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[06:06 PM] “Herradura Baar: We had a bit of a change with tonight’s lineup, Monica was going to handle this but had RL commitments so she asked if I would take over, which I have”
[06:06 PM] Herradura Baar: and then I ran into Sequoia and asked if she would join us for workshop
[06:07 PM] Herradura Baar: I have known Sequoia for almost 2 years and she is someone who has done just about everything in SL
[06:07 PM] “Herradura Baar: not only does she model, but she is a designer of ABJ Jewelry and one of the trainers at Mimmi Boa Modeling Agency”
[06:07 PM] “Herradura Baar: Plus she is the founder of “”Peace on Earth”” gridwide hunt, which my question to her will be to share with us more details about that :D”
[06:07 PM] Herradura Baar: from Sequoia’s bio:
[06:07 PM] “Herradura Baar: There is little Sequoia Nightfire has not accomplished in the fashion world of Second Life. Teaching and mentoring some of the best models in sl, an accomplished jewelry designer, show producer , set builder , sim builder, blogger and a model to Ivalde, one of the oldest and most repected fashion houses in SL. Months after entering SL she was an owner of an agency featuring the then current Mr Virtual World and his partner the future Miss Virtual World. However, Sequoia realized early in her career she would rather teach, model, build and blog and be free to accept a variety of opportunities that would come her way..”
The ever b “y “”Seq”” in addition to her modeling is owner of ABJ – Aurora Borealis Jewelry, and has done some web design for several top agencies. She has also found time to create and hold one of the most respected annual holiday traditions in SL, the Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt. Her two plus years of runway and related experience have helped her to set foot on all the major stages and to”
[06:08 PM] “Herradura Baar: The ever busy “”Seq”” in addition to her modeling is owner of ABJ – Aurora Borealis Jewelry, and has done some web design for several top agencies. She has also found time to create and hold one of the most respected annual holiday traditions in SL, the Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt. Her two plus years of runway and related experience have helped her to set foot on all the major stages and to have her creations seen there as well.”
[06:08 PM] Herradura Baar: anyhow….
[06:08 PM] Mary Attis: olá thamara
[06:08 PM] Herradura Baar: I’m going to shush now and let Sequoia take over. Ask her anything you’d like about SL Modeling & fashion please
[06:08 PM] Vikeejeah Xevion: hi Mui 🙂
[06:08 PM] Herradura Baar: Sequoia – the stage is yours
[06:08 PM] Vikeejeah Xevion: nice to see u
[06:08 PM] Ivy Auroline: *(`’·.¸(`’·.¸ * ¸.·’´)¸.·’´)*
[06:08 PM] Ivy Auroline: : «´·.¸¸.• APPLAUSE!!! •.¸¸.·`»
[06:08 PM] Ivy Auroline: *(¸.·’´(¸.·’´ * `’·.¸)`’·.¸)*
[06:09 PM] Herradura Baar: and first question is this – Tell us about POE
[06:09 PM] Lila Corith applauds!
[06:09 PM] Mui Mukerji: ohhh sorry if i stepped on someone
[06:09 PM] Herradura Baar: Claps Very Loudly!!!!
[06:09 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: ty i am going to avoiid the stage i want to be down here with you
[06:09 PM] Mary Attis: kk
[06:09 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i am at your request to speak on any fashion realted topic
[06:10 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: can everyone hear ok or should i use ear mic
[06:10 PM] Brendon Heron: i hear you fine
[06:10 PM] Fuzz Lennie: Hi Mui
[06:10 PM] Herradura Baar raises hand
[06:10 PM] Mui Mukerji: hello Fuzz
[06:10 PM] Vikeejeah Xevion: i hear u Seq
[06:10 PM] Risa Bright: Hey Mui ^^
[06:10 PM] Herradura Baar: SEquoia I would like to start off with Peace on Earth – can you share details about it with the group please 😀
[06:11 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: excuse my typing i have had issues with the chat debugging not working for me so you see i do not know everything lol or claim i do
[06:11 PM] Ivy Auroline: ¦ ? Hehahahahaaa ? ¦
[06:11 PM] Lyrica Destiny: i dont ave voce anyore in sl for some reason sono i cnt hear
[06:11 PM] Ivy Auroline: always learning….
[06:11 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: sure Herra
[06:11 PM] Artemis Felwitch: Sequoia are you using voice?
[06:11 PM] Ivy Auroline: i do not hear
[06:11 PM] Thamara Sweet: me neither
[06:12 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: the Peace On Earth hunt i began three years ago as a way to promote designers to the whole grid
[06:12 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i wanted to bring every community together
[06:13 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: to have the spirit of Peace On Earth and for all of us designers to show the best of what we do by sharing wonderful gifts with everyone during the holiday season
[06:13 PM] Artemis Felwitch: is it a hunt?
[06:13 PM] Ivy Auroline: ¦ ? Hehahahahaaa ? ¦
[06:14 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: yes its a hunt but somewhat different kind of hunt
[06:14 PM] Artemis Felwitch: ??
[06:14 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: we ask that designers create something personal
[06:15 PM] “Sequoia Nightfire: The gift can either be something that goes with the theme of “Peace On Earth” or it can be something which is representative of how you personally celebrate the holiday traditions of your family, faith or country of origin.”
[06:15 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: so we will have representative of many continents and countruies
[06:15 PM] Herradura Baar celebrats Festivus!
[06:15 PM] Ivy Auroline: cross cultural adaptation…nice!
[06:16 PM] Artemis Felwitch: is it a grid wide hunt?
[06:16 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: we ask that the gifts be something of first quality that would be sold if it weren’t a holiday gift
[06:16 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: something to be proud of
[06:17 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: yes we go across all communities from Japanese to Gor to Tinies to all european nations etc
[06:17 PM] Artemis Felwitch: very cool ?
[06:17 PM] Artemis Felwitch: sounds like it would be a challenge to coordinate
[06:17 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: it is a hunt though that is friendly to a general audience so no violence or excessive images of any sort
[06:18 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: it is this year we have just shy of 300 vendors
[06:18 PM] Artemis Felwitch: wow!
[06:18 PM] Ivy Auroline: impressive
[06:18 PM] Herradura Baar: hunts are nice not just because you get high quality stuff from top designers – but that’s how I find who the great new designers are too 😀
[06:19 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: # ABJ – Aurora Borealis Jewelry
# AR Desig
# Absentia
# Accessor s by Eolande
# [Acide!]
# Addictio Jewelry
# Addict e reme Shapes
# aDORKabl Poses
# AlaFolie
# Alexohol ashions
# Aluinn
# * Amaris Designs
# * Amaran us *
# Ami Styl
# Ample Av Shapes
# Angel De ous
# Angelic’ Textures
# Anubis S le
# Arizona’ Fashions for Tinies
# Artistry y ~ E ~
[06:19 PM] “Herradura Baar: Ok, anyone here have a questions”
[06:19 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: that is just a partial list of the A’s
[06:19 PM] Lyrica Destiny: hunts re awesome but i dont have tim to domost of them 😦
[06:19 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: this will run december 1st through january 3rd
[06:19 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: all gifts will be blogged by Opium Agency so you can see what is out there
[06:19 PM] Sequoia Nightfire:
[06:19 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: if you want to bookmark the blog site
[06:21 PM] Taylr Crystal: so anyone can create something and then who do we give it to so it can be in the hunt?
[06:21 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: much more to get familiar with and there is a huntersgroup as well that will share hints
[06:21 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: we are closed for applications we are already moving to the next stage
[06:22 PM] Taylr Crystal: oh ok
[06:22 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: it takes time to coordinate so many the group has many people of different languages so getting all to do things together gets interesting lol
[06:23 PM] Ivy Auroline: i bet
[06:24 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i hope you all will take a look at the blog the flicker link is there you can go to see what was given last year and what is being given this year and you will see the gifts are a step above what you usually see in gridwides
[06:25 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: POE was one of the first gridwides and this is the only hunt i do all year
[06:25 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: please any fashion questions?
[06:26 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: awww come now someone must have something to ask me?
[06:27 PM] Thamara Sweet: about pposes
[06:27 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: yes ?
[06:27 PM] Brendon Heron: sequoia what do you see or can you tell us about upcoming designers for menwear
[06:28 PM] Brendon Heron: as everyone knows not many designers are out there for men
[06:28 PM] Thamara Sweet: sometimes I find a bit of difficulty cause some agencies don’t accept some poses and others do. so how could I do a huddle with some that aren’t boring
[06:28 PM] Lyrica Destiny: i alway have questions whenim not a workshop and by thn forget the lol
[06:28 PM] Taylr Crystal: write the mdown when you think of them !
[06:29 PM] Lyrica Destiny: ah yeahgood idea lol
[06:29 PM] Ivy Auroline: oh…and addning to that….is there a preferred HUD for model poses/walks?
[06:29 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: Brendon i see good things ahead for men when we get the new mesh i think it should open up the opportunity for new designers to explore in every area and that it may put some of the old out and fresh bloos in
[06:29 PM] Sweetest Sands gave you Surprise Birthday Party Invite for Kate Stockholm.
[06:30 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: to huddles i use one but only sparingly
[06:30 PM] Brendon Heron: thats great as a model we are limited in our shows because of so few menswear designers
[06:30 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i arrage my poses and do them manually most often because i am in lag most often
[06:30 PM] Brendon Heron: lol embrace the lag make it yours
[06:30 PM] Artemis Felwitch: does Kira Paderborn design for men? I know she does men’s skins
[06:30 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i use the quick pose from Huddles
[06:31 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: it was 100l i think very basic easy to load
[06:31 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: not sure if she does
[06:31 PM] Brendon Heron: also try the strut hud its great in laggy venues
[06:31 PM] Ivy Auroline: *coughs* do you perhaps have an LM for where i might find one?
[06:32 PM] Ivy Auroline: ohh…so…due to lag…is it better to utilize walks/poses manually?
[06:32 PM] Herradura Baar: Sequioa is that the EZ Huddle?
[06:32 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i am not terriblely familiar with men’s fashion but i do see some new designers have joined my hunt
[06:32 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: yes Herra
[06:32 PM] Lila Corith: I do my poses manually and have never had a problem
[06:32 PM] Ivy Auroline: ·*·.?????•????
[06:32 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: its called Quick Pose
[06:32 PM] Magnolia Oleander: yvw
[06:32 PM] Taylr Crystal: what do you mean by doing your poses manually?
[06:33 PM] Taylr Crystal: instead of loading them in the AO?
[06:33 PM] “Florence Brendel: but what do you mean “”manually”””
[06:33 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: and i recommend having poses manually even if you use a huddle
[06:33 PM] Taylr Crystal: why?
[06:33 PM] Brendon Heron: use them from your animations folder taylr i think
[06:33 PM] Herradura Baar: This is the store that does EZ Huddle
[06:33 PM] Herradura Baar:
[06:33 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: because huddles are script dependent and can fail
[06:33 PM] Herradura Baar: but they don’t sell it at marketplace – might find the SLURL though
[06:33 PM] Taylr Crystal: ok I’ll check it out thanks
[06:34 PM] Taylr Crystal: I have vista ao
[06:34 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: lining up manual poses is easy
[06:34 PM] Ivy Auroline: i have EZ Huddle for clubin
[06:34 PM] Ivy Auroline: WooT
[06:34 PM] *KL* HUD Nadia: Prims registered
[06:34 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: you just click on the pose and drag to desktop
[06:34 PM] Taylr Crystal: and just load the animations in that way in the order i am going to need them if i do a runway correct?
[06:34 PM] SkinPreset01: Skin Preset Pale
[06:34 PM] Taylr Crystal: is that easier?
[06:34 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: then click the play in world button when youwant to play
[06:34 PM] You decline Bunny Wranch HORSE AUCTION WED 11-10-10 – YOUR NAME HERE from A group member named Emee Flanagan.
[06:35 PM] Taylr Crystal: i have done that but after a while i forget which one i was using first lol
[06:35 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i line them up on my screen to the left in order
[06:35 PM] Taylr Crystal: ok
[06:35 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i save copies in my folders with my outfits
[06:36 PM] Taylr Crystal: isnt that alot going on on the screen then how can you really see if you have all the poses lined up on the left side of the screen?
[06:36 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: then when i rez my outfit for the show they are easily accessible
[06:36 PM] Taylr Crystal: yeah i have some of that done so far
[06:36 PM] Taylr Crystal: ok
[06:37 PM] Taylr Crystal: how do pick the best pose for your outfits? i have a hard time cause i like them all (giggles)
[06:37 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i also in my walk order card put the poses names in order so if i have a mind gap i can see
[06:38 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: the best way to pick poses is to assume an attitude you should have for the outfit
[06:38 PM] “Lila Corith: Well it’s all about the outfit, isn’t it? Whatever shows it best, doesn’t distort or obscure it.”
[06:38 PM] Ivy Auroline: i assume all this talk is referring to runway
[06:38 PM] Taylr Crystal: yeah or pictures
[06:38 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i always try to think should i be sweet or am i an urban streetsmart girl
[06:39 PM] Taylr Crystal: cause some poses dont turn out right with a picture cause of invisible prim shoes
[06:39 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: do i want to be smexy or with attitude of we don’t play that here
[06:39 PM] Taylr Crystal: lol
[06:39 PM] Taylr Crystal: gotcha!
[06:39 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: always choose that which will put you and the outfit in the believable
[06:40 PM] Florence Brendel: darn gif conflict with shoes ^^
[06:40 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: you are the canvass drawing a picture which can tell those thousand words
[06:40 PM] “Taylr Crystal: i have done alot of work of my alone with photos, creating, editing myself so thatis why i ask, always looking to improve my skills and show my creativeness!”
[06:40 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: if i have a deco pose and street look it will be obvious i did not do my homework
[06:41 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: one of the worst things ever in pictures is contortions
[06:41 PM] “Taylr Crystal: lol true,”
[06:41 PM] Florence Brendel: esp on stomach huh?
[06:42 PM] Brendon Heron: the male poses in sl lack much excitement
[06:42 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: in pictures like runway we need to have our joints only moving in ways they could natuarlly
[06:42 PM] Taylr Crystal: esp i have that too! lol
[06:42 PM] Brendon Heron: they are usually alike in alot of ways
[06:42 PM] Taylr Crystal: how so?
[06:43 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i also see over active AO’s in sl and that is fine if you are a cutiepie but fashion models need to be less obvious
[06:43 PM] Florence Brendel: 🙂
[06:43 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: fashion models are more sophisticated in their motion
[06:43 PM] Brendon Heron: oh woah i cant be a cutiepie
[06:43 PM] Brendon Heron: darn
[06:43 PM] Florence Brendel: lol
[06:44 PM] Risa Bright: the male version of that is the tweaky akeyo one
[06:44 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: hmm ok Brendon we make exception in your case
[06:44 PM] Brendon Heron: Wo0H0o!
[06:44 PM] Florence Brendel: ^^
[06:44 PM] Brendon Heron: see i can be a cutiepie now
[06:44 PM] Mui Mukerji: =p
[06:44 PM] Florence Brendel: you’re already a cutipie Brandon lol
[06:44 PM] Brendon Heron: lol
[06:44 PM] Taylr Crystal: cutie pie !
[06:44 PM] Brendon Heron: woot
[06:44 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: fashion models are to set the standard of good taste and be the leaders in trends
[06:44 PM] Ivy Auroline: ¦ ? Hehahahahaaa ? ¦
[06:45 PM] Taylr Crystal: that is a given !
[06:45 PM] Taylr Crystal: giggles
[06:45 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: so back to poses
[06:45 PM] Ivy Auroline: i think you can be a cutiepie and still set a standard of sophistication
[06:45 PM] Taylr Crystal: i agree
[06:45 PM] Brendon Heron: you got that right lol
[06:45 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i have seen on the runway a disturbing trend and i hope we can change the way its going
[06:45 PM] Brendon Heron: devilish smile lol
[06:46 PM] Ivy Auroline: nothing wrong with a little cute quips and quick wit
[06:46 PM] Taylr Crystal: lol i agree
[06:46 PM] Taylr Crystal: lol
[06:46 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i have seen a return to armpit poses and a lack of care about hands being burried in clothes
[06:46 PM] Ivy Auroline: mmm…armpits
[06:46 PM] Florence Brendel: runways can be so unpersonal
[06:46 PM] Brendon Heron: OK! the armpit poses are nasty
[06:46 PM] Herradura Baar: flamingo poses are the nasty
[06:46 PM] Ivy Auroline: well…av hands are hideous anyways
[06:46 PM] Brendon Heron: looks like someone dislocated their shoulders
[06:47 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i would urge you to think twice about poses that raise your hands over your heads
[06:47 PM] Taylr Crystal: then it is all about picking the correct pose for a certain outfit so your not looking like you just have one leg and or one arm lol I get it!
[06:47 PM] Florence Brendel: *coughs*
[06:47 PM] Lila Corith: lol oy The Flamingo… *shudders*
[06:47 PM] Taylr Crystal: lol
[06:47 PM] Ivy Auroline: lol
[06:47 PM] Ivy Auroline: ole??
[06:47 PM] Taylr Crystal: YAY!!!
[06:47 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: they often contort the clothes and we are about showing clothes not about being indvidually fabulous
[06:48 PM] Brendon Heron: well the male poses we grab our crotches alot lol in them
[06:48 PM] Ivy Auroline: seems like…umm…common sense
[06:48 PM] Ivy Auroline: but that’s just me
[06:48 PM] Taylr Crystal: but we are individually r fabulous just like the clothes we are representing !
[06:48 PM] Taylr Crystal: lol
[06:48 PM] Florence Brendel: ^^
[06:48 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: we need to remember if not for the designers we all lose our chance to be up there so we need to do our best for them and when we do it helps us to progress and get noticed
[06:49 PM] Taylr Crystal: i Agree!
[06:49 PM] Ivy Auroline: indeed….*cheers to the designers*
[06:49 PM] Ivy Auroline: *Oleeeeeeeeeeeee*
[06:49 PM] Taylr Crystal: WOOOOT WOOOOT !!!!!!!!!
[06:49 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: yes Taylr you all are fabulous
[06:49 PM] Taylr Crystal: They R Fabulous!!!!!!
[06:49 PM] Taylr Crystal: lol
[06:49 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: so we show the clothes best and if we do as we should then it only follows it makes us that way
[06:50 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: just want to be sure that the priority of every model is presenting the designers vision
[06:50 PM] Brendon Heron: sequoia i have a question about contests for models in sl i recently entered one but found it to be shall i say less than honest so i left it any good contests you can recommend
[06:51 PM] Brendon Heron: afterall we get good exposure from the deisgner contests
[06:51 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: all contests have certain things they look for
[06:52 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: the best way to enter any contest is to think of who you think will be judging
[06:52 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i would suggest in every contest and i tell all my students be yourself
[06:52 PM] Brendon Heron: well creators of contests should not make you pay to enter nor pay to vote woudnt you agree
[06:53 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i agree wholeheartedly i would tell everyone never pay to enter a contest ever!!!!!
[06:53 PM] Brendon Heron: nor should they enter it themselves
[06:53 PM] Florence Brendel: lol
[06:54 PM] Herradura Baar: I second that
[06:54 PM] Herradura Baar: and btw most reputable contests will not charge you either
[06:54 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i have seen too many contests that are set ups that are rigged to put the majority of the money in the pocket of the contest holder
[06:54 PM] Taylr Crystal: wow thanks for telling me that cause I always thought that was unfair as well
[06:54 PM] Brendon Heron: well the contest i entered the ceo her alt and the builder all were in the contest with votes
[06:54 PM] Lyrica Destiny: major amen to that
[06:55 PM] Ivy Auroline: good thing i have never entered a contest
[06:55 PM] Ivy Auroline: .;:+*’`’*+:;. AAH YEAH .;:+*’`’*+:;
[06:55 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i would not say there are any that you pay that aren’t reputable BUT there are so many contest i have never seen any reason why one should
[06:55 PM] Lyrica Destiny: mnost icant enter
[06:55 PM] Brendon Heron: i confronted her and she banned me which i laughed she said she couldnt take herself or the alt or builder off the contest board because it would delete the others
[06:56 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: the best an most prestigious contests in sl are without fee
[06:56 PM] “Florence Brendel: and when you realize judges have bad taste, you just adapt or quit?”
[06:56 PM] Taylr Crystal: gotya
[06:57 PM] Brendon Heron: well this contest was put on by a well known designer
[06:57 PM] Lyrica Destiny: ive seem many ore now where you must buy nd outit and send transaction to ente
[06:57 PM] Taylr Crystal: oh yeah???
[06:57 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: the worst i saw was a french sime where the owner had all the club patrons vote for his gf and then when she won they collected all the money spent by noobs who had camped for it on his sim
[06:57 PM] Brendon Heron: but honestly i woudnt shop in her store ever anyway
[06:57 PM] Taylr Crystal: that is robbery!!!!!!!1
[06:57 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i have seen many variations of this since
[06:58 PM] Florence Brendel: aww
[06:58 PM] Lyrica Destiny: thats just sick
[06:58 PM] Taylr Crystal: thats is messed up!
[06:58 PM] “Lila Corith: I hear about that SO often, Sequoia! A lot of “”contests”” thrown up to make some quick money and become a vanity set-up job for a family member/friends, really depressing.”
[06:58 PM] Taylr Crystal: yes it is
[06:58 PM] Brendon Heron: well in 2008 i won hunk of the month for hunk magazine and it was a scam
[06:58 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: now contests where you have to buy some of the designers clothes i have no issue
[06:58 PM] Lyrica Destiny: an very disheartening
[06:58 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: you do not have to buy and you do not have to enter
[06:58 PM] Florence Brendel: and ruining all other fair contests reputations
[06:59 PM] Lila Corith: I like the contests that go by your creativity in creating new outfits with the designers clothing.
[06:59 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: yes lila
[06:59 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: i particularly like the make it work contest for that reason
[06:59 PM] Lyrica Destiny: yeah well true but say youjust ought an outft couple weeks ago you cant enter with it
[06:59 PM] Brendon Heron: well i plan to enter mr virtual world next time it starts
[07:00 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: it gives opportunity to think outside
[07:00 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: most of all i would like to leave you with this thought
[07:01 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: over the course of the last year i have had many students winning many contests
[07:01 PM] Florence Brendel: thaks Sequoia 🙂
[07:01 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: the reason they are winning is because they have come to find themselves
[07:01 PM] Taylr Crystal: Thank you Sequoia!
[07:01 PM] Ivy Auroline: <—hasnt lost self
[07:02 PM] Brendon Heron: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[07:02 PM] Florence Brendel: never sell your soul 😉
[07:02 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: find out who you are and show off your best attitude and styling that is uniquely you
[07:02 PM] Brendon Heron: thanks sequoia
[07:02 PM] DrJ Cleanslate: APPLAUSE!
[07:02 PM] Lyrica Destiny: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[07:02 PM] Taylr Crystal: WOOOOT WOOOOOOOOOT!
[07:02 PM] Magnolia Oleander: Thank you Sequola
[07:02 PM] "Lila Corith: Thank you, that was great :)"
[07:02 PM] Florence Brendel: *•.¸?¸.•* !!! Applause !!! *•.¸?¸.•*
[07:02 PM] Florence Brendel: *•.¸?¸.•*
[07:02 PM] Herradura Baar: Claps Very Loudly!!!!
[07:02 PM] "Ivy Auroline: *:-.,_,.-:*'“'*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'“'*"
[07:02 PM] Leena Bianco: Thank you
[07:02 PM] Ivy Auroline: *(`'·.¸(`'·.¸ * ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*
[07:02 PM] Ivy Auroline: : «´·.¸¸.• APPLAUSE!!! •.¸¸.·`»
[07:02 PM] Ivy Auroline: *(¸.·'´(¸.·'´ * `'·.¸)`'·.¸)*
[07:02 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: ty all for attending
[07:02 PM] "Risa Bright: Great talk Sequoia, thank you"
[07:02 PM] Ivy Auroline: ·*·.?????•????
[07:02 PM] DrJ Cleanslate: thank you sequoia
[07:02 PM] Lyrica Destiny: thank yu Sequioa had a grreat time
[07:02 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: ty Herra and MW for having me 🙂
[07:03 PM] Mui Mukerji: thanks Sequoia
[07:03 PM] Herradura Baar: Thank you all for coming tonight and let's give Sequoia another round of applause 😀
[07:03 PM] Herradura Baar: Claps Very Loudly!!!!
[07:03 PM] Risa Bright: Thank you Herra and MW
[07:03 PM] Ivy Auroline: *(`'·.¸(`'·.¸ * ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*
[07:03 PM] Ivy Auroline: : «´·.¸¸.• APPLAUSE!!! •.¸¸.·`»
[07:03 PM] Ivy Auroline: *(¸.·'´(¸.·'´ * `'·.¸)`'·.¸)*
[07:03 PM] Taylr Crystal: yes had a very great time as well !!
[07:03 PM] Mui Mukerji: thanks Herra
[07:03 PM] Ivy Auroline: *(`'·.¸(`'·.¸ * ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*
[07:03 PM] Ivy Auroline: : «´·.¸¸.• APPLAUSE!!! •.¸¸.·`»
[07:03 PM] Ivy Auroline: *(¸.·'´(¸.·'´ * `'·.¸)`'·.¸)*
[07:03 PM] Myfun Destiny: APPLAUSE!!
[07:03 PM] Chance Wassep: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[07:03 PM] Chance Wassep: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[07:03 PM] Ivy Auroline: WooT
[07:03 PM] Chance Wassep: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[07:03 PM] Chance Wassep: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[07:03 PM] Lyrica Destiny: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[07:03 PM] Herradura Baar: Anyhow I should be back regularly on Monday nights and I would love not only suggestions for future workshops but if you'd like to host one just ask 😀
[07:04 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: yay Herr wb :))
[07:04 PM] Herradura Baar: let us know your ideas and we can talk about how you can moderate a Monday night workshop
[07:04 PM] Herradura Baar wonders if she can convince Mui to do one 😀
[07:04 PM] Taylr Crystal: Sounds great count me in!
[07:04 PM] Mui Mukerji: ^^
[07:04 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: yeah Mui yessss!
[07:04 PM] Magnolia Oleander: Thank you have a lovely evenning all. I must go now
[07:05 PM] "Florence Brendel: bye all, thanks again Sequoia :)"
[07:05 PM] Ivy Auroline: ¦ •?• ¦ ß?ee ß?ee ¦ •?• ¦
[07:05 PM] Magnolia Oleander: Nice meeting you Ivy
[07:05 PM] Herradura Baar: btw we will definately share details of when the Peace on Earth gridwide hunt starts
[07:05 PM] Mui Mukerji: thanks Sequoia and Herra ^^ i gonan back to bat cave ^^
[07:05 PM] Sequoia Nightfire: tc all im me anytime if you have questions love to help when i am able


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