Kaan Kuhn “RL & SL Photography and Business”

[12:05] Madeleine Dollinger: My name is Madeleine Dollinger and I will be your host here tonight!
[12:05] Suki Rexen: ☆Applause☆
[12:05] Sequoia Nightfire: *✯*♪♫♥ Applause ♥♫♪*✯*
[12:05] Sequoia Nightfire: ✯*✯*✯* APPLAUSE *✯*✯*✯
[12:05] Monerda Skute: applause
[12:05] Madeleine Dollinger: We will have an informal discussion about this topic and especially talk about photography and business deals that cross over the boarders of our virtual world and the real world!
[12:05] Wipster Baxter: >>> Applause !!! <<<<
[12:05] Madeleine Dollinger: And thankyou!! *blushes*
[12:05] Madeleine Dollinger: :))
[12:06] Madeleine Dollinger: This particular subject is special to me as I was happy to be the cover model on the cover of the real life magazine STUFF and it´s Turkish edition in March this year!
[12:06] Monerda Skute: congratulations!
[12:06] Suki Rexen: yes!!
[12:06] Madeleine Dollinger: The man behind that cover project and the real life chief editor of the magazine in question is Mr Kaan Kuhn who we have with us here tonite!
[12:06] Madeleine Dollinger: Thx!!:))
[12:06] Suki Rexen: ♥.;:+*’`’* ¸.•*(¸.•*´ ♥ `*•.¸)`*•.¸*’`’*+:;.♥
[12:06] Suki Rexen: ♥.;:+*’`’*THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE*’`’*+:;.♥
[12:06] Suki Rexen: ♥.;:+*’`’* AWESOME WORK *’`’*+:;.♥
[12:06] Suki Rexen: ♥.;:+*’`’* ¸.•*(¸.•*´ ♥ `*•.¸)`*•.¸*’`’*+:;.♥
[12:06] Dolly Dereham: 🙂
[12:06] Madeleine Dollinger: Welcome Kaan and let´s give him an applause!:)
[12:06] Dolly Dereham: .-‘`’-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-‘`’-.
[12:06] Kaan Kuhn: lol
[12:06] Monerda Skute: APPLAUSE!
[12:07] Madeleine Dollinger: Kaan has recently started up a photography business in SL and he is now working with Vero Modero, Finesmith and Mandala!
[12:07] Kaan Kuhn: ı am stucked here
[12:07] Wipster Baxter: >>> Applause !!! <<<<
[12:07] Kaan Kuhn: cant move
[12:07] Madeleine Dollinger: oh lol
[12:07] Kaan Kuhn: just kidding
[12:07] Kaan Kuhn: sorry
[12:07] Madeleine Dollinger: no i think youre shy lol
[12:07] Candylicious Forster: ☆Applause☆
[12:07] Suki Rexen: welcome to SL….
[12:07] Wipster Baxter: •´¨*•.¸. LOL •´¨*•.¸.
[12:07] Monerda Skute: ~*㋡ hehehehe ㋡*~
[12:07] Monerda Skute: 🐱
[12:07] Madeleine Dollinger: Three wellknown design brands here and I´m sure they´re familiar to all of you 🙂
[12:08] Madeleine Dollinger: Kaan is also a RL photographer and have worked a great deal with fashion and modeling photography.
[12:08] Madeleine Dollinger: We will start this evening with letting Kaan talk a bit about his impressions in photography here in Second Life and after that we will have a discussion about what we all think about the contacts between SL and RL when it comes to business in general!
[12:09] Madeleine Dollinger: I will remind all that the conversation tonight will be recorded and posted on our blog!!!
[12:09] Madeleine Dollinger: So people that arent here can read it afterwards!!
[12:09] Madeleine Dollinger: Hope all is okay with that!!
[12:09] Monerda Skute: great idea
[12:09] Wipster Baxter: Thats perfect, Madde
[12:09] Madeleine Dollinger: Kaan, the stage is yours!!:)
[12:09] Kaan Kuhn: ok
[12:10] Kaan Kuhn: hello again
[12:10] Kaan Kuhn: so fiirst
[12:10] Kaan Kuhn: ı am so sorry about my pathetic english
[12:10] Kaan Kuhn: then
[12:10] Kaan Kuhn: ı am a bad talker with my native language
[12:10] Kaan Kuhn: and now english
[12:10] Wipster Baxter: ╠╣A ╠╣A ╠╣A ╠╣A
[12:10] Kaan Kuhn: thank you madeleine
[12:10] Madeleine Dollinger: 🙂
[12:11] Monerda Skute: 🙂
[12:11] Kaan Kuhn: so as she said
[12:11] Dolly Dereham: 🙂
[12:11] Kaan Kuhn: from rl
[12:11] Kaan Kuhn: some facts
[12:11] Kaan Kuhn: ı am maxim and stuff mag chief editor
[12:11] Kaan Kuhn: and photographer for somefashion project
[12:11] Suki Rexen: very nice
[12:11] Kaan Kuhn: included
[12:11] Kaan Kuhn: lacoste
[12:12] Kaan Kuhn: gucci
[12:12] Kaan Kuhn: dkny
[12:12] Kaan Kuhn: some marks
[12:12] Kaan Kuhn: and many cover projects
[12:12] Kaan Kuhn: as model
[12:12] Kaan Kuhn: carolina kourkova
[12:12] Kaan Kuhn: adriana lima
[12:12] Kaan Kuhn: not kidding
[12:12] Kaan Kuhn: lol
[12:12] Wipster Baxter: wow
[12:12] Monerda Skute: wow
[12:12] Kaan Kuhn: and
[12:13] Kaan Kuhn: ı am in the game from 4 years
[12:13] Kaan Kuhn: but pretty new on sl photography
[12:13] Kaan Kuhn: very very difference from rl photography,
[12:13] Kaan Kuhn: definetly
[12:13] Kaan Kuhn: many special settings etc
[12:13] Kaan Kuhn: so
[12:14] Kaan Kuhn: always to be here
[12:14] Kaan Kuhn: amazed me
[12:14] Kaan Kuhn: as a gamer
[12:14] Kaan Kuhn: as a photographer
[12:14] Kaan Kuhn: or as a cancun
[12:14] Kaan Kuhn: something
[12:14] Monerda Skute: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
[12:14] AZULL Ash: greetings alland big huggss around
[12:14] Dolly Dereham: 😀
[12:14] Kaan Kuhn: many models
[12:14] Kaan Kuhn: many agencies
[12:14] Kaan Kuhn: designers
[12:14] Kaan Kuhn: pose makers
[12:15] Kaan Kuhn: biggest industry of teh virtual world
[12:15] Kaan Kuhn: the*
[12:15] Kaan Kuhn: stupid ao
[12:15] Kaan Kuhn: ı am so sorry
[12:15] Kaan Kuhn: so
[12:15] Kaan Kuhn: lets talk about fashion
[12:15] Madeleine Dollinger: lol
[12:15] Kaan Kuhn: fashion is something very very detailed
[12:16] Kaan Kuhn: too many people
[12:16] Kaan Kuhn: are working on it
[12:16] Kaan Kuhn: specially here
[12:16] Kaan Kuhn: very big challange with the marks
[12:16] Kaan Kuhn: and designer
[12:16] Kaan Kuhn: anddddd
[12:16] Kaan Kuhn: this world is completly
[12:16] Kaan Kuhn: visional
[12:17] Kaan Kuhn: juston the screen
[12:17] Kaan Kuhn: you cant touch the products
[12:17] Kaan Kuhn: or smells
[12:17] Kaan Kuhn: just pixels
[12:17] Kaan Kuhn: this is the unic reality
[12:17] Kaan Kuhn: on this world
[12:17] Kaan Kuhn: all we are agree this?
[12:17] Sensual Fold: yes:)
[12:17] Monerda Skute: so true yes
[12:17] Wipster Baxter: absolutely
[12:17] AZULL Ash: yup
[12:17] Kaan Kuhn: ok great
[12:18] Kaan Kuhn: is there any pizza around ı am starving
[12:18] Madeleine Dollinger: lol maybe later
[12:18] Monerda Skute: hahaha
[12:18] AZULL Ash: i havetacos would that help?
[12:18] Madeleine Dollinger: not here , were models loll
[12:18] Kaan Kuhn: ok they said me free lunch if ı talk
[12:18] Kaan Kuhn: sorry sorry
[12:18] Kaan Kuhn: ok
[12:18] Sensual Fold: lol
[12:19] Kaan Kuhn: thx
[12:19] Sequoia Nightfire: have a nice big chocolate cookie
[12:19] Kaan Kuhn: for chocolate
[12:19] Monerda Skute whispers: 😀
[12:19] Kaan Kuhn: so
[12:19] Kaan Kuhn: this visional world
[12:19] Kaan Kuhn: needs
[12:19] Kaan Kuhn: some fine arts
[12:19] Kaan Kuhn: as graphic
[12:19] Kaan Kuhn: as illustration
[12:20] Kaan Kuhn: and
[12:20] Kaan Kuhn: photography
[12:20] Kaan Kuhn: because
[12:20] Kaan Kuhn: we buy what we see
[12:20] Kaan Kuhn: we sell what we see
[12:20] Kaan Kuhn: biggest helper this economy
[12:20] Kaan Kuhn: secret word
[12:20] Kaan Kuhn: :
[12:20] Kaan Kuhn: VENDORS
[12:21] Kaan Kuhn: when you see a vendor
[12:21] Kaan Kuhn: if photo is ggod on it
[12:21] Kaan Kuhn: you just easily buy
[12:21] Kaan Kuhn: because iys good
[12:21] Kaan Kuhn: photo is good
[12:21] Kaan Kuhn: graphic is good
[12:21] Kaan Kuhn: price
[12:21] Kaan Kuhn: huuuggeeeeee
[12:21] Kaan Kuhn: are you nuts
[12:22] Kaan Kuhn: dont buy
[12:22] Kaan Kuhn: lol
[12:22] Monerda Skute whispers: :))
[12:22] Kaan Kuhn: sorry
[12:22] Sequoia Nightfire: is it better to sell an idea with good picture or the actual product in a good picture?
[12:22] Kaan Kuhn: it depends on the princips
[12:22] Sequoia Nightfire: jewelry
[12:22] Kaan Kuhn: for this company
[12:22] Kaan Kuhn: for example
[12:23] Kaan Kuhn: ı am working with finesmit and mandala
[12:23] Kaan Kuhn: finesmith is
[12:23] Kaan Kuhn: like
[12:23] Kaan Kuhn: puzzle
[12:23] Kaan Kuhn: when ı rezz object
[12:23] Kaan Kuhn: before take shoot
[12:23] Kaan Kuhn: ı dont know where is head
[12:23] Kaan Kuhn: where is back
[12:23] Kaan Kuhn: where is front
[12:24] Kaan Kuhn: your question
[12:24] Kaan Kuhn: ı am also client in ssl
[12:24] Kaan Kuhn: sl
[12:24] Kaan Kuhn: if ı but something from vendore included good photo
[12:24] Kaan Kuhn: but ı rezz bad product
[12:24] Kaan Kuhn: ı wouldnt buy again from this store
[12:25] Kaan Kuhn: this is so important
[12:25] Kaan Kuhn: vendors should be honest
[12:25] Kaan Kuhn: you should trust
[12:25] Kaan Kuhn: this is so important
[12:25] Kaan Kuhn: so
[12:25] Kaan Kuhn: modeling world
[12:25] Kaan Kuhn: in sl
[12:26] Kaan Kuhn: many many models
[12:26] Kaan Kuhn: shapes
[12:26] Kaan Kuhn: skins
[12:26] Kaan Kuhn: hairs
[12:26] Kaan Kuhn: make ups
[12:26] Kaan Kuhn: outfits
[12:26] Kaan Kuhn: etc
[12:26] Kaan Kuhn: this is so dramatical
[12:26] Kaan Kuhn: point
[12:27] Kaan Kuhn: as a rl fashion photographer
[12:27] Kaan Kuhn: ı would like to say
[12:27] Kaan Kuhn: most of ssl models
[12:27] Kaan Kuhn: doesnt know anything modeling
[12:27] Wipster Baxter: 🙂
[12:27] Kaan Kuhn: they are creating the avi
[12:28] Kaan Kuhn: from their tastes
[12:28] Kaan Kuhn: but
[12:28] Kaan Kuhn: its not modeling
[12:28] Kaan Kuhn: huge tits
[12:28] Kaan Kuhn: big ass
[12:28] Kaan Kuhn: sorry for bad language
[12:28] Kaan Kuhn: you can create a shape for ordinary life
[12:28] Monerda Skute: we understand
[12:29] Kaan Kuhn: but
[12:29] Kaan Kuhn: before shooting
[12:29] Kaan Kuhn: or cat walk
[12:29] Kaan Kuhn: or something else about modeling
[12:29] Kaan Kuhn: you should play on it
[12:29] Kaan Kuhn: ı am not talking about plastic surgery
[12:29] Kaan Kuhn: just a few clicks
[12:30] Kaan Kuhn: me
[12:30] Kaan Kuhn: as a photographer
[12:30] Kaan Kuhn: in sl
[12:30] Kaan Kuhn: “searching for reality”
[12:30] Kaan Kuhn: not painting
[12:30] Kaan Kuhn: there are many great photographers who make digital painting
[12:30] Kaan Kuhn: ı am not one of them
[12:31] Kaan Kuhn: when you look at the fashion photo
[12:31] Kaan Kuhn: what is your expectation?
[12:32] Kaan Kuhn: its your turn guys
[12:32] Kaan Kuhn: lol
[12:32] AuroraNicole: Most likely a sense of drama to be in the photograph.
[12:32] Kaan Kuhn: 1 drama
[12:32] Kaan Kuhn: and*
[12:32] Wipster Baxter: has to tell a story in my opinion
[12:32] Kaan Kuhn: ?
[12:32] Kaan Kuhn: 2 story
[12:32] Sequoia Nightfire: my expectation is i will see the lines and whether it is truly wonderful creation
[12:33] Kaan Kuhn: 3 creation
[12:33] Suki Rexen may I show you a picture a took, designed, and modeled in myself?
[12:33] Monerda Skute: I also have found many wonderful products that sadly had not such good advertising photos
[12:33] Kaan Kuhn: yes please
[12:34] Kaan Kuhn: maybe madeleine can help us
[12:34] Kaan Kuhn: for this photo
[12:34] Suki Rexen: I called Pipin AD Gift
[12:34] Madeleine Dollinger: okay?
[12:34] Kaan Kuhn: for me fashion
[12:34] Kaan Kuhn: is should be passion
[12:34] Kaan Kuhn: you need to feel this passion
[12:34] Madeleine Dollinger: you can send to me suki if you please
[12:34] Kaan Kuhn: passion for produst
[12:34] Suki Rexen: I did it in my studio
[12:34] Kaan Kuhn: or model
[12:35] Suki Rexen: and finalized it in GIMP
[12:35] Kaan Kuhn: maybe the agencies have big role on this
[12:35] Kaan Kuhn: they have to give to their models
[12:35] Kaan Kuhn: good academy
[12:36] Kaan Kuhn: lost highway here*
[12:36] Kaan Kuhn: ?
[12:36] Kaan Kuhn: lol
[12:36] Kaan Kuhn: sorry kidding
[12:36] Suki Rexen: lost Highway?
[12:36] Wipster Baxter: •´¨*•.¸. LOL •´¨*•.¸.
[12:37] Kaan Kuhn: a suggestion
[12:37] Suki Rexen: that highway was a picture I put on a flat and stood on it. I made it glossy..
[12:37] Kaan Kuhn: dont put much writes on the photo
[12:37] Sissy Blitz: Vectorize the photo
[12:37] Kaan Kuhn: thx for sharing with us
[12:37] Suki Rexen: but I had to marry the background to it in Gimp
[12:37] Suki Rexen: Thank You !!!
[12:37] Suki Rexen: for looking at it
[12:37] Kaan Kuhn: lol
[12:37] Kaan Kuhn: agencies
[12:37] Suki Rexen: the vendor wanted that writing……
[12:37] Kaan Kuhn: models
[12:38] Suki Rexen shrugs
[12:38] Kaan Kuhn: they should to aim
[12:38] Kaan Kuhn: reality
[12:38] Kaan Kuhn: most of people here
[12:38] Kaan Kuhn: actually
[12:38] Kaan Kuhn: there are searching for a reality a bit
[12:39] Kaan Kuhn: for products
[12:39] Kaan Kuhn: or vendors
[12:39] Kaan Kuhn: people are so different
[12:39] Kaan Kuhn: tastes are different as well
[12:39] Kaan Kuhn: but goods are good
[12:39] Kaan Kuhn: bads are bad
[12:39] Sequoia Nightfire: if you could put that up would love his opinion of my vendor
[12:39] Kaan Kuhn: you cant change this
[12:40] Sequoia Nightfire: can you comment on my vendor
[12:40] Madeleine Dollinger: Yup its up Sequoia:)
[12:40] Kaan Kuhn: no transfer
[12:40] Kaan Kuhn: interesting
[12:40] Kaan Kuhn: lol
[12:40] Kaan Kuhn: ı love this
[12:40] Kaan Kuhn: nice photo
[12:41] Sequoia Nightfire: ty!
[12:41] Kaan Kuhn: big contrasts
[12:41] Kaan Kuhn: and jewelry look very very realistic
[12:41] Kaan Kuhn: ı love that
[12:41] Kaan Kuhn: ı can buy this
[12:41] AZULL Ash: if you want some thing to do a big critique you can see one of my pics,, they are as bad as u can get
[12:41] Sequoia Nightfire: 😀
[12:41] Kaan Kuhn: lol
[12:42] Kaan Kuhn: second life
[12:42] Sequoia Nightfire: ty Kaan
[12:42] Kaan Kuhn: for me
[12:42] Kaan Kuhn: its very big oppurtunity
[12:42] Kaan Kuhn: for creative people
[12:42] Kaan Kuhn: rl rules are so hard
[12:42] Kaan Kuhn: but here
[12:42] Kaan Kuhn: no limits
[12:42] Kaan Kuhn: no visas
[12:43] Kaan Kuhn: no 3rd world countries
[12:43] Kaan Kuhn: no religiouse
[12:43] Kaan Kuhn: no flags
[12:43] Kaan Kuhn: we should take advantagess
[12:43] Kaan Kuhn: more creativity
[12:43] Kaan Kuhn: more care
[12:43] Kaan Kuhn: more community
[12:43] Kaan Kuhn: thank you guys
[12:44] Kaan Kuhn: thats all from me
[12:44] Kaan Kuhn: ı am gonna die
[12:44] Kaan Kuhn: lol
[12:44] AZULL Ash: if he die i do the coffe
[12:44] AZULL Ash: *cough*
[12:44] Kaan Kuhn: lol
[12:44] Monerda Skute cracks up
[12:44] Kaan Kuhn: so
[12:44] Kaan Kuhn: any question*
[12:44] Kaan Kuhn: ?
[12:44] AZULL Ash: we celebrate dead with coffe andtequila
[12:45] Monerda Skute: Kaan what do you think of the avatar mesh in SL?
[12:45] Kaan Kuhn: uffff
[12:45] Madeleine Dollinger: hahahah
[12:45] Monerda Skute: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
[12:45] Kaan Kuhn: very hard
[12:45] Monerda Skute: yes !
[12:45] Kaan Kuhn: ı am zbrush
[12:45] Kaan Kuhn: and 3d max user
[12:45] Kaan Kuhn: also
[12:45] Kaan Kuhn: so
[12:45] Madeleine Dollinger: okay but you got some time for questions Kaan or?:))
[12:45] Monerda Skute: I am just beginning to learn Poser, Maya and 3ds Max myself
[12:45] Kaan Kuhn: we need more time
[12:45] Kaan Kuhn: ı guess
[12:46] Kaan Kuhn: viewer should be
[12:46] Kaan Kuhn: more realistic render system
[12:46] Monerda Skute: I agree totally
[12:46] Kaan Kuhn: when days come over with this
[12:46] AZULL Ash: i hate pointy elbows ans pointy backs in sl
[12:46] Kaan Kuhn: sl
[12:46] Kaan Kuhn: wil be heaven
[12:47] Kaan Kuhn: ı can be stucked here till end
[12:47] Monerda Skute: my dream 🙂
[12:47] Kaan Kuhn: lol
[12:47] Madeleine Dollinger: :))
[12:47] Kaan Kuhn: ı hope
[12:47] Kaan Kuhn: linden labs
[12:47] Kaan Kuhn: gonna improve the render system
[12:47] Kaan Kuhn: specially
[12:47] Kaan Kuhn: with animations
[12:47] Sissy Blitz: meshing textures
[12:47] Kaan Kuhn: definetly
[12:48] Kaan Kuhn: exactly
[12:48] Kaan Kuhn: more question?
[12:48] Suki Rexen: I can share…….
[12:49] Kaan Kuhn: ?
[12:49] Madeleine Dollinger: Yeah take the opportunity girls:)
[12:49] Suki Rexen: wellit’s not so much a Q
[12:49] Suki Rexen: I want to say…. I like when you said that most models in sl do not know anything about rl modeling
[12:50] Kaan Kuhn: yes
[12:50] Madeleine Dollinger: I can ask to then maybe…how do you regard the runway shows Kaan…are they good as a promotion instrument for design or overrated? in sl now i mean?
[12:50] Kaan Kuhn: we need more
[12:50] Suki Rexen: I’m starting to teach advanced courses on Modeling….and I intend to include more on rl modeling
[12:50] Kaan Kuhn: first we need to talk to designers
[12:50] Suki Rexen: my father was a rl photographer
[12:50] Kaan Kuhn: organizaters
[12:50] Suki Rexen: he worked with Wilamina Ford, among others
[12:50] Kaan Kuhn: or coomunities like BOSL
[12:51] Kaan Kuhn: think about this
[12:51] Kaan Kuhn: this fake model shape
[12:51] Kaan Kuhn: cant find any job in rl
[12:51] Kaan Kuhn: if you choose to be ib fasion industry
[12:52] Kaan Kuhn: in*
[12:52] Kaan Kuhn: fashion
[12:52] Kaan Kuhn: you should know the rules
[12:52] Kaan Kuhn: its my think
[12:52] Kaan Kuhn: you may not to be agree with
[12:52] Kaan Kuhn: but mandala
[12:53] Kaan Kuhn: its good company here
[12:53] Kaan Kuhn: just for products
[12:53] Kaan Kuhn: ?
[12:53] Kaan Kuhn: nooooo
[12:53] Kaan Kuhn: look at vendors
[12:53] Kaan Kuhn: on the store
[12:53] Kaan Kuhn: you are gonna understand what ı mean
[12:53] Wipster Baxter: The Mandala vendors are fab!
[12:54] Kaan Kuhn: more fashion
[12:54] Kaan Kuhn: more creativity
[12:54] Kaan Kuhn: all we need
[12:54] Kaan Kuhn: for this segment
[12:54] Kaan Kuhn: we need perfect models
[12:54] Kaan Kuhn: who knows styling
[12:54] Kaan Kuhn: ok ladies
[12:54] Sequoia Nightfire: I did wish to say something in defense of sl models
[12:54] Kaan Kuhn: ı am finishing
[12:55] Kaan Kuhn: ok
[12:55] Sequoia Nightfire: we opperate in a different venue and rl runway models are not dealing with the heavy wind of lag and their walk is instict not learned so there are distinct differences.
[12:55] Kaan Kuhn: lol
[12:55] Kaan Kuhn: lol
[12:55] Kaan Kuhn: lag is nothing
[12:56] Kaan Kuhn: if your good
[12:56] Kaan Kuhn: lag is not gonna hurt you
[12:56] Kaan Kuhn: trust in me
[12:56] Kaan Kuhn: thx people
[12:56] AuroraNicole: Thank you.
[12:56] Gypsy Lysette: thank you 🙂
[12:56] Kaan Kuhn: ı am waiting for your IMs
[12:56] Monerda Skute: thank you very much Kaan
[12:56] Suki Rexen: ☆Applause☆
[12:56] Monerda Skute: APPLAUSE !
[12:56] Kaan Kuhn: see u soon
[12:56] Madeleine Dollinger: Okay, are there any other questions to Kaan?
[12:57] Madeleine Dollinger: Is there anyone here who has experience of rl and sl business exchanges?
[12:57] Kaan Kuhn: meeeeee
[12:57] Kaan Kuhn: lol
[12:57] Madeleine Dollinger: hahhahah
[12:57] Monerda Skute: not yet no 😦
[12:57] Kaan Kuhn: ok ı am lost
[12:57] Madeleine Dollinger: yeah yeah lol
[12:58] Madeleine Dollinger: If i just say a few words about the business deal Kaan carried out here in SL then..
[12:59] Madeleine Dollinger: For those who dont know it was a deal where Kaans rl business STUFF Magazine wanted to use a sl model for a rl cover
[12:59] Madeleine Dollinger: so this guy marched inside a model agency in sl last year
[12:59] Madeleine Dollinger: and presented his idea
[12:59] Madeleine Dollinger: can i ask the first question to all of you
[13:00] Madeleine Dollinger: how would YOU react if someone did that in your agency or sl business?:)
[13:00] AuroraNicole: Umm… Sweet
[13:00] Madeleine Dollinger: well , i think a problem with us in sl so far is that we are really suspicious lol
[13:00] Candylicious Forster: Madeleline, a lot of rl buisnesses trying to interact withing sl
[13:01] Candylicious Forster: the issue they are facing , that they have not got anyone in the calibar to make it a reality
[13:01] Madeleine Dollinger: yeah i know…..and we also seen a lot leave….
[13:01] Candylicious Forster: i am not talking about modeling or designing only
[13:01] Madeleine Dollinger: no thats true
[13:01] Madeleine Dollinger: my little advice here is
[13:01] Candylicious Forster: once we create the tools , they will come
[13:01] Candylicious Forster: i assure u
[13:01] Madeleine Dollinger: dont think that everything is scam, it can cost you lol
[13:02] Candylicious Forster: one of avcon vision is to bring rl to sl and vise versa
[13:02] Madeleine Dollinger: we have a tendency of thinking scam as soon as someone approach us with business deals that seem to good to be true lol
[13:02] Candylicious Forster: i am talking to few buisness in rl to commercialize them into here
[13:02] Madeleine Dollinger: great candy:)
[13:02] Candylicious Forster: tyh
[13:03] Madeleine Dollinger: any other that have rl /sl things going on here when it comes to business?
[13:03] Madeleine Dollinger: except Candy?
[13:04] AuroraNicole: Not yet.
[13:04] Madeleine Dollinger: i know callie del boa imed me today and she had lots of things going on
[13:04] Madeleine Dollinger: but she couldnt make it til noon and this seminar:)
[13:04] Madeleine Dollinger: but yes candy, you are right, things are slowly developing
[13:05] Madeleine Dollinger: some also, which is maybe not so positive for customers, think that prices will go up on design
[13:05] Madeleine Dollinger: as the contact between rl and sl develop
[13:05] Madeleine Dollinger: we will see:)
[13:05] Candylicious Forster: diffently
[13:05] Candylicious Forster: one thing in my opinion about designers in sl now
[13:06] Madeleine Dollinger: yes?
[13:06] Candylicious Forster: they are not inspired to be more creative
[13:06] Candylicious Forster: very few hand count can i say still creative
[13:06] Madeleine Dollinger: okay , go on?
[13:06] Madeleine Dollinger: you mean they stopped developing?
[13:06] Candylicious Forster: as the rest are just put things on their racks
[13:06] Madeleine Dollinger: okay
[13:07] Madeleine Dollinger: anyone want to comment on that?
[13:07] Madeleine Dollinger: wipster, you have views about things?:))
[13:07] AuroraNicole: Are you saying they’re not trying and just putting anything they make up for sale?
[13:07] Madeleine Dollinger: that was cruel , she is probably making a sandwich lol
[13:07] Candylicious Forster: yes , i ve been in sl for good over 3 years
[13:08] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[13:08] Wipster Baxter: sorry, you lost me there, was afk for a bit 🙂
[13:09] Sequoia Nightfire: I am working directly with Meiling a rl designer who is bringing her rl designs to sl. I am wearing one of her designs today.
[13:09] Candylicious Forster: as for modeling rl to sl, is big problem in motions and poses
[13:09] Madeleine Dollinger: lol wipster , sooo okay lol
[13:09] Sequoia Nightfire: Meiling is bringing one of her rl opportunities to sl
[13:10] Madeleine Dollinger: yes Meiling has been focused a lot lately
[13:10] Sequoia Nightfire: she is sending 4 of us around looking for the best dressed and styled avatars
[13:10] Sequoia Nightfire: you never know when we might take your picture
[13:10] Madeleine Dollinger: hahahha
[13:10] Monerda Skute: 🙂
[13:10] Madeleine Dollinger: damn lol
[13:11] Sequoia Nightfire: if you are you will be submitted to a monthly competition
[13:11] Sequoia Nightfire: this is something she does rl
[13:11] Sequoia Nightfire: it encourages all those who attend shows and events to look their best
[13:12] Madeleine Dollinger: yeah that is common in commercial movies to..to search for people out in the street or whatever:)
[13:12] Sequoia Nightfire: so dress well girls you never know if i am sneaking a shot
[13:12] Candylicious Forster: that asking for trouble in prims Madeleine
[13:12] Miranda Braumley: Heheh
[13:12] Madeleine Dollinger: lol
[13:12] AuroraNicole: 😉
[13:13] Candylicious Forster: i wish everyone goes to fs semi nude
[13:13] Candylicious Forster: lol
[13:13] Monerda Skute: of all days to be having texture issues 😦
[13:13] Madeleine Dollinger: haha
[13:13] Sequoia Nightfire: tysm Kaan this was enlightening
[13:13] AuroraNicole: Indeed… my hair won’t even attach.. Oi
[13:13] Kaan Kuhn: lol
[13:13] Madeleine Dollinger: well guys, we had an evening to discuss rl and sl differences and similarities
[13:13] Monerda Skute: yes tyvm Kaan and MW for holding this session
[13:13] Madeleine Dollinger: i dont think it will stop here
[13:14] AuroraNicole: Thank you Kaan, Madeleine and everyone else to contributed. It was interesting.
[13:14] Madeleine Dollinger: it will go on and maybe even here again:)
[13:14] Madeleine Dollinger: Thankyou Kaan and all of you who came here tonite!!:))
[13:14] Kaan Kuhn: very glad to be here
[13:14] Madeleine Dollinger: Hopefully you had some thoughts:)
[13:14] Candylicious Forster: ♥ Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! ♥
[13:14] Candylicious Forster: for the seminar, enlighting
[13:14] Monerda Skute: thank you Madeleine, I enjoyed it immensely
[13:14] Wipster Baxter: >>> Applause !!! <<<<
[13:15] Candylicious Forster: have good day everyone
[13:15] Madeleine Dollinger: :))
[13:15] Monerda Skute: APPLAUSE !
[13:15] Madeleine Dollinger: Good Night/ Day everyone:))
[13:15] Monerda Skute: bye everyone and take care
[13:15] Miranda Braumley: Bye bye
[13:15] AuroraNicole: Take care all!
[13:16] Madeleine Dollinger: Bye Bye!!:))
[13:21] Senzo Voom: Bye for all 🙂
[13:21] Sequoia Nightfire: bye all ty for coming again


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