dancer Dallagio “The Value of Respect”

2010 05 27

[17:05] Nave Fall shouts: Good evening I’m Nave Fall and I’d like to welcome you all to the May 27th meeting of the Model’s Workshop.
[17:05] Caffinelover Selona: nope
[17:05] Caffinelover Selona: \
[17:05] Nave Fall: We have a special guest tonight along with Dancer
[17:05] Nave Fall shouts: Annamarie Perenti has joined us
[17:05] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: ♦♫♦.。・*゜*・。.♦♫♦♪♥❢APPLAUSE❢❤♪♦♫♦♫.。・*゜*・。.♦♫♦
[17:05] Chez Hienrichs: *.:.* APPLAUSE APPLAUSE *.:.*
[17:05] Caffinelover Selona: ☆Applause☆
[17:05] Tristan Tiaret: >>> AAaaaaplllaauuusssseee !!! <<<>> AAaaaaplllaauuusssseee !!! <<<<
[17:08] Shae Sixpence: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[17:08] You: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[17:08] Storm Munforth: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[17:08] Shae Sixpence: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[17:08] Editorial Clarity: Applause!!!!
[17:08] Katharini McBride: APPLAUSE!!!!
[17:09] Annemarie Perenti: ☆☆☆APPLAUSE☆☆☆☆☆☆APPLAUSE☆☆☆☆☆☆APPLAUSE☆☆☆☆☆☆APPLAUSE☆☆☆☆☆☆APPLAUSE☆☆☆
[17:09] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: ♦♫♦.。・*゜*・。.♦♫♦♪♥❢APPLAUSE❢❤♪♦♫♦♫.。・*゜*・。.♦♫♦
[17:09] Chez Hienrichs: *.:.* APPLAUSE APPLAUSE *.:.*
[17:09] dancer Dallagio: thank you for the lovely welcome and that inspiring intro, Nave :))
[17:09] You: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[17:09] dancer Dallagio: i am here tonight to speak with you all about a few subjects near and dear to me
[17:09] dancer Dallagio: (or today, if you are in other zones of time)
[17:10] dancer Dallagio: one of the first i'd like to touch on is basic respect
[17:10] dancer Dallagio: this is a cornerstone of behaviour in all lives, but especially important in this one, and doubly so iin the world of modeling
[17:10] dancer Dallagio: it truly is a small world, and what you say and your actions will come back to you in one form or another :))
[17:11] Leesa Donner: sit and I will come
[17:11] Leesa Donner: stop walking
[17:11] Leesa Donner: the seats are full
[17:11] dancer Dallagio: treating people with respect is so very important, and comes from your own value system (hopefully)
[17:11] Leesa Donner: oh well now you are totally way from me
[17:11] Leesa Donner: I am in the back I told you to freeze
[17:12] dancer Dallagio: with respect (pun) to designers form a model point of view, that means that you are always cognizant of your role or representing that designer when you are on a runway/photo studio/etc.
[17:12] dancer Dallagio: *from
[17:12] dancer Dallagio: *of
[17:12] dancer Dallagio: sheesh
[17:12] dancer Dallagio: when a designer entrusts you to show their product, you always defer to that designer's wishes
[17:13] dancer Dallagio: if they want you to wear a green top and yellow pants, for instance, that's what you do
[17:13] dancer Dallagio: and smart thinking models know from their colour wheel that those two colours are complimentary
[17:13] dancer Dallagio: so they also know they don't have to match from head to toe (we will leave that to our grandmother's from the 50s)]
[17:14] Barbara Nicholls chuckles
[17:14] dancer Dallagio: when a designer provides you with items, no matter what the item, your job is to make those items the most fabulous things ever seen
[17:14] dancer Dallagio: your ability to style will show how good of a job you can do with this, and trust me, you will have to do this at one time or another
[17:15] dancer Dallagio: but always keep in mind, respect for the time that the designer put into the creation that you are going to showcase
[17:15] dancer Dallagio: do not ever put down the designer in front of them no matter what
[17:15] dancer Dallagio: do not change something they gave you just because you think another colour goes better
[17:16] dancer Dallagio: basic creedos for your modeling, whether the item i s a sweater, a pair of shoes, hair, a hat, etc.
[17:16] dancer Dallagio: someone styled that for you (in some cases) because they thought this would best showcase their design(s) and also trust in your ability to take that a step further and make it totally fabulous
[17:17] dancer Dallagio: black is not a universal colour; there are many shades of dark grey which make it up
[17:17] You decline PB Collection – Ardigraf Design – ADV. 05/27/2010 from A group member named Patrizia Blessed.
[17:18] dancer Dallagio: just as one size does not fit all, one black is not the same as another
[17:18] dancer Dallagio: so, say, you are given a black dress to wear on a runway…think smart
[17:18] dancer Dallagio: maybe red shoes would really make that dress 'pop'
[17:19] dancer Dallagio: so think about how best to accentuate the positive aspects of an outfit
[17:19] dancer Dallagio: don't be the model who takes it upon herself to unstyle what someone has taken time to style
[17:20] dancer Dallagio: do be the model who thinks and is appreciative of the time someone takes to put that together for you, and how you can best take it from there
[17:20] dancer Dallagio: now, speaking of accentuating and accessorizing….
[17:21] dancer Dallagio: many of us have experienced the nasty lag monster, some more than others :::::::glares at Frolico:::::::::
[17:21] Leesa Donner: hehe
[17:21] Glitter Bolissima: ㋡
[17:21] dancer Dallagio: and we have all also had to deal with teleporting issues
[17:21] dancer Dallagio: (the MVW 2010 found the limits a set and sims can be pushed)
[17:21] dancer Dallagio: LL has a basic equation for prims and scripts
[17:22] dancer Dallagio: many of us have been to hair or clothing fairs or shows like MVW or modeling shows
[17:22] dancer Dallagio: there is usually someone there to let us know what our ARC or avatar rendering cost, is
[17:22] Barbara Nicholls: Oooo can we glare at Frolic too? *LOL*
[17:22] dancer Dallagio: this number i s only a part of the big picture
[17:23] dancer Dallagio: not until you've lived through 7 hours of crashes to adult sims :))
[17:23] GM Nikolaidis: I've met the arc nazis 😀
[17:23] Barbara Nicholls: hehe
[17:23] dancer Dallagio: the ARC is a measure of prims on your body
[17:23] dancer Dallagio: it does not take into account many other things
[17:23] dancer Dallagio: the following are also part of the equation for lag, for tps and sim resource usage:
[17:24] Samantha Tumim: yw
[17:24] dancer Dallagio: prims on an avatar (hair, shoes, pants, shirts, hats, jewelry, piercings, anything you can see that is not system layer)
[17:24] dancer Dallagio: textures on an avatar that are unique
[17:24] dancer Dallagio: scrips an avatar is running…this is the tricky part
[17:24] dancer Dallagio: they are not just unseen, but often forgotten
[17:25] You decline EV's 60s and 70's show platform from A group member named Keira Soulstar.
[17:25] dancer Dallagio: scripts are now in hair, clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, fingernails, glasses, and anything else you can attach to yourself on the outside
[17:26] dancer Dallagio: they are also in your AO, mysti tools, tracking tools, damage meters, titlers, face or body lights (more on that in a sec), boot fixers, and basically anything else which is unseen but attaches to your avatar or screen
[17:27] dancer Dallagio: on the subject of body lights: do everyone a favour and go to a site like this, put the settings on your computer and toss your body lights forever:
[17:28] dancer Dallagio: in addition to the scrips and prims, and the different textures on your body (unique ones)
[17:28] dancer Dallagio: there are the prims and scripts and textures on the land you are on
[17:28] dancer Dallagio: scripts in chairs or seats, scripted lights, scripted particles, scripted sets, etc.
[17:29] dancer Dallagio: also add in all the prims on a piece of land
[17:29] dancer Dallagio: as well as how full the land is; the fuller and closer the land is to maximum objects, the more the sim will lag
[17:29] dancer Dallagio: all of these things come into the equation of lag, being able to walk, put on attachments, etc.
[17:30] dancer Dallagio: if you are then going to attempt teleporting, you have to add in everything i've just mentioned about the land you wish to go to
[17:30] dancer Dallagio: it's a bit more complex than just ARC
[17:30] dancer Dallagio: sometimes people will blame something visible for lag, such as shoes or dripping jewelry
[17:30] dancer Dallagio: they don't think about the silent "killers" of scripts
[17:31] dancer Dallagio: if you own your own land, you can see the script eaters of a land
[17:31] dancer Dallagio: those silly chickens/dogs/rabbits/birds are awful, by the way :))
[17:31] Glitter Bolissima: lol
[17:31] GM Nikolaidis: dont forget the turtles
[17:32] dancer Dallagio: so the next time someone comes at you about your ARC, take the time to explain to them it's way more complicated and you'd be happy to explain to them all about what it entails
[17:32] dancer Dallagio: is this important to you?
[17:32] dancer Dallagio: yes it is
[17:32] dancer Dallagio: will you be in a show?
[17:32] dancer Dallagio: will you want to walk?
[17:32] dancer Dallagio: will you want to watch one and see?
[17:32] dancer Dallagio: will you ever want to leave the land you are on?
[17:33] dancer Dallagio: will you think smart about accessorizing taking all of this into account?
[17:33] dancer Dallagio: will you remove the huds from your screen, not just turn them off, when you are at your next show?
[17:33] Julian Wheatcliffe: youe cell
[17:33] dancer Dallagio: or will you conveniently blame one article of clothing for the problems?
[17:33] dancer Dallagio: smart, thinking models will also know their environment
[17:34] dancer Dallagio: and know what affects them and the environment
[17:34] dancer Dallagio: you need to know more than how to walk a straight line
[17:34] dancer Dallagio: you need to be able to educate others and educate yourself
[17:35] dancer Dallagio: if you have to go from show to show, you will need to know how to dress and what things to take off your screen and body
[17:36] dancer Dallagio: if you are in a show, you need to know how likely you are to crash the sim :))
[17:36] dancer Dallagio: and also know that LL has been doing cutbacks
[17:36] dancer Dallagio: they did one last summer and another recently
[17:36] dancer Dallagio: they are planning to limit script/prim usage per avatar and per m2
[17:36] dancer Dallagio: *gasps*
[17:37] dancer Dallagio: so it's going to be something we all will have to adjust to
[17:37] You: And remember to take those scripts out of your attachments when you are done styling them (if you can)
[17:37] GM Nikolaidis: would love to see more designers allow the ability to remove scripts from hair, shoes, etc
[17:37] dancer Dallagio: if we are smart, and we are educated about what is in that equation, we can know what choices to make
[17:37] dancer Dallagio: first easy peasy is to toss the face/body lights
[17:37] dancer Dallagio: don't need them
[17:38] dancer Dallagio: more and more items are coming with scripts
[17:38] Lars Foulsbane: i would love to have resize scripts at all but the permission to modify my stuff
[17:38] Lars Foulsbane: no
[17:38] dancer Dallagio: some use older scripts, which use more resources, and some use mono scripts which use lessd
[17:38] dancer Dallagio: *less
[17:38] dancer Dallagio: really depends on the abilities of the scriptor
[17:39] dancer Dallagio: but the resizers are becoming more and more frequent
[17:39] dancer Dallagio: smart models can edit with or without them
[17:39] dancer Dallagio: (yes, even that devil damselfly hair)
[17:39] Glitter Bolissima: lol
[17:39] dancer Dallagio: smart designers use smarter types of scripts
[17:40] Nave Fall: eeeeeeeeek
[17:40] Lars Foulsbane: maybe im too smart for resize scripts ^^
[17:40] Nave Fall holds up crossed fingers
[17:40] dancer Dallagio:
[17:47] Leesa Donner: ?
[17:47] dancer Dallagio: and i’ve had people ask me for walks when we have been redoing a shoe that LL “broke”
[17:47] Leesa Donner: sigh
[17:48] Leesa Donner: I just want nice shoes
[17:48] Leesa Donner: no walks no sounds
[17:48] Leesa Donner: am I alone?
[17:48] dancer Dallagio: i remember being on orientation island (yes, they used to actually orient us to LL things) and someone saw me walking and took pity on me and gave me a free walk
[17:48] You: I think the biggest thing any designer could do to help with this problem is to provide the option for the script to delete itself on command. Some designers are starting to do this
[17:48] Barbara Nicholls: no scripts would be nice
[17:48] dancer Dallagio: i was so happy to not walk like a duck anymore
[17:48] GM Nikolaidis: agreed Monica
[17:49] Leesa Donner: agree
[17:49] Leesa Donner: make a model line
[17:49] dancer Dallagio: some are
[17:49] Leesa Donner: with no crap in them
[17:49] dancer Dallagio: but stop and think
[17:49] dancer Dallagio: our shoes are tintable to any skin
[17:49] dancer Dallagio: will you always have only one skin?
[17:49] StarliteStarbrite Constellation quaks
[17:49] You: good point about skins
[17:49] dancer Dallagio: for many customers, they have many
[17:49] Leesa Donner: well prim feet are another peeve
[17:49] dancer Dallagio: so they need the ability to change that skin tint
[17:50] dancer Dallagio: but again, our scripts are “smart scripts”
[17:50] dancer Dallagio: they are not the typical high sim usage ones
[17:50] dancer Dallagio: :))
[17:50] dancer Dallagio: to not have scripts in prim feet shoes, you’d have to have a lot of shoes in your inventory
[17:50] dancer Dallagio: maybe one day, that will happen
[17:50] dancer Dallagio: maybe not
[17:51] You: most shoes tho are copiable so you set them in a quick change folder
[17:51] dancer Dallagio: how many of you have been to a show where someone forgot to turn off sounds?
[17:51] dancer Dallagio: <——–raises both hands
[17:51] Herradura Baar: I"ve beeen to shows where I forgot to turn off sound
[17:51] You: mhmm
[17:51] Glitter Bolissima: raises hand
[17:51] Leesa Donner: same
[17:51] Lulu Breuer: yup
[17:51] Caffinelover Selona: raises hand
[17:51] dancer Dallagio: someone copied them and did not turn off the sounds
[17:52] You: even models in the show get caught with that
[17:52] dancer Dallagio: so again……smart models check and recheck all of their outfits before a show
[17:52] dancer Dallagio: no bling, no sounds, no poofers, no baby talking, no rings taling
[17:52] dancer Dallagio: *talking
[17:52] dancer Dallagio: check and recheck
[17:52] Barbara Nicholls: the thing about scripted shoes is that in many cases you have to remove your shoes in order to tp.
[17:52] GM Nikolaidis: talking tummies on a model. There it is
[17:53] dancer Dallagio: because to not is disrepectful of the designer you are showing
[17:53] Glitter Bolissima: omgg lol
[17:53] Barbara Nicholls: talking tummies.. uff *LOL*
[17:53] dancer Dallagio: Barbara, no, you do not have to take off your shoes
[17:53] dancer Dallagio: you have to look at all of what i said and think
[17:53] dancer Dallagio: it's not the shoes
[17:53] dancer Dallagio: it's all of the other stuff plus the shoes
[17:53] dancer Dallagio: they are only a part
[17:54] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: so tp naked and wear your shoes
[17:54] dancer Dallagio: and just like how Barbara is confused about this, so are many people
[17:54] Leesa Donner: hehe
[17:54] You: In my experience the TP prob is more related to the nmber of prims your are wearing and not to scripts
[17:54] dancer Dallagio: so you might want to keep this chat on a notecard and re-read it
[17:54] dancer Dallagio: even Monica thinks it is all about prims
[17:54] dancer Dallagio: and not scripts
[17:54] GM Nikolaidis: but if the shoes were modify, the scripts could be removed thus solving the prolem, no?
[17:54] dancer Dallagio: the problem is not just in the shoes, GM
[17:54] dancer Dallagio: it's in all you have on
[17:54] dancer Dallagio: your huds
[17:54] dancer Dallagio: your lights
[17:54] GM Nikolaidis: if someone was going to steal shoes, they'd do it scripts or no scripts
[17:54] dancer Dallagio: your hair
[17:55] dancer Dallagio: your jewelry
[17:55] dancer Dallagio: etc
[17:55] dancer Dallagio: etc
[17:55] dancer Dallagio: etc.
[17:55] dancer Dallagio: as i covered earlier
[17:55] GM Nikolaidis: understood, but it is a part
[17:55] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: feathers
[17:55] dancer Dallagio: everything is a part
[17:55] dancer Dallagio: feathers, too!
[17:55] Leesa Donner: I just start stripping until TP works
[17:55] Leesa Donner: sometimes it is like strip poker
[17:55] dancer Dallagio: it's scripts + prims + where you are + textures
[17:55] dancer Dallagio: for tps, again, it's scripts + prims + textures + where you go from and to
[17:55] Glitter Bolissima: yes lol
[17:56] dancer Dallagio: have a talk with an oldbie like Data Linden or Xan Linden sometime
[17:56] Barbara Nicholls: all I am saying (and I'm truly not confused) is that if I have a problem tping and I remove my scripted shoes, the problem is solved. So maybe it is just a part, but it counts as does every other part you mentioed.
[17:56] dancer Dallagio: i know the latter would be glad to speak with you about this :))
[17:56] dancer Dallagio: you could just as easily remove other things
[17:57] Barbara Nicholls: exactly… I understand that, but the shoes are easiest to remove, so that's the way I would go.
[17:57] dancer Dallagio: and try tping wearing the same items to hair fair, the opening of the fab china sim, or to an empty sim
[17:57] dancer Dallagio: and see how it goes for you, what happens in each case
[17:57] dancer Dallagio: you will see a difference
[17:58] dancer Dallagio: that difference is in where you are going to
[17:58] GM Nikolaidis: but to say "it's not the shoes" is really not quite accurate. They all play a part, and scripted shoes tend to be heavy
[17:58] GM Nikolaidis: in general
[17:58] Jade Spectre paid you L$750.
[17:58] Balut Runway HUD Vendor: Jade Spectre Has bought a Balut Runway HUD v 1.03 (Boxed) for L$750.
[17:58] GM Nikolaidis: just like scripted hair
[17:58] GM Nikolaidis: this is why I'd love to see the ability to remove scripts ♥
[17:58] The Balut Runway HUD Message Center: Jade Spectre has subscribed to your The Balut Runway HUD Message Center in Sekmet
[17:59] dancer Dallagio: i believe Monica can speak to us about attachments and issues with shoes with scripts
[17:59] You: So, if you're stuck unable to tp, what would you to first to correct the problem and get on your way
[17:59] dancer Dallagio: she did a little experiment about this
[17:59] dancer Dallagio: i wear low prim hair when i need to tp
[17:59] Leesa Donner: I remove jewelry and hair
[18:00] dancer Dallagio: :(( gone are my fly-away long locks
[18:00] Leesa Donner: I never have an issues unless I am in a show
[18:00] dancer Dallagio: i tp'd here today in hair, jewelry, clothes, and scripts
[18:00] You: I detach my heavy prim jewelrr
[18:00] Frolic Mills: ladies, you are models .. take off ANYTHING but never ever the shoes … OMG
[18:00] dancer Dallagio: yeah…….. :))
[18:00] Glitter Bolissima: hahahah
[18:00] Caffinelover Selona: lol
[18:00] Glitter Bolissima: woohooo
[18:00] Leesa Donner: I never take off my shoes
[18:00] Leesa Donner: haha
[18:00] Frolic Mills: 🙂
[18:00] Katharini McBride: lol
[18:00] Herradura Baar: walk naked except shoes – got that!
[18:00] You: LMAO
[18:00] Lulu Breuer: hear hear
[18:00] dancer Dallagio: <———–does not take off her shoes
[18:00] Leesa Donner: have to run
[18:00] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: thats right i wont give up my shoes
[18:00] dancer Dallagio: <———and does not get naked
[18:00] Glitter Bolissima: i always leave the heels on :PPP
[18:01] Nave Fall: heels are good
[18:01] Herradura Baar shouts: FOLks please DO NOT ALL LEAVE – WE HAVE VOTING AFTERWARDS!!!
[18:01] Kimmera Madison: slips off her shoe and bonks Frolic on th enoggin with it, slips it back on
[18:01] Arion Vella: I've always wondered if the amount of items in my inventory causes lag?
[18:01] Nave Fall: ouchhhhhhhhhhh
[18:01] Frolic Mills: lol
[18:01] Glitter Bolissima: very good
[18:01] Nave Fall: he kicked me
[18:01] Nave Fall zips it
[18:01] GM Nikolaidis: barefoot is the new black
[18:01] dancer Dallagio: that will only affect your relationship with the SL database, not anyone else
[18:02] dancer Dallagio: barefoot is not an option for me : ))
[18:02] Arion Vella: ok, thanks
[18:02] GM Nikolaidis: well, no, not for you 😀
[18:02] dancer Dallagio: but smart thinking is
[18:02] Barbara Nicholls: >> AAaaaaplllaauuusssseee !!! <<<<
[18:05] Lulu Breuer: ☆☆☆APPLAUSE☆☆☆
[18:05] Storm Munforth: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[18:06] Rouge Anthony: Bravo! — Cheers! – Applause!
[18:06] Katharini McBride: APPLAUSE!!!!
[18:06] Herradura Baar: Claps Very Loudly!!!!
[18:06] Glitter Bolissima: ********APPPLLLAAAUUUSSSEEE********
[18:06] Samantha Tumim: ~*CLAPS*~
[18:06] Herradura Baar: Thank you dancer
[18:06] Chez Hienrichs: thanks starlite
[18:06] Nave Fall: Thank you very much
[18:06] You: Thank you dancer
[18:06] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: yw Chez
[18:06] You: very articulately stated
[18:06] Glitter Bolissima: yes, wonderful!
[18:07] Arion Vella: Thank you all 🙂
[18:07] You: Thank you for doing this
[18:07] dancer Dallagio: you are very welcome :))
[18:07] You: I really don't have any other announcements tonight
[18:07] Herradura Baar: YES YOU DO!!!!
[18:07] You: Does any one else?
[18:07] Herradura Baar shouts: VOTE!!!!
[18:07] Nave Fall: Everyone go vote
[18:08] Barbara Nicholls: What are you voting for?
[18:08] Arion Vella: Go vote where?
[18:08] Caffinelover Selona: for for what?
[18:08] Herradura Baar: IN the back is the Make it WOrk photos for May
[18:08] Arion Vella: ah
[18:08] Herradura Baar: We ask HONESTY from those entered – don't go trying to solicit votes


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