balut: yeah I’m worse with that than with hair
[17:44] Monica Balut: Well that’s another story Stella
[17:44] Litya Barbosa: second life needs a new inventory system
[17:44] Litya Barbosa: most of the time i have a hard time finding things
[17:44] StellaRae Luminos: γ‹‘
[17:44] Jamie Kessler: Monica manufactures her own HUD
[17:44] Monica Balut: Ok anyone not have those notecards opened
[17:44] Jamie Kessler: it’s awesome
[17:44] Litya Barbosa: even if i organize it
[17:45] Litya Barbosa: there in the zhao folder?
[17:45] Monica Balut: yes the 2 notecards in that ZHAO folder
[17:45] Kat Msarko: I can only open the dfault..not the smaple nc in that folder
[17:45] Kat Msarko: *default
[17:45] Jamie Kessler: mine opened ok
[17:45] Monica Balut: anyone else having Kat’s prob?
[17:45] Jamie Kessler: *sticks out tongue*
[17:45] Lizzie Ulysses: no
[17:45] Monica Balut: can someone give Kat another copy
[17:46] Kat Msarko: cannot open sample nc..not permissions
[17:46] Kat Msarko: β™₯ Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! β™₯
[17:46] StellaRae Luminos: my cards do ‘t open either
[17:46] TraLove Pinazzo: i dropped her a copy of the nc
[17:46] Miaa Rebane: same here
[17:46] Kat Msarko: only one opens..the defult..but not both
[17:46] Miaa Rebane: [17:45] The system is currently unable to process your request. The request timed out.
[17:45] Insufficient permissions to view notecard.
[17:46] Kat Msarko: thats what I get
[17:46] Litya Barbosa: i need nothercopy too
[17:46] Kat Msarko: β™₯ Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! β™₯
[17:46] StellaRae Luminos: if someone could drop one on mw, ahh ty TraLove
[17:47] Monica Balut: The Default notecard is empty. It just lists the animation states in brackets with nothing following them.
[17:47] TraLove Pinazzo: you are welcome
[17:47] Kat Msarko: can only open one or the other..not both at the same time
[17:47] Monica Balut: weird
[17:47] Kat Msarko: it worked
[17:47] Monica Balut: The Default – Sample shows how one should look when it’s properly filled out.
[17:47] Monica Balut: Let’s focus on the Sample one
[17:48] Monica Balut: See all the lines that start with [ xxxxxxxx ] e.g. [ Standing ]. These correspond to the various animation states that the AO overrides. If you list a particular animation name next to a state name, the AO will use that animation when the avatar is in that state. If no animation is listed, the default SL animation will be played.
[17:48] Monica Balut: For example look at the various [ Flying … ] lines in the Default – Sample notecard. Note the name of the animation that will be used when the AV is in that flying state.
[17:48] Monica Balut: The various [ Swimming … ] lines are empty (at the bottom). So the SL swimming animations will be used in those cases.
[17:49] Monica Balut: So when you buy a pack of animations meant for an AO …
[17:49] Monica Balut: There will be an animation for each of those states
[17:49] Monica Balut: and some states will have several … like standing
[17:50] Monica Balut: The animation listed must of course be found in the object’s inventory.
[17:50] Monica Balut: The hard part of configuring a notecard in an AO or pose player is to make sure to spell the name of the animation in the notecard exactly the same way as it is spelled in the object’s inventory. That’s where most mistakes are made. The other is forgetting to drop in the animation that is listed in the notecard.
[17:50] StellaRae Luminos: copyand paste is my bff
[17:50] Monica Balut: The fool proof way to avoid mistakes is to copy and paste the name from the animation in the AO’s inventory.
[17:50] Kat Msarko: yes..that is very important..took me 2 hours the 1st time trying this before I figured that
[17:50] Monica Balut: Right click on the animation in the object and select “Properties”. The cursor usually will be in the name field. Press Ctrl-A to highlight the whole name. Then press Ctrl-C to copy the name to your computer’s clipboard.
[17:51] Monica Balut: It’s best to do this from the contents window of the object’s inventory. That way you know for sure the animation is in fact in the inventory.
[17:51] Monica Balut: Then go to the notecard and position the cursor where you want to put the name. Press Ctrl-V to paste the name into the notecard.
[17:51] Meisha Verstandig: i like that idea
[17:51] Monica Balut: Simple as that
[17:51] Kandi Lauria: it works great πŸ™‚
[17:51] Monica Balut: The ZHAO II will manage multiple animations for the walk, stand, sit and ground sit states. Take a look at those lines in the Sample notecard.
[17:52] Monica Balut: To list multiple animations in the notecard for these states, you just list the animations on the same line and separate them with the pipe character ( | ).
[17:52] Monica Balut: On the American keyboard, the pipe character is the shifted character above the enter key. Other keyboards will have it in different locations.
[17:52] Monica Balut: The pipe character is commonly used to separate animation names in notecards for AO’s.
[17:53] Monica Balut: Once you configure the notecard, drop it into the AO. Make sure to delete any previous notecard with the same name that was there. You could also edit the notecard while it is in the object’s inventory.
[17:53] Monica Balut: If you’ve made any errors, they will usually be listed in the chat window.
[17:53] Monica Balut: I’ve bought a number of fully loaded AO’s just for the AO animations in them. I take them out of that AO and make a copy in my personal inventory. Later I put them in my primary AO.
[17:53] StellaRae Luminos has a question about the notecard
[17:53] Kat Msarko: good idea Monica πŸ˜‰
[17:53] Monica Balut: If you have a different AO, the syntax of the notecard may be slightly different. But the same principles apply. You have to list the names of the animations after the various animation states, or leave them blank if you want to use the SL default animation for that state.
[17:54] Monica Balut: Once you have the proper animations loaded and the notecard configured, most AO’s based on ZHAO will automatically cycle through the various standing posed on a regular basis. You can usually select how long a given standing pose will be played before moving on to the next one.
[17:54] Monica Balut: This version of ZHAO and the AO’s that are based on it will allow up to 19 stands
[17:55] Monica Balut: It will just cycle throught them
[17:55] Monica Balut: Like Jamie is doing
[17:55] Monica Balut: You usually also can select your default standing, sitting and ground sit pose from several of those listed in the notecard.
[17:56] Monica Balut: Usually those states will allow for up to 5 possibilities I think
[17:56] Monica Balut: But you can select only one at a time from those listed
[17:56] Monica Balut: All the other animation states usually allow only one animation to be listed.
[17:56] Monica Balut: Ok, does anyone have questions about AO’s and setting them up?
[17:57] StellaRae Luminos: when typing it all up, i always stretch the nc so the default stars or ## ‘s look right, then i retype [ standing ] on the next line when its filled up
[17:57] Kat Msarko: it can be intimidating at first..but once you get it..its wonderful!
[17:57] Litya Barbosa: ok
[17:57] StellaRae Luminos: do i need to do that? bescause it is annoying, lol
[17:57] Litya Barbosa: yea that confuses me a bit
[17:57] Litya Barbosa: of where to put what in the notecard
[17:58] Monica Balut: Stella, I’ve found that there’s a limit to how many anims you can list in one Standing line
[17:58] Monica Balut: so you may have to use several
[17:58] Monica Balut: I think mine has 3
[17:59] StellaRae Luminos: ty γ‹‘
[17:59] Meisha Verstandig: monica what is the line limit
[17:59] Meisha Verstandig: is that a way to tell
[17:59] Monica Balut: What Stella is talking about is that you can repeat the [ Standing ] line several times
[18:00] Monica Balut: Probaly limited by memory
[18:00] Meisha Verstandig: oh not mine the computers lol
[18:00] Kat Msarko: πŸ˜‰
[18:00] Meisha Verstandig: im good then
[18:00] Monica Balut: ZHOA will combine several [ Standing ] lines into one
[18:00] Jamie Kessler: lol
[18:00] Monica Balut: no memory of the script
[18:00] StellaRae Luminos: that example nc is impressive! i had no idea u could load that many
[18:00] Meisha Verstandig: it is very impressive
[18:00] Monica Balut: all those names have to be stored in the scripts memory
[18:01] Monica Balut: Yeah the sample was based on the one in my EZ Animator
[18:01] Monica Balut: I bought about a dozen AO animation packs
[18:02] Monica Balut: and took out the anims I liked the best
[18:02] Monica Balut: and loaded them in my EZ
[18:02] Litya Barbosa: k
[18:02] StellaRae Luminos: I like how the ez animator has an arrow onscreen to advance poses, and not a pop up. do any other AO’s have arrows?
[18:02] Monica Balut: -> Obsessed with animations
[18:02] Kat Msarko: πŸ˜‰
[18:03] Kandi Lauria: The Huddles Catwalk does
[18:03] Monica Balut: Yeah doesn’t Vista have an arrow?
[18:03] Jamie Kessler: yes
[18:03] Kat Msarko: I love that one Ive used in runway and it wonderful
[18:03] Lizzie Ulysses: Vista has one for the walks
[18:03] Monica Balut: Catwalk is meant more as a runway HUD than an AO
[18:03] Kandi Lauria: yes thats true Monica
[18:03] Kandi Lauria: only a runway hud
[18:04] StellaRae Luminos: i have the catwalk, but havent loaded it yet
[18:04] TraLove Pinazzo: monica, can your poses be timed?
[18:04] TraLove Pinazzo: i mean you hud…can it time poses
[18:04] Kat Msarko: Ive been told you can..but not recommended….what od you think MOnica?
[18:04] StellaRae Luminos: the Zhao can
[18:04] Monica Balut: My Runway HUD will time poses
[18:04] Litya Barbosa: can ao’s do the same thing?
[18:04] Kat Msarko: about timing
[18:05] Litya Barbosa: yea
[18:05] Monica Balut: With ZHAO, you can set how long a standing pose will play before it plays the next one
[18:05] TraLove Pinazzo: i’ll def look into you rHUD MOnica…i need something other than quick pose
[18:05] Litya Barbosa: iw ish i was here when you talked about modeling schools i’m still trying to find a good one
[18:05] Monica Balut: Well that’s about all I have to say on this subject. I could go on, but I would start putting you all to sleep.
[18:05] Kat Msarko: lol
[18:05] Kandi Lauria: lol not hardly
[18:06] Kat Msarko: good topic tonight Monica γ‹‘
[18:06] Jayd Ceriano: lol
[18:06] Litya Barbosa: i want to hear more
[18:06] StellaRae Luminos: that went by so fast!
[18:06] Jamie Kessler: no, it’s a fascinating topic
[18:06] Litya Barbosa: i don’t mind
[18:06] Lizzie Ulysses: thank you so much Monica
[18:06] Litya Barbosa: yea
[18:06] Jayd Ceriano: Thx Monica very helpful information
[18:06] Kat Msarko: wonderful class as always ;0
[18:06] Monica Balut: This is one of my passions
[18:06] Meisha Verstandig: ty monica it clears up alot for me
[18:06] Melinda Jensen: was a great topic Monica thank you
[18:06] Meisha Verstandig: monica do you do a modeling school
[18:06] StellaRae Luminos: Wonderful advice, ty so much Monica!
[18:07] TraLove Pinazzo: TY Monica, i appreciate all your hard work
[18:07] Monica Balut: No I don’t do a school myself
[18:07] Monica Balut: I’ve just started teaching at Super Elite tho
[18:07] Kat Msarko: it was great to see everyone….;) see you all next week! Oh and Monica..thanks for the wonderful advice on the show..its coming along nicely..hope you can come πŸ˜‰
[18:07] Miaa Rebane: Thank you, Monica
[18:07] Monica Balut: When is it again Kat?
[18:07] Kat Msarko gave you FDASL July 09 INVITATION.
[18:08] Jayd Ceriano: K see you
[18:08] Monica Balut: Darn it’s this week end Kat
[18:08] Kat Msarko: The FDASL Fashion show will be sat at 6:00 pm slt..and then again on Sun at 11:00 am slt..hope you all come come!
[18:08] Monica Balut: I’m gonna be out of town
[18:08] Jamie Kessler gave you Model’s Workshop Attendance, 7-16-09.
[18:08] Monica Balut: TY Jamie
[18:08] Monica Balut: Thank you all for coming
[18:08] Kandi Lauria: Thanks Monica πŸ™‚ great workshop.
[18:08] Monica Balut: BTW
[18:08] Jamie Kessler: yw
[18:08] Kat Msarko: Monica has been a great help to me in putting this together with Ore Trei ;0
[18:09] Monica Balut: I’m planning a guest speaker next week
[18:09] Kat Msarko: see you all soon!
[18:09] Kandi Lauria: good night everyone, have a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚
[18:09] Jamie Kessler: oh?
[18:09] Monica Balut: but we have to start the Workshop at 6 PM
[18:09] Lizzie Ulysses: Night Kandi
[18:09] Jamie Kessler: is it going to be a surprise?
[18:09] Monica Balut: she is on PDT and can’t get here at 5
[18:09] Jamie Kessler: understood
[18:10] Monica Balut: It’ll be a surprise when I get it firmed up
[18:10] Jayd Ceriano: oh ok
[18:10] Monica Balut: She’s been the manager of one of the bigger agencies in SL
[18:10] Monica Balut: and a very experienced model
[18:10] Jamie Kessler: hopefully we can all make it… I realise that 6 pm SLT time is 2 am in UK
[18:10] Monica Balut: She can give us a perspective from agency management
[18:11] Monica Balut: OH about that too
[18:11] Monica Balut: I’ve been thinking of splitting these meetings up
[18:11] TraLove Pinazzo: bye all..nice to met everyone!!! xoxo
[18:11] StellaRae Luminos: u too Tra
[18:11] Lizzie Ulysses: Bye Tralove
[18:11] Monica Balut: one week do it early like at 11 or 12 so the Euros can come
[18:12] Lizzie Ulysses: cool
[18:12] Monica Balut: and another week do it at 6 to capture most of the US
[18:12] Jayd Ceriano: ok
[18:12] Monica Balut: What do you all think o that idea?
[18:12] Jamie Kessler: so it would be every other week then?
[18:12] Jayd Ceriano: sounds good
[18:12] Lizzie Ulysses: I was falling asleep waiting to come tonight….lol
[18:12] Melinda Jensen: sounds good to me
[18:12] StellaRae Luminos: Lovely
[18:12] Meisha Verstandig: i think its a good idea
[18:12] Litya Barbosa: it’s a good idea
[18:12] Monica Balut: Yeah every other week
[18:12] Jamie Kessler: sounds good
[18:13] Jayd Ceriano: I can come twice if i don’t get it…lol
[18:13] Monica Balut: I’ll let you know more about that
[18:13] Lizzie Ulysses: good idea Jayd….lol
[18:13] Monica Balut: I’d also like to get a small group together who could take turns leading this
[18:13] Monica Balut: I start to run out of steam some times
[18:14] Monica Balut: and could use the help
[18:14] Jamie Kessler: you know I am always up for that, Monica
[18:14] Monica Balut: Yeah you’ve been very helpful with that Jamie
[18:15] Monica Balut: I’d like to expand that group
[18:15] StellaRae Luminos: I could help with topic ideas
[18:15] Jamie Kessler: what I think we need is ideas
[18:15] Jamie Kessler: yes
[18:15] Jayd Ceriano: ideas…i think so too
[18:15] Monica Balut: and someone to lead the discussion and keep it going too
[18:15] Meisha Verstandig: tc everyone
[18:16] StellaRae Luminos: should I make a NC with some and give it to Monica and Jamie?
[18:16] Monica Balut: maybe I’ll call a special meeting for some idea people
[18:16] Jamie Kessler: please do
[18:16] Jayd Ceriano: bye Meisha
[18:16] StellaRae Luminos: I’ll do that
[18:16] Monica Balut: That would be great Stella
[18:16] Monica Balut: I appreciate that
[18:16] Jamie Kessler: thank you, Stella
[18:16] Jamie Kessler: πŸ™‚
[18:17] StellaRae Luminos: alrighty, I’ll be in touch. Thanks again, gtg byee!
[18:17] Jamie Kessler: πŸ™‚
[18:17] Jayd Ceriano: bye
[18:17] Litya Barbosa: bye i’m gonna go i didn’t get much sleep last night
[18:17] Monica Balut: I’ll be out of town this weekend & won’t be on much
[18:17] Lizzie Ulysses: Night everyone and thank you again Monica
[18:17] Litya Barbosa: goodnight
[18:18] Jamie Kessler: nite Lizzie
[18:18] Monica Balut: goddnight
[18:18] Lizzie Ulysses: Night Jamie
[18:18] Jayd Ceriano: Thx again…Goodnight


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