Frolic Mills “10 Points to Success”

2010 06 01

The owner and creator of BOSL offers some of his advise and knowledge on modeling in Second Life.

…….and the difference between a DIVA and BITCH

Many models ask me if there is anything they can do to improve themselves, or if they did something wrong in the MVW auditions. I always try to help to the best of my ability, but unfortunately my free time is limited.

I suppose there are thousands of ways a model can be wrong, but I have noticed that successful models have 10 characteristics that are common to all of them.

1. She is unique and easily recognizable.

2. Professional and responsible. She shows up in time to scheduled appoinments as agreed. If she can´t make it, she will let you know well in advance. She has her outfits and poses ready for each catwalk. There is no randomness in a successful model, she knows what she is going to do and always does it well.

3. Non conformist. Will go to great lengths to get the look she wants.

4. Looks good always.

5. Very creative. She will style one of a kind looks that are beautiful.

6. Gets many invitations from new agencys. (She politely rejects most)

7. Gets hundreds of IMs from girls asking where she got this or that.

8. Designers send all kinds of outfits to them. They know if they wear their creations, others will too.

9. They stand out as fabulous in any crowd.

10. They are far more approachable than most realize. They understand the anatomy of style so well, that it’s easy for them to help, if time permits.

The difference between a diva and a bitch:

A diva is demanding, very talented, beautiful and dramatic. But when she ´demands´ she is acting up in benefit of the designer or some other worthy cause.

When a bitch demands, complains, criticizes and throws a drama queen number, she is only thinking about herself.

A diva is constructive, a bitch is destructive.

Learn to recognize the difference.

Frolic Mills


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