Styling with Bea Serendipity

Styling Workshop with Bea

Bea Serendipity, model, stylist, blogger and fashion designer at Ghee, visited Model’s Workshop on February 11th for a much needed talk on styling. She continued our month-long series on Styling with a fun concept called “Pimp the Black Dress” where models styled one black dress in many different ways.

Five models joined Bea on stage to showcase their styling of Bea’s Little Black Dress: Amity Sorbet in Hipster, Paris Dollchild Evermore in Vintage Glamor, Hannah Naimarc in Modern Punk, EmmaLee Streeter in Minimalist, and yours truly Jena Adder in Urban Chic. Bea of course did her own Chic styling of the dress as well. Each model did a fantastic job!

Bea gave a very informative talk that emphasized the importance of style in fashion modeling. When we attend modeling school, learning styling skills is equally as important as the other areas of SL fashion modeling. Some may say good style is the most important thing you can poses as a model. Bea defines style as “putting a look together – making an outfit that looks fabulous, looks ‘complete’ and draws attention to the wearer in a positive way.”

Pimp the Black Dress: PART I

As SL models we are expected to have exceptional styling skills, and to achieve that we must have a good collection of accessories in our inventory, including jewelry, shoes, hats and purses in various styles and colors. The things you add can either make or break a look, so a good eye for detail and knowing what accessories to use to complete your look are important characteristics of a good stylist.

Other tips shared by Bea include:

  • Adapt what you are styling to your own personal look and coloring;
  • Be creative and interesting (stand out);
  • Experiment with jewelry and accessories;
  • Take a good look at what you’ve styled before stepping out (cam around and look for bits that don’t look right);
  • Ask the opinion of trusted friends and colleagues about your styling;
  • Don’t be afraid to take some risks.

At the end of the Workshop Bea challenged each guest to style the Little Black Dress THEIR WAY, and to come back the following week to showcase their look and get feedback in typical Model’s Workshop fashion. The aim of the exercise was to stretch our styling skills and creativity, to create runway or magazine worthy looks that pull together the key elements of our chosen styles, making full use of the tools available to us (additional clothing items, hair, makeup, footwear, jewelry and accessories).

Pimp the Black Dress partipiants
Thank you to those who participated: AprilsuePayton HeronSabine MortenwoldSelena M.L. Moonlight-Wayne (musiicl0ver) and  Ava Jhamin.

See more photos here.

A special thank you to Bea for delivering a very educational workshop. She engaged the audience with her fun, interactive elements as she answered many of our questions throughout the evening. I loved the show and tell aspect of the workshop, which made it easy to visualize what Bea was talking about, and I appreciated her enthusiasm during both sessions.

Also thank you to Suki Rexen for once again wowing us with the gorgeous decor.


Our next Styling Workshop is on March 2nd with Absinthe of Ferosh Magazine and Fashion Institute who will talk about Color Blocking. Sabine Mortenwold, MW Social Events Chair, will continue the color discussion at her FashionDish chat session on March 7th. Don’t miss it!

Jena Adder
MW COO & Co-owner

Photos by Lira Savira