LuLu Breuer “Understanding Attachment Points”


[12:08:10] You: this is going to be the basics, please please stop me if you have questions, or if I am going to fast or anything
[12:08:23] You: out lovely Mel is dealing with RL today
[12:08:27] You: she sends her love
[12:08:57] You: 1. What are Prim attachments?
[12:09:03] You: Prim is short for β€œPrimitive.” In SL a primitive is a virtual object made out of basic geometric shapes, such as cubes and sphere, or a sculpted object.
[12:09:25] You: Designers create Prims that we can attach to our avatar to augment our system cloths such as pant cuff, shirt collars or flexible skirt attachments. Prims are also made to work on the own for things such as hair, lashes, nails, jewelry and shoes and parts of clothing such as pant and shirt cuffs, collars. Lastly prims are also used to create accessories such as belts, scarves, ties etc.
[12:10:09] You: 2. Linked parts, root prim
[12:10:18] You: Most prim attachments are actually objects made up of more than one primitive object that has been linked together to act as one.
[12:10:32] You: Whenever this is done, one of the objects is identified as the “root” prim
[12:10:48] You: oh can everyone here me
[12:10:49] You: lol
[12:10:53] You: not wearing my mic
[12:10:53] Felicia Ibanez: Question
[12:10:55] You: sure
[12:11:08] Felicia Ibanez: How can you identify the root prim?
[12:11:24] Keeley Cooperstone: loud and clear
[12:11:24] You: good questions will show you in 1 sec πŸ™‚
[12:11:47] You: first the root prim is the “boss” prim and has special powers including it where most scripts that are added are actually stored, and if you change the color etc of this prim all the other linked prims will change too.
[12:11:49] Felicia Ibanez: ok ty
[12:12:04] You: If you look at this snapshot of my armchair, lol, you will that when I selected it first of all it is made up of several linked prims, and secondly all of them except the back are highlighted in blue. The back is highlighted in yellow, which means that is the root prim.
[12:12:13] You: behinde me do you see it?
[12:12:32] Felicia Ibanez: yes
[12:12:54] You: is that clear, the root prim is highlighted in yellow
[12:13:00] Sazzy Oh: yes
[12:13:10] You: great
[12:13:16] You: 3. Attachment Points:
[12:13:30] You: There are 30 primary attachment points on your avatar, if you look at the slide I have made a graphic of them
[12:13:47] You: Anything attached to a point will move with that body part, so if something is attached to your lower leg, for example, when you walk it will not only move forward with you avatar, but will bend and rotate with your leg.
[12:13:55] Nektuu Wytchwood took a snapshot
[12:14:05] You: if anyone want that texture i can give it to you
[12:14:22] Keeley Cooperstone: hand up please
[12:14:24] jjgem Kira: yes please , i do
[12:14:30] You: kk one sec
[12:14:45] Nektuu Wytchwood: me too please
[12:14:50] Leena Bianco: yes pls
[12:14:52] jjgem Kira accepted your inventory offer.
[12:14:54] Keeley Cooperstone accepted your inventory offer.
[12:14:56] Felicia Ibanez: Yes please
[12:14:58] Nektuu Wytchwood accepted your inventory offer.
[12:15:01] Sazzy Oh: me too
[12:15:06] Keeley Cooperstone: ty hun xx
[12:15:11] Sazzy Oh accepted your inventory offer.
[12:15:18] Sazzy Oh: thank you
[12:15:20] You: kk did i miss anyone?
[12:15:23] Keeley Cooperstone: waves to sazzy lol sorry hun didnt see you before
[12:15:24] jjgem Kira: β™₯ Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! β™₯
[12:15:25] Leena Bianco: yes
[12:15:28] Felicia Ibanez: TYVM
[12:15:32] Leena Bianco: i need texture thanks
[12:15:33] Leena Bianco accepted your inventory offer.
[12:15:37] You: oops sorry Leena
[12:15:42] Nektuu Wytchwood: that is great thanks
[12:15:44] Leena Bianco: ty
[12:16:01] You: the spine and lower leg ones are in the back
[12:16:16] You: that is why i have a curvy arrow lol
[12:16:48] Keeley Cooperstone: πŸ™‚
[12:16:58] You: some points are interchangeable, meaning you can change attachment point and it will still move an behave as designed, and others are not. This is less of an issue now that viewer 2 has the ability to have multiple attachments to each point. We will get into which point are interchangeable and how to change attachment points in later workshops.
[12:17:38] You: that is Viewer 2 allows multiple prims to be attached to the same point. Phoenix and some other viewer have secondary attachment points.
[12:17:48] You: DO NOT USE THEM
[12:17:51] You: hehe
[12:17:59] Keeley Cooperstone: ;p amen
[12:18:01] You: The viewer are currently using different systems, so it mean is you attach multiple object or use secondly points the attachments will either not be visible to others or they will appear in the wrong place. So Until everyone one is on the say system do not use them.
[12:18:34] You: when I was new and did not know this I was using eyes that had prim attchments
[12:19:05] You: I used seconday point, so for 2 week I walked around with two green eyeballs following me eveywhere
[12:19:10] You: lol
[12:19:15] Felicia Ibanez: lol
[12:19:18] jjgem Kira: lol
[12:19:24] Felicia Ibanez: Hand raised
[12:19:25] Sazzy Oh: hehe
[12:19:32] You: yes Felicia?
[12:19:42] Felicia Ibanez: I have the old viewer
[12:20:04] You: kk that is fine, just means you do not have that option
[12:20:20] Felicia Ibanez: ok ty
[12:20:20] You: which is fine because you cant really use it yet anyway
[12:20:37] You: ok so let talk about the dreded edit menu
[12:20:43] You: 5. Edit Menu Essentials:
[12:20:53] You: When you right click on any object in SL you can pick “edit” from the pie menu that appears.
[12:21:04] You: I have a giant one next to me
[12:21:21] You: This will open up the editing tab in your build window and it will look something like what is show on the slide, may be a different color for you but do not let that throw you.
[12:21:40] You: you see where the red arrow is pointing?
[12:21:49] You: that is the edit tab in the build menu
[12:21:53] You: that is the one we use
[12:22:27] You: Here on the right top you will see:
– Position, Stretch, Rotate
by clicking on these you will be able to move, rotate and resize.
[12:23:16] You: Position will bring up this “thingy” with the arrows that you see.
[12:23:32] You: You can move the object along the blue, read and green arrows, which are the X, Y and Z axis
[12:23:48] You: you can also use those tiangle arrows to move it anywhere on that plave, so the blue and green on will move it along the ZY plane, the blue and red in the XZ and the green and read in the XY.
[12:24:33] You: see these triangles?
[12:24:40] Felicia Ibanez: yes
[12:24:44] You: kk great πŸ™‚
[12:25:13] You: Rotate:
When you select rotate you get this “thingy” as you can guess you can rotate around the X axis if you grab the red spin, around the Z if you grab the blue one and around the Y if you gran the green one.
[12:25:37] You: *grab
[12:25:50] You: Also, if you click and hold on the gray area you can free rotate.
[12:26:10] You: Stretch:
You can resize by clicking on the stretch box. You will see these strech point appear on your object. You can strech in the X direction by draggin the red boxes, Z with the blue one and Y with the green one.
[12:27:22] You: If you go over here you can chose to stretch both side or just the one side
[12:27:48] You: – Edit linked parts:
[12:28:01] You: Clicking on this box allows you to edit each part of the prim separately, that is provided the prim has editing permission.
[12:28:27] You: Couple other things to note along the top here:
[12:28:44] You: Here on the right you will see how many object you have selected, that is if you want to move more than one prim at a time, such as when you are reposioning shoes for example.
[12:29:03] You: Right below it will tell you how may prims you have selected, Useful for when you are editing one prim at a time but also it will tell you how many prims are in an object, useful for ARC considerations.
[12:29:31] You: Ruler:
The ruler is the how the azis lines up,
There are 4 options although usually you only get 3 at a time:
[12:29:38] You: *axis
[12:29:44] You: World, Local, Reference and attachment. We will get into these more on later workshops but it is important that you know where these are.
[12:29:59] You: 6. Edit Menu Tabs:
[12:30:15] You: Now let look at the tabs
[12:30:20] You: – General
Here you will find the basic info about the object.
[12:30:37] You: Use this to check ownership and creators, this is useful if you are checking for copy botted items or if you have lost the LM of the shop where you bought the item.
[12:30:55] You: This is also where you set the permissions for object you create or pass on.
[12:31:20] You: – Object
This tab give you information basic parameters on the object or prim you editing including the Position size and Rotation.
[12:31:40] You decline “NG Modeling Academy” APPLICATION (Your name here) Eng from A group member named Falbala Fairey.
[12:31:51] You: The last is very important when you change attachment points, you will want to wirte those down before you do, so you can restore them later if you change your mind. Of course ideally you can make copies of your prims, but that is not always possible.
[12:32:20] You decline “NG Modeling Academy” APPLICATION (Your name here) Eng from A group member named Falbala Fairey.
[12:32:26] You: – Features:
Features tab adds special features that makes the prims “Flex” as well as making it a light source. We will get into it more during later workshops.
[12:32:57] You: – Textures
This is a very important tab, here you can change textures and colors of you prim, as well as make it transparent.
[12:33:56] You: here is also the tools you use to align the texture of you prims, which we will talk about more in later workshops
[12:35:47] You: – Content
This tab is where you drag scripts, animation, other object, texture etc into your prim.
[12:36:10] You: any questions so far?
[12:36:21] Nektuu Wytchwood: no thank you
[12:36:23] Sazzy Oh: no… you are doing a great job
[12:36:39] You: πŸ˜€
[12:36:39] Felicia Ibanez: No not yet ty; yes you sure are:)
[12:36:41] Keeley Cooperstone: not yet πŸ™‚
[12:36:47] You: 7. Edit Menu Advanced Features
– Select Texture
– Stretch Texture
– Grid
– Edit axis at root
[12:37:08] You: ok let look at some of the other goodies we have here
[12:37:31] You: Select texture:
[12:37:53] You: this will allow you to select and change the texture on one face of a prm
[12:38:04] You: I use this a lot on skit and hair pims
[12:38:21] You: *prims, when they have a texture on the edge
[12:38:26] You: that i want to get rid of
[12:38:55] You: – Stretch Texture:
[12:39:25] You: having this selected mean the texture will resize when you strech the prim
[12:39:41] You: most of the time you want this, but not always
[12:40:20] You: Grid will allow you to snap to ruler points as well as to specific angles
[12:40:43] You: very very useful when you change attachment points
[12:41:17] You: and you have to rotate something exactly 180 degrees for example
[12:41:39] You: clicking on options let you set the ruler snap points
[12:42:09] You: – Edit axis at root
[12:42:44] You: when you have an object with multiple prims the paramter shown in the objects tab belong to the root prim
[12:42:48] You: not the object as a whole
[12:42:51] You: so be careful
[12:43:28] You: when you rotate the object as a whole it will roatate about the center of the object unless….
[12:43:40] You: you click here
[12:43:57] You: does that make sense?
[12:44:02] You: then it will rotate move etc about the root prim
[12:44:18] Keeley Cooperstone: mmh some of the functions you have lulu
[12:44:20] Felicia Ibanez: yes
[12:44:22] Keeley Cooperstone: dont appear on my edit
[12:44:31] Keeley Cooperstone: is that usualy between vieweres
[12:44:41] Keeley Cooperstone: or beteen prms
[12:44:42] You: yes, you are on viewer 2
[12:44:58] Keeley Cooperstone: no
[12:45:11] You: oh you are not on viewer 2?
[12:45:52] Keeley Cooperstone: nope
[12:45:57] Keeley Cooperstone: emergence
[12:46:00] You: oh hehe my radar is wrong lol
[12:46:09] You: bad radar
[12:46:32] You: over here on the object tab there are some very very useful things
[12:47:06] You: many times in skirts and hair for example, they will use a primative that has had it’s path cut
[12:47:11] You: meaning it has been trimmed
[12:47:27] You: you can tweak how much it has been trimmed here
[12:47:46] You: buy changinge the B(eginning) and E(nd) of that trim
[12:48:18] You: i also sometimes change the taper to make a prim work for my avi
[12:48:43] Sazzy Oh: will you be giving us a note card.. or should I copy this all?
[12:48:57] You: i will send out a NC
[12:49:03] Sazzy Oh: ok.. thank you
[12:49:10] You: let look at goodies in the texture tab
[12:49:13] Felicia Ibanez: Yes thank you very much
[12:49:23] You: this is where you change textures
[12:49:33] You: be carful to make copies
[12:49:59] You: you cannot go back to the orginal if you do not have a copy of that texture in your inventory
[12:50:10] You: here you can change colors
[12:51:03] You: these two down here determine how many times your texture repeats itself
[12:51:35] You: you can use these to make your texture bigger or smaller if you are try to get it to align with system cloths
[12:51:55] You: you can rotate your texure here
[12:52:06] Leena Bianco: Question: is there a way to make a copy of a texture from an item so you have it in your inventory?
[12:52:13] You: no
[12:52:27] You: copybotter do, but you do not want to go there
[12:52:38] Leena Bianco: ok thx
[12:52:43] You: you can ask the desinger to give it to you they may or may not
[12:53:03] You: also you cannot undo texture changes
[12:53:19] You: so if you change anything in this tab you cannot hit ctr z and go back
[12:53:43] You: you can if you change size or rotation, most of the time
[12:53:48] You: not always
[12:54:08] You: ok here in offset you can slide you texture up or down
[12:54:41] You: also critical when you are aligning the textures of you prims to your system cloths
[12:54:56] You: any questions?
[12:55:43] Leena Bianco: not yet
[12:56:06] Felicia Ibanez: a lot to absorb but very good information
[12:56:30] You: ok last part we will talk about setting up an area to edit prims
[12:56:39] You: i have a room i made just looking for it
[12:56:40] You: one sec
[12:57:10] Sazzy Oh: I hate to go… but I have to go at 1 😦
[12:57:47] You: kk byees
[12:57:58] You: my room is hiding from me lol
[12:58:00] Sazzy Oh: a great class.. lots of things i did not know
[12:58:13] You: oh good glad it was helpful πŸ™‚
[12:58:50] You: kk not finding it anyway
[12:59:25] You: you want to set up an area if you can with a pose stand that allows you to change arm and leg possitions
[12:59:27] Dommino Portilo: Hello everyone πŸ™‚
[12:59:39] You: hi Dommino
[12:59:42] You decline [sYs] at Outrageous Glamour Agency from A group member named Drae Dinzel.
[12:59:46] Dommino Portilo: Hi Lulu
[13:00:16] You: you also if you can set up an neutral background
[13:00:46] You: when you put down your pose stand rotate it using your grid so it lined up with north south in the world runler
[13:00:49] You decline [sYs] at Outrageous Glamour Agency from A group member named Drae Dinzel.
[13:02:05] You: that concludes our workshop for today, next week we will strat looking at attachments more in depth
[13:02:28] You: and talk about specific types of attachments and how to fix them


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