Styling Avant Garde with Ava Jhamin

Avant Garde Workshop - Ava Jhamin

Back on March 11, 2016, Model’s Workshop ran a Styling Avant Garde Workshop presented by Ava Jhamin, Owner & CEO of L’Amour Productions. This was a two-part workshop that consisted of an information session followed by a styling challenge. Several guests participated in the styling challenge and won a Mini Advanced Styling Session with Ava.

As CEO of L’Amour Productions and its subsidiaries (L’Amour University, Mr. & Miss Model International, L’Amour Diversity Magazine and L’Amour Pazzo Style Challenge), Ava is no stranger to this genre. She stated that Avant Garde is one of her favorites to style because it allows her to be creative and take risks in styling. A model, blogger, stylist and photography enthusiast in Second Life, Ava’s knowledge on the genre extends back to her modeling days on the runway, in pageants and styling contests, to today as an Instructor of Advanced Styling at L’Amour University.

Avant Garde Workshop Photos

Avant Garde is traditionally defined as new and unusual or experimental ideas. The Fashion Dictionary at Fashion Manifesto gives a pretty accurate definition of Avant Garde as “Creative experimentation that fragments or rejects the norm. It means being at the leading edge or vanguard and is applied to the most advanced, progressive and experimental fashions of the moment.”

Avant Garde Workshop Photos

This was very evident at the workshop as Ava offered many examples bringing on stage models who showcased different ways to successfully deliver daring Avant Garde looks.

Ava explained to the audience that the best way to begin styling Avant Garde (and this goes for any genre) is to start with one element. Whether it be a color, an accessory or a piece of clothing, start from there and build your look around it by adding unusual, artistic pieces (e.g. clothing, jewelry, hair, makeup, footwear), and using fierce Avant Garde poses to present your look. “When you shop buy those WTF items!” states Ava. WTF items are things that are different and artistic and can possibly add to the dramatic artistic feel of an Avant Garde look.

These tips and more were very helpful to the models in attendance. We were extremely happy to have Ava at Model’s Workshop, and we thank her for her ongoing support of models and the fashion community on SL.

Avant Garde Workshop Photos

CLICK to see more photos from the Workshop taken by Lira Savira.

Jena Adder
MW COO & Co-Owner