Herradura Baar “Finding Work”


[17:01] Herradura Baar: tonight we’re going to talk about building your career as an SL Model
[17:01] Herradura Baar: the truest statement I can tell all of you tonight is this:
[17:01] Herradura Baar: If you wait around for modeling opportunities – your career will go nowhere
[17:02] Monica Balut: Mr
[17:02] Monica Balut: Mr Right never comes knocking at your door
[17:02] Herradura Baar: and neither does mr great model job opportunity
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[17:02] Ocean Miami: Let’s see,, any boy models here?
[17:03] Herradura Baar: so you’re trying to build your career, agencies seem to be a ‘dime a dozen’ but are they finding you work
[17:03] Herradura Baar: God helps those who helpe themselves – I went 5 months without a real agency representing me
[17:03] Herradura Baar: and yet I was able to build a pretty decent career – networking with other models, joining the right model groups and searching the classifieds
[17:04] Herradura Baar: and when the big name agencies did show interest bringing me in – it was my resume of work that I found on my own that showed them I was ready to work
[17:04] Herradura Baar: How many people here check the classifieds everyday for jobs?
[17:04] Herradura Baar: either now or in the past?
[17:04] Akimi Dryke: I do
[17:05] Silvia Warden raises her hand, “I do.”
[17:05] Beautty GossipGirl: i do
[17:05] Charli Turbo: Not everyday.. Perhaps a few times a week
[17:05] Herradura Baar: best place to start
[17:05] Herradura Baar: I search on the word “model” and then the word “runway”
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[17:06] caLLie cLine’s little bird: new boots and more 150 a pair, must see photos!!!!! amazing! new outfit from me too!
[17:06] Herradura Baar: I only search in the last 4 categories – Employment, wanted, services and personnal
[17:06] Herradura Baar: the first 4 categories are more for stuff for sale or land to rent
[17:07] Herradura Baar: right now if you search employment on Model – you’ll see an ad for NC Designs
[17:07] You decline ‘NEW STUFF AT CALLIE CLINE!!!’ ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/caLLiefornia/54/18/566 ) from caLLie cLine’s little bird.
[17:07] Herradura Baar: NC was one of the first jobs I ever had – sure it was mainly posing on a stand but I could do it while AFK and it helped build my career
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[17:08] Herradura Baar: I as hired for a seasonal project and after Xmas I could have stayed on but opted to move to other careers. When i was done – I sent a thank you NC to the owner thanking her for the opportunity to work there
[17:08] Herradura Baar: if I wanted to go back I could – she remembers that i was a hard worker, sent a thank you note
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[17:09] Herradura Baar: how many of you send thank you notes after a job assignment was done?
[17:09] Alala Jewell raises her hand
[17:09] Tracy Lenroy: i have
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[17:09] Diva Lilliehook: i have
[17:09] Melinda Jensen: I have
[17:09] Silvia Warden: I have.
[17:09] Monica Balut: always
[17:09] shana Smit: i never had a job…so …:)
[17:09] Herradura Baar: I hate sharing that secret – because it’s one that’ll make you stand out from others
[17:09] Tracy Lenroy: lol
[17:10] Herradura Baar: well Shana – we’re here to help you wtih building your career – a good start
[17:10] Herradura Baar: ok How many of you have used the EVENTS tab to search for jobs?
[17:10] shana Smit: all help welcome 🙂
[17:10] Beautty GossipGirl: question
[17:10] Tracy Lenroy: me
[17:10] Beautty GossipGirl: have u heard of downtown modeling agency
[17:10] Herradura Baar: Sure Beautty – waht is your question
[17:10] Herradura Baar: yes
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[17:11] Herradura Baar: they always have an add in the events section but I’ve never really applied
[17:11] Beautty GossipGirl: what do you think about it
[17:11] Herradura Baar: I have nothing positive or negative to say about it
[17:11] Beautty GossipGirl: oh i see
[17:11] Herradura Baar: But Beautty you bring up a good point
[17:12] Herradura Baar: when you’re not working as a model, sometimes you want to try just about anything to build your career and gain a few refreneces
[17:12] Beautty GossipGirl: i been there they arent really organized
[17:12] Herradura Baar: I will say this about any agency – do NOT join one if they insist you must pay for their training or pay fees to join
[17:12] Tracy Lenroy: noway
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[17:12] Akimi Dryke applauds
[17:12] Monica Balut: I agree
[17:12] Beautty GossipGirl: but the owner is very nice n itz was 50 dollars 2 join
[17:13] Herradura Baar: Right now I’m in the middle of Glance Academy trianing – which is an academy that you pay to attend
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[17:13] Diva Lilliehook: I think all models and aspiring models should check the agency report site
[17:13] Herradura Baar: I was not told to take the training to join Glance NOR was I told that taking the training would get me into Glance
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[17:13] Tracy Lenroy: thats dif
[17:13] Herradura Baar: Exactly
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[17:13] Ocean Miami: I’m a graduate of GLANCE
[17:13] Ocean Miami: It is good training
[17:13] Ocean Miami: I must say
[17:14] Diva Lilliehook: I can post the site here for everyone
[17:14] Herradura Baar: ultimately we all pay for training but it should never be forced as a way to join an agency
[17:14] Tracy Lenroy: im a grad of “IN POSE”
[17:14] Herradura Baar: please Dvia – if you could post it
[17:14] Silvia Warden: I’m going to Face2Face’s Academy.
[17:14] Diva Lilliehook: http://agencyreport.wordpress.com/
[17:14] Herradura Baar: as for the $50 fee – that’s not a whole lot to pay for someone
[17:14] Herradura Baar: so I’m on the fence about if it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’
[17:14] Monica Balut: The point is get good training at a reputable agency
[17:14] Herradura Baar: very true
[17:14] Herradura Baar: but back to job hunting
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[17:15] Beautty GossipGirl: ok
[17:15] Herradura Baar: my first jobs were all those ‘pose on a stand’ positions
[17:15] Herradura Baar: some people might snub those jobs but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it
[17:15] Herradura Baar: I won’t do one where I need to be in front of the computer all the time. One interview she said I had to clock out if I was going to the bathroom
[17:15] Herradura Baar: that’s harsh
[17:16] Tracy Lenroy: not good
[17:16] Herradura Baar: but some of those ‘pose-on-a-stand’ jobs can lead to other opportunites
[17:16] Ocean Miami: Do you get for these jobs, Herra?
[17:16] Herradura Baar: pay wise?
[17:16] Alala Jewell: yes in particular when it is a good designer ㋡
[17:16] Herradura Baar: usually it’s around $20-30l/hour – essentially you are camping
[17:16] Herradura Baar: but if you don’t have to be in front of thecomputer
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[17:17] Herradura Baar: park your butt on a pose stand before you go to your RL job and stay here for 8 hours
[17:17] Ocean Miami: Good thinking
[17:17] Tracy Lenroy: yes
[17:18] Herradura Baar: btw, I strongly recommend checking out that job at NC – Nightflight makes some great stuff and she’s nice to work for
[17:18] Tracy Lenroy: awesome
[17:18] Herradura Baar: another pose job I’m still doing – Prism Haute Couture
[17:18] Herradura Baar: along with posing, we do events, we do print ads and now I’m organizing a runway show where only the store models get to walk in it
[17:18] Herradura Baar: I got that job another way – getting to know the owners!
[17:19] Herradura Baar: how many of you greet and chat with the owners if you see them at a store?
[17:19] Alala Jewell: me
[17:19] Tracy Lenroy: i do
[17:19] Monica Balut: I do
[17:19] Silvia Warden: Always.
[17:19] Melinda Jensen: I do
[17:19] Herradura Baar: or better yet chat with the store models (if they aren’t afk)
[17:19] Cami Bamboo: I do
[17:19] Akimi Dryke: I do
[17:19] Ocean Miami: It is all about networking skills yes
[17:19] Alala Jewell: I do
[17:19] lovely Ashdene: mee too
[17:19] Tracy Lenroy: always
[17:19] Herradura Baar: Amen Ocean
[17:19] Beautty GossipGirl: lol i ask alot of questions soo
[17:19] Silvia Warden: I’m a store model at Clover. I got the job there by talking to the owner directly.
[17:19] Alala Jewell: and also being nice and polite
[17:19] Alala Jewell: just for its sake
[17:20] Tracy Lenroy: friendly
[17:20] Herradura Baar: I’ve seen the Clover place – nice opportunity there
[17:20] Herradura Baar: thing is, these jobs aren’t top echelon positions
[17:20] Tracy Lenroy: yes
[17:20] Silvia Warden: It is and the owner is the best. 🙂
[17:20] Herradura Baar: but they are resume builders, they bring in some money and nice clothes AND you get to network with others
[17:21] Herradura Baar: I found a runway job thru the classifieds at Delicious Results
[17:21] Herradura Baar: From there a model told me about a store event at Zullay Designs
[17:21] Herradura Baar: there are opportunities out there you have to find them
[17:21] Herradura Baar: and with every opportunity – add it to your resume
[17:21] Herradura Baar: if store ads are taken – get copies from the owner to add to your portfolio
[17:22] Tracy Lenroy: good idea
[17:22] Ocean Miami: Can I add something, Herra…
[17:22] Herradura Baar: and even with the ‘afk’ pose jobs – make sure you take some time to be there when the owner is
[17:22] Herradura Baar: one sec Ocean
[17:22] Herradura Baar: network with them
[17:22] Herradura Baar: find out if you could do print ads – suggest doing a runway show
[17:22] Herradura Baar: make something more than just ‘standing there’
[17:22] Herradura Baar: ok Ocean – all yours
[17:23] Ocean Miami: Most of the agencies I joined so far were also through friends’ refererrals
[17:23] Ocean Miami: A friend who did a show with me
[17:23] Tracy Lenroy: mine too
[17:23] Herradura Baar: oh that is so seriously
[17:23] Ocean Miami: seems how hard working you are
[17:23] Ocean Miami: and they refer you to their next agency
[17:23] Ocean Miami: which is AWESOME
[17:23] Herradura Baar: that’s how I got into the glance academy – from a friend pushing to get me in there
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[17:24] Herradura Baar: and btw, when you ‘resign/quit’ a position – write them a letter of resignation – don’t just up and leave
[17:24] Sererika Capra is Online
[17:24] Herradura Baar: I’ve been cutting back my hours on SL and left a few agencies
[17:24] Tracy Lenroy: exactly
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[17:24] Monica Balut shouts: My RL vacation friends are calling me. I have to go folks. I hope someone can send me the chat log. Great topic Herra
[17:24] Herradura Baar: but one day who knows I may want to join again
[17:24] Herradura Baar: take care Monica
[17:24] Monica Balut shouts: Bye everone
[17:25] Tracy Lenroy: bye
[17:25] Akimi Dryke: Bye Monica!
[17:25] Cami Bamboo: bye Monica
[17:25] Beautty GossipGirl: bye
[17:25] Charli Turbo: Bye Monica 🙂
[17:25] lovely Ashdene: bye love
[17:25] shana Smit: bye monica
[17:25] Melinda Jensen: bye Monica
[17:25] Herradura Baar: writing a letter of resignation stating why you have to resign, thanking them for the opportunity
[17:25] Maribel Penucca: bye ㋡
[17:25] Herradura Baar: it keeps you in good terms with the owners
[17:25] Monica Balut is Offline
[17:25] Melinda Jensen: yes
[17:25] Herradura Baar: finally – who checks the SLX forums for modeling jobs?
[17:26] Akimi Dryke: I do
[17:26] Tracy Lenroy: never thought of that
[17:26] Beautty GossipGirl: can i add i also heard doing freelance is good and doing competitions
[17:26] lovely Ashdene: whats that
[17:26] Herradura Baar: not only do they have classified – but in the business discussion forum you may see people talking about adding models
[17:26] Herradura Baar: seak them out
[17:26] Tracy Lenroy: oh yeah
[17:26] Herradura Baar: well freelance is basically what we are talking about here – finding your own jobs
[17:26] Herradura Baar: competitions are good but tend to be bias’d
[17:26] Ocean Miami: okay I don’t know anything about this one
[17:27] Herradura Baar: one girl could be butt ugly but if she has enough friends and/or lindens – she could win the contest
[17:27] Diva Lilliehook: true Herra
[17:27] Tracy Lenroy: really
[17:27] Ocean Miami: LOL… nice:)
[17:27] Akimi Dryke: I’ve had bad experience with a competition before XP
[17:27] Charli Turbo: I find with competitions the better known models always win.
[17:27] Tracy Lenroy: yes
[17:27] lovely Ashdene: yess thats right
[17:27] Ocean Miami: Careful now… Herra wins those!
[17:27] Herradura Baar: it doesn’t hurt try to the competition –
[17:28] Herradura Baar: Ocean, I haven’t even entered JCNY
[17:28] Beautty GossipGirl: ohh i see
[17:28] Herradura Baar: and I have no friends or Linens
[17:28] Ocean Miami: LOL
[17:28] Herradura Baar: Lindens
[17:28] Herradura Baar giggles
[17:28] Diva Lilliehook: lol
[17:28] Charli Turbo: Its fun and all but I know deep down that if there is a top model name in there aswell. Im outtie.
[17:28] Ocean Miami: oh yeah right!
[17:28] Herradura Baar: I look at competitions this way – if I have to spend alot of lindens on their products to enter – I probably will skip it
[17:28] shana Smit: yes, same here
[17:28] Tracy Lenroy: i still get my face out there
[17:28] Herradura Baar: very true Tracey
[17:29] Herradura Baar: ugh Tracy
[17:29] Charli Turbo: Yes. I always enter just to be part of it
[17:29] Tracy Lenroy: ty
[17:29] Krissy Jonson is Online
[17:29] Tracy Lenroy: yes
[17:29] Ocean Miami: You will learn to make good selection with time, I think
[17:29] Herradura Baar: that’s finding a job – they are out there if you look and make the connections
[17:29] Herradura Baar: when I wasn’t working as much – I searched everyday. Just be careful with the word ‘model’ you search on
[17:30] Herradura Baar: it’s not uncommon for escort agencies and strip clubs to use that word to find applications
[17:30] Ocean Miami: Excellent point
[17:30] Sir Brennen is Online
[17:30] Diva Lilliehook: nods!!
[17:30] Herradura Baar: and although I have no problem with those who want to be escorts and strippers – I might suggest you do that on an alt AV
[17:31] Tracy Lenroy: yes
[17:31] Tracy Lenroy: they dont mesh well
[17:31] Herradura Baar: your profile is your first resume, some folks just hide all their ‘naughty’ groups
[17:31] Beautty GossipGirl: lol
[17:31] Herradura Baar: others just build a second character that does the ‘naughty’ fun
[17:31] Charli Turbo: Lol.
[17:31] Ocean Miami: LOL
[17:31] Tracy Lenroy: lol
[17:32] Beautty GossipGirl: lol
[17:32] Herradura Baar: and don’t get me wrong – most models, even some of the top ones will confess to working at a strip club – I did but I was only a host
[17:32] Alala Jewell: and some do no naughty at all 😦
[17:32] Jessica17934 Bruh is Online
[17:32] Herradura Baar: so I know there are pics of my boobs out there floating around
[17:32] Ocean Miami: Not me LOL…
[17:32] Tracy Lenroy: lol
[17:32] Charli Turbo: Aww. lmao!
[17:32] Ocean Miami: ha!
[17:32] Akimi Dryke: lol
[17:32] Herradura Baar: hey – they are great boobs
[17:32] Ocean Miami: Can barely keep up with modeling
[17:32] Tracy Lenroy: lol
[17:32] Beautty GossipGirl: lmaoo
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[17:32] Diva Lilliehook: lol
[17:33] Herradura Baar: ok that’s all I have for this topic – I think at this point I’m goingto take a seat and open the floor up for discussion
[17:33] Herradura Baar: but before I do I have some paperwork to go thru real quick
[17:33] Tracy Lenroy: kk
[17:33] Diva Lilliehook: applause for Herra!!!
[17:33] Ocean Miami: ★ ||”|| ‘||’ APPLAUSE ★ APPLAUSE ||”|| ‘||’ ★
[17:33] Melinda Jensen: ★(`’·.¸(`’·.¸ * ¸.·’´)¸.·’´)★ ★(`’·.¸(`’·.¸ * ¸.·’´)¸.·’´)★
[17:33] Melinda Jensen: A*P*P*L*A*U*S*E !!!
[17:33] Melinda Jensen: ★(¸.·’´(¸.·’´ * `’·.¸)`’·.¸)★ ★(¸.·’´(¸.·’´ * `’·.¸)`’·.¸)★
[17:33] Maribel Penucca: ty very good discussion
[17:33] Akimi Dryke claps!
[17:33] lovely Ashdene: .-‘`’-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-‘`’-.
[17:33] Tracy Lenroy: excellent
[17:33] Maribel Penucca: ********APPPLLLAAAUUUSSSEEE********
[17:33] Herradura Baar: #1 Due to popular demand we are going to try to do the “Make It Work” contest again for late May or June
[17:33] Beautty GossipGirl: Woot Woot
[17:33] Melinda Jensen: Excellent Herra ty
[17:33] Ocean Miami: LOL
[17:33] CC Mills is Online
[17:33] Tracy Lenroy: alright!
[17:34] Herradura Baar: So keep an eye out for it
[17:34] Tracy Lenroy: kk
[17:34] Herradura Baar: #2 As always – the Model Majestic Conference Center and the Workshops are free for everyone to attend
[17:34] Tracy Lenroy: yeah!
[17:34] Herradura Baar: however, Elle needs to pay monthly tier fees to keep the center running
[17:35] Herradura Baar: So if you notice in the back – there is a donation box – it is strickly voluntary
[17:35] Herradura Baar: if you find use for these seminars and the conference center and can spare a few lindens – please donate
[17:35] Tracy Lenroy: and understandable
[17:35] Herradura Baar: this helps cover the costs of keeping the center open – I make NO money from these donations
[17:36] Beautty GossipGirl: ok
[17:36] Herradura Baar: ok the floor is open – I’d like to talk about finding jobs – maybe making suggestions of where to look
[17:36] Kimberley Dawes is Online
[17:36] Herradura Baar: my first is that one for NC Designs – it’s a god store
[17:36] Herradura Baar: good store
[17:36] Silvia Warden: I’m sorry. I need to go but I liked the class.
[17:36] Herradura Baar: Silvia – i hope we see you again
[17:36] Silvia Warden: You will. Thank you. 🙂
[17:36] Herradura Baar: not sure of the topic for next week but we have one every Thursday
[17:37] Tracy Lenroy: bye
[17:37] Silvia Warden: My classes at Face2Face are Thursdays too, so I’m on a tight schedule. 🙂
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[17:37] Herradura Baar: btw, when Monica returns we may see about starting a 2nd workshop that will go better for European times
[17:38] Tracy Lenroy: will we be able to attend bith?
[17:38] Tracy Lenroy: both
[17:38] Herradura Baar: everyone is welcomed to attend the events held here at the Center and the workshops
[17:38] Tracy Lenroy: great!, ty
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[17:39] Stargazed Dover is Online
[17:39] Herradura Baar: I have no guarentees that the topics for both workshops would be the same or different
[17:39] Tracy Lenroy: thats ok
[17:39] Herradura Baar: we have a few European Models who have shown interest in doing seminars but with Monica on vacation we wanted to make these deicsions when she returns
[17:39] Tracy Lenroy: kk
[17:39] WESTWIND Ackland: of course the modelling groups announce jobs and elle does castings here
[17:40] Herradura Baar: Folks we have a very special guest here tonight
[17:40] Beautty GossipGirl: Be Right Back!! ツ
[17:40] Herradura Baar: Tiffany Dragonash is the CEO of EFA – which is one of the top agencies in SL
[17:40] Melinda Jensen: ★(`’·.¸(`’·.¸ * ¸.·’´)¸.·’´)★ ★(`’·.¸(`’·.¸ * ¸.·’´)¸.·’´)★
[17:40] Melinda Jensen: A*P*P*L*A*U*S*E !!!
[17:40] Melinda Jensen: ★(¸.·’´(¸.·’´ * `’·.¸)`’·.¸)★ ★(¸.·’´(¸.·’´ * `’·.¸)`’·.¸)★
[17:40] Maribel Penucca: ********APPPLLLAAAUUUSSSEEE********
[17:40] Herradura Baar: I had announced our seminar in her group chat and she wanted to check it out
[17:41] Tiffany Dragonash: thank you Herradura, I’d like to say you’re doing a very good thing here
[17:41] Herradura Baar: and perhaps share with us how she started in this agencie
[17:41] Tracy Lenroy: awesome
[17:41] Herradura Baar: well Monica Balut should get the credit – she started it
[17:41] Herradura Baar: I’m just the substitute this week
[17:41] Tiffany Dragonash: Models can use a good support network when starting out
[17:42] Tiffany Dragonash: as you mentioned, we teach our students the importance of networking
[17:42] Herradura Baar: I wish I had this back in October last year
[17:42] Herradura Baar: agencies were just not hiring
[17:42] Tiffany Dragonash: and being active in the community at large
[17:42] Glitter Bolissima is Online
[17:43] Tiffany Dragonash: I know that many models get discouraged early in their careers
[17:43] Marianela Beaumont is Online
[17:43] Tiffany Dragonash: but often times it just takes getting that first break to get started
[17:44] Tiffany Dragonash: we never know when or where it will come
[17:44] Tiffany Dragonash: I was fortunate myself
[17:44] Tiffany Dragonash: my trainer at EFA liked what she saw in me
[17:44] Tiffany Dragonash: and I was hired by them after completing the course
[17:44] LadyRed Sautereau is Online
[17:44] EA Thorne is Online
[17:45] Tiffany Dragonash: being visible and having your name recognized and associated with good attributes is invaluable
[17:45] Tracy Lenroy: most def
[17:46] Sir Brennen is Offline
[17:46] Tiffany Dragonash: this career takes dedication, if you really want it, you have to stick with it
[17:47] Tiffany Dragonash: one of my favorite quotes:
[17:47] Tiffany Dragonash: Opportunities multiply as they are seized. – Sun Tzu
[17:47] Herradura Baar: nice 😀
[17:47] Charli Turbo: Im really sorry to cut in. But I have to head off to practise. I really enjoyed the session thought 🙂 Thank you both Herra & Tiffany.
[17:48] Herradura Baar: thank you Charli – nice seeing you again 😀
[17:48] Tiffany Dragonash: i think that fits well with whatHerradura was saying 🙂
[17:48] Charli Turbo: Take care ladies 🙂
[17:48] Ocean Miami: Tc Charli
[17:48] shana Smit: bye charli
[17:48] A group member named Johnathan Hiess gave you Regarding Pam Astonia and Olivia Cascabel.
[17:48] Tracy Lenroy: this has been great, but rl work calls!
[17:48] Beautty GossipGirl: bak
[17:48] Tracy Lenroy: ty both
[17:48] Diva Lilliehook: hubby coming in the dorr
[17:48] Herradura Baar: well our hour is almost up here
[17:48] Diva Lilliehook: time to go fix dinner
[17:49] Diva Lilliehook: hugs to all and good to see all
[17:49] Tracy Lenroy: its been woderful
[17:49] Haidyn Inglewood is Online
[17:49] Ocean Miami: TC Diva love
[17:49] Herradura Baar: anyone else like to add some of their tips to finding jobs
[17:49] shana Smit: bye diva
[17:49] Ocean Miami: Great to see you
[17:49] Tracy Lenroy: tc, hugs…
[17:49] Ocean Miami: Well Herra
[17:49] Ocean Miami: I can add one quick thing
[17:49] Ocean Miami: about contests
[17:49] Herradura Baar: sure Ocean
[17:49] LadyRed Sautereau is Offline
[17:49] Ocean Miami: I found that some are wayyy better than others
[17:49] Ocean Miami: Not to tute anyone’s horn
[17:50] Ocean Miami: but the “runway” contests are a GREAT way to meet other models
[17:50] Ocean Miami: and network too
[17:50] Ocean Miami: I entered the JCNY
[17:50] Herradura Baar: like JCNY
[17:50] CATALINA McCaw is Online
[17:50] Ocean Miami: and the House of Beningborough too
[17:50] Herradura Baar: one of these days I’m going to enter that one
[17:50] Ocean Miami: You must
[17:50] LadyRed Sautereau is Online
[17:50] Ocean Miami: it is really great fun
[17:50] Ocean Miami: and you will walk out with 10 more people on your friends
[17:51] Ocean Miami: list
[17:51] Ocean Miami: at least!
[17:51] Ocean Miami: And a good reference too
[17:51] Herradura Baar: I really have nothing but positive things to say about JCNY
[17:51] Ocean Miami: and I agree about the “buying” aspect
[17:51] Ocean Miami: since I am broke too!
[17:51] Beautty GossipGirl: dito
[17:51] Ocean Miami: but almost every contest yu enter
[17:51] Ocean Miami: you will buy one thing or another
[17:52] Ocean Miami: but some are GOOD to buy
[17:52] Ocean Miami: qaulity items
[17:52] Herradura Baar: well it’s a matter of assessing what you have to buy
[17:52] Ocean Miami: quality(
[17:52] Ocean Miami: yes
[17:52] Ocean Miami: so I don’t regret that at all
[17:52] Ocean Miami: so…. it’s give and take in a sense
[17:52] Herradura Baar: that’s half the reason these stores have contests – is to help boost sales
[17:52] Ocean Miami: yep
[17:52] Ocean Miami: some I entered through
[17:52] Alala Jewell: a 2000 linden gown takes a lot of assessing
[17:52] Ocean Miami: bought and bought
[17:53] Ocean Miami: and never heard back!
[17:53] Herradura Baar: best bet is if you’re not sure about a contest – ask around
[17:53] CATALINA McCaw is Offline
[17:53] Ocean Miami: But JCNY is equal op and very serious people
[17:53] Ocean Miami: yes…
[17:53] Ocean Miami: and I can assure you: I had NO friends on the board when I got accepted
[17:53] Ocean Miami: and took all the pics myself too
[17:54] Herradura Baar: that’s true – they are someone unbias’d
[17:54] Ocean Miami: so that’s how you know they’re good to enter… yeah
[17:54] Ocean Miami: so check it out guys
[17:54] Herradura Baar: you see someof the same names picked agina and again but you see new names each time too
[17:54] Ocean Miami: yes
[17:54] Ocean Miami: And when you win something guys
[17:54] Ocean Miami: put it on your profile
[17:54] Herradura Baar: Ok, I’m not sure of the topic for next week – Monica will be running it again next week
[17:55] Herradura Baar: was there anyting in particlar you wanted to discuss?
[17:55] Herradura Baar: I might suggest Monica and Elle put out a suggestion box so we can have some new topics
[17:55] Jamie Kessler: she had planned on an open discussion for next week
[17:55] Herradura Baar: and eventually we will repeat old ones – like the first weeks when we talked about hair & skins
[17:55] Jamie Kessler: to ask where we want to go next with this
[17:55] Beautty GossipGirl: thanks for having me guys but i have to go
[17:56] Herradura Baar: everyone thank you for stopping by – and I hope to see you all next week
[17:56] lovely Ashdene: be safe
[17:56] Herradura Baar: Claps Very Loudly!!!!
[17:56] Ocean Miami: ★ ‘||’ APPLAUSE ★ APPLAUSE ||”|| ‘||’ ★
[17:56] Ocean Miami: ★ .II..I II..II .II..I ★★ .II..I II..II .II..I ★
[17:56] Ocean Miami: ★ ‘||’ APPLAUSE ★ APPLAUSE ||”|| ‘||’ ★
[17:56] Ocean Miami: ★ .II..I II..II .II..I ★★ .II..I II..II .II..I ★
[17:56] lovely Ashdene: .-‘`’-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-‘`’-.
[17:56] Maribel Penucca: ********APPPLLLAAAUUUSSSEEE********
[17:56] Herradura Baar: And thank you to EFA’s Tiffany Draganash for stopping by
[17:56] WESTWIND Ackland: Great class herra
[17:56] shana Smit: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[17:56] shana Smit: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[17:56] Kelcie Alsop: thank you Herra!
[17:56] WESTWIND Ackland: thank you


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