Herradura Baar “Academies & Schools”


[17:06] Sparkie Funizza: LOL
[17:07] Herradura Baar: and we’ll be hosting the Make It Work Contest here
[17:07] Jamie Kessler: I look normal to me
[17:07] Sparkie Funizza nearly asked what happened then duh!!
[17:07] Monica Balut: BTW this is alway open as a practice runway too
[17:07] Herradura Baar: OMG, MTV is doing the Ryan White song – I’ll be crying in 5 minutes
[17:07] Herradura Baar: also at the end of the show I’ll talk about the Make it Work Contest – still a chance to enter and win a scholarship to EIMA’s Academy
[17:08] Herradura Baar: I’ll extend the deadline to Sunday
[17:08] Herradura Baar: ok haivng said that – tonight we’re going to talk about training and joining a modeling academy
[17:08] Herradura Baar: I know here at the workshop we do provide lots of free training but we’re not a formal academy – there isn’t a structure
[17:08] Herradura Baar: you never know what we’ll be teaching from week to week but we do try to cover everything
[17:09] Herradura Baar: but a serious model will take the next step and consider joining a Modeling Academy
[17:09] Herradura Baar: now I’m not here to tell you which are the best
[17:09] Herradura Baar: but instead tell you things that you can do to ensure you make the right choice and right investment in your Lindens
[17:10] Monica Balut: I’m always amazed when I run into pple trying to be models who try to bypass that step
[17:10] Herradura Baar: probably the biggest problem with joining an academy is the concept that people want to learn to model, they are wiling to spend the money
[17:10] Herradura Baar: and therefore very very bad people will do whatthey can to scam you of your money
[17:10] Sparkie Funizza: yup
[17:11] Sakura23 Bleac: yup
[17:11] Herradura Baar: one of my first encounters with a very very bad person was back when i was a new model
[17:11] Herradura Baar: I was desparate to get into an academy
[17:12] Herradura Baar: and someone was sending ads out in group chat that she had the new hot agency, looking for fresh faces and IM her for an audtion
[17:12] Herradura Baar: btw watch out for people who say they are looking for ‘fresh faces’ – that’s a sign they are looking for people who might not be clued in enough to recognize a modeling scam
[17:12] Herradura Baar: anyhow this person – Gia Puddles was her name
[17:12] Sakura23 Bleac: I think i do
[17:13] Sakura23 Bleac: i got screwed b4 i got with face2Face
[17:13] Herradura Baar: gave me a 10 minute spiel about how great her agency was, how she was working with stores like Indyra and JCNY
[17:13] Dazee Dumpling: i got a notice last week for something that sounded hokey
[17:13] Sakura23 Bleac: O.O
[17:13] Herradura Baar: and thatn she loved my look – but I would have to pay $8000L and go thru her training first
[17:13] Sakura23 Bleac: Omg o.O
[17:13] Sparkie Funizza: that’s a no no
[17:13] Isis Aristocrat: wow
[17:13] MVD Shop: 2009-06-26T00:13:48.362030Z : Sheena Shelman: present in MVD Inc. shop.
[17:13] StellaRae Luminos: oh No!
[17:14] Herradura Baar: well I think a few people were scammed, but Jula Carnell, an SL model legend – ‘played along’
[17:14] Sakura23 Bleac: Thats one we gott do, WATCH out for outages prices O.o;
[17:14] Herradura Baar: she knows people who run JCNY and INdrya and knew they weren’t working with this agencies
[17:14] Herradura Baar: well Sakura, that’s not necessarily true but we’ll talk abou tha too
[17:15] Herradura Baar: Jula told me abot the questions she asked – “Can I see your Agency”, “Can I see Yyour Runway”, “Can I see the Agenda for training”
[17:15] Herradura Baar: this woman had NOTHING
[17:15] Herradura Baar: Jula blogged about it the next day and Gia Puddles disappeared
[17:15] Sakura23 Bleac: *writing this all down*
[17:15] MVD Shop: 2009-06-26T00:15:48.375754Z : Sheena Shelman: present in MVD Inc. shop.
[17:15] Monica Balut: I joined a new agency once. Next thing I knew they wanted me to pay for training just to be a model at the agency
[17:15] Dazee Dumpling: that’s a terrible thing to do to ppl
[17:15] Herradura Baar: most of the fashoin model groups will monitor people posting ads. I know Tiffany Dragonash asked me questions when I advertised in her group
[17:15] StellaRae Luminos: claps
[17:16] Herradura Baar: I’ve had people want me to pay a few to cover th cost of photo uploads
[17:16] Monica Balut: or to help cover tier
[17:16] Herradura Baar: Tifany knows that we do not charge for these classes although we have asked for donations for tier – Monica and I receive no oney
[17:16] Herradura Baar: money
[17:16] Herradura Baar: Girls, and guys if you are here this is my very best advice for finding an academy
[17:17] Herradura Baar: do NOT join an academy for the purpose of getting in the agency
[17:17] Herradura Baar: keep those 2 separate.
[17:17] Kandi Lauria: why is that Herra?
[17:17] Herradura Baar: I think it’s a level of control
[17:17] MVD Shop: 2009-06-26T00:17:48.468929Z : Sheena Shelman: present in MVD Inc. shop.
[17:18] Herradura Baar: first Kandi, some of the top agencies like Glance and Avenue – they’ll tell you right away that graduation does not put you in the academy
[17:18] StellaRae Luminos: plus it’s depending on smthg that is not definate, if i may add
[17:18] Herradura Baar: that doesn’t mean agencies won’t accept you
[17:18] Herradura Baar: but it’s best to find the best academy – if you’re good you’ll get jobs
[17:18] Herradura Baar: and many academies like Glance, even though I’m not a GIA model yet – they do help with getting you jobs
[17:19] Monica Balut: & even if they do invite you in as a model. it doesn’t mean you’ll ever acutually work there
[17:19] Herradura Baar: Now one of the best things I can recommend for training is the Agency Repot
[17:19] Herradura Baar: but even with that – use it as a guideline
[17:19] MVD Shop: 2009-06-26T00:19:48.577388Z : Sheena Shelman: present in MVD Inc. shop.
[17:19] Monica Balut: http://agencyreport.wordpress.com/
[17:19] Herradura Baar: the Agency Report (and I’ll find the link)
[17:19] Herradura Baar: thank you Monica
[17:20] Herradura Baar: it’s a chance forpeople to discuss the various agencis and academies
[17:20] Herradura Baar: so if you’re not sure – see what others have said
[17:20] Herradura Baar: but be carefore with the Anon posts.
[17:20] Herradura Baar: I was reading it today and there was an Anon post about EIMA
[17:20] Herradura Baar: one post – person felt she got all fixed up for an audition and wasn’t picked
[17:21] Herradura Baar: but then there were 13 posts from people who have used EIMA both as an agency and an academy, all WITH names that had nothing but top glowing reports
[17:21] Herradura Baar: so when reading the agency report, take those anon posts with a grain of salt
[17:21] Herradura Baar: one bad post could just be a spoiled sport
[17:21] MVD Shop: 2009-06-26T00:21:48.714501Z : Sheena Shelman: present in MVD Inc. shop.
[17:21] Herradura Baar: 5 post posts could be a problem
[17:21] Sakura23 Bleac: yeah
[17:22] Kandi Lauria: nods
[17:22] Monica Balut: No diff from reviews on Amazon
[17:22] Herradura Baar: now the last thing I’m going to discuss before I open the floor including a guest speaker
[17:22] Herradura Baar: is about cost
[17:22] Herradura Baar: yes some academies are much more expensive than others but that doesn’t mean that the more expensive ar eripping you off
[17:22] Herradura Baar: my first academey was KSG and it was $2500 lindens
[17:23] Sakura23 Bleac: Omg
[17:23] Herradura Baar: Gabbe Ikura was my teacher and gave me a great training (along with 3 other students in my class) and i graduated with flying colors
[17:23] Herradura Baar: but atthe time, I wasn’t sure if I wanted modeling and felt it was a good price for me
[17:23] MVD Shop: 2009-06-26T00:23:48.674655Z : Sheena Shelman: present in MVD Inc. shop.
[17:23] Herradura Baar: but six months later I knew I loved modeling and wanted to take it to the next level
[17:24] Herradura Baar: now I’m not going to post the cost of GIA academy but it was worth it
[17:24] Monica Balut: The last school I attended was a year ago. What are academy costs these days?
[17:24] Kandi Lauria: I paid 5K for the one Im in now
[17:24] Herradura Baar: instead of training in a group I had one-on-one training with top model Kurvy Rhoades
[17:24] Sakura23 Bleac: Face2Face-500(when i started)
[17:24] Sakura23 Bleac: but now its 1200
[17:24] Herradura Baar: so that’s the reason why you should ask questions – what are you getting for your money
[17:24] Sparkie Funizza: ewing, avenue, and u vogue are 10K
[17:25] Herradura Baar: and those along with glance are top agencies
[17:25] Herradura Baar: and graduating does not guarentee getting in their agency but will still look good on your record
[17:25] Herradura Baar: consider this
[17:25] Sakura23 Bleac: *nods*
[17:25] Sparkie Funizza: yup
[17:25] Monica Balut: SuperElite and Evane are very good too
[17:25] Herradura Baar: I could graduate from Harvard Medical School
[17:25] MVD Shop: 2009-06-26T00:25:48.898186Z : Sheena Shelman: present in MVD Inc. shop.
[17:25] Sparkie Funizza: i’ve been to a few schools and learned something new at each one
[17:25] Herradura Baar: but Harvard’s hospital can only employ so many doctors
[17:26] Monica Balut: me too
[17:26] Herradura Baar: that they can’t hire every doctor that graduates from Harvard
[17:26] Herradura Baar: but being a harvard graduate looks good on your resume
[17:26] Herradura Baar: does that make sense about the top academies?
[17:27] Kandi Lauria: yes
[17:27] Sparkie Funizza: yup
[17:27] Sakura23 Bleac: Yus 🙂
[17:27] Isis Aristocrat: yes
[17:27] Monica Balut: Agree
[17:27] Herradura Baar: btw those of you not from the US – Harvard University is one of the stop schools in the States
[17:27] Sparkie Funizza: lol new that 😀
[17:27] Sakura23 Bleac: rofl i knew that
[17:27] Sakura23 Bleac: <– From canada
[17:27] Sparkie Funizza: from UK
[17:27] Herradura Baar giggles
[17:27] MVD Shop: 2009-06-26T00:27:48.716443Z : Sheena Shelman: present in MVD Inc. shop.
[17:28] Sparkie Funizza: it's one of top world wide i think
[17:28] Herradura Baar: so the best thing out there is ask questions
[17:28] Sakura23 Bleac: *nods8
[17:28] Herradura Baar: and if you aren'tsure – go into a model group chat and ask other s- heck if I'm online ask me
[17:28] Herradura Baar: but if you fail to do your reseach and give yoru money to some random promising you the world, well it's your fault you lost your money
[17:29] Herradura Baar: but honestly, good training is invaluable. I didn't think so at first – I thought KSG as enough
[17:29] Herradura Baar: but Glance helped perfect my walk an find flaws in my shape that got fined tuned. Kurvy wasn't my teacher – she was my mentor
[17:29] MVD Shop: 2009-06-26T00:29:48.748201Z : Sheena Shelman: present in MVD Inc. shop.
[17:29] Herradura Baar: and btw I only know about those academies but that doesn't mean they are the only ones
[17:30] Kandi Lauria: Herra, how does one get into an academy like Glance?
[17:30] Herradura Baar: I have no idea
[17:30] Herradura Baar: and I can honestly say that
[17:30] Kandi Lauria: alright
[17:30] Herradura Baar: I had interested and my very dear friend TK Waco pulled some strings
[17:30] Monica Balut: Most have applications
[17:30] Herradura Baar: it's also why I don't know the cost – she paid for it even though I insisted I would do it
[17:31] Monica Balut: and entrance interviews
[17:31] Sparkie Funizza: oh wow, very good friend indeed 😀
[17:31] Herradura Baar: TK waco was an amazing person but no longer at SL
[17:31] Sakura23 Bleac: lol yup its not what you know its who (like rl)
[17:31] Sparkie Funizza: she's left??? oh no!!!
[17:31] Herradura Baar: but, I met a young model who wanted to get into training but couldn't afford it
[17:31] Kandi Lauria: thats a shame
[17:31] MVD Shop: 2009-06-26T00:31:48.781001Z : Sheena Shelman: present in MVD Inc. shop.
[17:31] Herradura Baar: now this model was new so I wasn't about to spend thousands of lindens
[17:32] Jenna Baddingham: http://www.glance-international.com/2009/01/academy.html
[17:32] Herradura Baar: but I did treat her to a TK Waco Memorial scholarship at Xtreme's agency
[17:32] Herradura Baar: Our own Glitter Bolissma teaces there and they have a nice class for beginners
[17:32] Sparkie Funizza: glitters a fab teacher and mentor too
[17:33] Herradura Baar: wait I lost my guest speaker
[17:33] Beam-Me-One (C) Vendor: Endov Rhode Has bought a Beam-Me-One v 1.21 (C) (Boxed) for L$699.
[17:33] MVD Shop: 2009-06-26T00:33:48.976007Z : Sheena Shelman: present in MVD Inc. shop.
[17:34] Herradura Baar: Ok we lost Shayla, she's a trainner who was goin to talk about academies
[17:34] Kandi Lauria: thanks Jenna 🙂
[17:34] Herradura Baar: she trains at EIMA and btw, they have a wonderful program too
[17:34] Dazee Dumpling: did tk waco die?
[17:35] Herradura Baar: Ok we lost our speaker however let's open up the floor
[17:35] Herradura Baar: I'd like to hear about your expereinces
[17:35] Monica Balut: noDazee TK just left SL to devote time to her RL business
[17:36] Herradura Baar: It happens
[17:36] Monica Balut: My first agency was Face2Face
[17:36] Dazee Dumpling: true
[17:36] Sakura23 Bleac: As mine was to Monica 🙂
[17:36] Monica Balut: What i lked about it was the hands on experience
[17:36] Monica Balut: they had the student put on a full show
[17:36] Sakura23 Bleac nods
[17:36] Monica Balut: we had to recruit a designer
[17:37] StellaRae Luminos: wow
[17:37] Monica Balut: get a DJ, theme etc everything
[17:37] Monica Balut: It was stressfull
[17:37] Monica Balut: but a great way to learn about the business
[17:37] Monica Balut: Are they still doing that?
[17:37] Sakura23 Bleac: I think so monica, Tani doesnt own it ne more
[17:37] Kandi Lauria: my class is being taught something similiar at my academy
[17:38] Kandi Lauria: how to host, etc so we can do it if necessary
[17:38] Monica Balut: Now EFA was a lot more formal
[17:38] Monica Balut: is was very much lke a school
[17:38] Monica Balut: very strict
[17:38] Monica Balut: and they constantly were pushing your limits
[17:39] Monica Balut: but it you stuck with it it was as great learning experience
[17:39] Sparkie Funizza: there are schools that teach how to produce a show??
[17:39] Sparkie Funizza: tell me PLEASE!!! lol
[17:40] Jamie Kessler: yes… Model's Workshop
[17:40] Jamie Kessler: :p
[17:40] Sparkie Funizza: lmao of course
[17:40] Herradura Baar: Well Sparkie, some of that is showing interst as a model
[17:40] Monica Balut: Well we did that a month ago
[17:40] Sakura23 Bleac: that was great fun btw
[17:40] Sakura23 Bleac: 🙂
[17:40] Monica Balut: WE will likely do that again
[17:40] Herradura Baar: I was never formarlly trained to put together a show but had a chance to work with others
[17:40] Sparkie Funizza: ok i'll try make it next time
[17:41] Herradura Baar: if you are in an agency and want to learn howto put a show together – let your agency owner know
[17:41] Monica Balut: The show we put on here was a great learning experience
[17:41] Herradura Baar: show co-ordinators can always use assistance
[17:41] Sparkie Funizza: yup good thinking
[17:41] Sakura23 Bleac: *nods*
[17:41] Monica Balut: I may have a designer lined up for that BTW
[17:42] Sakura23 Bleac: oohs ^^
[17:42] Monica Balut: Same poster is on the East wall
[17:43] Herradura Baar: btw we're still taking entries for MIW and you could win a scholarship from EIMA academy
[17:43] Noelle Triellis: how do you enter?
[17:43] Herradura Baar: instructions are i the box
[17:44] Herradura Baar: ok does anyone have any recommedations for agencies
[17:44] Monica Balut: The last one we did like this in April was great fun
[17:44] Herradura Baar: I mean Academies
[17:45] Monica Balut: Well those are my two positive expereicnes
[17:45] Sparkie Funizza: superelite, uvogue, and ewing
[17:45] Sparkie Funizza: are all fantastic
[17:45] Monica Balut: Evane
[17:45] Herradura Baar: btw EIMA, our sponser, has an excellent program that is very indepth
[17:45] Sparkie Funizza: starting with eima this weekend 😀
[17:45] Kandi Lauria: my first one was Jenna Coppola Academy and I had good training there for a reasonable price
[17:45] Kandi Lauria: Im with Evane Academy now
[17:45] Herradura Baar: honestly, if you have never trained before you might want to start with a smaller program
[17:45] Sparkie Funizza: i'd definitly say Super Elite is great for a complete beginner
[17:45] Herradura Baar: Evane is nice
[17:45] Sparkie Funizza: very detailed and in depth
[17:46] Herradura Baar: I know Extreme has a nice package – they split it into 2
[17:46] Herradura Baar: Xtreme
[17:46] Monica Balut: SuperElite has various levels of courses
[17:46] Herradura Baar: the beginner is only $1500
[17:46] Sparkie Funizza: glitter is teaching there, so I know Xtreme will be well worth it
[17:47] Herradura Baar: honestly when you think of your training as a separate entity and ask good questions – you will be sucessful
[17:47] Jenna Baddingham: My friend is a photographer at JCS, tried to get me a job there but that didnt work out.
[17:47] Monica Balut: Moda has a good reputation too
[17:47] Sakura23 Bleac: MAD Is good
[17:47] Sparkie Funizza: yup but not euro friendly
[17:47] Sakura23 Bleac: I went to see a few of there shows 🙂
[17:47] Sparkie Funizza: I got accepted at moda but had to decline 😦
[17:47] Herradura Baar: however once you get into an academy it's up to you to do the work
[17:47] Herradura Baar: BTW, very good comment there
[17:48] Herradura Baar: don't join an academy simply because of it's name
[17:48] Herradura Baar: there are great agencies at all time zone
[17:48] Sparkie Funizza: yup
[17:48] Herradura Baar: one question you should ask should be – what time you offer your classes
[17:49] Herradura Baar: even with agenies – no use joining an agency if their shows are held during the week while you work your RL job or sleep
[17:49] Kandi Lauria: SuperElite is raising their prices starting july 1
[17:49] Herradura Baar: you gain no benefit by training outside your zone
[17:49] Herradura Baar: and speaking of asking questions before joining
[17:50] Herradura Baar: be caution of any agency that askes you to pay to join
[17:50] Monica Balut: agree
[17:50] Monica Balut: I did that once
[17:50] Sparkie Funizza: definitly a no no
[17:50] StellaRae Luminos: ? here: is it better to have a portfolio before applying or do agencies do that?
[17:50] Herradura Baar: yes
[17:50] Monica Balut: next thing I know they wanted me to pay for "training"
[17:50] StellaRae Luminos: or what if they want you to pay for a portfolio?
[17:51] Herradura Baar: honestly, some will say "it's for the portfolios" – well before you pay check with the photographers and see their work
[17:51] Monica Balut: Good agencies help you with your portfolio
[17:51] Sakura23 Bleac: *nods*
[17:51] Herradura Baar: you dont want to find out heir photographer is some goofball who barely knows photoshopp
[17:51] Sparkie Funizza: when you say help, how?
[17:51] StellaRae Luminos: ok ㋡
[17:52] Monica Balut: yep I learned that the hard way too
[17:52] Herradura Baar: well the first real agency I joined was Image Top Model
[17:52] Herradura Baar: which honeslty was a joke – they made alot of promises but faded away after a month
[17:52] Herradura Baar: but I didn't pay for one thing with them
[17:52] Herradura Baar: and they did some nice portfolio sohps
[17:52] Herradura Baar: portfolio shots
[17:53] Sparkie Funizza: ok
[17:53] StellaRae Luminos: i think i am in a situation like that Herra
[17:53] Herradura Baar: which group Stella?
[17:53] StellaRae Luminos: its new, lol, Metamorphisos…
[17:53] Herradura Baar: yeah we saw the notecard
[17:53] Herradura Baar: $500 startup fee
[17:54] StellaRae Luminos: they havent asked me for money cept for portfolio book w/10 shots
[17:54] StellaRae Luminos: oh really? i didnt know there was a fee!
[17:54] Monica Balut: The first portfolio photographe I went to couldn't even maintain aspect ration correctly.
[17:54] Sakura23 Bleac: omg
[17:54] Jamie Kessler: lol
[17:54] Sakura23 Bleac: I got a friend of mien to do mine xD
[17:54] Sakura23 Bleac: Shanen Hax
[17:54] Herradura Baar: well I'm not sure what to say – I hope you got some good pictures out of it
[17:55] Monica Balut: Shanen does nice work
[17:55] Herradura Baar: Honestly, starting an agency is not easy
[17:55] Monica Balut: Now I've seen some places that do no more than sell you a bunch of notecards with intstructions on them. Needless to say avoid those.
[17:55] Herradura Baar: if you don't have the money, the time and the contacts to start one you're just wasting time
[17:56] Monica Balut: And it's a lot of work
[17:56] Herradura Baar: my last advice to you before we lave
[17:56] Herradura Baar: leave
[17:56] Herradura Baar: it's all about Quality not Quanity
[17:56] Sakura23 Bleac: agreed
[17:56] StellaRae Luminos: nods
[17:56] Herradura Baar: having 20 modeling agencies ni your profile doesn't make you a top model
[17:57] Sakura23 Bleac: <– got 2 lol go me
[17:57] Herradura Baar giggles
[17:57] Sakura23 Bleac: Iam just modeling for sumthing to do, i dun think i'll ever be a top model i just do it cos its fun
[17:57] Herradura Baar: I know the feeling Sakura
[17:57] Monica Balut: but it cetainly is addictive
[17:58] Herradura Baar: the top models here – they know how to photoshop, they have the time and they'll spend the lindens
[17:58] Herradura Baar: and every one of those top models deserve the accolades too
[17:58] Herradura Baar: but if you work hard, show the dedication – well to me modeling is like a sisterhood
[17:59] Herradura Baar: and I feel a real connection in modeling that I never felt when I worked in teh clubs
[17:59] Sakura23 Bleac: I been doin the club thing for far to long
[17:59] Herradura Baar: ok I have to run
[17:59] Sakura23 Bleac: hence why i wanted to model
[17:59] Herradura Baar: well club thing isn't bad
[17:59] Tiara Calvert: I agree it's a unique community. Which is part of addictive quality.
[17:59] Kandi Lauria: thanks Herra 🙂
[17:59] Tiara Calvert: the*
[17:59] StellaRae Luminos: Thanks Herra!!
[17:59] Sakura23 Bleac: Thx Herra 🙂
[17:59] Sakura23 Bleac: for the nifty info 😀
[17:59] Sparkie Funizza: ty herra, very helpful 😀
[17:59] Monica Balut: Thanks Herra
[17:59] Jenna Baddingham: thanks Herra 🙂


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