Monica Balut “On Accessorizing”

June 24, 2010

[12:08] Monica Balut: Hello everyone.
[12:08] Pickles SecretSpy: Caffine is a friend and fellow DeJaVogue model, so I think I am safe next to her 🙂
[12:08] Cinna Button: haha
[12:08] Caffinelover Selona: 🙂
[12:08] Monica Balut: Welcome to the Model’s Workshop Open House celebrations.
[12:08] Nave Fall smirks
[12:08] Caffinelover Selona: lol
[12:08] Lulu Breuer: \o/ yay
[12:08] Monica Balut: I hope you picked up a program under the large sign in the lobby. If not you can get one by touching the signs to either side of the stage There is a lot of information in that program. Please take time to read it. You ‘ll find:
[12:09] Monica Balut: 1) A program of today’s events.
[12:09] Monica Balut: 2) A description of this building.
[12:09] Monica Balut: 3) Acknowledgments to all those who made this wonderful building possible.
[12:09] Monica Balut: Make sure to check out in the program what other things are going on here today. Also feel free to try out the photo studio, gym and lounge on the roof.
[12:09] Monica Balut: I won’t go over any more of the details of that here today.
[12:10] Monica Balut: As most of you know, I founded Model’s Workshop with the basic premise that, although no one of us may know that much, the collective wisdom of the group is almost limitless. My idea was to channel this energy to create an atmosphere that would foster the ongoing professional development of SL models, beginners and experienced models alike.
[12:10] Caffinelover Selona: APPLAUSE!!!
[12:10] Caffinelover Selona: Applause!!
[12:10] Lulu Breuer: ☆☆☆APPLAUSE☆☆☆
[12:10] Monica Balut: This group has grown beyond my wildest dream and now boasts of over 500 members. The cornerstone of the group’s activities has been it’s weekly workshops, which lately have been happening more often and at varied times.
[12:11] Monica Balut: Our monthy Make-It-Work contests, sponsored by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau Designs has been a huge success and has helped many models move their modeling careers along. We have a stong group of leaders within the group who have numerous ideas for other things we could do
[12:11] Monica Balut: This lovely new building on land donated by Annemarie Parenti of the BeStyle district offers the Model’s Workshop all the space it needs to expand. Over the coming months, I’ll be talking more about new directions for Model’s Workshop. I hope that many of you can participate in this new growth. We’ll be looking for people who want to take a more active role in realizing the Workshop’s potential.
[12:12] Monica Balut: Unfortunately, we are off to a bad start wtih the festivities. Sequoia Nightfire was scheduled to do an encore appearance at this opening session. I just signed in 20 minutes ago to find a note from her saying that her internet connection was in and out and totally unreliable. She regretfully had to cancel.
[12:12] Monica Balut: Sequuoia was suppose to talk about accessorizing. In the spirit of Model’s Workshop, I’m going to count on the collective wisdom of the group to pull off a workshop out of thin air.
[12:12] Monica Balut: Won’t be the first time that happened LOL
[12:13] Monica Balut: There are many of off here who are quite good at accessorizing. Many of us would like help from our friends on how to accessorize better. What if we challenge ourselves today.
[12:13] Monica Balut: Those of you willing to put your self out there, present an outift you recently stlyed. Perhaps present what guided your accessorizing choices Then the group can give additional suggestions or feedback about how to improve it.
[12:13] Monica Balut: You folks game for that?
[12:14] Lulu Breuer: sure
[12:14] Nave Fall blinks
[12:14] Nave Fall gulps
[12:14] Monica Balut: has the anxiety level just gone up a bit here?
[12:14] Nave Fall: ummmmmm
[12:14] Caffinelover Selona: yep
[12:14] Lulu Breuer: hehe
[12:14] Nave Fall: errrrrrr
[12:14] Nave Fall: uhhh
[12:15] Monica Balut: Hey we’re all friends
[12:15] Dawn Hammand: Uhm
[12:15] Caffinelover Selona: nerves just went from ok to bad
[12:15] Nave Fall: unh huh, famous last words
[12:15] Dawn Hammand: I’ll do it I guess.
[12:15] Monica Balut: I’m certanly no big expert on accessorizing
[12:15] Dawn Hammand: <_<
[12:15] Dawn Hammand: So what do I do?
[12:15] Monica Balut: Oh you watnt to go now Dawn
[12:16] Dawn Hammand: Sure.
[12:16] Monica Balut: I was going to break the ice for everyone
[12:16] Dawn Hammand: Haha.
[12:16] Nave Fall: saved by Dawn
[12:16] Monica Balut: but if you want to start go right ahead
[12:16] Caffinelover Selona: ok first i like to see the front not back
[12:16] Georgina Abrahams: You better work it, Dawn!
[12:16] Georgina Abrahams: «´·..✧WOOHOOOOO!✧..·`»
[12:16] Georgina Abrahams: ☆(`'·.¸(`'·.¸ * ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)☆
[12:16] Georgina Abrahams: ☆(¸.·'´(¸.·'´ * `'·.¸)`'·.¸)☆
[12:17] Dawn Hammand: Hehe.
[12:17] Monica Balut: Dawn tell us what guided your accessorizing for this outfit
[12:17] Dawn Hammand: Well do I just describe what I have on.
[12:17] Dulce Loxely: ☆(`'·.¸(`'·.¸ * ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)☆
[12:17] Dulce Loxely: «´·..✧WOOHOOOOO!✧..·`»
[12:17] Dulce Loxely: ☆(¸.·'´(¸.·'´ * `'·.¸)`'·.¸)☆
[12:17] Dawn Hammand: Well
[12:17] Dawn Hammand: This was just a simple little outfit, so I didn't wanna over do it with big necklaces and stuff.
[12:17] Dawn Hammand: So I put on some Armidi shades, and the PC Ring I have on.
[12:18] Dawn Hammand: Which I feel goes well with the texture and color of the outfit.
[12:18] Dawn Hammand: I don't have much so LOL.
[12:19] Dawn Hammand: Thats about it.
[12:19] Rocsi Qork: 🙂
[12:19] Monica Balut: Any suggestions or comments for Dawn?
[12:19] Nave Fall: I love the glasses
[12:19] Nave Fall: those work well
[12:19] Dulce Loxely: I really like her dress, it's cute and simple. It's perfect.
[12:19] Dawn Hammand: Thank you. 🙂
[12:19] Rocsi Qork: She's fierce!
[12:20] Shae Sixpence: The glasses are very nice, as well as the shoes. I would have added a jacket myself.
[12:20] Dawn Hammand: Oh like a cute blazer?
[12:20] Alexandra Rushwald: Dawn I think you look very trendy
[12:20] Dawn Hammand: Thank you.
[12:20] Dawn Hammand: 🙂
[12:20] Lulu Breuer: i like the look overall, in a way since the dress is so simple youi think could have gotten away with a statement necklace
[12:21] Shae Sixpence: No, not a blazer, a short jacket.
[12:21] Dawn Hammand: Yeah I'll try that next time.
[12:21] Monica Balut: That hair on the runway could be problematic tho
[12:21] Lulu Breuer: oops sotty Shea did not mean to interrupt
[12:21] Lulu Breuer: *sorry
[12:21] Shae Sixpence: Quite alright.
[12:21] Dawn Hammand: Guess I'll step down for the next one. 🙂
[12:21] Monica Balut: It gets buried in you
[12:22] Dawn Hammand: Thank you guys.
[12:22] Lulu Breuer: ☆☆☆APPLAUSE☆☆☆
[12:22] Monica Balut: Ok Let me do mine
[12:22] Georgina Abrahams: ☆(`'·.¸(`'·.¸ * ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)☆
[12:22] Georgina Abrahams: «´·..✧WOOHOOOOO!✧..·`»
[12:22] Georgina Abrahams: ☆(¸.·'´(¸.·'´ * `'·.¸)`'·.¸)☆
[12:22] Monica Balut: no mercy guys
[12:22] Monica Balut: I didn't have much time to think about this so I'll do this with what I had on.
[12:22] Monica Balut: I'm usally not very big about fancy accessoizing. As an American I usually do not wear hats. Besides matching hats to a pre existing hair style can be a nightmare or prim adjustments. Holding onto purses, parasols, fans, etc just complicates posing so I generally seek to avoid it. I like to keep my life simple.
[12:23] Nave Fall looks her up and down very slowly…………….
[12:23] Monica Balut: pull in your tongue Nave
[12:23] Monica Balut: This outfit is from from favorite store VelvetRythms. It is the Velvet Burgundy gown. It has a middle eastern feel to me. I felt the Victoria Corkscrew flexi curls from Mau & Mej I thought was a perfect match
[12:23] Nave Fall: ummmmmmmmmm
[12:23] Nave Fall: exsqueeze me waI drooling?
[12:23] Nave Fall: was
[12:24] Nave Fall: I
[12:24] Nave Fall: drooling
[12:24] Monica Balut: The jewelry is the J&W Jeweler Neveah collection.
[12:24] Lulu Breuer: hehe
[12:24] Lulu Breuer: *love* the jewlery
[12:24] Monica Balut: Shoes are from my favorite shoe store: Kalnins. These are the Empress shoes. What I love about Kalnins is you buy a base shoe then configure a ton of options from a HUD menu. You can create almost limitless combinations.
[12:24] Monica Balut: There really isn't much more to this one. Feedback?
[12:24] Lulu Breuer hands Nave a handkerchief
[12:24] Nave Fall: hair and outfit work great together
[12:25] Shae Sixpence: One, I love those earrings and just so yanno you may not make it out of here with them on..
[12:25] Georgina Abrahams: I love your jewelry.
[12:25] Monica Balut: Oh yeah I guess i used Talon Fair eyelashes here too
[12:25] Dawn Hammand: I love the dress, nothing with shwoing alittle leg.
[12:25] Georgina Abrahams: The earrings, ring, bracelet.. They all go very nicely together.
[12:25] Rocsi Qork: The hair is very cute, and it has nice flow.
[12:25] Monica Balut: J&W make very nice stuff
[12:25] Lulu Breuer: i like it, hair and outfit work very well together, same feeling tone
[12:26] Monica Balut: There's a necklace with the set which obviously wouldn't fit here
[12:26] Monica Balut: Any suggesstions for improvement?
[12:27] Shae Sixpence coughs and raises her hand.
[12:27] Monica Balut: You sick today Shae?
[12:27] Dulce Loxely: She must be.
[12:27] Lulu Breuer: lol
[12:27] Shae Sixpence: For me, I am on purple over load. The dress has so much purple, then the nails, your eyes and your hair. I think if you would have gone with your normal hair color it wouldnt be so much.
[12:27] Shae Sixpence: But just as elegant.
[12:28] Monica Balut: Good point
[12:28] Nave Fall: Monica is getting blod
[12:28] Nave Fall: bold
[12:28] Pickles SecretSpy: I noticed one thing that is distracting me, Monica
[12:28] Nave Fall: encourage her
[12:28] Shae Sixpence: Nave, take what ever is in your mouth out of it. You're studdering way too much.
[12:28] Monica Balut: Shae points out hte need to bring in contrasting colors
[12:28] Pickles SecretSpy: I see your black hair base under your hair and the color difference keeps drawing my eye to that and away from the rest of your outfit.
[12:29] Monica Balut: Yeah IDK why I ended up like this
[12:29] Pickles SecretSpy: right in the front of it, Monica
[12:29] Shae Sixpence: That is wonderful hair though, I love it. Just think it may have been better if you used your normal hair tone.
[12:29] Monica Balut: yes Pickles?
[12:30] Pickles SecretSpy: chat lag I think, Monica? As I did put it in already.
[12:30] Monica Balut: Where do you see that Pickles?
[12:30] Lulu Breuer: strange i do not see it
[12:31] Pickles SecretSpy: let me take a picture of what I see and send it to you, Monica
[12:31] Monica Balut: I don't see it
[12:31] Shae Sixpence: Its the sculptie.
[12:31] Shae Sixpence: You need to change your rendering volume Pickles.
[12:31] Shae Sixpence: Will stop that from happening.
[12:31] Nave Fall: I'm getting out of the line of fire
[12:31] Lulu Breuer: RenderAvatarLODFactor
[12:32] Lulu Breuer: set to 4
[12:32] Pickles SecretSpy: I take that back, Monica, as when I zoomed in very close to take the picture, I see it is the underside of the hair in front. My apologies. I was not zoomed in close enough at first.
[12:32] Monica Balut: WE could perhaps talk too about how each of us genreally approaches styling
[12:32] Shae Sixpence: RendervolumeLODFactor
[12:32] Shae Sixpence: I always have mine to 8
[12:32] StarliteStarbrite Constellation shouts: hello all
[12:32] Lulu Breuer: hmmm 8?
[12:32] Shae Sixpence: You have to reset it each time you change your graphics settings.
[12:33] Lulu Breuer: kk lets try
[12:33] Monica Balut: Ok any more comments here?
[12:33] Monica Balut: Dulce wanted to go next
[12:33] Cinna Button: I do love the accesories, Monica, but I agree with shae on the purple
[12:33] Dulce Loxely smiles
[12:33] Cinna Button: I think the idea is to draw out the colors in the outfit
[12:33] Cinna Button: without overwhelming it
[12:33] Alexandra Rushwald: Ill go after Dulce
[12:33] Monica Balut: good points folks
[12:33] Pickles SecretSpy: Your nails continue to amaze me, Monica. They work so well on you.
[12:33] Dulce Loxely: Hey guys. 🙂
[12:33] Georgina Abrahams: Hi!
[12:33] Nave Fall: Monica has gotten bolder recently and I like it…………………
[12:33] Georgina Abrahams: (¯`v´¯)
[12:33] Georgina Abrahams: ♨ Dulcee ♨
[12:33] Georgina Abrahams: .`·.¸.·´ ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
[12:33] Georgina Abrahams: (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨ `*~*~
[12:34] Shae Sixpence: Hi Dulce. How are you today?
[12:34] Dulce Loxely: Well, I decided to wear a NK Esmerelda dress.
[12:34] Dulce Loxely: I'm very well.
[12:34] Dulce Loxely: and I wore my JCNY PRivata collection bracelet and my Dream Boots.
[12:34] Dulce Loxely: These earrings came with the dress.
[12:35] Dulce Loxely: and I wore my Jules hair. It's kind of a lazy updo.
[12:35] Dulce Loxely: Any comments of suggestions?
[12:35] Alexandra Rushwald: I think you look very Classy but still Chic.
[12:35] Shae Sixpence: I think my only suggestion for you Dulce is I would have worn Gold shoes.
[12:35] Rocsi Qork coughs
[12:36] Dulce Loxely tosses Rocsi a cough drop.
[12:36] Shae Sixpence: lol
[12:36] Shae Sixpence: I loooooove everything else though.
[12:36] Georgina Abrahams: I'm not too crazy about the shoes you have on.
[12:36] Lulu Breuer: check you nails
[12:36] Shae Sixpence: And you aint getting out of here with those earrings either.
[12:36] Cinna Button: The accessories are really balanced… they make a statement without overdoing… I love it.
[12:36] Lulu Breuer: there is something going on with them
[12:36] Pickles SecretSpy: I love the colors on that dress.
[12:36] Dulce Loxely: Mhm.
[12:36] Dulce Loxely nods.
[12:37] Cinna Button: and that hair is a great choice for the earringx
[12:37] Cinna Button: earrings*
[12:37] Alexandra Rushwald: I liek the contrast between the gold & Bronze color
[12:37] Rocsi Qork: I think the earrings are a little much for the look.
[12:37] Dulce Loxely: They came with the dress. 🙂
[12:37] Rocsi Qork: 🙂 I understand that sweetheart, but yea..
[12:38] Dulce Loxely: Okay, Done?
[12:38] Shae Sixpence: I disagree. I love big chunky jewelry
[12:38] Cinna Button: I disagree, I think they're a great balance. You don't want a necklace to take away from the decorations on the dress, so the earrings are great.
[12:38] Shae Sixpence: And it think it's perfect with that dress
[12:38] Dulce Loxely: Oh, thank you Shae. 🙂
[12:38] Cinna Button: nods
[12:38] Lulu Breuer: ☆☆☆APPLAUSE☆☆☆
[12:38] Monica Balut: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[12:38] You decline Mankind's Sweet Spot from A group member named Mankind Tracer.
[12:39] Alexandra Rushwald: Hello everyone 🙂
[12:39] Shae Sixpence: Come out from behind the hoodiddy lovey
[12:39] Shae Sixpence: We canna see ya. 🙂
[12:39] Alexandra Rushwald: Ok well I went for a rihanna inspired look.
[12:39] Alexandra Rushwald: With my Fri.Day Short Hair.
[12:40] Rocsi Qork: I love those shoes, the make the dress very casual yet still chic.
[12:40] Alexandra Rushwald: Aswell as my little Black boots.
[12:40] Alexandra Rushwald: and My edge gracia Brancelte.
[12:40] Alexandra Rushwald: And the dress is made by TIRA
[12:40] Alexandra Rushwald: I wanted to go for a fun look but tone it down.
[12:41] Lulu Breuer: i think the short hair coupled with the sleevless top is begging for earrings
[12:41] Alexandra Rushwald: Ok 🙂
[12:41] Dulce Loxely: Agreed.
[12:41] Monica Balut: Yeah I feel the same way
[12:41] Shae Sixpence: Alexandra, that dress has huge potential. The details in that dress are anything but toned down.. That dress is screaaaaming for accessories lady.
[12:41] Nave Fall: necklace too?
[12:41] Alexandra Rushwald: Also this look didnt cost that much, im just starting out.
[12:41] Alexandra Rushwald: So I think its a good start
[12:41] Shae Sixpence: Yes, a Necklace
[12:41] Shae Sixpence: a BIG necklace
[12:42] Lulu Breuer: for me it depends on the earings, if they are big you my get away without a necklas
[12:42] Alexandra Rushwald: Ok thanks everyone.
[12:42] Rocsi Qork: I think a Big necklace would ruin the dress.
[12:42] Shae Sixpence: Im not sure you'd give it justice by trying to tone it down lovey. It's a wonderful dress.
[12:42] Rocsi Qork: We're going for classy not cheap.
[12:42] Shae Sixpence: Big and chunky does not always equal cheap.
[12:42] Rocsi Qork: I understand that, but the dress has so many colors and details
[12:42] Rocsi Qork: That I think it's enough already.
[12:43] Monica Balut: Yeah I's start with big earring and play wiht the necklace to see what matches best
[12:43] Rocsi Qork: I think earrings would be a nice touch.
[12:43] Alexandra Rushwald: Ok thank you everyone 🙂
[12:43] Lulu Breuer: ☆☆☆APPLAUSE☆☆☆
[12:43] Cinna Button: ✿◕‿◕✿
[12:43] Cinna Button: APPLAUSE!!!!!
[12:43] Cinna Button: APPLAUSE!!!!!
[12:43] Cinna Button: ✿◕‿◕✿
[12:44] Lulu Breuer: who is next? lol
[12:44] Cinna Button: I'll go
[12:44] Monica Balut: No other guinea pigs?
[12:44] Pickles SecretSpy: I will if no one else wants to go
[12:44] Shae Sixpence: Cinna walks on stage like there is ever anything wrong with her. lolol
[12:45] Cinna Button: I don't know, I have styling issues woman
[12:45] Nave Fall: I'll go next…………… hold up the male end
[12:45] Cinna Button: I don't like this way by myself
[12:45] You decline NEW SHOP! Fab.Pony @ Casablanca Blvd now open! from A group member named Louise McWinnie.
[12:45] Cinna Button: I styled this outfit for a class
[12:45] Dulce Loxely: I ♥ that outfit Cinna. The Fedora is super cute.
[12:45] Cinna Button: Going for chic casual
[12:45] Cinna Button: I have a fedora obsession lately, and the friday sale didnt help
[12:46] Cinna Button: top is from leezu, slacks are from coco
[12:46] Dulce Loxely: haha, Sale >> AAaaaaplllaauuusssseee !!! <<<>> AAaaaaplllaauuusssseee !!! <<<>> AAaaaaplllaauuusssseee !!! <<<<
[13:13] Nave Fall: necklace????????????
[13:13] Nave Fall: where's that from I want one
[13:14] Locked Semaphore: Shirt , tie and necklage are from Gabriel
[13:14] Nave Fall jots that down
[13:14] Lulu Breuer: shoot sorry folks i have to run and pick up some cloths for a show, i will be back
[13:14] Shae Sixpence: See you soon Lulu
[13:14] Locked Semaphore: Thank you everyone:)
[13:14] Shae Sixpence: Next?
[13:15] Caffinelover Selona: ok you go pickles
[13:15] Pickles SecretSpy: If I can walk, I will go up
[13:16] Pickles SecretSpy: I like to keep things very casual, very "girl next door."
[13:16] Pickles SecretSpy: So instead of doing much with jewelry, I like to use things like suspenders or ties and sneakers for accents
[13:18] Pickles SecretSpy: too plain for comments?
[13:19] Shae Sixpence: hmm
[13:19] Pickles SecretSpy looks at Shae and wonders what is coming 🙂
[13:19] Shae Sixpence: Pickles, I love that hair. I think its very cute.
[13:20] Shae Sixpence: But unfortunately I dont think what you're wearing is doing you any justice as a model. It's very plain, like you said.. cute.. but plain. Models need to wow every time they walk out their door.
[13:20] Shae Sixpence: Unfortunately a downfall of our business is we don't often get to rock the casual stuff.
[13:21] Shae Sixpence: Or if we do, at least for me.. I find it hard to make it WOW
[13:21] Shae Sixpence: It is my own demon..
[13:21] Pickles SecretSpy: Thank you, Shae. I do appreciate the feedback. I'm just not comfortable with "fancy" clothes. I need to work then on doing a better job of setting off plain clothes but keeping them very casual.
[13:21] Shae Sixpence: But I do think that over all it's extremely cute. Just not the wow that I'd love to see from you.
[13:21] Monica Balut: So the question is how could Pickles spruce this up so that it could appear in a fashion magazine
[13:21] Pickles SecretSpy: I want to keep my look "girl next door" though, not Fifth Avenue High Style.
[13:22] Monica Balut: Pickles as many here know, I too come from the girl next door history
[13:22] Pickles SecretSpy: So how can I stay "girl next door" and still have Shae's "wow" factor.
[13:22] Shae Sixpence: Well..
[13:22] Monica Balut: I would focus on diff shoesw
[13:23] Shae Sixpence: If you want to do that you're going to have to become a master of accessories.
[13:23] Pickles SecretSpy listens
[13:23] Monica Balut: Jewely is a must here
[13:23] Shae Sixpence: If you want to keep plain clothing then make your jewelry the wow.
[13:23] Shae Sixpence: And yes, those shoes.. lovey…
[13:23] Shae Sixpence: Different shoes would take that to a whole new level.
[13:23] Shae Sixpence: Or..
[13:23] Shae Sixpence: the tops youre wearing?
[13:23] Pickles SecretSpy: I usually try to keep my jewelry minimal and stick with sneakers but I am listending
[13:23] Shae Sixpence: Maybe wear a skirt.
[13:24] Shae Sixpence: There are some models that are really good at doing casual well.
[13:24] Shae Sixpence: Thats getting better.
[13:24] Dimitri Shinn: even a nive jeans skirt would be good to match the jean tetxure at top 🙂
[13:25] Monica Balut: Pickles there's what you may be comfortable with hanging around the house with friends, then there's what you would display as a model.
[13:25] Leesa Donner shouts: hello Temperence!!
[13:25] Pickles SecretSpy continues to listen
[13:25] Monica Balut: Actuall, you could work off of the basic pants and top and just play with stylish shoes and jewelry that makes it all stand out
[13:26] Monica Balut: There's some very casual jewely that would add a lot to that
[13:26] Models Scoop Chair, Single: Sorry i can not find my configuration ball. Rezz it near me.
[13:27] Flight Band: All Go
[13:27] Shae Sixpence: I am liking that a lot better. With a little more tweeking you'd have me inspecting you. *winks*
[13:27] Pickles SecretSpy: Thank you, Shae
[13:28] Models Scoop Chair, Single: Sorry i can not find my configuration ball. Rezz it near me.
[13:28] Shae Sixpence: We will getcha there baby. I'll try to find some people that I know are very good at the casual look to hook you up with.
[13:28] Pickles SecretSpy: I am slowly pulling my inventory together but am trying to find the balance between a look that is comfortable for me and one that works for modeling.
[13:28] Nave Fall: whatta guy
[13:28] Shae Sixpence: We have an unofficial mentor program here, so I'll try to find someone to work with you.
[13:28] Shae Sixpence: Find your wow.
[13:28] Kimmera Madison: am I here? pats myself down
[13:28] Kimmera Madison: Locked, sit you silly
[13:28] Locked Semaphore: Have a seat Kimmi
[13:28] Herradura Baar: who is being silly
[13:29] Pickles SecretSpy: Am I finished?
[13:29] Shae Sixpence: Sure. 🙂
[13:29] Locked Semaphore: I have to go soon anyway
[13:29] Cali Rajal: Hi Kim :))
[13:29] Monica Balut: WE should be wrapping this workshop up folks
[13:29] Pickles SecretSpy: Thank you very much
[13:29] Herradura Baar: Claps Very Loudly!!!!
[13:29] Monica Balut: the 2 PM crowd is starting to arrive
[13:29] Locked Semaphore: (¸. ★´ *(¸. ★ APPLAUSE ★´ *(¸. ★´ *(¸.. ★
[13:29] Locked Semaphore: (¸. ★´ *(¸. ★ APPLAUSE ★´ *(¸. ★´ *(¸.. ★
[13:29] Shae Sixpence: Okie ladies and gents.
[13:29] Shae Sixpence: What have we learned today?
[13:30] Kimmera Madison: see, I have a seat, sit down Locked, and TY :))
[13:30] Shae Sixpence: No one?
[13:30] Kimmera Madison: whispers, Hi Mayzee 🙂
[13:30] Shae Sixpence: No one learned anything?
[13:30] Cali Rajal: pretty cute seat Kim 🙂
[13:30] Shae Sixpence: Thats kinda sad.
[13:30] Mayzee Bracken whispers: Hi Kimmera
[13:30] Herradura Baar just got here – was freaking out with the emergency broadcast alarm tripping in RL
[13:30] Kimmera Madison: Cali, it's kinda lumpy, but it works
[13:30] You decline MEB SUMMER FASHION SHOW 2010 from A group member named Fuzz Lennie.
[13:31] Shae Sixpence: Is anyone awake still?
[13:31] Nave Fall: old firend of mine
[13:31] Shae Sixpence: lol
[13:31] Cali Rajal: ROFLMAO….. some lumps are kinda nice
[13:31] Mayzee Bracken: nice to meet you:)
[13:31] Locked Semaphore: Not gonna say a word:)
[13:31] Kimmera Madison: well, Nave, we're old too, but we don't advertise it
[13:31] Monica Balut: I guess It's time to wrap up Shae?
[13:31] Nave Fall says nothing
[13:31] Shae Sixpence: I asked what they learned today
[13:31] Shae Sixpence: Apparently everyone except Nave and Kim back there are sleeping.
[13:32] Monica Balut: Contratig colors
[13:32] Monica Balut: contrasting
[13:32] Mayzee Bracken: wow I am impressed kimmera, he has finally found a woman that can tame him .. lol
[13:32] Nave Fall: good point Shae I'm wide awkae here
[13:32] Shae Sixpence: I know Nave, I know.
[13:32] Kimmera Madison: ( I have a huge whip and a dog house)
[13:32] Shae Sixpence: Well, I think the biggest thing we brought to light here today was to not be afraid of accessories.
[13:33] Nave Fall bites his lip
[13:33] Mayzee Bracken: hehe so that was the trick
[13:33] Mayzee Bracken: see why i am so impressed? .. biting his lip, the first I have seen that
[13:33] Cali Rajal: well, seems to me that there can always be wide range of opinions of what would impove an outfit…but not to be afraid to experiment
[13:33] Pickles SecretSpy: I think that trip only works in RL, Nave (biting your lip to bring color to it quickly) 🙂
[13:33] Pickles SecretSpy: *trick
[13:33] Shae Sixpence: Accessories can be a very wonderful thing, don't forget that our jobs are to make something look so wonderful that people want to run to the stores and buy it immediately.
[13:34] Nave Fall not saying a word
[13:34] Shae Sixpence: As a model it is imperative that you have a wide range of accessories to style with. A simple dress can go from simple to WOW in moments with the right necklace or earrings.
[13:35] Shae Sixpence: One thing that I noticed a lot here today is the use of one accessory that people often forget about.
[13:35] Pickles SecretSpy: Shae, I have a question on that though … so often accessories add to lag … how do we go out always styled well … and not lag ourselves and others?
[13:35] Herradura Baar: which is that?
[13:35] Shae Sixpence: Everyone has one and uses them but not everyone puts proper thought into it.
[13:35] Shae Sixpence: That accessory is your AO ladies and gentlemen.
[13:35] You decline backstage ..Timeless from A group member named Tatiana Kurri.
[13:36] Shae Sixpence: As models we are on display all the time, even at the video store we are selling the brands we are wearing.
[13:36] Shae Sixpence: It is never very flattering for clothing to have your arms stretched way above your head (I myself used to use one like that) or with your bums poking out.
[13:37] Shae Sixpence: Try to keep that in mind when you style. People need to see what youre wearing, AOs can hide that.
[13:37] Shae Sixpence: Pickles:
[13:37] Shae Sixpence: We used to do contests here, that I'd love to have happen again that focused just on that.
[13:37] Shae Sixpence: Kimmera Madison, sponsor and leader of the workshop is the MASTER of low arc dressing.
[13:38] Kimmera Madison: pffft
[13:38] Shae Sixpence: That woman is always fabulously dressed with low arc.
[13:38] Shae Sixpence: It is something you really have to work at.
[13:38] Shae Sixpence: Make copies of your jewelry and shoes.. pull the scripts out.
[13:38] Pickles SecretSpy nods and does try to watch ARC herself *reminds herself to switch back to her lower arc hair*
[13:39] Shae Sixpence: We had a finalist one time that had an arc of like 500 or some where wearing BAX boots.
[13:39] Pickles SecretSpy: wow
[13:39] Shae Sixpence: You'd be surprised what you can pull together that can be low arc but still very trendy.
[13:39] Shae Sixpence: Anyone else have any questions?
[13:40] Monica Balut: Look what we did here today!!! We lost our speaker at the last minute but still managed to pull out a productive workshop. See all the talent we have here?
[13:40] Shae Sixpence: lol
[13:41] Monica Balut: Let's all go upstairs to the runway area for the MIW contest


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