Jamie Kessler “Adjusting Prims”


[17:18] Jamie Kessler: We all know what prim attachments for our avatars are. We’re just going to compare notes here today and review some of the basic methods, and perhaps share and learn from each other regarding special tricks we have learned along the way.
[17:18] Monica Balut: OkOk Jamie you’r on
[17:18] Jamie Kessler: Prims can be many different things. This can refer to prim hair, which can be adjusted in many ways (we could probably do an entire workshop on hair alone); prim lashes, which continue to be an ongoing struggle for many of us; prim nails, shoes, jewelry, and lights. The one thing that comes to mind for me here, however, is prim skirt attachments (as well as other prim clothing items, such as collars and cuffs, belts, etc.)
[17:18] Jamie Kessler: We’ll begin with adjusting a basic skirt prim. If any of you would like to follow along and fiddle with a new and as yet unadjusted skirt that you just haven’t had time to fit, please feel free.
[17:19] Jamie Kessler: unfortunately we were not able to rez any pose stands
[17:19] Jamie Kessler: I trust you all got the ones I sent out though…
[17:19] Jamie Kessler: The first thing we all need to do is to use a posing stand. These are available free in many stores and are often supplied with hair or clothing outfits as a courtesy. I’m sure most of you have one, but if not, please let me know and I’ll hook you up.
[17:19] Maureen Gabardini: oh …yes thank you
[17:19] Monica Balut: This’ll give me a chance to adjust this outfit I just slapped together
[17:19] Jamie Kessler: yw!
[17:20] Jamie Kessler: The posing stand serves a couple purposes: 1) Your avatar is in a neutral position while on the stand, which helps keep things centered for better positioning, and 2) It makes things much easier to select because your avatar isn’t moving all around every time you try to click.
[17:20] Leslie Trebuchet: you can also find a neutral pose in a pinch
[17:20] Jamie Kessler: Either rez a stand or use one that has been thoughtfully provided for you in one of many stores. Wear your new outfit, and “stand: on the pose stand. Right-click and “edit” the prim you intend to adjust, in this case the prim skirt attachment.
[17:20] Jamie Kessler: yes
[17:20] Monica Balut: I often just go into appearance mode
[17:21] Jamie Kessler: Either rez a stand or use one that has been thoughtfully provided for you in one of many stores. Wear your new outfit, and “stand: on the pose stand. Right-click and “edit” the prim you intend to adjust, in this case the prim skirt attachment.
[17:21] Jamie Kessler: I should add that if your item has copy permissions, whether it be a skirt or prim hair or whatever, please make and save a copy of it first! You may even want to create a folder for backup items, but at least rename your backup to avoid confusion. If it won’t allow you to rename it, you should be able to do so if you instead drag the item to the ground and edit the name from there, and then take the item back into your inventory.
[17:22] Jamie Kessler: Monica also made the point that you may want to turn off your AO before editing your prims
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[17:23] Jamie Kessler: Positioning your skirt should be a no-brainer. While in edit mode you just drag it up or down, side to side, or front to back to get it where it looks best. Position is important, but you also have to consider pattern matching, which is many times a compromise at best.
[17:23] Maureen Gabardini: why is that?
[17:23] Jamie Kessler: You can only do so much here, and I have relegated many expensive items to my DO NOT USE folder. Now if these items are mod, we still may have a fighting chance here.
[17:23] Maureen Gabardini: the AO i mean?
[17:24] Jamie Kessler: well, depending on what priority yout AO poses are, they could have an effect on the pose stand
[17:24] Maureen Gabardini: oh ok
[17:24] Jamie Kessler: mine are pr2 so I don’t bother
[17:24] Jamie Kessler: I use a Vista AO
[17:24] Jamie Kessler: but if the poses are custom, and are say pr4, it may cause a conflict
[17:25] Jamie Kessler: but as I said, I leave mine on
[17:25] Maureen Gabardini: Hello Rhian
[17:25] Riley Popstar: Hi Rhian
[17:25] rhian Milena: Helllo Everyone
[17:25] Jamie Kessler: One thing regarding positioning: You will notice that sometimes the arrows don’t seem to be going the right directions for us. Initially, these arrows are oriented according to how they were when the item was made. Don’t worry, you have a bit of control over this. In your edit window, on the Objects tab, you’ll see a button that says Ruler Mode. Click the arrow for a drop-down menu that changes the orientation of the positioning arrows to be relative to WORLD coordinates (i.e. the points of the compass, N, S, E, and W) or relative to the item itself, no matter which way it has been rotated. It can be such a pain to try and accurately position something when the arrows go at an angle and you have to fight this in two directions at once.
[17:25] Monica Balut: One thing about that JaMIE
[17:25] Jamie Kessler: what
[17:26] Monica Balut: Sometimes it’s better to stay in object mode
[17:26] Monica Balut: and not world mode
[17:26] Monica Balut: like when adjust ing a bracelet
[17:26] Jamie Kessler: I guess I meant that as a genreal statement
[17:26] Monica Balut: you can move it up & down your arm
[17:27] Leslie Trebuchet: is that why sometimes when I stretch, I see a ruler, and the object seems to move rather than stretch?
[17:27] Jamie Kessler: and I agree with you, but just the same, it’s nice to know how to switch the
[17:27] Jamie Kessler: it depends if you have it set to both sides or not
[17:27] Jamie Kessler: OK, we have our skirt pretty much where we want it now, but it still doesn’t look quite right. Now what? Well, if it’s modifiable, we can usually resize it by stretching it. To do this you can either check the appropriate box in the edit window, or the easier way is to just hold the Ctrl and Shift keys and it will automatically go to the stretch mode.
[17:28] Jamie Kessler: There are a couple options to think about here, and this is where it’s nice to have saved a copy in case of the inevitable Royal Screw-up. Number one: you can either stretch the texture or not, depending on whether you have checked the box. I would say that you probably DO want to stretch the texture, but see what works for a good match.
[17:28] Jamie Kessler: Remember what we said about positioning the item… we have to try and align the patterns as best as possible. Stripes can be difficult because even if you do get them lined up and sized to match, as soon as we move they are going to be off a bit. Two choices here: bin it, or deal with it. Harsh choices, I know, but sometimes we just have to move on. Patterns aren’t usually as bad, unless the color match is wrong (which is also common). Now you all see why I prefer Basic Black.
[17:29] Jamie Kessler: Regarding stretching the prim (is everyone still awake here?), please notice in the edit window the box for “stretch both sides.” This is very useful, but you need to pay attention to whether you have the box checked or not. If you select that option, when you drag the handle on your screen, the prim will stay centered, and will get larger or smaller. It will remain oriented the way it was, or the way you placed it.
[17:29] Jamie Kessler: For fine adjustment, uncheck the box so you can stretch just the one side you are pulling on. The one limitation I have seen is where the maker will sometimes create the item at a size that you cannot go below. It just will not shrink past that original size. Options here: bin it, or modify your shape if this is for a customer (make sure you have saved your original shape first!).
[17:29] Jamie Kessler: I’ll also add that some skirt prims are made up of two or more linked prims; you can also check “edit linked parts” and then select the prim you want to edit.
[17:30] Jamie Kessler: It sounds daunting, doesn’t it? The fact remains, ALL of us have done this; it’s not something new. Some of us just may have a few tricks we have learned along the way, and the whole purpose of this workshop is to work together, and share our knowledge. Feel free to add any input along the way! I am by no means an expert, and if I have left anything out, please speak up for the good of the group!
[17:30] Jamie Kessler: 🙂
[17:30] Jamie Kessler: Anyone?
[17:30] Riley Popstar: yup
[17:30] Monica Balut: That’s why I think it’s better to change your shape rather than the item
[17:31] Riley Popstar: /raises hand
[17:31] Monica Balut: I have messed up outfits royally trying to make them fit
[17:31] Jamie Kessler: sometimes it is; just be sure you saved your original shape
[17:31] rhian Milena: yes i hope i doent crashed again
[17:31] Monica Balut: yes
[17:31] Riley Popstar: for the mascara,
[17:31] Jamie Kessler: and have a copy that you change
[17:31] Rouge Anthony: in my day to day shape i will either stretch the skirt or fiddle with the boots or pants what not
[17:31] Riley Popstar: do i need to set the av’s mascara seeting to 0
[17:31] Rouge Anthony: for shoots or shows it is just easier to make a new shape
[17:31] Monica Balut: Yeah i do both
[17:32] Jamie Kessler: I would say yes
[17:32] Riley Popstar: or it’s extended to my own eyelash
[17:32] Monica Balut: yes I agree with that Rouge
[17:32] Monica Balut: I do the same
[17:32] Jamie Kessler: you’re talking about the prim eyelashes, right?
[17:32] Riley Popstar: yes
[17:32] Rouge Anthony: especially if you get a no modify outfit hee hee
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[17:32] Monica Balut: no shapes & outfits
[17:32] Jamie Kessler: We mentioned other prim items we wear that need to be adjusted. Hair is one of them, and I won’t go into a lot of detail here because as I said earlier, I think there is enough subject matter here to justify and entire session. Does everyone agree?
[17:33] Monica Balut: oh yeah
[17:33] Rouge Anthony: i don’t wear prim eyelashes even though i’ve bought several on the off chance i will
[17:33] Jamie Kessler: I will say that most hair can be modified, and can at least be repositioned. Some hair comes in multiple sizes, as well, saving us a lot of grief.
[17:33] Monica Balut: with hair you also have to rotate sometimes too
[17:33] Jamie Kessler: What we want to avoid with hair is bald spots, and the easiest way to prevent this is by having a head that is not too large. For a female avatar, optimum head size is about 40-45 max for a realistic appearance, IMO. I know that many of us are tall, but bear in mind that female hair is often manufactured to certain standards, although I have seen it specified to be made for head sizes 50-60. I like to stay with a size 40 head when I am creating new shapes, and it has worked for me. Different brands of hair will vary though, and many kinds offer a built-in resizing menu, which is beyond the scope of this discussion. Repositioning the entire hair in edit mode is very basic, and shouldn’t require much, if any, adjustment. Again, if you are going to edit it, make copies!
[17:33] Jamie Kessler: I will say, quickly, that prim hair is made up of many prims, and they are usually individually adjustable. In the edit window, check “edit linked parts” and click on the prim you’d like to reposition. If you lose it somehow, don’t worry; each prim has its own “history,” and you can just go to the top and click the Edit tab and select UNDO. That prim should pop right back to where it was. I believe they are saved in seven steps, so you can revert back to undo any slip-ups that may have occurred.
[17:34] Jamie Kessler: And that is about all I want to say about hair at this time
[17:34] Jamie Kessler: Anyone else, please add!
[17:34] Monica Balut: like I said, you sometimes need to rotate a prim
[17:35] Monica Balut: eveyone know how to do that?
[17:35] rhian Milena: yes
[17:35] Maureen Gabardini: nods
[17:35] Jamie Kessler: I’m going to touch on prim lashes next; I know this is what everyone really wants to hear about.
[17:35] Rouge Anthony: yes and it might be good to look for skins with a hairbase sometimes too, it can help with minor hair adjustments
[17:35] Monica Balut: one more thing
[17:36] Monica Balut: I’ve been using hair bases lately with color
[17:36] Jamie Kessler: you mean colored bald wigs?
[17:36] Monica Balut: Soemtimes no matter how much you adjust you still see bald spots
[17:36] Monica Balut: yes
[17:36] Jamie Kessler: good idea
[17:36] Monica Balut: I’ll make up my own
[17:36] Monica Balut: from the hair editor
[17:36] Leslie Trebuchet: thats a good idea
[17:37] Monica Balut: & color it like the hari
[17:37] Rouge Anthony: some of the hair i’ve bought lately comes with a tintable cap
[17:37] Jamie Kessler: the thing is a LOT of avatars I have seen simply have too large of a head
[17:37] Monica Balut: it can hit some minor bald spots
[17:37] Jamie Kessler: I have my head size set at 40
[17:37] Jersey Ceriano: Some hair is is meant to be for things like photo shoots, but sucks when you look at it up close…and vice versa
[17:37] Monica Balut: yes
[17:38] Jamie Kessler: OK, everyone?
[17:38] Rouge Anthony: ok
[17:38] Leslie Trebuchet: ok
[17:38] rhian Milena: ok
[17:38] Maureen Gabardini: ok
[17:38] Monica Balut: House of Hearts often looks good up close, but you see bald spots when you pull away
[17:38] Jamie Kessler: Eyelashes. Yes, this is the part everyone hates/loves to hate. I personally don’t like prim lashes, but that’s just me. Number one, they don’t blink. Number two, when things aren’t rezzed yet, you look like you have some huge black patches on your face. I know… they look awesome in a still photo, and we aren’t here to argue whether we like them or not; we are here to adjust them.
[17:38] Jamie Kessler: While I did mention that I never use them, I HAVE adjusted them before by logging in as a friend who was having trouble. It takes a steady hand. I use a track-ball type of mouse, and I know Monica uses a Space Navigator, both tools being useful in the graphics and design industries for their greater control.
[17:38] Riley Popstar: oh i see the sculpty hair yu meant monica
[17:39] Jamie Kessler: First, take off the hair. You do not need to be accidentally clicking on a errant hair prim, adding to your frustration. Use a pose stand. This will be utterly impossible if your avatar is fidgeting around while she impatiently waits for you to finish. Zoom in with your camera controls. You can either use the camera controls box that utilizes your cursor, or you can use the alt/ctrl/shift method, but you’ll need to get in close, and you’ll need to view things from all angles. While it may look ok to you from one angle, the lashes may in fact be hanging out in space beside your head or something, so attention to detail is important here!
[17:39] Jamie Kessler: If you are having trouble seeing them just to click and select them, use the “highlight transparent” function (ctrl/alt/T) which will make all clear prims show in red. This a basic but VERY useful feature.
[17:40] Jamie Kessler: Edit linked parts, carefully position the prims, and recheck your work. It may take you several tries but the results should pay off and you’ll be happy with yourself.
[17:40] Leslie Trebuchet: if they can be recolored, I make them a bright color to adjust
[17:40] Leslie Trebuchet: then switch back
[17:41] Jamie Kessler: Again, you need to carefully scrutinize everything, from ALL angles, and up close, with good lighting
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[17:41] Jamie Kessler: yes, good idea
[17:41] Jamie Kessler: Anyone else have anything to add regarding prim lashes?
[17:42] Rouge Anthony: i have never been able to place them in a way i was happy wiht
[17:42] Rouge Anthony: someone told me about the eyelashes option in appearance and that’s where i made mine longer
[17:42] Riley Popstar: bye Maureen tc
[17:42] Monica Balut: oh good point Rouge
[17:43] Monica Balut: if you are weaing prim lashes your appearance eyelashes should be set to 0
[17:43] Monica Balut: they’ll conflict otherwise
[17:44] Jamie Kessler: well, I personally just use the Linden lashes, but with prim lashes, yes; they should be set to zero
[17:44] Monica Balut: Does anyone want to experiment?
[17:44] Monica Balut: I just slapped this outfit toghether tonight and didn’t have time to adjust the lashes
[17:44] Jamie Kessler: OK, we are nearly through… I wanted to beirfly mention Prim nails: Similar treatment. Again, I don’t use prim nails; I use the glove type. Prim nails look AWESOME up close, but they tend to contain a script that locks your hand in a fixed position, and I just don’t care for that. I bought a set from Pixel Mode and promptly binned them. Too bad they were no transfer, as I would gladly have given them to any one of you.
[17:45] Jamie Kessler: what, experiment on you?
[17:45] Jamie Kessler: LOL
[17:45] Riley Popstar: oh ok i got the sytem lash should be 0
[17:45] Jamie Kessler: yes
[17:45] Monica Balut: that or we could just play around ith our own stuff and ask questions
[17:45] Rouge Anthony: the system lashes work great for me
[17:46] Jamie Kessler: same here
[17:46] Monica Balut: I got into prim lashes recently and won’t go back
[17:46] Rouge Anthony: and they blink, i hate thing that don’t move the way they are supposed to
[17:46] Monica Balut: I love them
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[17:46] Jamie Kessler: yup
[17:46] Jamie Kessler: but some swear by them
[17:46] rhian Milena: exactly
[17:46] Payton Heron is Online
[17:46] Jamie Kessler: or at them
[17:46] rhian Milena: i love to hate them
[17:46] Jamie Kessler: :p
[17:46] Monica Balut: they’re geat for photos
[17:47] Rouge Anthony: they are great for photos, but day to day they drive me nuts
[17:47] Jamie Kessler: they really are
[17:47] Jamie Kessler: any thoughts on prim nails?
[17:47] Rouge Anthony: i hadn’t seen any gloved ones
[17:47] Riley Popstar: like contacts in RL maybe
[17:47] Monica Balut: I use the gloves
[17:47] rhian Milena: i have
[17:47] Rouge Anthony: the ones i see have the same issues as the lashes
[17:47] Jamie Kessler: like I saidm I bought ONE set, and promptly binned them
[17:47] Jamie Kessler: so do I
[17:47] Rouge Anthony: they are fixed and your hand keeps moving
[17:48] Jamie Kessler: I tried to find those, Monica
[17:48] Jamie Kessler: I’ll look again tonight
[17:48] rhian Milena: they detachs my wedding ban
[17:48] Monica Balut: I’m looking for the LM
[17:48] Monica Balut: tell them about it while I look
[17:48] Jamie Kessler: well you gave me one but I didn’t see them there
[17:49] Monica Balut: Let me check it out real quick
[17:49] rhian Milena: where as the glove nails leaves my rings on
[17:49] Jamie Kessler: I am wearing gloved ones right now… mine are from J’s
[17:49] Jamie Kessler: the same place that brought out the original prim toes
[17:49] rhian Milena: i got some at Candy Nails
[17:49] rhian Milena: they only have short nails
[17:50] Monica Balut: ok it works
[17:50] Monica Balut: Let me give it out
[17:51] Monica Balut gave you Tintable Fingernails & Toenails.
[17:51] Monica Balut: I found these glove nails
[17:51] rhian Milena: ty Monica
[17:51] Riley Popstar: tyvm
[17:51] Rouge Anthony: thanks
[17:51] Monica Balut: they are totally tintable
[17:51] Monica Balut: you can set them to any color
[17:51] Monica Balut: via the editor
[17:51] Jamie Kessler: I looked for them there last night, Monica
[17:51] Monica Balut: and you can copy them
[17:51] Jamie Kessler: I didn’t see where they were
[17:51] Monica Balut: you land right in front of the stall
[17:52] Jamie Kessler: I’ll check again, thanks
[17:52] Monica Balut: it’s a real small place
[17:52] Jamie Kessler: it was a slow rez and I probably went right past them
[17:52] Rouge Anthony: hee hee
[17:52] Monica Balut: you’ll never have to buy another set again
[17:52] Monica Balut: and they come with toenails too
[17:52] Monica Balut: that’s what I have on now
[17:53] Rouge Anthony: very good, girl doesn’t want her toes bare if her nails are pretty
[17:53] Monica Balut: the toenails fit diff sized feet
[17:53] Jamie Kessler: well, I also wanted to mention Jewelry: I know Monica would like to do a whole session on jewelry, so I won’t go into any great detail here. I will touch on a few points, however.
[17:53] Jamie Kessler: Much of the adjustment of prim jewelry will utilize the techniques we have already covered for adjusting other types of prims. There are a few things I wanted to mention though. One of these is the attachment point. When you “wear” the item, check to see where it is attached. I had one necklace made by a very well-know vendor that was giving me trouble. I adjusted it perfectly, I thought, but when I would hit certain poses, the necklace appeared to be off to the side, or even partially embedded in my skin.
[17:54] Jamie Kessler: I turned out that the attachment point was my elbow, I believe. Every time my arm moved in a pose, the necklace would move accordingly. I realized this can changed the mounting location in my menu to the spine, and all was well.
[17:54] Jamie Kessler: Or maybe it was my shoulder.
[17:54] Riley Popstar: lol
[17:54] Jamie Kessler: Also remember that two items cannot share the same location, so this is an issue if say a collar is attached to that spot. Be creative. Note that a lot of the jewelry is no copy, so making a back-up or creating outfits will be something you can’t do. I suppose it is this way because much jewelry is purchased as a gift and is sold as transfer/no copy. If it was both ways, people could freely give copies away. Maybe they should offer a choice to appeal to the fashion models who do need to make copies.
[17:54] Jamie Kessler: Anyone here ever lose a piece of jewelry inside them? A friend of mine lost her belly ring inside her tummy. She gave me edit rights, but I was not able to surgically extract it. Short of just buying a new one, the answer here would be to un-wear the item, then change its location, edit it so it is farther away, and then change the location back and reset it where it belongs. It has been a while, but I believe that was what we did to solve that problem.
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[17:55] Jamie Kessler: Regarding shoes, many of these already have resizing menus contained in them. A minor problem related to the InvisiPrims in the Stiletto Moody BARE series is best addressed by quoting from their FAQs:
[17:55] Rouge Anthony: i got on my pose stand and kept posing till i could find it
[17:55] rhian Milena: ohh yes
Second life recognizes to bottom of the avatars real foot to identify the floor. Thus is it better to adjust the ankle when adjusting your BARE shoe and not the foot that Stiletto Moody has placed very precisely. It is possible that on different avatar shapes the Stiletto Moody foot will sit a little lower than the hidden Second Life foot. Try moving the Stiletto Moody BARE foot and ankle attachment upwards together to correct the problem.”
[17:55] Jamie Kessler: the hard part is grabbing it
[17:56] Jamie Kessler: it’s like doing surgery on yourself
[17:56] Rouge Anthony: yes, i an another friend were looking for it till one could grab it
[17:56] Riley Popstar nods
[17:56] Jamie Kessler: I’m done; Thanks for listening, everybody. Does anyone have anything they would like to add regarding the adjustment of prim shoe size and location?
[17:57] Jamie Kessler: Or anything else, for that matter?
[17:57] Monica Balut: Or does anyone have questions?
[17:57] Rouge Anthony: i don’t think i’ve had to adjust them that much, my biggest issue is changing my foot color in the real toe shoes
[17:57] Rouge Anthony: which is just a long process
[17:57] rhian Milena: no this was very informative
[17:57] Riley Popstar: i have problem with applying right skin tone on those shoes
[17:57] Riley Popstar: same here
[17:57] Monica Balut: tell them what you told me last night about UI
[17:58] Jamie Kessler: well, this is a problem with the J’s shoes
[17:58] Jamie Kessler: but the Moody ones are great
[17:58] Jamie Kessler: Moody shoes has a menu selection for putting the RGB color code into it
[17:59] Jamie Kessler: and you can get a very close color match to your avi skin tone
[17:59] Riley Popstar: too bad, can’t eyedrop the skin tone color like fabric
[17:59] Leslie Trebuchet: how to get the RGB of your skin?
[17:59] Jamie Kessler: I recently did a blog entry on this
[17:59] Jamie Kessler: http://secondlifefordummies.blogspot.com/
[17:59] Riley Popstar: cool
[18:00] Jamie Kessler: well, in my blog I stated that you can take a pic and in your Photosop or whatever, use the eyedropper tool to sample the color
[18:00] Rouge Anthony: i’ll have to check it out cause i change my skins a lot and they are significant changes from time to time
[18:00] Jamie Kessler: BUT
[18:00] Jamie Kessler: I found an easier way to do that, right from SL
[18:00] Jamie Kessler: everyone have the Advanced menu?
[18:01] Rouge Anthony: yes
[18:01] rhian Milena: yes
[18:01] Jamie Kessler: most of us do
[18:01] Jamie Kessler: go to UI
[18:01] Jamie Kessler: and drop down to the bottom; select “show color under cursor”
[18:01] Jamie Kessler: you’ll see some tiny white numbers appear
[18:02] Monica Balut: it’s really tiny number in white at the bottom left of your screen. I totally missed them at first
[18:02] Jamie Kessler: down on the lower righ side of your window
[18:02] Rouge Anthony: oh i see them now
[18:02] Jamie Kessler: right*
[18:02] Leslie Trebuchet: yeppers
[18:02] rhian Milena: yes
[18:02] Jamie Kessler: ok, make sure you are on a pose stand
[18:02] Rouge Anthony: oh very cool
[18:02] Monica Balut: Jamie made my day with that yesterday
[18:02] Jamie Kessler: because yoyu want a good steady reading
[18:02] Jamie Kessler: 🙂
[18:03] Riley Popstar: that’s awesome
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[18:03] Jamie Kessler: so, you click on your left Moody shoe
[18:04] Jamie Kessler: and go to skin color
[18:04] Jamie Kessler: and control freak
[18:04] Jamie Kessler: and enter the first three sets of numbers
[18:05] Jamie Kessler: all of them three digits, even if you have to put a zero in front of it
[18:05] Jamie Kessler: when you get the chance, my blog gives the instructions for that
[18:05] Jamie Kessler: feel free to copy them to a NC so you won’t forget
[18:05] Riley Popstar: doing it right now:p
[18:06] Jamie Kessler: I just wish J’s shoes had the same function, but you have to fiddle around and try to get it right by eye, and even then they don’t look right all the time
[18:07] Jamie Kessler: you may have to try a couple times until you find the right spot to sample
[18:07] Rouge Anthony: i thought you could with J you just had to go to a different hard to find menu
[18:07] Jamie Kessler: if you can, please clue me in
[18:07] Paola Mornington is Online
[18:07] Rouge Anthony: let me see, i haven’t worn them in forever cause i keep changing skins
[18:07] Jamie Kessler: because I love the new flip flops with the bare foot option
[18:08] Rouge Anthony: ahhh i think the no script is messing with the shoes
[18:09] Monica Balut: oh yeah
[18:09] Rouge Anthony: let me tp home for a moment and see if i can find it
[18:09] Jamie Kessler: well, the method I outlined works great with the Moody shoes
[18:09] Jamie Kessler: and I have friends who had given up on them
[18:09] Monica Balut: as long as they give you a RGB menu, this should work
[18:10] Jamie Kessler: yes
[18:10] Jamie Kessler: it’s awesome
[18:11] Jamie Kessler: and with those glove nails, you might even be able to use that cursor tool to make your nails match your outfit
[18:11] Monica Balut: yes I always had trouble with that
[18:14] Rouge Anthony: ok it’s still a bit tedios
[18:14] Rouge Anthony: but the toe color has a RGB menu
[18:14] Rouge Anthony: that you can add to or subtract
[18:15] Rouge Anthony: just not input directly
[18:15] Jamie Kessler: ah
[18:15] Jamie Kessler: well, they ARE a lot cheaper


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