Vikeejeah Xevion: Model Testimonial

2010 08 12

16:59:42] Nave Fall: Good evening and welcome to Model’s Workshop for Thursday August 12th. Our original speaker this evening was going to be Kimmera Madison talking about ARC and starting a contest that would have wrapped up next week. Kimmera had RL to deal with so rather then pressure her, we’ve called an audible and changed the playbook for this evening.
[16:59:42] Slideshow for Vikee: Ready!
[17:00:20] Nave Fall: Vikeejeah Xevion will stand in for Kim. Thank you Vikee. But before I turn things over to her I want to mention a bit of Model’s Workshop business to you all.
[17:00:37] Nave Fall shouts: Model’s Workshop is evolving. Monica Balut the founder of Model’s Workshop has stepped down and turned things over to Herrradura Baar who has been her right arm since the beginning 18 months ago. We wish Monica well and she will be here frequently just not involved in the day to day affairs of Model’s Workshop.
[17:00:57] Nave Fall: Herradura is away in RL on vacation so I am standing in for her this evening. Herradura hasn’t had time to meet with anyone so I have no idea what her plans are at this point. I hope you will all help Herra however you can and welcome her to her new job.
[17:01:14] Nave Fall shouts: I’ll also say that other things are being looked at as well. The staff structure. The way we interact with our sponsors and members. The programs, and events, we participate in are all going to be reviewed. If you are interested in being more involved in Model’s Workshop in some way please let us know that youare interested and tell us what you’d like to do. We have fun here……….
[17:01:27] Nave Fall: Let me turn things over to Vikee who will enthrall you with her stories and answer some questions later on.
[17:01:33] Nave Fall: Vikee?
[17:01:44] Nave Fall: Welcome
[17:02:05] Nave Fall: I know she’s here……………
[17:02:25] Nefertiti Kimagawa: i think she is shy hehe
[17:02:28] Nox Deigan: Vikee, you didn’t dress up to just stand there, did’ja?
[17:02:33] Nave Fall: she’s a pro
[17:02:44] Nave Fall: she can do this in her esleep
[17:02:45] Viola Rookswood pokes at Vikee with a fabu stick
[17:03:04] Nave Fall: I can dance if I have to
[17:03:10] Nefertiti Kimagawa: lol
[17:03:19] Nox Deigan: So can I.. and you don’t wanna see it.
[17:03:21] Violet Batriani: would be funny entertainment!
[17:03:25] Vikeejeah Xevion: no i didnt
[17:03:27] Vikeejeah Xevion: i am coming
[17:03:28] Vikeejeah Xevion: lol.
[17:03:33] Nefertiti Kimagawa: hehe
[17:03:47] Nave Fall: break a leg……….
[17:06:00] Vikeejeah Xevion shouts: When I rezzed back in July of last year, my goal was to be a designer. I was asked by a fellow IMVU virtual designer to come to SL and design because it was easier and much more worth while. I came in and got to work learning the templates and working on a few collections.
[17:06:13] Vikeejeah Xevion shouts: And so House of Xevion ( HOX) was born by late August. I worked as a designer for 7 months and was successful throughout my design career. It wasn’t until the grand opening of my main store in january that I began to fall in love with modeling.
[17:06:48] Vikeejeah Xevion: I had always had live models in my store by they were all my friends, not real models. We had a huge show on the rooftop of my store and the main store was consistent with traffic.
[17:07:00] Vikeejeah Xevion: This gave me time to persue modeling since it was being said that I should go for it I had already done some runway work with Wetherby’s since my first store was on the Wetherby’s sim. So I was already very tall and thin towering over my freinds and family.
[17:07:26] Vikeejeah Xevion: I came into modeling thinking I knew what I needed to know, I looked great and I was going to just fly through the academy with ease. I was wrong.
[17:07:26] Vikeejeah Xevion shouts: I came into modeling thinking I knew what I needed to know, I looked great and I was going to just fly through the academy with ease. I was wrong.
[17:07:52] Vikeejeah Xevion: I went to MA Modeling Academy which was very small at the time but i certainly didn’t mind. I was trained by Angeltatz Lane. She taught me how to make my own modeling ao, how to pose in a smooth sequence and how to walk a runway with multiple stops. I learned most of my fundamental modeling skills with her.
[17:08:19] Vikeejeah Xevion: After graduating from MA I worked as a live model for Vital and JCNY. It was a great time and I made many friends in the models and JCNY staff.
[17:08:19] Vikeejeah Xevion shouts: After graduating from MA I worked as a live model for Vital and JCNY. It was a great time and I made many friends in the models and JCNY staff.
[17:08:38] Vikeejeah Xevion: I decided to continue my modeling education by taking advanced courses at Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy where I met Viola Rookswood, one of my very closest friends today.
[17:09:01] Vikeejeah Xevion: I learned sooooo much at MVW about refinement, model shapes, and above all esle, styling. MVW academy taught me the keys to modeling success.
[17:09:21] Vikeejeah Xevion: I have always been a perfectionist. I thrive on critiques and welcome them so when everyone was telling me that “oh no Frolic is going to slaughter us!” I was not really worried.
[17:09:47] Vikeejeah Xevion: I believed in my styling and my skills that had led me to him and I welcomed anything he would have to say to help me improve.
[17:10:00] Vikeejeah Xevion: Luckily he actually liked my style and felt I did look like a model already and I managed to graduate my first time around which for me was a huge deal .
[17:10:48] Vikeejeah Xevion: After MVW Academy, I continued to do shows and live modeling and even some print modeling. Ihave been through many agencies but I have managed to scale down to 3. Recently I was fortunate enough to have passed all fo the round sof cuts during the AVENUE open casting, the first one for the agency ever, and I am now an AVENUE MODEL.
[17:11:26] Vikeejeah Xevion: This was a big goal of mine so I am very excited about being a part of an agency that I feel really embraces my style and my look as a model. I have come a long way in my organizational skills and I feel it is important to only commit to agencies you really want to be a part of and not just fill your resume or profile with a bunch of agencies.
[17:12:10] Vikeejeah Xevion: Making it to top 5 in the Miss Azul 2010 contect was huge. HUGE!!! I am more surprised than anyone because I entered my pictures just as raw ( unedited) shots.
[17:12:35] Vikeejeah Xevion: i saw all of these fabulously well edited photos form models who I know spent thousands of lindens on their photos in hopes of making it.
[17:12:48] Vikeejeah Xevion: I am honored to have gotten so far, and while it would have been amazing to win, I am happy for Estella and the runners up.
[17:13:02] Vikeejeah Xevion: The best part about the process was the way that my friends rallied together to make sure I had everything I needed, helped me style and prepare poses. I love them so much for that. it really touched me and I was so grateful to them for being so supportive.
[17:13:34] Vikeejeah Xevion: All throughout my modeling career, that has been the most important thing for me, my friendships
[17:14:21] Vikeejeah Xevion: They have really helped me stay grounded and keep things in perspective. I would say the most important and vital thing you need to succeed in SL modeling is a good set of friends
[17:14:49] Vikeejeah Xevion: everything else you can do on your own, but friends really amplify you.
[17:15:03] Vikeejeah Xevion: Going back a bit to making decisions regarding scheduling and commiting to things, I had to make a decision back in march about giving up design in persuit of modeling.
[17:15:20] Vikeejeah Xevion: I have always loved to help people and give back to the industry that taught me so much. I decided to close HOX to give more time to modleing and building my resume in order to eventually open up an agency of my own.
[17:15:42] Vikeejeah Xevion: So I had a GOB (Going Out of Business) sale and franchised my brand to ten lucky vendors. I used the profit to build Arcobaleno Modeling Agency & Academy which is now in it’s 3rd trainign class and the agency has had a very successful big production show with 2 more coming this month.
[17:16:52] Vikeejeah Xevion: Arcobaleno is doing very well and I am very fortunate to have had so much success in just one year in SL. I now have a fashion blog and an agency blog ( both urls on my profile) and I see many things in the future for the agency including Model Fair and Fashion Week.
[17:17:57] Vikeejeah Xevion: Behind me I have prepared a slideshow of all of my looks over my modeling career. Just finding my look, who I wanted to be. I feel very comfortable now as I am, but i am always evolving as I think all models should do
[17:18:38] Vikeejeah Xevion: Most of these shots are done by me and inedited. Some have been edited by very lovely photographers.
[17:19:18] Vikeejeah Xevion: So..I realize I haven’t touched on every aspect of modeling and perhaps you have some questions about the agency so…
[17:19:25] Vikeejeah Xevion: I will now take the time to answer any questions you may have.
[17:20:19] Nox Deigan: Tell us about the different looks you’ve tried, Vikee? Why didn’t some of them work for you?
[17:20:48] Vikeejeah Xevion: Well.. I have been on a serious journey to find a great dark skin
[17:21:02] Nox Deigan: Mission accomplished.
[17:21:26] Vikeejeah Xevion: before i started modeling, I wasn’t aware of the rules for skin and photos and different make up styles
[17:21:30] Vikeejeah Xevion: and TYVM Nox ๐Ÿ˜€
[17:21:45] Vikeejeah Xevion: I started out with what I consider now a very cartoonish skin
[17:22:00] Vikeejeah Xevion: and I transitioned into what I have now and I really love it.
[17:22:20] Vikeejeah Xevion: It was a real challenge to find a super dark skin that didn’t have clownish makeup or too much highlighting
[17:22:27] Nefertiti Kimagawa: very true lol
[17:22:32] Vikeejeah Xevion: But I was determined to represent this type of beauty
[17:22:49] Nave Fall shouts: I’d like to know about the Miss Azul contest what you learned, what you liked, what went right, what drove you crazy?
[17:22:56] Vikeejeah Xevion: I even wrote to LAQ and sent them pictures of Alec Wek and Grace Jones
[17:23:03] Vikeejeah Xevion: asking “Can you do this???”
[17:23:08] Flidais Etchegaray: Awesome
[17:23:36] Vikeejeah Xevion: ah ok..well Miss Azul was really exhillerating for me
[17:24:24] Vikeejeah Xevion: I didn’t expect how far I got by any means. I mean, I am thrilled certainly, but I saw what I was up against and felt The contest was looking for edited pics
[17:24:35] Vikeejeah Xevion: I have always been confident in my style
[17:24:58] Vikeejeah Xevion: so When I was chosen I wanted to show my skills in both styling and overal modeling presentation
[17:25:06] Vikeejeah Xevion: I felt I did what I set out to do
[17:25:15] Nave Fall shouts: Would you do anything different looking back?
[17:25:17] Vikeejeah Xevion: I feel I did my best
[17:25:34] Vikeejeah Xevion: no, I think I did all I could do
[17:26:18] Viola Rookswood shouts: Vikee, can you tell us how you plan to balance Arco with your upcoming photography business featuring beautiful, yet unedtied photos?
[17:26:31] Vikeejeah Xevion: lol.
[17:26:37] Vikeejeah Xevion: Um…

[17:26:49] Viola Rookswood shouts: okay fine. So you don’t have that planned. But a bish can dream
[17:26:59] Vikeejeah Xevion: I think photography is a hobby at best for me
[17:27:01] Cierra Emor: Lol Laaawl
[17:27:11] Vikeejeah Xevion: I am more focused on modeling and Building my agency
[17:27:50] Vikeejeah Xevion: does anyone else have a question?
[17:27:50] Vikeejeah Xevion shouts: does anyone else have a question?
[17:27:57] Cierra Emor: I do ๐Ÿ˜€
[17:27:58] Heydon Milter: With that focus do you feel the itch to continue modeling?
[17:27:58] Vikeejeah Xevion: about modeling or the agency or anything?
[17:27:58] Vikeejeah Xevion shouts: about modeling or the agency or anything?
[17:28:09] Vikeejeah Xevion: i do
[17:28:14] Kattia Kaestner: do u plan to re open HOX anytime?
[17:28:25] Nox Deigan: How do you answer the questions of other agency owners when they question your commitment because you do own an agency?
[17:28:33] Vikeejeah Xevion: I believe that as a teacher I have to continue learning and aquire more and more experience
[17:29:02] Tonimonastroniboni Oh shouts: Vikee what advice would you give a newbie model like myself who is just starting out since no one has created a you tube video for the right and wrong next steps to take in SL Modeling?
[17:29:13] Vikeejeah Xevion: I was aksed that question recently actually about being an agency owner. I always try to remember that when I work for someone else I am a model only
[17:29:37] Vikeejeah Xevion: and I always respect their policies and way of doing things
[17:29:54] Vikeejeah Xevion: I also make sure that my schedules do not conflict
[17:29:59] Vikeejeah Xevion: or i cut back on things
[17:30:12] Vikeejeah Xevion: and to answer your question Toni forgive me I need to scroll back lol.
[17:30:32] labella Farella is Online
[17:30:38] Vikeejeah Xevion: Toni i would say learn from your freinds first

[17:30:46] Vikeejeah Xevion: friends you may have in the business
[17:31:14] Vikeejeah Xevion: and then research and attend an academy to get a full educational experience to prepare you for this industry

[17:31:29] Nave Fall: You got off to a good start in Make It Work last week Toni……………….
[17:31:37] Vikeejeah Xevion: ๐Ÿ™‚
[17:31:38] Jeanie Waydelich: I have one question ^^ In your opinion what is the model most outstanding this year and what would be the ideal body proportions for those who want to start your career? (Forgive the English is not my native language ^ ^)
[17:32:23] Tonimonastroniboni Oh shouts: Thank you Vikee
[17:32:29] Nave Fall: tough question
[17:32:36] Nox Deigan: Loaded question.. yeah
[17:32:53] Nave Fall: she’s a pro
[17:33:08] Vikeejeah Xevion: The first part of your question Jeanie, which models do I think are outstanding this year? I have see great promise in many, i believe I cannot name just one
[17:33:41] Vikeejeah Xevion: But I see great potential in the current Men of Style like Tristan and LesPaul
[17:33:47] Vikeejeah Xevion: Locked sitting here is wonderful
[17:33:47] Vikeejeah Xevion shouts: Locked sitting here is wonderful
[17:33:54] Vikeejeah Xevion: Mel Endrizzi
[17:34:06] Vikeejeah Xevion: I have yet to see her flawed severely or unprepared
[17:34:15] Vikeejeah Xevion: all of these models very kind and huble
[17:34:39] Wurlitzer Seisenbacher is Online
[17:34:47] Vikeejeah Xevion: Guka Sparta another fantastic model
[17:34:47] Vikeejeah Xevion shouts: Guka Sparta another fantastic model
[17:34:59] Vikeejeah Xevion: as for your second question..
[17:35:25] Vikeejeah Xevion: Model proportions are more about balance then psecific numbers
[17:35:34] Maali Beck is Offline
[17:35:39] Vikeejeah Xevion: you want to take cues from RL moseld
[17:35:42] Vikeejeah Xevion: models*
[17:36:04] Vikeejeah Xevion: and pay attention to the well known models in their proportions here in sl
[17:36:55] Vikeejeah Xevion: are there any questions I missed?
[17:36:58] Vikeejeah Xevion: I know that was a long anser
[17:37:01] Jeanie Waydelich shouts: ty ^^
[17:37:07] Cierra Emor shouts: When it comes to styling do you rely on basics that already work or do you rebel against it and do whatever you feel looks best for you?
[17:37:09] Vikeejeah Xevion: yvw Jeanie
[17:37:51] Vikeejeah Xevion: I studied fashion design in rl so I believe that I may unconciously follow fashion rules to a certain degree
[17:38:03] Vikeejeah Xevion: however I do not obsess over rules and boundaries
[17:38:34] Vikeejeah Xevion: I think it first begins with what you like, then what looks best on you, then drawing the line between rebellion and attention seeking wackliness
[17:38:43] Vikeejeah Xevion: XD
[17:38:48] Cierra Emor shouts: Lol
[17:40:09] Heydon Milter: Question
[17:40:12] Vikeejeah Xevion: sure
[17:40:15] Heydon Milter: Can you name some of your favorite stores for hair? I love your hair.
[17:40:25] Vikeejeah Xevion: sure
[17:40:30] Vikeejeah Xevion: this is Analog Dog
[17:40:39] Vikeejeah Xevion: that was the very first hair store i visited in sl
[17:40:44] Vikeejeah Xevion: and has been a fave ever since
[17:41:05] Vikeejeah Xevion: I really love Mirone though I haven’t seen them around lately
[17:41:32] Vikeejeah Xevion: Lamb for casual looks and lately I adore Purple Moon
[17:41:47] Heydon Milter: YES Purple Moon!
[17:41:50] Vikeejeah Xevion: ๐Ÿ˜€
[17:41:56] Viola Rookswood shouts: Vikee, could you talk a bit about what Arco offers as an academy? What you think sets Arco apart?
[17:45:01] Vikeejeah Xevion: Arcobaleno has 3 levels of training begginer, intermediate and advanced. I believe that what sets Arco apart is that we really try to go deep into preparing begginers especially for this indistry, lettign them know what is to come and how to be prepared for it. Also we do not just allow those who can pay for it the abilit yto jump ahead so to speak. We evaluate certified models who wish to be inthe advance level classes and determine if they need to wait and go throu intermediate level. Our intermediate courses and 2 weeks long and really get into styling and presentation of a model. I am like a drill sargent of sorts when it comes to prim adjustment and thing of that nature. i want models who graduate or become certified to have a full knowledge of all aspects of modeling
[17:47:02] Viola Rookswood shouts: When you hold a casting, what are you looking for? And what, praytell, is the curse of the flamingo?
[17:47:12] Nave Fall: hahhahhahha
[17:47:15] Nave Fall: funny
[17:47:43] Viola Rookswood: she may murder me later
[17:47:45] Viola Rookswood: actually
[17:47:48] Viola Rookswood: I’m a little afraid
[17:47:57] Nave Fall: run now
[17:47:58] Vikeejeah Xevion: when I hold a casting for the agency I am looking for highly seasoned Models who basically do not need Arco academy
[17:48:06] Nave Fall: run like the wind
[17:48:18] Vikeejeah Xevion: They already have a great deal of experience and show it in a casting
[17:48:40] Vikeejeah Xevion: someoen I can find no fault in will get my stamp of approval for the agency
[17:49:05] Vikeejeah Xevion: I have bene told by one of our current students that the list of model sin the agency was the reason she wanted to come to the academy
[17:49:14] Vikeejeah Xevion: so that right there tells me I am doing something right
[17:49:27] Vikeejeah Xevion: people aspire to the heighs of the models that represent us
[17:49:46] Vikeejeah Xevion: as for the “curse of the flamingo”
[17:49:47] Vikeejeah Xevion: lol.
[17:50:10] Vikeejeah Xevion: that is any pose that places one of your feet int he air like a lawn flamingo
[17:50:35] Bearlyhere Quandry giggles
[ [17:50:40] Vikeejeah Xevion: that kind of pose is an automatic no from me and Viola thought she tried to make it all about me
[17:51:07] Vikeejeah Xevion: Jeaneie your question?
[17:51:08] Viola Rookswood rolls onto the floor laughing
[17:51:10] Jeanie Waydelich shouts: I have another question .. actually an assignment and also wanted to know your opinion … I attended the last selection MVW and had already seen an earlier stage … I do not understand, because the candidates are going great with dresses, big hair, short, with many items … that end up lag, and I just saw the faces, not bodies … and I think the model needs to be a complete set (my opinion) … I tried to go more simple and I think it did not help (think of less is more) … it is a rule? have to go with the biggest dress and hair the most? I felt like a fish out of water
[17:52:06] Jeanie Waydelich shouts: (me amdn my complexes questions..and long too ..sorry^^)
[17:52:06] Vikeejeah Xevion: You want to always have at least one wow on
[17:52:20] Vikeejeah Xevion: this doesn’t have to be somehting huge and obvious
[17:52:35] Vikeejeah Xevion: you shoudl always modify a look to your style and taste
[17:52:45] Vikeejeah Xevion: Never do what you think they want to see
[17:52:50] Vikeejeah Xevion: always what you believe is fabulous
[17:53:09] Cierra Emor snaps fingers.
[17:53:10] Vikeejeah Xevion: as long as you present it flawlessly it will catch the attention it deserves
[17:53:13] Vikeejeah Xevion: this is for anything
[17:53:18] Vikeejeah Xevion: a casting or contest or runway show
[17:53:19] Vikeejeah Xevion: anything
[17:53:57] Vikeejeah Xevion: I never ever do what I think they want I always do what I think is best for me and what makes me look BAM FANTABULOUSSO!
[17:54:06] Vikeejeah Xevion: accept today

[17:54:07] Vikeejeah Xevion: lol.

[17:54:14] Heydon Milter: smiles
[17:54:17] Vikeejeah Xevion: today I just went withone of my own gowns and kept it simple
[17:55:01] Vikeejeah Xevion: i think we have time for one more
[17:55:15] Heydon Milter: What is your opinion of Agency Report?
[17:55:18] Jeanie Waydelich shouts: ty^^
[17:55:31] Vikeejeah Xevion: โ™ฅ
[17:55:31] Vikeejeah Xevion: I don’t have an opinion on it I don’t read it ๐Ÿ™‚
[17:55:36] Nave Fall looks down
[17:55:43] Pepper Aura: yaay I agree ๐Ÿ˜›
[17:55:56] Fuzz Lennie: lol at NAve
[17:56:03] Heydon Milter: at Nave
[17:56:04] Heydon Milter: LOL !!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ !!!
[17:56:08] Vikeejeah Xevion: that is my little way of staying out of the drama
[17:56:25] Pepper Aura: APPLAUSE!!!!
[17:56:34] Viola Rookswood: Applause!
[17:56:42] Nave Fall: I need a class in that
[17:57:08] Vikeejeah Xevion: I think I can squeeze in one more question
[17:57:52] Cierra Emor shouts: When can we go shopping?
[17:57:57] Vikeejeah Xevion: ๐Ÿ˜€
[17:58:07] Vikeejeah Xevion: soon ๐Ÿ˜›
[17:58:11] Cierra Emor shouts: Yayyyness
[17:58:17] Fuzz Lennie: METROPOLIS … LOL
[17:58:37] Nave Fall shouts: Thank you Vikee………………………..
[17:58:54] Cierra Emor shouts: Thanks Vikee for the speech :D!!
[17:58:55] Nave Fall shouts: Thank you all for coming
[17:59:00] SterlingZen Harbour: .-‘`’-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-‘`’-.
[17:59:00] Vikeejeah Xevion: Thank you Nave and Models Workshop for this opportunity
[17:59:04] Heydon Milter: Thank you for the wonderful testimonial, Vikee.
[17:59:07] Kenshin Xevion: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[17:59:09] Pepper Aura: APPLAUSE!!!!
[17:59:11] Vikeejeah Xevion: and thank you all for your questions
[17:59:22] Nave Fall shouts: TokY Raymaker will be here next week
[17:59:33] Vikeejeah Xevion: my pleasure Heydon
[17:59:38] Nave Fall: *******APPPLLLAAAUUUSSSEEE********
[17:59:55] SterlingZen Harbour: .-‘`’-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-‘`’-.
[18:00:15] Jeanie Waydelich: >>> AAaaaaplllaauuusssseee !!! <<<<
[18:00:52] Cierra Emor: Uhuuuu/
[18:00:56] Cierra Emor: I see you huneyyyy
[18:01:05] Kenshin Xevion is Online
[18:01:09] Cierra Emor: Lookin all nice and ish ๐Ÿ˜›
[18:01:09] Heydon Milter: Have a good day all.
[18:01:09] Vikeejeah Xevion: WACK!!!!!!
[18:01:12] Heydon Milter: bye
[18:01:12] Vikeejeah Xevion: that's for you Vi
[18:01:15] Viola Rookswood: are you hitting me?
[18:01:16] Cierra Emor: LOLLLLL
[18:01:21] Cierra Emor: Laaawl!
[ [18:01:25] Pepper Aura: good night/day everyone ๏ฝกโ—•โ€ฟโ—•๏ฝก
[18:01:29] Viola Rookswood: lawl
[18:01:40] Viola Rookswood: but Vikee, I love you
[18:01:41] Viola Rookswood: gah
[18:01:53] Cierra Emor: ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:01:59] Keira Tyles is Offline
[18:02:46] Vikeejeah Xevion: yesh i know
[18:02:52] SterlingZen Harbour: Vikee.. very nice.. ty ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:02:58] Cierra Emor: Awwies.
[18:02:58] Vikeejeah Xevion: ty. Sterling
[18:03:09] SterlingZen Harbour smiles
[18:03:32] Vikeejeah Xevion: How you doin???
[18:03:32] Vikeejeah Xevion: Cierra?
[18:03:33] Vikeejeah Xevion: ๐Ÿ˜€
[18:03:34] Cierra Emor: Tell me why I got told today I look like a mouse.
[18:03:36] Cierra Emor **!!x.x Cierra is now D E A D !!**
[18:03:39] Cierra Emor: I'm good
[18:03:42] Vikeejeah Xevion: lol.
[18:03:44] Vikeejeah Xevion: well…
[18:03:46] Nave Fall: ohhh fun
[18:03:48] Violet Batriani: Hi everyone. Bye Everyone. X&O's.
[18:03:55] Vikeejeah Xevion: byebye Violet
[18:04:00] Cierra Emor: See ya Violet.
[18:04:01] Emma Portilo is Offline
[18:04:05] Vikeejeah Xevion: the minnie mouse bow maybe…
[18:04:09] Cierra Emor: But yeah I'm doing wonderful.
[18:04:14] Vikeejeah Xevion: and your tiny lips X*
[18:04:19] SterlingZen Harbour: bye Viola.. good to see you ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:04:25] Cierra Emor: I luffs Minnie.
[18:04:26] Cierra Emor: ๐Ÿ˜›
[18:04:30] Vikeejeah Xevion: i know
[18:04:33] Vikeejeah Xevion: hugs
[18:04:37] Cierra Emor: hugssss
[18:04:37] SterlingZen Harbour: hehe.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
[18:04:42] Viola Rookswood: you as well sterling
[18:04:44] Amaranthim Talon is Online
[18:04:44] Cierra Emor: You look very very pretty btw.
[18:04:50] Vikeejeah Xevion: aww
[18:04:50] Viola Rookswood: sorry, am playing with chopsticks over ehre
[18:04:51] Vikeejeah Xevion: ty.
[18:04:53] Viola Rookswood: here*
[18:04:57] Cierra Emor: Np ๐Ÿ™‚
[18:05:03] Cierra Emor: That skin just fits you perfectly.
[18:05:05] SterlingZen Harbour: lol…
[18:05:06] Cierra Emor: It realy does.
[18:05:15] Sabine Carpaccio is Online
[18:05:42] SterlingZen Harbour: nini everyone.. have a great evening..
[18:05:58] Marcy Wilson is Online
[18:06:01] SterlingZen Harbour waves..
[18:06:29] Vikeejeah Xevion: night Sterling
[18:06:32] Vikeejeah Xevion: tyvm Cierra
[18:06:35] Vikeejeah Xevion: I love it too
[18:06:46] Nave Fall: bye Sterling
[18:07:31] Bearlyhere Quandry shouts: ~TTFN~ Take care everyone!
[18:07:42] Vikeejeah Xevion: Goodnight Bearlyhere


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