Anigma Eulenberg “Basic SL Photography”

March 15, 2011

[16:04] Anigma Eulenberg: all right looks like this is it 🙂
[16:04] Anigma Eulenberg: so let’s go ahead and get started
[16:05] Anigma EulenbergAnigma Eulenberg waves
[16:05] Ipkiss IgalyIpkiss Igaly waves back
[16:05] Anigma Eulenberg: nice to meet you all, I’m Ani and I’ll be going over the basic functions of the SL camera today
[16:05] WildMTOutdoors Firehawk: Hi Ani
[16:05] Annie Zorric: Hi!
[16:05] Lulu Breuer: hi Triska 🙂
[16:05] Anigma Eulenberg: I won’t go into pan and zoom, this is just about the snapshot window itself
[16:06] Anigma Eulenberg: If pictures are worth 1000 words, then what do yours say about you? Is it meant to be humorous and fun, or thought provoking and sinister?
[16:06] Anigma Eulenberg: No matter the answer, one thing is for certain. It’s the person behind the lens, or more SL appropriately, behind the screen, who controls what is seen.
[16:06] Anigma Eulenberg: Whether it’s an event poster, store ad, or profile, pics are everywhere. So how do you take a good one? Well that’s what I’m here to teach you.
[16:07] Anigma Eulenberg: Just a minor note that if you are on a Mac, keyboard shortcuts use the Command key instead of the Ctrl Key.
[16:07] Anigma Eulenberg: (please let me know if I need to slow down)
[16:07] Annie Zorric: is ok
[16:07] Anigma Eulenberg: First let’s go over the functions of the SL camera. There is button at bottom called “Snapshot.” In Viewer 2, it’s a camera icon. You can also use the keyboard shortcut ctrl-shift-S.
[16:08] Anigma Eulenberg: When you execute this command, a window will pop up. In this window will be a condensed version of your pic along with some options.
[16:08] Anigma Eulenberg: At top of the window you should see 3 options.
[16:08] Anigma Eulenberg: “Send via email” allows you to email the pic outworld. Fill in the address you wish to send it to and any messages you want. It’s very similar to sending email.
[16:08] Anigma Eulenberg: “Upload to your inventory” will immediately send the pic to your photo folder inworld. Keep in mind that this option will COST you 10L.
[16:09] Anigma Eulenberg: Now you will get a preview of what it’ll look like before you are charged BUT it is a smaller version of the final product in some cases.
[16:09] Anigma Eulenberg: Be sure the image you see is what you actually want to upload, you won’t receive a refund from LL 🙂
[16:09] Ipkiss Igaly: does that exist?
[16:09] Ipkiss Igaly: arefund from LL ?
[16:09] WildMTOutdoors Firehawk: doubtful
[16:09] Anigma Eulenberg: lol no it’s a myth 😛
[16:09] Anigma Eulenberg: “Save to hard drive” will place the pic on your computer’s hard drive. This option is most ideal for those of you wishing to edit the photo later before uploading.
[16:10] Annie Zorric: i have troubles here Ani
[16:10] Annie Zorric: i had noticed
[16:10] Anigma Eulenberg: It’s also good for sorting through pics first to make sure you’re not literally paying for mistakes.
[16:10] Annie Zorric: i am not allowed to savew as many as i want
[16:10] Anigma Eulenberg: that will depend on your hard drive space
[16:10] Annie Zorric: why is o?
[16:10] Monica Balut: What do you mean Annie?
[16:11] Anigma Eulenberg: or wherever you save it
[16:11] Annie Zorric: after the second pic i take
[16:11] Monica Balut: You can’t save to your hard drive?
[16:11] Annie Zorric: it stop sending them to my hard driv
[16:11] Lulu Breuer: you have to refresh
[16:11] Annie Zorric: i do
[16:11] Lulu Breuer: hmmm
[16:11] Anigma Eulenberg: you might want to double check to see if you still have hard drive space
[16:11] Annie Zorric: after every angle and shot
[16:11] Annie Zorric: it automatically or you
[16:11] Annie Zorric: are not allowed to
[16:11] Annie Zorric: do the next
[16:11] Annie Zorric: shot
[16:12] Monica Balut: It won’t ask you for a name but it will save as the old name with a new number
[16:12] Monica Balut: like snapshotXXX
[16:12] Lulu Breuer: yes and in the same folder
[16:12] Ipkiss Igaly: yes indeed
[16:12] Anigma Eulenberg: correct
[16:12] Lulu Breuer: if you want to change you have to do save as
[16:12] Anigma EulenbergAnigma Eulenberg nods
[16:12] Annie Zorric: yes
[16:12] Anigma Eulenberg: You can later upload these pics by going up to File, then Upload, then Image.
[16:12] Anigma Eulenberg: Again you will see a preview shot of what you are uploading before you accept the fee and it’s saved to your inventory.
[16:13] Annie Zorric: yes and crop or whatever
[16:13] Anigma Eulenberg: Small note about this method, if you do upload pics in this manner, they will save as “texture” files, not “photos.” This has no real effect on the pic itself; it’ll still be a picture, just with a texture icon versus a photo one.
[16:13] Monica Balut: I almost always save to hard drive
[16:13] Anigma Eulenberg: So if you look for it later, remember to check your TEXTURE FOLDER, not the PHOTO FOLDER. The keyboard command to upload a pic from your hard drive is ctrl-U.
[16:13] Anigma Eulenberg: is that all clear so far?
[16:14] Monica Balut: Can ev eryone save pics?
[16:14] whitewine Writer: yes
[16:14] Annie Zorric: if i want to
[16:14] WildMTOutdoors Firehawk: yes
[16:14] Leena Bianco: yes
[16:14] Annie Zorric: load from my textures or photo album
[16:14] Annie Zorric: to the PC?
[16:14] Anigma Eulenberg: ok great, I’ll continue then
[16:14] Triska Kraai: yes
[16:14] Annie Zorric: how do i do it the other way?
[16:14] Anigma Eulenberg: I’m sorry what’s your question?
[16:14] Anigma Eulenberg: Annie?
[16:15] Monica Balut: You are trying to save to your hard drive Annie?
[16:15] Annie Zorric: How i do it the otehr way
[16:15] Annie Zorric: loading from
[16:15] Annie Zorric: textures or photo album
[16:15] Annie Zorric: to
[16:15] Annie Zorric: PC
[16:15] Annie Zorric: chat lag
[16:15] Monica Balut: oh
[16:15] Anigma Eulenberg: I normally take a pic of it and save to hard drive
[16:15] Anigma Eulenberg: that seems to be the simplest way for me
[16:16] Triska Kraai: you open up the pic, then go to file, save as, or something like tha
[16:16] Monica Balut: She’s talking if you have a textue and you want to save it to your hard drive
[16:16] Monica Balut: correct Triska
[16:16] Monica Balut: But it had to be full perm to do that
[16:16] Annie Zorric: from SL snapshop to PC drive
[16:17] Anigma Eulenberg: Did that answer your question Annie?
[16:17] Annie Zorric: no
[16:17] Monica Balut: Right click on the texture, the Save As
[16:17] Annie Zorric: sorry
[16:17] Anigma Eulenberg: it’s ok, maybe we can help after the lecture
[16:17] Annie Zorric: ok
[16:17] Monica Balut: Do you all see that?
[16:18] Anigma Eulenberg: yes
[16:18] WildMTOutdoors Firehawk: yes Monica
[16:18] Monica Balut: If it’s not full perm, the Save As will be greyed out
[16:18] Anigma Eulenberg: ty Monica
[16:18] Anigma Eulenberg: Now if you click the More button, you’ll see even more options. “Size” allows you to choose how big you want to save it.
[16:18] Anigma Eulenberg: “Format” allows you to set the file format if you’re saving it to hard drive, the default is png files.
[16:19] Anigma Eulenberg: “Capture” will control what is photographed, I’d honestly leave that option alone since experimentation is best done with software outside SL.
[16:19] Anigma Eulenberg: “Show Interface” means that everything you see on your user interface will be in the photo.
[16:19] Anigma Eulenberg: This is useful if you’re trying to explain a problem to a friend and need to give a full visual of what you actually see on your screen. “Show HUD objects” will also show your HUDs in the pic.
[16:19] Anigma Eulenberg: “Keep open after saving” will prevent the snapshot window from closing after taking a pic. This is most effective if you use it with the “Freeze frame” option.
[16:20] Anigma Eulenberg: “Freeze frame” stops a moving subject from moving just in the frame of the pic. You are not actually freezing time inworld; you are only freezing the image taken in that span of time.
[16:20] Anigma Eulenberg: “Auto-refresh” automatically refreshes the screen so you do not capture pixel fragments that could show up in the pic. I recommend manual refreshing as this is not always a sure thing.
[16:20] Anigma Eulenberg: If you did see the “refresh snapshot” button, what it does is takes another shot without saving. On V2, this is represented with a button showing a circular arrow icon.
[16:21] Anigma Eulenberg: The reason you want to do this with every pic is to avoid pixel fragments that are hard to edit later.
[16:21] WildMTOutdoors Firehawk: haha…wow something so simple…never paid that more button any attn before
[16:21] Anigma Eulenberg: Most of my wedding pics were ruined because I didn’t refresh the pics so I had this odd looking border that had pixels that didn’t match the lighting. I ended up cropping some pics to fix it.
[16:21] Anigma Eulenberg: yes Wild, that little trick cost me earlier, I have to retake some pics because I forgot to refresh
[16:22] Anigma Eulenberg: Ok techie stuff is over so let’s go over how to take a good pic in the first place! Like building a house, you need a solid foundation first or the finished product won’t look right. It’ll also mean more work later if you decide to edit the pic.
[16:22] Anigma Eulenberg: ooops
[16:22] Anigma Eulenberg: sorry hehe
[16:22] Anigma Eulenberg: my part is over 😛
[16:22] Anigma Eulenberg: any questions about the functions in the snapshot window?
[16:22] Anigma Eulenberg: I believe Miss Lulu is going to go over graphics settings next 🙂
[16:22] Leena Bianco: No good stuff. Now I know why my name kept showing up in my pics….lol
[16:23] Anigma Eulenberg: Lulu 🙂
[16:23] Lulu Breuer: hehe
[16:23] Anigma Eulenberg: ty all 🙂
[16:23] Lulu Breuer: hi eveyone 🙂
[16:23] Leena Bianco: ty Ani
[16:23] Lulu Breuer: thank you Ani
[16:23] whitewine Writer: hi
[16:23] Triska Kraai: so always refresh before saving?
[16:23] Lulu Breuer: yes
[16:23] Anigma Eulenberg: yes Triska
[16:23] Monica Balut: Ani will you be going over the custom settings?
[16:23] Triska Kraai: and if its a moving object
[16:24] Lulu Breuer: so i will go over graphic tab in you prefrences as well as a couple other things
[16:24] Anigma Eulenberg: ah that was under sizes, I mentioned it
[16:24] Lulu Breuer: if it is an moving object you may have to relay on auto refresh
[16:24] Triska Kraai: nods
[16:24] Lulu Breuer: so before we go to prefernces
[16:24] Monica Balut: I think we should talk more about the size options
[16:25] Monica Balut: and the diff formats
[16:25] Lulu Breuer: make sure you have high resolution snapshot checked in your adanced menu
[16:25] Anigma Eulenberg: I figured that tied into the graphics part
[16:25] Lulu Breuer: i can get into that monica
[16:25] Monica Balut: ok
[16:25] Anigma Eulenberg: ty Lulu
[16:25] Lulu Breuer: high resolution snapshot will increase what is call pixel depth
[16:26] Lulu Breuer: images are stored on a pixel grid, all these squares lined up
[16:26] Lulu Breuer: pixel depth is how much info is stored about each pixel
[16:26] Lulu Breuer: so the more info the higher the quality
[16:26] Lulu Breuer: make sense?
[16:26] Triska Kraai: nods
[16:27] Lulu Breuer: kk next graphics tab in your prefernces
[16:27] Lulu Breuer: e first thing you want to do, if possible is set your quality to ultra.
[16:27] Lulu Breuer: *the
[16:27] Lulu Breuer: if you cannot, the set it as high as you can without crashing
[16:27] Lulu Breuer: this has to do with how your viewer is rendering the sceen
[16:28] Lulu Breuer: Next lower your draw distance, setting it to ultra will increase it to 256 meters or more, keep it a low as you can
[16:28] Lulu Breuer: no need to use your computer resources rendering things not i your photo
[16:28] Monica Balut: Unless you want a panorama
[16:28] pendic Aluveaux: LOOOOOOOOOOL!!!
[16:28] Anigma Eulenberg: good to know
[16:29] Lulu Breuer: yes exactly
[16:29] pendic Aluveaux: ups
[16:29] pendic Aluveaux: sorry
[16:29] Lulu Breuer: if you are doing a landscape leave dd high
[16:29] Lulu Breuer: but for fashion we usually focus on model and some surrounding
[16:29] Lulu Breuer: so we can keep it lower
[16:29] Lulu Breuer: in the studio i have mine set to 30 or less
[16:30] Lulu Breuer: as for shaders, you should trun off Atmospheric Shaders if you are trying to use studio lights, if you are shooting outdoors leave them on
[16:30] Lulu Breuer: they are what windlight setting control
[16:30] Lulu Breuer: Next Hardware option, here there are two main setting to look at; Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering
[16:30] Lulu Breuer: that is the button you will see in your graphics tab
[16:31] Lulu Breuer: does eveyone know where that is?
[16:31] Anigma Eulenberg: yes
[16:31] Lulu Breuer: great 🙂
[16:31] Lulu Breuer: Antialiasing
[16:31] Lulu Breuer: One of the major problems of computer graphics is that any curved or angular lines exhibit a lot of jaggedness, almost like the steps on a set of stairs
[16:31] Leena Bianco: yes
[16:32] Lulu Breuer: This jaggedness in 3D graphics is known as Aliasing. The reason aliasing occurs is because the image on your screen is only a pixellated sample of the original 3D information your graphics card has calculated
[16:32] Lulu Breuer: At increasingly higher resolutions, as more pixels are used, that sample comes closer to the original source and hence the image is clearer and displays less aliasing
[16:32] Lulu Breuer: However aside from the fact that higher resolutions increases demand on you system, many monitors simply cannot display the very high resolutions needed to effectively remove the problem
[16:33] Lulu Breuer: This is where a technique originally Antialiasing (AA), can be used by your viewer and/or graphics card to make the jagged lines in computer graphics appear smoother without having to increase your resolution.
[16:33] Anigma Eulenberg: wow I didn’t think of that
[16:33] Lulu Breuer: It essentially resamples and blends jagged lines with their surroundings, and can be applied to either 2D or 3D graphics.
[16:33] Lulu Breuer: The screenshot on the boards is a demonstrating how AA can work to reduce the jaggedness of lines
[16:33] Monica Balut: Essential for taking high qualtiy photos
[16:33] Lulu Breuer: yes
[16:33] Lulu Breuer: Antialiasing is a graphically intensive task which can use up great amounts of RAM and GPU calculations depending on just how smooth you want the image to look
[16:34] Lulu Breuer: and this can dramatically reduce performance so for your everyday second life you are better off with is disabled, however for photo you can sacrifice performance for a short time to get better images
[16:34] Lulu Breuer: Antialiasing Levels
[16:34] Monica Balut: I have found it’s better to control antialiasing and anistotropic filtering from my graphic card software and to leave them both disabled in the viewer. I creash MUCH less if I do that, and I can use shadows better too.
[16:34] Lulu Breuer: The first choice you have to make if you want to enable AA is the sample rate, typically expressed as 2x, 4x, 8x
[16:35] Lulu Breuer: and x16
[16:35] Lulu Breuer: his tells your graphics hardware how many pixel samples to take around the area to antialias – the higher the number, the more pixel samples used to blend the jagged lines, and hence the smoother the image will appear at the cost of greater processing power and hence lower performance.
[16:35] Lulu Breuer: *this
[16:35] Lulu Breuer: Importantly, since your resolution can also affect how many pixel samples are already being taken, and hence how smooth your graphics appear in general
[16:36] Lulu Breuer: you can experiment with altering both your resolution and AA level to see which provides the best combination of performance and image quality
[16:36] Lulu Breuer: The only way to find out is through trial and error, so start by increasing your resolution to the max you system can sustain
[16:36] Lulu Breuer: ie increase until you crash lol
[16:36] Anigma Eulenberg: hehhee
[16:36] Lulu Breuer: that is the size you set your snap shot to be when you take photos.
[16:36] WildMTOutdoors Firehawk: LOL I almost did now messing with them
[16:36] Lulu Breuer: hehe
[16:37] Anigma Eulenberg: if anyone can go all to the max w/o crashing, I want to know your system specs 🙂
[16:37] Lulu Breuer: Then, once you figure out the max you can set it without crashing add Antialiasing, start with 2x and work you way up
[16:37] Lulu Breuer: i can
[16:37] Leena Bianco: i am on max
[16:37] Lulu Breuer: i can max out
[16:37] Leena Bianco: or ultra
[16:37] Lulu Breuer: so can Monica
[16:37] Lulu BreuerLulu Breuer points
[16:37] Lulu Breuer: 😉
[16:37] Anigma Eulenberg: we have to talk later lol
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[16:37] whitewine Writer: I am on ultra
[16:37] Lulu Breuer: hehe kk so eveyone clear on Antialiasing?
[16:37] Anigma Eulenberg: yes
[16:38] Leena Bianco: yes
[16:38] Annie Zorric: y
[16:38] WildMTOutdoors Firehawk: yes thanks
[16:38] Lulu Breuer: kk
[16:38] Ipkiss Igaly: yes, a thing i shouldnt do
[16:38] Lulu Breuer: so back to resolution
[16:38] Ipkiss Igaly: x2 made me crash hehe
[16:38] Lulu Breuer: just a note
[16:38] Lulu Breuer: hehe
[16:38] Lulu Breuer: kk
[16:38] Lulu Breuer: well like monica said you can set through your graphics card
[16:38] Lulu Breuer: i will mention it again later
[16:39] Lulu Breuer: just a note on resolution
[16:39] Lulu Breuer: eveyon is clear that we are talking about the size in your snapshot window
[16:39] Leena Bianco: yep
[16:39] Lulu Breuer: that is how many pixeles you image will be
[16:39] Lulu Breuer: they more pixels the higher the resolution
[16:40] Lulu Breuer: i would say the minimum would be around 3500 for a decent photo
[16:40] Lulu Breuer: i take mine ato 5000 or 6000
[16:40] WildMTOutdoors Firehawk: the smaller the “lil boxes”
[16:40] Monica Balut: Most graphics card come with soThat is really important if you will be photo editiing later
[16:40] Monica Balut: That is really important if you will be photo editiing later
[16:40] Lulu Breuer: yes
[16:40] Lulu Breuer: having ladders on all your edges
[16:41] Lulu Breuer: is horrible
[16:41] Lulu Breuer: and very hard and time consuming to fix in PS
[16:41] Anigma EulenbergAnigma Eulenberg nods
[16:41] Lulu Breuer: kk Anisotropic Filtering
[16:41] Monica Balut: The biggest pic you can upload to SL is 1024×1024
[16:42] Monica Balut: so when you take it at higher resoultion you have more “room” to photo edit
[16:42] Ipkiss Igaly: how do u set resolution?
[16:42] Leena Bianco: so yso when you take a pic what is the best width and height to take
[16:42] Monica Balut: and not lose resolution
[16:42] Lulu Breuer: yes good point, but for editing you want bigger photos
[16:42] Lulu Breuer: you can alway go down in resoution, you can never increase resolution
[16:42] Lulu Breuer: you can make the piture bigger but you are not increasing the amount of information just spreading it out
[16:43] Leena Bianco: I think i messed up Kiss’s question. How do you set resolution
[16:43] Lulu Breuer: so you must capture as much as possible
[16:43] Lulu Breuer: kk
[16:43] Lulu Breuer: open youe snapshot window
[16:43] Lulu Breuer: click on more
[16:43] Lulu Breuer: see size?
[16:43] Leena Bianco: yes
[16:43] Lulu Breuer: oh make sure you have save to harddrive
[16:43] Ipkiss Igaly: ah yes ok
[16:44] Lulu Breuer: be if you save in wold you are locked to no more than 1024
[16:44] Lulu Breuer: set size to custom
[16:44] Lulu Breuer: then go down to width and height
[16:44] Lulu Breuer: and type in a hight number
[16:44] Lulu Breuer: say 3500 x 3500
[16:44] Lulu Breuer: uncheck constrain proportions
[16:45] Lulu Breuer: i only check it if i want to capture my whole screen
[16:45] Monica Balut: I try to maintain the aspect ratio of my monitor
[16:45] Lulu Breuer: which I rearly do
[16:45] Lulu Breuer: since i focus on a model
[16:45] Lulu Breuer: *rarely
[16:45] Monica Balut: It allows me to crop better
[16:45] Lulu Breuer: but some people like to keep it checked
[16:45] Monica Balut: in my photo editor
[16:45] Ipkiss Igaly: oh lol
[16:45] Ipkiss Igaly: wonderful
[16:45] Ipkiss Igaly: i never knew 🙂
[16:45] Leena Bianco: so the highest i can go is 6016 x 3228 is that too high
[16:45] Lulu Breuer: i just end up with extra stuff i don’t need
[16:46] Lulu Breuer: yes
[16:46] Lulu Breuer: that is why i uncheck constrain proportions
[16:46] Ipkiss Igaly: lol the pic above even shows the result u ll get
[16:46] Lulu Breuer: it allows me to get has high as 6016 x 6016
[16:46] Lulu Breuer: but you have to try and see what works for you
[16:47] Free Radar HUDFree Radar HUD v1.1 by Crystal Gadgets
[16:47] Ipkiss Igaly: lol
[16:47] Monica Balut: If you go too high you could crash
[16:47] Lulu Breuer: eveyone has their style and preferences
[16:47] Monica Balut: you have to experiment
[16:47] Leena Bianco: ah ok
[16:47] Monica Balut: go for as high as you can
[16:47] Leena Bianco: yeah i noticed my screen froze
[16:47] Lulu Breuer: but if possible do not go below 3500 or so
[16:47] Monica Balut: It will slow you down when it’s saving bc it has to process more infor
[16:48] Lulu Breuer: this is the single most impratant thing to do to increase the quality of your photos
[16:48] Lulu Breuer: everything else is gravy
[16:48] Monica Balut: so you may have to set lower if you’re taking pics for a show for example
[16:48] Lulu Breuer: kk so back to gravy 😉
[16:48] Lulu Breuer: Anisotropic Filtering
[16:48] Lulu Breuer: oh wait is eveyone clear on the size?
[16:49] Leena Bianco: yes great info
[16:49] WildMTOutdoors Firehawk: yesl…..size matters
[16:49] Lulu Breuer: hehe yes!
[16:49] Monica Balut: Waht format do you use Lulu?
[16:49] Lulu Breuer: bitmap
[16:49] Leena Bianco: lol Wild…
[16:49] Lulu Breuer: it does not compress your image
[16:49] Monica Balut: You need a lot of disk space for that
[16:50] Lulu Breuer: png is supposed to be a good compression
[16:50] Monica Balut: is PNG lossless compression?
[16:50] Lulu Breuer: but it can do funny things
[16:50] Lulu Breuer: yes
[16:50] Lulu Breuer: in theory
[16:50] Lulu Breuer: but bitmap has none
[16:50] Monica Balut: But jpeg is not lossless
[16:50] Monica Balut: ??
[16:50] Lulu Breuer: so you are getting the purest image
[16:50] Anigma Eulenberg: png eats up soo much space though
[16:51] Lulu Breuer: well bitmap will be the biggest
[16:51] Lulu Breuer: then png
[16:51] Lulu Breuer: then jpeg
[16:51] Lulu Breuer: jpen i do not recommend
[16:51] Anigma Eulenberg: so best setting is bitmap?
[16:51] Lulu Breuer: the is hightly compressed image
[16:51] Monica Balut: If you can take bitmap it’s probably the best if you ar going to photoedit
[16:51] Anigma Eulenberg: ok
[16:51] Lulu Breuer: bitmap has no compression so least likely to be currpted
[16:51] Anigma Eulenberg: good to know
[16:51] Leena Bianco: bye bye jpeg
[16:52] Lulu Breuer: so if you can
[16:52] Leena Bianco: yes good to know
[16:52] Lulu Breuer: do bitmap
[16:52] Anigma Eulenberg: esp since now I can tell my partner he’s wrong about something else 🙂
[16:52] Lulu Breuer: but you have very large files
[16:52] Leena Bianco: 😀
[16:52] Lulu Breuer: mine tend to be 80 mb or more
[16:52] Lulu Breuer: per shot
[16:52] Monica Balut: Also if you keep saving and opening one of the others, it loses fidelity each time
[16:52] Lulu Breuer: so it can add up
[16:52] Lulu Breuer: yes
[16:52] Lulu Breuer: when you change format you are rewriting the data
[16:53] Lulu Breuer: like copying genes
[16:53] Lulu Breuer: each time you are introducing errors
[16:53] Monica Balut: mutant pictures
[16:53] Lulu Breuer: hehe 😉
[16:53] Lulu Breuer: mutant pixels
[16:53] Lulu Breuer: kk are we ready for Anisotropic Filtering? lol
[16:54] Lulu Breuer: In the Antialiasing setting, we saw that AA is a useful method for reducing the jaggedness of lines in graphics
[16:54] Lulu Breuer: However AA will not resolve another graphical glitch common in 3D graphics – namely blurry surfaces on more distant objects. Textures are 2D images which have been placed onto the surface of 3D object in SL
[16:54] Lulu Breuer: They can appear at all sorts of angles and distances, depending of course on which your view
[16:55] Lulu Breuer: A brick patterned texture may be applied to the walls of various buildings for example. A concrete or asphalt texture may be applied to the ground. And so on, until all 3D objects are covered in these wallpaper-like textures
[16:55] Lulu Breuer: Depending on the resolution of the texture applied to the surfaces, these textured should appear crisp and relatively detailed close up.
[16:55] Lulu Breuer: oops wrong immage lol
[16:55] Anigma Eulenberg: hehe
[16:56] Annie Zorric: hehehee
[16:56] Lulu Breuer: at least it was not a naked pic 😛
[16:56] Annie Zorric: hahahahah
[16:56] WildMTOutdoors Firehawk: I tought it…but didn’t say it
[16:56] Lulu Breuer: However unfortunately as they recede into the distance away from the viewer, they start to show a strange blurriness, sometimes with clear gradations between levels of blu
[16:56] Lulu Breuer: hehe
[16:56] Lulu Breuer: Without getting overly technical, the problem is essentially that there just aren’t enough samples of the original texture image being shown on screen, leading to distortion, loss of detail and general blurriness.
[16:57] Lulu Breuer: This is where a technique called Texture Filtering can help to raise the level of detail of distant textures by using increasing numbers of texture samples to construct the relevant pixels on the screen.
[16:57] Lulu Breuer: These texture filtering methods are ‘isotropic’ methods, meaning they use a filtering pattern which is square and works the same in all directions.
[16:57] Lulu Breuer: However as we’ve seen the common problem with texture blurriness in SL occurs on textures which are receding into the distance, which means they require a non-square (typically rectangular or trapezoidal) filtering pattern.
[16:57] Lulu Breuer: Such a pattern is referred to as an ‘an-isotropic’ filtering method, which logically leads us to the setting called Anisotropic Filtering (AF).
[16:58] Lulu Breuer: A screenshot comparison is shown on the boards now, demonstrating the way AF improves distant textures
[16:58] Lulu Breuer: texture filtering can be graphically intensive and the higher the texture samples, the better the image quality but the lower the performance especially on older graphics cards
[16:58] Lulu Breuer: so, just like Antialiasing, you can turn it on and sacrifice performance to increase the quality of the image on your screen and therefore in your photo
[16:59] Lulu Breuer: Last note, is you may be able to turn on AA and AF through your graphic card, meaning you can leave the off in the viewer and preserve your performance.
[16:59] Lulu Breuer: as monica mentioned already
[16:59] Ipkiss Igaly: is it usefull for say close ups ?
[16:59] Lulu Breuer: You have to check you graphics card literature to figure out how to do that.
[16:59] Lulu Breuer: no
[16:59] Lulu Breuer: for close up shots AF does nothing
[16:59] Ipkiss Igaly: ok ty 🙂
[17:00] Lulu Breuer: but even at a short distance it kicks in
[17:00] Lulu Breuer: so other than face shots
[17:00] Lulu Breuer: it helps
[17:00] Lulu Breuer: but it is gravy
[17:00] Lulu Breuer: capture size is the most imprtant
[17:00] Lulu Breuer: followed by AA
[17:01] Lulu Breuer: and don’t forget pixel depth
[17:01] Lulu Breuer: which you get by enabling high rez shots
[17:01] Lulu Breuer: in your advanced menu
[17:01] Lulu Breuer: kk that is then end of my presentation any questions?
[17:01] Monica Balut: Quiet spapshot to disk is nice too
[17:02] Lulu Breuer: yes 🙂
[17:02] Leena Bianco: if you are not using studio lighting in dark spots or backgrounds, what helps
[17:02] Monica Balut: keeps that stupid noise down
[17:02] Lulu Breuer: although the animation is cute
[17:02] Lulu Breuer: hehe
[17:02] Annie Zorric: APPLAUSE !!!!!!!
[17:02] Annie Zorric: AWSOME !
[17:02] Annie Zorric: TY
[17:02] WildMTOutdoors Firehawk: TY Lulu
[17:02] Ipkiss Igaly: cool tyvm i learned so much lol
[17:02] Lulu Breuer: my pleasure 🙂
[17:02] Monica Balut: I think the answer to that Leena is Windlihgt settings
[17:02] Leena Bianco: thanks Lulu, more stuff to play with
[17:02] Lulu Breuer: hehe
[17:02] Monica Balut: Which we will do next week
[17:03] Leena Bianco: ok great
[17:03] Triska Kraai: thank yu
[17:03] Ipkiss Igaly: can we get a transcript so i can go over things again. I d take it myself and spread it, but I crashed, rememebr ….
[17:03] Monica Balut: I’ll send a chat log of this out in a notice to the whole group
[17:03] Annie Zorric: many crashed
[17:03] Ipkiss Igaly: tyvm Monica 🙂
[17:03] Ipkiss Igaly: hehe lol Annie
[17:03] Chloe Panthar: was this the first of the meeting for photography?
[17:03] Ipkiss Igaly: is it always this hour ?
[17:03] Monica Balut: Yes Chloe
[17:03] Anigma Eulenberg: ty Lulu
[17:03] Monica Balut: it’s always at 4
[17:03] Lulu Breuer: 🙂 yw thank you Ani
[17:04] Ipkiss Igaly: hmm damn hard for me most of the time :s
[17:04] Annie Zorric: when we will be having the next one Lulu?
[17:04] Triska Kraai: now i just need to get my chat box back to a solid color
[17:04] Ipkiss Igaly: ty Lulu ty Ani
[17:04] Lulu Breuer: next one is next week
[17:04] Annie Zorric: TY Ani
[17:04] Monica Balut: So Next week I will cover how to use the sky and water editor (windlight settings)
[17:04] Lulu Breuer: we meet every week


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