Mesh Bodies with Lana Eleonara Recap

Lana Eleonara

Model’s Workshop was thrilled to have host Lana Eleonara (Lana Simondsen) share her mesh body experiences with guests at the recent Mesh Bodies Workshop on August 17, 2016 at 10AM and again at 5PM. The goal of the workshop was to give those who may not have made the plunge to buy a mesh body or may have one and are still trying to figure things out an opportunity to ask questions and address any issues they experienced.

Lana, like so many of us, has tried and experimented with many different mesh bodies. She explained that before buying a mesh body she was intrigued by what she saw on other avatars wearing them, however when she tried them she became discouraged trying to figure out the HUDs, how appliers worked and buying the right clothes to fit them. After trying different bodies she finally settled on the Maitreya’s Lara mesh body. She said Maitreya had a very user-friendly HUD, the creator was always approachable and helpful, and the fact that it matched her skin perfectly cinched the deal for her.

MW Auditorium and guests

Lana used the Lara body and HUD to explain the various options available on a mesh body, while our MW staff and guests demonstrated for the audience. Questions such as how to apply and match your skin to the mesh body, how to use the alpha sections on the HUD, how to apply clothing to the various layers of the body, and how to use alpha and layer saved slots to save time were among the topics raised by the audience.

One of the things that was clear is mesh bodies have become extremely popular and almost a standard in today’s fashion world. Designers are delivering more mesh body clothing, some specific to a particular mesh body, while some offer many options in their clothing folders that may include all of the different mesh bodies, standard mesh sizes and a fitmesh options.

Model Kayla (NatsumiAyaMisaki) Demonstrating Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Model Kayla (NatsumiAyaMisaki) Demonstrating Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
SEE MORE PHOTOS HERE (Photos by Lira Savira)

Sometimes having a friend to help you is just what you need to figure things out, and Lana (a teacher in real life) was that friend that our very own Suki Rexen, MW CEO & Co-Owner, needed to make the final decisions about her mesh body purchase.

We thank Lana for sharing her knowledge about mesh bodies with us. She claims not to be an expert on the subject, but she offered very valuable tips to help others in their journey. Thank you also to Suki Rexen for inviting Lana to speak. Thank you to Nesca Fey (feyonce), MW Staff, for her help at the earlier session and Kaya for modeling. A sincere thank you to all of the guests who shared resources, tips and demonstrated their mesh bodies.

This topic has always been very popular and I’m sure will continue to be as long as mesh bodies and mesh body parts are the norm on SL. We hope to offer more workshops like this in the future, so stay tuned.

Jena Adder
MW COO & Co-Owner

Below is a list of some of Lana’s favorite mesh body resources to help you understand and love your mesh body.




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