Giselle Temple “On Being Professional”

Text from Guest Speaker Giselle Temple, Models Workshop

Welcome everyone to ModelsWorkshop!

And thank you all for coming. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share a bit of what I have leaned and at the end we will have time for Q&A and I welcome all questions as long as they are on topic.

I started as a student at Avenue and Evane, followed by a bootcamp at Premiere Modelling which I am now proud to say I run as CEO.

I feel that I am very fortunate to have had many opportunities since I began my modeling career.

What does a career in modeling mean to YOU?

Photographers running after you! Lights flashing!

Magazines calling for interviews!

Designers calling YOU to model their new releases, carefully draping beautifully Inspired designs over your lovely pixels!

Ohhhh! And the CATWALK!

Who doesn’t want to take the walk…strike a pose looking stunning camera snapping away!

Sounds so glamorous, doesn’t it?

Well I can tell you that some of that can be true for you!

Modeling is fun! Modeling is exciting! Modeling is WORK!

As a model, you’re in the spotlight and with that comes responsibility for your image. It takes work and dedication but in the end it can be very rewarding on a personal level.

Can YOU make it as a top model?

Will everyone on the grid one day know YOUR name?

It’s possible! But again, it takes dedication, loads of time and effort and a lot of SHOPPING! LOL

There are so many aspects to modeling!

You can become a magazine model, vendor model, a runway model of course, a store model, a spokes model, which also takes PR into account.

If you are good, and reliable, you can get jobs with designers as managers and be the FIRST to own the newest releases.

Let me share a bit about how you can get there.

A professional approach to your SL modeling career will help you improve your chances of gettting on top and staying on top.

A big part of modeling in SL is of course how your avatar looks and although Premiere Modelling doesn’t have an academy I still teach a hands on shapes class. We go into appearance and do some real work. It’s so much fun!

The right shape is vital to a model and some resist it.

I remember loving my curvey size 42 butt and when I when I attended a bootcamp, they told me I had to reduce it.

I did it, pouting the whole time. Now I understand that designers prefer shapes that accentuate their designs and make them look lovely and desirable.

We are lucky in SL to be able to add curves for swimwear and take them away to appear willowy for elegant functions.

And no crash dieting required! LOL

Just as important as appearance though is professionalism. Besides your unque look, a professional approach to your career will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

You need to be seen as a professional when you are in public places in SL if you want to be taken seriously as a model.

That doesn’t mean you need to be boring and it doesn’t mean you need to be a diva.

You can still have your fun but remember that in SL you never know who you will meet and where you might see them again.

If you want people to remember you as a model then a little polishing is usually in order for most of us.

Me included. LOL

You will further in your modeling career if you are seen as friendly, helpful, considerate and courteous to others. This includes competing models who are after all, your colleagues.

It’s a very interesting group, SL models.

We compete, we are of course competitive by nature, but we are a huge group of friends.

I could call on any of my model friends at any time and I sincerely believe they would help me. Models are GREAT people and I love that about SL!

How do YOU spell ‘model’ ?

I can proimise you that the models who get most of the work in SL do NOT spell it


There is no place for Diva attitudes in SL modeling because believe it or not, modeling is not really about us.

Its about the talented designers we represent.

And it’s about the everyday SL residents who want to buy what we wear because we have styoled in a way to make it irresistable.

We need both designers and a buying public in order to have a place in this industry.

One of the most important skills you can learn as a model, or even as a peron in life, is to LISTEN and PREPARE when you are on assignment.

Great fashion shows do not begin with a casting. A lot of work goes into a show or event before we hold the first casting.

Repect your colleagues and their efforts and you will be appreciated.

When you are lucky enough to be selected in a casting, doesn’t it make sense to LISTEN, to be PRESENT and ENJOY the experience?

Please don’t be distracted when you are on the job if you want to be taken seriously as a professional.

Listen, learn and savor your modeling experiences!

You can actually start working on your professionalism today.

Imagine that you run into a model or designer who you would love to work with and you dare to send a greeting via IM.

If this person does not know you, what will he or she do?

She or he will check your profile!

What’s in YOUR profile?

Your groups and the notes you have made in your profile are your first impression calling card if you are a model or really any professional in SL.

Put your best foot forward by presenting your profile in way that makes someone want to hire you.

Most of us are in SL for fun, that’s great. But look at your profile from a employers perspective and see if you can do a bit of editing. How does your profile relate to the jobs your are trying to get?

If you belong to groups that you would rather not have seen by perspective employers, then simply uncheck ‘display in your profile’. You can keep them but they won’t be seen.

Another thing you will want to work on if you are pursuing a modeling career in SL is developing and updating a CV or Resume.

A resume should always include at least one head shot that shows your face clearly, and a full body shot that shows your shape.

How many contests have you entered, or jobs have you applied for where you have been asked about your experience?

If you keep your resume updated, you can copy and paste from your resume and the added benefit is that you will always be consistent in your answers.

Another tip that will help your professional status is do not make appointments you cannot keep.

RL is of course most important.

But most of the time we can plan SL around our RL’s. You know your schedule and what you can do and there are opportunities in SL around the clock.

So sign up for what is practical for you to do and let the rest slide.

I am usually speechless when someone tells me they are bored in SL and have nothing to do.

OMGosh! Get involved in modeling and you will never be bored again!

How will you get jobs in the fashion industry in SL?

Be seen and be friendly!

Attend as many fashion shows as possible.

Buy the trendiest fashions and be seen in them. It’s an investment in your career. And the bonus is that you get to look good!

Network. Talk to people (don’t be annoying this won’t help). You never know who you will run into and who their connections are. That’s why it’s important to be ready with a resume.

And remember that networking is riciprocal. Take the time to recomend others when you’ve had a great experience with them.

Have enthusiasm!

Enthusiasm for your profession, for your colleagues, for designers and for the events you attend.

Join in on My Face Model Pool, Flickr, Pixelook, Avatars United, etc. Try to be on as many as possible but there is no time to do all of them, really.

Choose your favorites and keep them up to date.

Network with classmates, mingle with other models and agency staff, go to events and chat.

Join SL fashion groups, especially those that will keep you in touch with your preferred style.

Keep an open mind, show your range and be ready to embrace every opportunity.

One of the best ways to show your range is to hire a photographer, unlessof course you are excellent in photography.

If YOU hire the photographer then YOU get to choose what you wear and how you style. Use the photos in your prifile pics, in your resume and of course your online networking sites.

Will you always get to model what you love?


You might be given an outfit that you absolutely do not want to be caught dead in, especially on the runway. Or a skin to model that you don’t find flattering.

Your JOB as a SL MODEL is to style that outfit or tweak the shape under that skin to make it looks it’s best. THAT’s a top model!

Be open to suggestions. Try new things. Think outside of the box.

It is really not enough to have a pretty avatar in SL to be a sucessful model in SL.

Anyone who has some lindens for a nice skin can be pretty here. Think about that a little bit. How can you make your avi UNIQUE?

Be involved in your profession and it will involve you.

Meantime, enjoy a fashion show, check out the new releases, attend a class and develop your personal syle!

Thank you very much for listening to me ramble on today!

Do you have questions?

First of all let me say that I always pay my models at Premiere. And I paid them when I was directing for Venus as well. That being said, sometimes this is about friends helping friends. What is really wrong with offering to model a design in exchange for the gift of an outfit? Especially as a way to get started? Many, many top models have done it out of kindness.

Let me share a short story with you…
Before I was with Premiere and before Venus, a friend was graduating from a Master Jewelers class. The graduating class was so excited to be graduating and they brainstormed the best way to celebrate their accomplishment and came up with a graduation fashion show. They had friends who were known designers who donated clothes to the show and I got some of my model friends to model, I directed and no one was paid. BUT…here was an opportunity for the models to network with up and coming, trained jewelry designers who would soon be needing vendor photos! I was pleased to do that show and not one model ever said they felt taken advantage of. What if one of those graduates had been JCNY or another top designer?

This is a case by case situation and a personal decision. You should never feel taken advantage of. AND if there are agencies and designers who habitually abuse models by making demands and never pay models then don’t work for them. But who amoung us has on our resume or profiles that we got into modeling for the lindens? Didn’t most of us get into it because we are passionate about it? If you are passionate about modeling then find a path that makes YOU happy. If your path is paved only with lindens I am not sure you will find this a very rewarding career field.

It is true that kindness and outfits do not pay the rent. This is a very personal issue and if you feel taken advantage of then don’t do it. But I think it is a dangerous terrritory to make derogatory statements about the very people who make modeling possible.

Yes we might spend 3-5 hours rehersing and performing in a show. But do any of you know how much time it takes to create that outift? It’s very time consuming and more tedious than adjusting eyelashes, I swear! I would never have the patience to create what I am wearing and I appreciate the desiggners who do it.


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