Jennifer Warden “Becoming an Agency Owner”


Thank you all for allowing me time to speak with you today. I was both honored and humble to ask to stand infront of you aspiring models and expericence models to share with you my take on the modeling industry here in SL.

Let me started by telling you how i got started in the modeling busineess. It was actually quite by accident i discovered modeling here in SL, a notecard was sent to me from hollywood classic informing me about a contest, Hollywood classic search for MS. Beautiful.

Long story made short…smiles….i tp’ed over, and this brand new exciting world was opened to me.

My time at classic was short lived as i soon realize my size was going to be a problem. All around me was very slender models, i stood out like a sore thumb…smiles

After changing my appearence to suit the needs of the modeling industry, i became really unhappy with my look. My partner at the time keep telling me to open my own agency, and i laugh at him….smiles

How could i run a agency when i was still learning how to even model.

But he wouldnt let up on the idea and slowly MWC Modeling agency was born.

What I would like to discuss with you today is What MWC, which stands for, Models With Curves, is all about, and also life after modeling, What is the next step for you as models when you want to move on from modeling.

I welcome all questions that you may have, so please if you do let me know and i will answer.

MWC Modeling agency caters to the curvy model, Its was started for those of use who want to model and dont believe being stick thin is nesscary the only way to be be a model.

Although building my agency and introducing the concept of a curvy model here in SL has not been a easy climb, it has been well worth it, and MWC is growing and being known as a agency with solid repetutation.

We contiune to Put on beautfiul shows to showcase not only the Big designers here in SL, but the smaller designers who truly need a stage to present their designs to the SL community.

MWC have many things in the works as of this date, including the opening of MWC Academy of fashion and designs, which will not only cater to aspiring Models, but also the first school to offer those who want to be designers the opportunity to learn from great Designers here in SL.

I wanted to touch on what we would offer for our design course.

MWC designer course will take you from the very basic of designing to the more advance details to make you a wonderful designer here in SL.

I have hired 2 wonderful designers one with a fast growing name here in SL Potnia Theas Creator of Ora Designs,

and A designer that many may not know but the designs are beautigul, and edgy, geared more towards urban hip hop crowd, Yummy Brentley Designer of Yumz clothing store.

Together these two talented designers will train aspiring designers the steps need to become designers here in sl and bring thier creativity into SL.

For those people that dont know photoshop, we will also offer a four week photoshop course as a pre requiste to the design class.

The design class itself will be held for six weeks , the class will be kept small, imtimate setting of 10 students, to insure that all students get the attention that is needed to learn.

There will be 2 classes a week, including a make up weekend class, and homework given to ensure the students are indeed learning what is being taught.

After the six week trianing class there will be a graduation show for the students to introduce them selves to the SL fashion show.

The designer course will cover a wide range of topics like, a first day seminar about the platform of designing and what it takes to be a good designer, basic flat line drawing/editing programs.

Skething the shape of your design/Finding good editing programs, shadow and highlight, how to make fabulous wrinkles, i could go on and on, but i will say we will cover it all.

We at MWC are excited about our design program and if you want to know more about it or join please send me a Im and i will be sure to respond and get you further information.

At this time a like to ask do anybody have any questions about the designing course.

I do not want to leave out our modeling program, which i am excited about as well, There are many school here, but there a only a few top notch schools.

MWC Academy of fashion and design will meet the high standards that are set by these top notch school. I hired Model Instructor AriadnaDragon Writer to take aspiring models, to top level form to compete in this competitive world of modeling.

Together with a well expericence staff i hope to turn out more wonderful models and designers into the SL fashion industry.

Lastly i would like to talk about the topic of life after modeling, although some say what is life without modeling….smiles

There are many things a model can do once he/she feels they have done all the can as a model, from owning a agency, to photographer, to designer.

Many may want to move on but dont know how or where to begin.

As for me i choose to move on to become a agency owner and i would like to discuss the steps i took to accomplish this.

1. have a soild idea about what you want to do and the commintment it would require to do.

Meaning, funding, time management….smiles as i think of the number of free hours i use to have here in SL.

2. Staff having good people surrounding you is key to your success, this may take time, but if you know what you want you will find the staff you seek.

Dont just take anybody, these people should have a proven track record at what they say they can do.

3. Setting up your agency, this is where funding come in, when putting together my agency, I wanted it to speak to people coming to vist, to say wow this agency is not a fly by night operation.

I started with 1/4sim with one building. It has grown to a 3/4 sim with the beauitful agency as well as some fabulous designers in our Fashion DIstrict, as well as the newly open Academy of fashion and Design.

Each time i upgraded it was with the thought of being better than my last location, i hired builders with a proven track record of creating beauitful sims.

4. Looking for models- this was a bit tougher being a new agency, when i started as a agency owner, i really didint know where to look, so i hit the club scene…smiles, dropping IM’s to any pretty face i saw, I gather together a small group of 15 “models” and trained them with the limited knowledge that i had…smiles.

5. Search for Designers- Grrr…this was the hardest thing to do, many of the Big designers here do not want to work with new agencies.

I soon found out that finding a designer that would let me put on a show would not be easy, so i lowered my exceptations and started searching for smaller companies to represent.

To be honest these are the designers i enjoyed working with the most because thier excitement about doing a show matches my own.

6. Putting on a show—Whew i wish someone was there to warn me how much work goes into putting on a fashion show, cause at first i had no idea all that was involved, to say i skating though it is a understatement, smiles

but i got though the first show, and gain some widsom as i continue to put on shows. Learning as i go what it really takes to put on fabulous shows.

Today there will be no doubt that MWC can put on a great show for any designer here in SL.

7. Joining the right groups- As my searched for models need grow I soon discovered that there was groups decicated to models, agencies, and fashion shows in general.

As i joined as many groups as i could, i soon discovered where all the women who deciated thier SL life to modeling where, and proceeded on doing a open call and hiring more models. This increase my standards by many miles.

8. Networking – This is the key to any sucess new business, getting your name out there, meeting people like you, looking to succeed in what they do.

9. Stand out- At MWC we always look for ways to be different from all the other agencies, coming up with new and interesting ideas.

We have the SL Next Top Designer competition, which is the first of its kind in SL.

A competition geared towards new and unknown designers, giving them a stage to showcase thier fashions to the sl community, While letting the designers compete for the titile of SL new hottest designer, inaddition cash prize as a start up fee so the can set up thier business.

We have the MWC Academy of Fashion and Designs- this will be the first school here to offer classes to those who want to learn designing as well as training new models that want to break into the modeling industry.

MWC will continue to be a agency that any model or designer can come to to learn and grow. Up holding a standard that has already been set here for what makes a great agency to belong to.

I thank you for your time and thank you for allowing me to address you this evening. I would like to thank Monica and the rest of the Model Workshop staff for giving me the opportunity to stand infront of you , I wish you success as you continue on your quest in this modeling Industry.


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